PPM Youth Wing to protest against MDP demonstrations

The Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) Youth Wing have said they intend to hold a demonstration against the recent Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) protests.

PPM Youth Wing President Ibrahim Nazim told local media that when “the time is right” the youth wing will “pour out into the streets” to show their discontent at the recent MDP demonstrations.

“Compromising the peace and safety of the country, committing arson, attacking police and military, harassing their families, we cannot just idly sit by and watch this.

“They are even being harassed near schools. It is just not yet our time,” local media reported Nazim as saying.

The youth wing president claimed that they had remained quiet so far as they belong to a party that was part of the coalition government.


3 thoughts on “PPM Youth Wing to protest against MDP demonstrations”

  1. May they be treated equally professional by the police as the majority. MDP!!!

  2. Way to go guys. Don't ever let any have a peaceful day.

    Bring the country down on its knees. Then start blaming the rest of the world for the pathetic state of the people of the paradise. A paradise God has forgotten.


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