President decides to issue special passport, ID card, to National Award of Honour recipients

President Mohamed Waheed Hassan has announced that the government will issue a special passport and identity card to persons who received the National Award of Honour at the Republic Day ceremony.

Speaking at the ceremony, Waheed said that although the government has not to date provided any special privileges to the winners of the award in past years, it was highly important to start doing so as these persons had contributed significant services to the nation.

He detailed that plans were now being made to introduce a special identity card, local media reports. These card holders will be be given priority over the general public when obtaining services from any government office. They would also be issued special passports upon request.

This year, the National Award of Honour was received by three persons: Sheikh Usman Abdulla Umree for his services in the area of religious education, Adam Ali for his services in the area of traditional medicine and Abdulla Mohamed for his services in the areas of architecture and construction.

Thirteen individuals were recognised for achieving the highest academic qualification in the Maldives National Qualifications Framework.

These included members of Waheed’s cabinet: Dr Mohamed Jameel Ahmed for Doctorate of Philosophy in Criminal Justice System from the University of London in 2008, Education Minister Dr Asim Ahmed for Doctorate of Philosophy in Social Policy from Victoria University of Wellington in 2011, as well as Supreme Court Judge Dr Ahmed Abdulla Didi for Doctorate in Political Sharia from Al Azhar University, Misr, in 2008.


5 thoughts on “President decides to issue special passport, ID card, to National Award of Honour recipients”

  1. What we need is a French Revolution type of revolution here in the Maldives. Otherwise these higher echelons of Male’ and the other islands will strangle the common folks who wants to bring justice and development to this corruption and cronism infested islands.

  2. Giving priority to national award winners like a financial benefit and a something for remembrance, with a card to identify as a national award winner is something acceptable.

    But, if it is an official passport with unfathomable priorities, it will be alarming because it is not saints who always get national awards!

    This is an epic way of getting membership support if it were ever viewed so!

  3. Why would anyone need a useless ID and passport from Republic of Corals Island, there is no country that differentiates your ordinary passport and your recognized passport. If you want recognize them you must give them something that have a solid value. Why you don’t offer for a an extra ordinary achievement (an achievement that give something back to the country) may be a flat in Male’ or Hulumale.

  4. This guy really does not understand that passports are required to be set out in a certain manner under international travel regulations. Countries cannot just choose to issue special passports because they will not be accepted by immigration and customs officals in other countries. Next time you are at a airport take a closer look at foreign passports and you will see they all have a similar layout and design to comply with international law.


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