Private channels are run with “ill-gotten” money, claims Moosa

Parliamentary Group Leader of the Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) Moosa ‘Reeko’ Manik, has claimed that private broadcasting channels in the Maldives are operated with “ill-gotten” money.

“These TV channels misuse freedom of media to assassinate the characters of political figures whose minds do not coincide with theirs,’’ alleged Moosa.

Moosa criticised the country’s private channels for “never speaking about anything done right by the current government.”

“Everything we do: these TV channels will talk about it wrongly as if it was bad for the people,’’ Moosa claimed.

“Even though we construct a mosque on an island, they will speak about it as if it was not good for the people,” he said.

Moosa accused Villa TV (VTV), owned by leader of the minority opposition Jumhoree Party (JP) Gasim ‘Buruma’ Ibrahim, and DhiTV, owned by Hassan ‘Champa’ Afeef, of misleading people by hiding all the development projects conducted by the government. The announcers of the channels “who cooperate with these organisations should be ashamed to do so,” he claimed.

“Freedom of expression is not only for the benefit of the media – if the media is falling from the right path, people have the right to express opinions against the media,’’ Moosa said.

Editor of DhiTV, Midhath Adam, said that Moosa’s remarks were obviously aimed at the owners of VTV and DhiTV.

‘’If Moosa was referring to the DhiTV news, that technically means he is attempting to narrow freedom of expression,” Midhath said.

“Whether Moosa likes it or not, we have to broadcast the different opinions and ideas of different people,’’ he said. “Anyway, this is just Moosa’s point of view. We can digest criticism and we are not outraged because of these comments,’’ he said.

In a press statement last week, the Maldives Journalists Association “strongly condemned” remarks made by Moosa on August 17, when the MP publicly threatened “action” against VTV for “repeatedly misleading and broadcasting news in a way that smears respect for MDP”.

“MJA also sad to note that a senior official of MDP – a party known for voicing free media – has repeatedly slated the media… and incited public hatred against journalism,” the MJA said.

In a retaliatory statement, Moosa claimed “some TV stations were established with the intention to cause civil unrest among the citizens, smear the respect of political figures in the country, and bother their personal life.”

“I am astonished that the MJA is silent about this matter,” he said, adding that the fact media were airing such claims was evidence that media freedom existed.


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  1. Well people know the work thats is carried out by the government in the islands as well as in male'. They do recognise it and appriciate it no matter what the news is broad casted. When moosa talks about ill money he should think of the capital he has rasied with the help of koli mohodhey to set up his business. Also should think about the mismanagement of projects that he has handled in recliaming the islands. I don't think people respect any MP in the parliment, all know that what they do is sell votes and only eager to develop once own interest. I do belive peopl have faith on Mohamed Nasheed the president and thats the only reason MDP is surviving and people like Moosa Manik is a laibility to the party.

  2. Reeko Moosa is full of "ill-money"! 23 million rufiya was paid to him for using just one Escavator to dredge a small channel for the Herethere Project which would not even have cost him a million rufiyaa. Now Heavy Load is getting all the projects from government companies especially where his son in law Jaa is in charge (Maldives works corporation). Reeko obviously doesnt want this government to fall as it will result in his revenue streams falling!

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  4. Why MJA are consulted on media issue? They are totally biased and run by people who supported dictatorship. Forget about this Maumoon Journalists Association MJA.

  5. I have a lot of respect for Reeko Moosa, but I don't think he's got his bearings right on this occasion.

    Media in the 'free' world has always been in the hands of the rich and powerful. Look at the Murdoch empire. Just last week, the chairman of the BBC was slating Murdoch being too powerful in the UK media.

    Big business interests controlling the media is nothing new. People will use their judgment as to what to believe. The government do have means and ways to spread their version of stories too. So, use those channels.

    DhiTV or anyone else is completely within their rights to tell their version of a story. Moosa is increasing sounding like the former dictator Gayyoom when he talks of 'smearing' politicians. I am sorry, but Moosa you have to realise that politicians will be slated no matter what they do; that's just a fact of political life. If you don't like it, leave political office!

  6. @Jazzz

    They really know how to waste their time putting more carbon into the atmosphere !

    Al Gore will be mad at the church I am sure!

    Can they burn the Quran in peoples' hearts?

  7. I wish I had anything positive to say about VTV and DhiTV.

    It is precisely due to my love for free and responsible media that I abhor those two propaganda outlets posing as 'media'.

    If I'm correctly informed about MJA, it's the same people who never exercised their most basic journalistic responsibilities during the former dictatorship who are now all up in arms about media freedom.

    If you have to whine about your lack of 'freedom', you should also have had done something to earn it.

    I'm afraid neither the MJA, nor the TV channels mentioned, have displayed the slightest ethic or the least amount of responsibility that comes with being the so called fourth pillar of democracy.

  8. Moosa is simply jealous that more public watches and enjoy the VTV and DhiTV than the TVM.And the latter is controlled by the MDP just like the way Maumoon controlled it before. Moosa just get over it.

  9. Well said Yaamyn. I agree with you 100%. I am puzzled that Majlis approved subsidies for these TV channels.

  10. @ HariKrishna - True MJA includes some people who supported the previous regime. But please dont forget that several top posts in present government are also filled by people who fought tooth and nail to uphold Gayoom's "dictatorship". People who took on the responsibility to whitewash torture and abuse. So why criticize MJA .

  11. what he should be proposing is ways for tv and media to be a viable enterprise in the maldives so that there is an abundance of choice for the public. then this "ill money" becomes worthless without the creative and engaging programming.

  12. It is funny that this statement is coming from the biggest thug of MDP. He is continuously harassing the media and judiciary. It is sad that he is the MDP parliamentary leader when there are more capable and educated people like Eva. If people like Reeko are in the forefront of this country s politics I m not surprised the rising crime level.

  13. Can we ever see a different Maldives? Its always the government attacking the private press and the opposition blaming the "state" media. Reeko moosa was all okay when both channels VTV &DhiTV was giving out free airtime to bring down the dictator. Any criticism of the goverment is taken as backstabbing.While I do agree that the channels coverage might be considered aggressively biased against the current regime you have to understand that most of their records consists of sound bites of promised made by this government. Just to keep some thieves from coming to power you can't break the constitution. Reeko Moosa should understand that he is an opportunists amongst a lot.When will you end this justification that since its a democratic government criticism and dissent is unwarranted. Learn the basics of rule of law and try to govern by the rules that you promised to uphold and promised to the people. How about when Gasim & Champa both were spending money against Maumoon where was the ill gotten cash then? MDP is the new DRP and the boy who cried wolf.

  14. @jazz,
    Do not worry yourself over this!
    It's guardian will take care of it!
    @heck, true!

    All media, and all MPs must fall in to line!

  15. Sadly, when it comes to media whether it is MNBC One or Raajje Adu or DhiTV or Dhifm or Haveeru or Miadhu or Aafathis or Minivannews, our media people has nothing to learn,

    In fact, they have learned everything and does such a marvellous job.

    They report every time a politician spits out of their mouth which is the media's first and foremost responsibility.

  16. Media is business. And what sells is the money pot.

    If it sells by saying Reeko moosa slept with multiple women last friday, it will say so. No need to verify it. Since when was any media held accountable for narrating someone else's view? Reports can be read as she-said, he-said etc...

    Good. Maldivians by large do not need truth, just some joke to while the time away,

  17. The biggest count of "ill gotten" money is in the accounts of heavy load. Perhaps Moosa runs it but is owned by the others who keeps him there.


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