President calls on army to defend government as international pressure increases

President Abdulla Yameen has urged the armed forces to defend his administration claiming international pressure is undermining the Maldives’ sovereignty and weakening the rule of law.

Speaking at a ceremony to mark the 123rd anniversary of the military on Monday, the president said: “I do not believe my government must seek permission from the international community in enforcing a court’s verdict. Maldivians will protect our interests. In protecting Maldivian citizens, remind yourselves of the the oath you’ve taken.”

President Yameen’s remarks come amidst a political crisis triggered by the arrest and the imprisonment of ex president Mohamed Nasheed and ex defence minister Mohamed Nazim.

The opposition has called for a 25,000 strong march in the capital Malé on Friday after the government shunned calls for negotiation.

President Yameen said the Maldives is facing foreign pressure, but said the military must not allow foreigners to collude with local parties to obstruct a lawfully elected government.

“As long as there is a lawful government, and as long as that government acts within the law and enforces the law, Maldivian soldiers must remain steadfast to their vows, to defend and maintain that lawful government. Otherwise, there is no dignity, honor or Allah’s blessings for Maldivian soldiers.”

The Maldives National Defence Forces (MNDF) must follow the military ideology of the US president Barack Obama, he continued, claiming Obama in a speech to the American armed forces had said he will respect the international community’s opinion, but will not seek it’s permission in saving American lives abroad.

The Maldives is a small state, but the international community must afford the Maldives the same rights as larger, more power countries, president Yameen said.

“If we are treated as second class, there is no use in us being part of international bodies. This is what my government believes.”

He said larger states did not allow foreign governments to meddle in domestic affairs. “No foreign country – as long as we do not breach international conventions – can come and tell us that kidnapping and holding hostage do not amount to terrorism in their view, and that this cannot be written in our laws.

“They cannot dictate this to our government. [They] cannot tell our government that since the Maldives is part of the international community, we must allow freedom of religion as allowed by foreign philosophies.”

Nasheed was convicted of terrorism over the military detention of a judge during his tenure. The rushed trial was criticized widely by foreign governments, international rights organizations and the UN for lack of due process.

President Yameen blamed Maldivian “enemies of the state” for foreign interference.

Powerful countries “will pressure us, and through various bodies, international organizations, they will attempt to obstruct us. On whose invitation does this happen? That of Maldivians like us, these acts are to heed their invitations,” he said.

Calls for foreign intervention are “dangerous” and encouraged disorder, but the military must stand ready to defend the state, he continued.

The international community cannot “come and see if the change of government was lawful here” or “if ballot boxes were counted right,” he added.

President Yameen described the Maldives’ sovereignty as scared, and claimed previous governments had allowed for foreign interference in domestic affairs. But the Maldives must now “unlearn” such acts, he said.

He pledged to uphold the “Maldivian laws, traditions, and enforce our court verdicts,” and said his government’s first priority is to maintain stability.

Defence Minister Moosa Ali Jaleel meanwhile said he will not “abandon” the president, while chief of defence forces Major General Ahmed Shiyam said there were attempts to “destroy” the army and said soldiers must be strong enough to counter such forces.


11 thoughts on “President calls on army to defend government as international pressure increases”

  1. The struggle for victory was lost the day the elections were manipulated as averyone knows. No one will gain by this theatre of rethoric speech. There are only losses. Removing Nasheed creates the center from which Maldivians will be freed.

  2. That guy in the uniform can't even keep his arms straight. Who gave him that uniform?

  3. For shame Yamin, how can you stand there and attempt to manipulate those men. We all know it is not the Maldivian people whom you seek to protect but your own narrow interests.

  4. "President Abdulla Yameen has urged the armed forces to defend his administration claiming international pressure is undermining the Maldives’ sovereignty and weakening the rule of law"

    Dear President Yaamin, Why dont you order your loyal army to shoot down, Amnesty International, the UN, and the governments of India, the US, the UK, Canada and Australia while you are at it, in the name of defending you administration from "international pressure" that is undermining our country's sovereignty and the rule of law which does not exist.

    And dear Defence Minister Moosa Ali Jaleel, it doesnt seem like you got any other choice but not stick with his excellency President Yaamin. If you even think of "abandoing" him, the leash that you are already on will be pulled closer (perhaps Adeeb will do the negotiations) and your "terrorism" case will be reinvestigated with a potential outcome very different from what you got just a month ago.
    So think before you act. You are playing it wise for the time being.

  5. If the armed forces will want to reinstate their shame and standards that was lost in 2012, they should listen to the peoples instead of one single person who by hook or crook is trying to hoodwink and defend his personal interests!

  6. The Maldivian Defense Forces has taken an oath to protect Islam. Islam means submission. "Can a man belonging to one Master, and a man belonging to several, at variance with each other, be equal." Excerpt from the Holy Quran. The first priority here is to defend Islam. Defending Islam & defending Yaameen, the way I see it, are two different things. When contradictions arise soldiers who have taken an oath should let their conscience draw the line

  7. "Save me! Save Me!" ha ha ha ha. The retard will probably start arresting tourists as they arrive if they look in any way that they might be looking forward to enjoying their holiday which he and his "coconut head" militia and police will interpret as plotting against him. Warning to tourists- do not smile until you get to the resort and do not talk to any airport or port staff.

    In fact, don't go to the Maldives. Go somewhere that supports human rights of its citizens and their trade unions and the rights of their workers.

    Do not invest in Maldives, they will not pay you back or they will steal your investment from you.

    All this type of behaviour is reminiscent of the old Uganda Idi Amin days: A constant source of idiotic government statements. But this is the first time I ever heard a ruler ask the military to defend him from International OPINION. How freaky is that and how insecure he must feel. Even Robert Mgabe and his Zanu party pales into insignificance compered to the Maldives.

    Will the army and police protect him from the Financial 'taps' being turned off? Don't worry Mr. President, soon there will be no fuel, no water and just a few chinese holiday makers.

    Enjoy the sea water and the fish.

    MALDIVES more banana than NORTH KOREA!

    Ha ha ha.

  8. Dear infidel countries and aid organizations,
    Please send us crisp, new, big head USD addressed to Gayoom family. However, do not tell us how to run our democracy.
    Thank you for your time.
    President Yameen/PPM

  9. Yameen (and Adheeb)... of course the international community has these rights! Maldives signed that in the UN Charta! And we will watch you!!!! If you want us to invest or spend our money in Maldives, you'd better take care! We had enough dictators in Europe in the past and NONE of their regimes survided.... Yameen, you are a good example for someone, who did not learn from others!

  10. A warning to MNDF.

    If you raise your guns against the people of Maldives, you will find yourself unable to pull the trigger. Unable to even draw breath, in fact. Choose wisely - if you surrender peacefully, and cooperate with the people of Maldives, you will be given a fair trial, in which you can testify against your commanding officers in exchange for clemency.


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