President asks parliament to approve Maldivian contribution to UN peacekeeping operations

Cabinet’s decision to contribute Maldivian soldiers to UN peacekeeping operations has been sent to parliament for approval.

Parliament debated the issue and decided to send the matter to the National Security Committee for review.

After an hour long debate between MPs over the issue, Maldivian Democratic Party([MDP) Parliamentary Group Leader and MP ‘Reeko’ Moosa Manik proposed to send the matter to the National Security Committee committee, with 61 MPs voting in favor.

According to 243[b] of the constitution, ‘’if the President, as Commander in Chief, authorises or orders the employment of the military service in defence of the republic or as part of an international undertaking, the President shall without delay submit the authorization to the People’s Majlis. The People’s Majlis may at any time approve the authorisation, or revoke the authorisation.’’

Oppostion Dhivehi Rayyithunge Party (DRP) MP with former President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom’s faction, Ahmed Mahlouf, said the issue was concerning.

‘’This is no joke, this is a very serious issue,’’ he said. ‘’I do not think any honorable member would want to send some Maldivians abroad to their deaths.’’

Mahlouf said death was a real possibility in the peacekeeping operations. He also noted that it was possible that terrorists would target the Maldives if Maldivian soldiers were sent to participate in the UN peacekeeping operations.

Religious NGO Jamiyyathul Salaf recently called on the government to withdraw a decision made by the cabinet to send Maldivian troops to take part in UN peacekeeping operations.

Cabinet decided to finalise the participation of Maldivian soldiers, noting that it was “important for the Maldives to contribute to the efforts of these international agencies and institutions to ensure that every country, every society and every individual has the opportunity to live in peace and security.”

“Taking part in the UN peacekeeping operations will force Maldivian forces to fight against Muslims which is unacceptable,” said Salaf in the statement, opposing the decision.

”Everyone understands that the most of the wars against Muslims have been started without reasonable grounds, just because they are Muslims.”

”Muslims will be obliged to treat [the peacekeeper] as a non-Muslim in all ways, such as if dead, burying without enshrouding the body, burying the body with non-believers, and when dealing with inheritance matters the terms and condition that apply to a non-believer who dies in a war against Muslims will be applied to him,” the NGO claimed.


9 thoughts on “President asks parliament to approve Maldivian contribution to UN peacekeeping operations”

  1. Dear Mahfool, Your arguements are so foolish i could not even come up with a counter arguement. Well onething i can assure you is that even Mr. Mahfool will meet death even if you dont join an army.

  2. I think personally that this can be a good thing for the Maldivian army personals. They too deserve to have a chance to go overseas where tribal and sectarianism violence has done more damage than good. As long as their duty is as a peacekeeping force as a way of conflict resolution strategy, there is no harm in it. However the Maldivian government should have the right to reject any mission to certain countries if they see that the mission is a political one and not a humanitarian one.

  3. No army officer in the Maldives wants to sign-up for suicide.

    The families of the army soldiers, they do not want their sons sent to an unjustified war-cleanup.

    I, if any of my brother is sent to such a place, will not give my vote to you, Mr. President.

    Age: 19 years.

  4. This government sucks...sorry.. I don't know what else to say. So frustrated.

  5. This makes perfect sense. The police doesn't do anything about the gangs in the country either because they're afraid of getting stabbed. Might as well have the army do nothing against the international equivalent for fear of retaliation too. MNDF and the Police would then be free to go about their main duties of maintaining appearance with the occasional parade.

  6. Mahlouf is pimp. He is telling what Gayoom and Yameen wants him to say

  7. This will be very good for our MNDF. Not only they will learn about different terrains and how to cope there but under UN watchdogs, they will also learn different functions of the Army. The Parliament should approve keeping in mind how important it could be for the growth of MNDF.

  8. This is one of the best decisions the President has taken. This will be great for the MNDF personnel and getting such international experience will elevate further modernise the institution.
    As for Salaf's statement, they have forgotten that Bangladesh (a muslim country) is the highest contributors to the UN peacekeeping operations. Previously it was Pakistan.
    what is sad here is that peacekeeping operations dont fight like forces in Iraq and Afghanistan, they maintain the peace in a conflict zone.
    Tell Salaf that not everything revolves around religion!!

  9. According to Mahlouf it was possible that terrorists would target the Maldives if Maldivian soldiers were sent to participate in the UN peacekeeping operations.

    Dear Mahlouf, so many of Maldivian youths have already been trained by the terrorits. Remember Jaleel Ali?


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