President Yameen should apologise for thumbs down gesture, says MDP chairperson

President Abdulla Yameen should formally apologise for his thumbs down gesture at opposition MPs during today’s opening of the People’s Majlis, opposition Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) Chairperson Ali Waheed has said.

At a press conference this afternoon, Waheed contended that the gesture was intended to “mock” the opposition alliance, adding that it would not be acceptable to the public.

Waheed said the gesture showed Yameen’s loss of control over his emotions and that the government was “upside down.”

“I do not believe what we saw today should have been the message given to the people after delivering an address by a head of state,” said MDP parliamentary group leader, Ibrahim ‘Ibu’ Mohamed Solih.

After delivering his presidential address today amidst chants from opposition MPs calling for the release of former President Mohamed Nasheed, President Yameen gave two thumbs up to pro-government MPs and made a thumbs down gesture towards MDP and Jumhooree Party (JP) MPs.

President’s Office Spokesperson Ibrahim Muaz Ali has since defended the gesture, tweeting that it was “an advisory gesture” against obstructing constitutionally mandated duties.

“Today we saw [opposition MPs] attempting to obstruct the president’s from fulfilling his responsibility under Article 84 of [the constitution],”he tweeted.

Opposition MPs gathered in front of the secretariat desk carrying posters depicting police manhandling and dragging the opposition leader into court and called for Yameen’s resignation.

Nasheed was arrested last week and remains in police custody pending the outcome of a trial on charges of terrorism.

Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) MPs responded to the opposition MPs’ protest by chanting “Ganjabo” and Theyobidbo,” epithets referring to the former president’s alleged encouragement of drug use, and held up placards that read: “You cant hide from the law Nasheed” and “Nasheed deserves to be in prison.”

Several PPM MPs also snatched posters from MDP MPs and ripped some posters to pieces.

Opposition’s demands

Last night, the MDP and JP coalition revealed that the two parties have agreed to request a meeting with President Yameen to discuss 13 demands issued at last Friday’s mass demonstration.

At a joint press conference, Ali Waheed said the parties would request an appointment today, adding that the 13 demands would be formally submitted in writing.

The 13 demands are:

  1. Stop restricting fundamental constitutional rights and freedoms through amendments to either the constitution or laws.
  2. Release former President Mohamed Nasheed, former Defence Minister Mohamed Nazim, MDP MP Ali Azim and others arrested during anti-government protests.
  3. Repeal amendments brought to the Auditor General’s Act that saw the removal of former Auditor General Niyaz Ibrahim
  4. Withdraw political charges pressed against opposition politicians.
  5. Investigate alleged large scale corruption within the government.
  6. Continue providing the electricity subsidy and make electricity cheaper in Malé and other islands.
  7. Fulfil campaign pledges to provide subsidies to fishermen and farmers.
  8. Give back powers taken from local council, empower the councils, and enforce the Decentralisation Act.
  9. Enforce the Fiscal Responsibility Act.
  10. Increase wages for teachers, health workers and civil servants, ensuring equal pay to state employees.
  11. Reverse decision to impose import duty on fuel.
  12. Legally empowering independent institutions.
  13. Fulfil government pledges of providing unlimited health insurance.

Ali Waheed added that the alliance would meet relevant state institutions to discuss specific demands.

“Some of the demands are not just made to the President’s Office,” Waheed said.

“Some of the demands are made to specific institutions. We have agreed to hold meetings with all related institutions.”

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13 thoughts on “President Yameen should apologise for thumbs down gesture, says MDP chairperson”

  1. His thumb looks very dirty, bended thumb,Astrology says, this kind of Thumb indicates very dangerous, dirty minded people.Cheeeeeeee

  2. Who is Ali Waheed to decide whether its right or wrong.

    Ali Waheed need to tell us how he got millions of ruffyaa to buy lands in Male' and Hulhumale' and how he got the money to build on the land plots that he purchased .

    Once he can explain us how he got the money, then we can start even to think about him.

    We are sure that his salary drawn as a MP will not be even sufficient to pay 5% of the total cost.

  3. @Hero

    The plots of land that exist solely on your mind, or the plots of land that were offered by Maumoon as a bribe?

    Roman emperors died in horrible, embarrassing ways.

  4. What twat how un-professional and actually makes him look like an idiot - he is supposed to be a PRESIDENT of a country not of a child care center!!! Oh yes and was elected by the people!!!

  5. I humbly request Yameen to show his Grade 10 standard or O level results.

    He was sent to University of Beirut as his brother, then President, made a special request to take him.

    Mind you guys, the Beirut Uninversity is earlier called Beirut Protestant Christian University.

    And they were ready to take in anybody who may spread their "message".

    Yameen does not have a good O level results. If you don't believe me, just check. He has 3 c's only.

    You can then imagine his backward behaviour.

  6. Thums Up is a famous Indian Cola. So should this Indian company also apologize to MDP.

    This is typical of the petty minded people in MDP. I suspect PPM would be doing this all the time. This is a new button to press.

  7. Dear Maldivians,
    That character is not worthy of being your president. He is an embarrassment to your beautiful nation and gives you all a bad name. He is turning your country into a Banana Republic.

    The definition of Banana republic according to Wikipedia: Banana republic is a political science term for a politically unstable country, whose economy is largely dependent on exporting a limited-resource product, e.g. bananas (or tourism). It typically has stratified social classes, including a large, impoverished working class and a ruling plutocracy of business, political, and military elites.[1] This politico-economic oligarchy controls the primary-sector productions to exploit the country's economy.

  8. I fully agree with my friend Hero. Ali Waheed needs to explain his wealth. Also Gasim and Nasheed. Where did they find all these millions?

    Maumoon too needs to explain how his children suddenly got their millions. It is time he stopped interfering with His Excellency Hon. Yameen and gave HE Yameen a chance to give us all what we deserve.

    These accusations against intergrity of
    HE Adheeb also need to stop. Everyone can see this is campane jointly by Nasheed and Maumoon to discredit HE Hon Yameen because of his friendship with the HE Adheeb and the youth.

    When HE Hon Yameen shows his thumb this is proof he is identifying with the youth. So no need to complain about it because they forgot to do it when they were president.

  9. @ Keeke;

    You said That character is not worthy of being your president.

    You are right if by He you mean Maumoon or Nasheed. they made Maldives a Banana Republic.

    Now, His Excellency Hon Yameen is now transforming the Banana Republic into the paradise for the youth. He will not grow bananas in Hulhumale like Gasim pretended to grew banana in Baresdoo.

    Next year you will see how all Maldivians get what we deserve. Give HE Hon Yameen the chance to show you.

  10. How can you give Yameen the chance when he acts like an idiot and is a puppet of Gaymoon welcome back to the dark ages

  11. Hi Friend of Hero

    Well, I´ll let you be the judge that. Not saying that President Nasheed is the perfect candidate. But let me say that, as seen from abroad, the present President shows very little statesmanship. He is a divider - not a uniter. Is this what the nation needs...? His (and his extended family) treatment of their own citizens is despicable. Only peoples fear of reprisals from authorities seems to keep him in power..

    You say "Next year you will see how all Maldivians get what we deserve. Give HE Hon Yameen the chance to show you."

    Yup - that is what I am afraid of...


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