President urges Gayoom to “stay out” of Maldives politics over safety fears

President Mohamed Nasheed has warned that it would not be wise for Maumoon Abdul Gayoom, the nation’s former president, to return to the country for campaigning purposes after publicly announcing that he had given up on his political career.

The Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) website reported that Nasheed had heard that Gayoom was returning to the Maldives for local elections campaigning and warned that ”it might cause history to return”, potentially endangering the former leader’s safety.

The comments have been condemned by some in the main opposition Dhivehi Rayyithunge Party (DRP), which was formerly led by Gayoom, as being spoken out of  “fear” over the impact the former president may have on the elections.

Senior figures from the (DRP) last week told Minivan News that Gayoom would be returning to the Maldives to campaign for the party in the upcoming local council elections and had also been invited to stand once again for the presidency.  However,  Gayoom has not officially commented to the media or made a decision regarding these possible plans.

Nasheed said he was concerned over the implications Gayoom’s return may have on the country and those opposed to the former leader, according to the website.

“‘Sometimes when former presidents leave the country and then return back to the Maldives, a very regrettable fate has occurred,” he said.  “I am concerned that something very regrettable is about to happen in Male’.”

Nasheed claimed that some former presidents have had difficulties  when they returned to the Maldives after leaving, while others have had their political lives destroyed.

”If Gayoom is returning to politics then he is messing with the feelings of the citizens that could cause them to confront and return to their history and it is very possible that a regrettable consequence may occur,” he said. ”Do not mess with the feelings of the citizens of the Maldives, because when they are shaken, I can’t even curb the pressure.”

The president said he would nonetheless do everything he could for the safety of the former president.

”But still if you are speaking of returning to politics, again, it is more likely to see the history of the Maldives to return,” he said. ”It is not what any of us would wish to see.”’

Meanwhile, DRP MP Ahmed Nihan condemned the remarks of Nasheed in the ”strongest possible terms.”

”His comments were very inappropriate to be said by a president to a former president,” claimed Nihan. ”We know the hidden interpretation of the words he had said.”

Nihan said that both the MDP and Nasheed were afraid, as they understood that they would not stand a chance against Gayoom.

”They understand without a doubt that it is the DRP who will win the local council elections if Gayoom comes out,” he said.


32 thoughts on “President urges Gayoom to “stay out” of Maldives politics over safety fears”

  1. Gayoom should lose weight if he wants to return to politics. maybe he should contest in the Mr. Universe contest first as he doesnt like being beaten. in the last elections Gayoom sidi was beaten like a rotten egg and put in the waste bin of history

  2. DRP has a misconception that Gayoom can enjoy same support he had few years back when he visited island communities. Truth is, now the islanders are not in full support, though still many islands support DRP. As such the scenario is caliginous and it is highly likely that he may be verbally and or physically harassed by some islanders and angry mobs. In the worst case scenario he may get bodily harm and HEP is referring to this. However people can interpret it their own ways always.

  3. I can't say I fully appreciate the slightly menacing tone that the President choose to adopt.

    Not very becoming of a President of a country.

    In the last elections, I was forced to choose between a dictator and the possible emergence of the Taliban in mainstream politics.

    I chose the latter, and sure enough, the Taliban is enjoying mainstream power.

    I do wonder who I will vote for this time around.. an ageing, washed out former dictator, with lap dogs Umar Naseer and Mahloof as his side kicks?

    No. Give me the Taliban anyday!

  4. Its stupid for a president to talk like this. It means none but he and his MDP are the very people waiting to harm the former president. And the very reason they would do this is that they know they will loose the election if Qayyoom returns. Everyone know Anni and MDP is not the choice of the majority of people. Anni became the president because of the coalition who has now left him because of his idiotic behaviour and policies.

  5. Life has been too quiet and boring for me without Qayyoom.

    Please come back Gayyoom.

    I like the idea of beating you in the election again.

  6. We have one sick President. It was like listening to a partey gang member. It was outright disgusting when he said that he knows many of us who were in the audience would like to see history repeat (meaning see Gayoom killed). All I can say is that Nasheed should speak for himself and other sick people like him and not anyone else.

  7. Anni is really scared.. hahahaa! The truth is that there is no coalition support now to save Anni from Maumoon. I do not like the dictator, but its very clear that more and more people are supporting Maumoon because of Anni's anti-islamic policies.

  8. we nyd the old technology now to clean the polluted envioronment in the maldives...since modern technology sucks and is a pussy i guess stone age therapy will just do fine! lets do maldives cleaning on certain perticular special days so that it will b easier for us to clean the polluted elements form maldives without harming the citizens with the cleaning agents which will be used during the process! these cleaning agents are not very high tech but very effective in identifying and destrying the very chao causing elements in the enviorenment..therefore, it is highly advisable to all chao causing elements to get cleaned and infection free so that the elements can survive in the peaceful hygienic enviorenment in the maldives...good luck...hope you all will do your best to be clean and free from pollution for your own safety and consideration

  9. Anni is saying history will repeat... Does that mean he will be the dictator Maumoon always wanted to be??

    Threathening Maumoon. Threatening opposition candidates. Is this the Other Maldives we fought for?

    Even his tone screams dictator, autocracy, and immaturity!

  10. A country in the 21st century that has its own constitution which delineates the freedom, powers, obligations, how rule of law should be prevail and yet some thinks they can practice the law of stone age, ostensibly preaching the most democratic chants. Pure hypocrites.

  11. The President did 'threaten' Gayyoom in his speech; there is no doubt about that. As others noted, this is a very sub-standard tactic by the President, and something he normally wouldn't do.

    I wonder why he chose to use the words he did. Neither he nor his party has anything to fear from a Gayyoom resurgence.

    If the President has genuine fears about Gayyoom's safety, he can privately discuss them. Bringing them out in public makes the President look like he's scared of Gayyoom! I'm sure that's not what he wanted to show.

  12. It was sickening to hear President Nasheed threatening former President with death if he returns to political life. So sad that the President we voted into power is acting like a gangster.

  13. Mr Gayoom has the right to contest in the next presidential race. But if I were Gayoom, I would not do that.

    Rather, Gayoom should try to get a younger man of his choosing into the Presidential Palace.

    He should try to enjoy his retirement, and also write his memoirs.

    Even if he is elected as president, I do not think he will enjoy the work as he did before.

    There is more to life than occupying thr Presidential Palace.

    Try the teaching profession for a change.

  14. Certainly this is a tone of a timid scared loser. One couls actually interpret that Nahseed will do evrything he can to ensure destroy gayoom. The language is barbaric,childish, immature and provoking. Grow up Mr. President

  15. maumoon should return to politics and I believe he should run in the next election. Anni had ruined the nation and collapsed the economy. Gayyoom should take the lead and stable the nation atleast for 3 years and then pass the leadership to his Vice President

  16. Anni is a very smart politician. I can only guess that he would want to make sure that DRP's Umar faction gets heated up and tries to bring Gayoom to power. That would only harm the chances of DRP ever getting close to power, as Thasmeen will not take the number 2 spot again. Nor would he allow Yamin to take number 2 slot or number 1 slot.

    Asides possible political implications, it indicates that there might be a real threat to the former president Gayoom as his travel to many islands might not be welcome. He was kicked out from Ha Alif Dhidhdhoo during his presidency! Alas, only few people know about it! This time around, if Gayoom is to visit Dhidhdhoo, we might have to keep a chartered plane ready in Hanimaadhoo. Even, Hoarafushi in Ha Alif Atoll would be no different! But government cannot provide the kind of security to a former president to achieve his political goals, as normally be provided, for a sitting president!

    Given what Gayoom did to some of the islanders in various parts of the Maldives, it is more than likely that someone will give Gayoom some sort of bodily harm.

    Now I will be accused of threatening Gayoom for stating an obvious "fact" should Gayoom travel to some of the islands. It will totally be different if he visits to small islands with less than 500 people, where, for the most part, there is overwhelming support for Gayoom.

    If Gayoom is to choose these very islands, DRP would not get enough seats in local council elections to get a majority! Its for Gayoom to choose whether he wants a minority in local council or a majority with few injuries (possibly death)!!

    Am I threatening Gayoom? NO. But some of my fellow islanders did not allow Gayoom to visit our island (during his own presidency!!). When he could choose to get on with 100s of "Star Force" memebers!!

    If Gayoom is to vist some of our islands, I must wish him goodluck for the last time!!

  17. I hope Gayoom reconsiders his plans -- or hires private security to make sure nobody actually gets close enough to hurt him!

    I would like to see our former president to have a normal life, away from politics, till his death.

    Yet, it is upto him to choose to get into politics. Just that he must remember that he does not have the "Star Force" at his disposal anymore!!!

  18. The President is right. A lot of people still hate Gayyoom for what he made them go through.

  19. This is politics, presidents intention is to switch attention of the opposition from campaining,now there main focus will be on there dear zaim while mdp can engaged in campaining.He has won the game i suppose.

  20. Bad strategic move by Anni. i think he just got carried away giving his speech, didnt have a planned speech in hand so just went along the flow and outpoured some of his frustrations.

    Anni is the president of the Maldives. Even if Maumoon comes back or not - who cares! Anni will be in his seat for another 3 years.

    If anni is really comfortable and if its easy to beat maumoon as he says, why all threaten and bother in a public arena.

    and poor sarangu Adam manik, the guy spent so much to build the biggest jagaha in town and to promote his campaign for male' council, but Anni stole all the limelight with just one comment! HAHAHAHA

  21. I think Gayyoom has a Tuna fish brain(who bites plain hook with no bait)as he is moving towards a trap created by MDP.What ever anni says not to do will be done by Maumoon.In reality anni wants to make Gayyoom to return into Politics and divide DRP supporters. Do you think you have that energy to be in the main stream politics I ask Mr.Gayyoom.Don't risk your life and destroy your party.Let your children flourish.This is an advice by a non party thinker.

  22. Anni is really scared and I think he had to be scared! His support had gone down and he is getting frustrated that the opposition after all his work to brake them down had shown resistance.
    Dictator or No diactator Maumoon had been a solid foundation in DRP,s foundation. Anni had to brake down DRP to win an election again.But so far his plans had failed .Anni had lost support of Adhaalath party and Salaf both combined together its around 8000 votes. If this goes on Anni and his un Islamic supporters will have to leave the power and Maldives.(Insha Allah).

  23. I think it would b better for Maumoon to copy people like Dr Mahathir and other similar Figures. If v look at Malaysia even those who do not support Mahathir willingly believe he has developed he made Malaysian Ringits have value so that people can live and support their families.

    But after Maumoon's long 30 years of presidency, Maldivians became beggers and Maldive Rufiyaa has little value that people cannot live and support their families in the Maldives. Finally, Maldivian families are forced to live in a neighboring country and their husbands are forced to lead a life without their loved ones.

    Similarly, during this 30 year period, Maldivian youth became notorious for their attitudes problems and that visitors to the country would notice that Maldivian youth are hanging around on the roads looking for a crimes...they are proud of violating traffic rules, they are proud to shout at their elders on the roads....Maldivian social fabric is now no more I would say

    So, my advise to Maumoon is not to come to Maldives if you can live anywhere on earth

  24. Who's this Anni? Always trying to please his stupid activists.I don't either like come back of Maumoon nor do I like the way Anni performs his leadership.It seems he (Anni) lacks self confidence & wisdom. We are fed up of MDP's dogma. It's senseless.We need a leader who speaks on behalf of all Maldiveians, not a leader who spends his most of his time to create rifts among the people.Anni is truly a dictator who wants to stay in power for ever.No can afford to contest him, if did so would be terminated like a rat.

  25. Maumoon.. Shamoon.. who cares! Let him come. Its his country too.

    Mr. President, will you please concentrate on our declining economy, raising inflation, escalating crime rate and national policy matters first.We didn't vote for you to comment on these trivial matters, like a high school girl. You are running a country without cabinet ministers for god's sake. I am shocked you have time to comment on these trifling matters.

  26. We were expecting to see tht Gayyoom would act as a respectable statesman away from politics after losing the first democratic presidential election.... But, its dissapointing for him and all if he is going to be active in politics again!! It seems tht Gayyooom is trying to stop the democratic changes we are going through...

  27. The president chose to say something I didn't really expect him to say. I mean, you can hate a guy, that's normal, but threatening him with death on national television.....isn't that a bit barbaric? Plus, he mentioned that he "knows" the audience would like to see Maumoon murdered to all their cheers in response. Maldivians will never change.

  28. just a small reminder! jfk or abraham lincoln trick can b used on anybody for example: mahatma gandi,beynazeer bhuttu or jeorge w bush

  29. What a low graded Oxford educated terror inviting, slipper in one hand, Police chasing hooligan President we have today!!

    I condemn Anni's coded message to (M)ost (D)isgusting (P)arty's street hooligans to attack the former dictator.

    That was the real street brat we were expecting to hear. That was more like Anni, the 25% President.


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