President’s office seeks new members for human rights watchdog

The president’s office has invited applications for membership of the Human Rights Commission of Maldives (HRCM) with a deadline of 3:00pm next Tuesday.

The five-year terms of three of the five members on the independent commission is due to expire in August.

The three members are HRCM president Mariyam Azra, vice president Ahmed Tholal, and Jeehan Mahmood.

Ruling Progressive Party of the Maldives (PPM) MPs have previously accused Tholal and Jeehan of bias towards the opposition Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP). The two have denied charges.

The PPM and coalition partner Maldives Development Alliance (MDA) control a comfortable majority in the parliament with 48 seats in the 85-member house.

Application and declaration forms are available on the president’s office website. The president will nominate selected individuals for parliamentary approval.

In September last year, the Supreme Court initiated suo moto proceedings against the HRCM and charged its members with undermining the constitution and sovereignty of the Maldives by spreading lies about the judiciary in its Universal Periodic Review submission to the UN Human Rights Council.

The HRCM, in its 2014 annual report, described the suo moto proceedings as the biggest challenge the watchdog has faced in its 11-year history.

The commission also noted that the Juvenile Court had accused them of making false allegations in a confidential report into a 15-year-old rape victim’s flogging sentence.

The Supreme Court and Juvenile Court’s charges affected the commission’s independence and ability to carry out its mandate, the report said.



One thought on “President’s office seeks new members for human rights watchdog”

  1. LEAKED******
    Internal memo:
    RE: Requirements for HRCM applicants

    Requirements for HRCM members, as selected by the President are as follows.
    1) Must be willing to burn evidence on command.
    2) Talk loudly about other countries' human rights violations.
    3) Deny that any human rights violations are taking place when asked about pending cases.
    4) Must be able to bark like a doggie
    5) Must have complete obedience to the President.

    Members of the HRCM who fail to comply with these guidelines may be prosecuted for treason.

    Presidential Office
    Eyes Only:
    Media Official
    Selected HRCM Members


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