Protesters march with IS flag calling for enforcement of Islamic Shariah

A protest march took place in Malé yesterday with participants bearing the militant organisation Islamic State’s (IS) flag calling for the implementation of Islamic Shariah in the Maldives.

‘We want the laws of the Quran, not the green book [Maldivian constitution]’, ‘Islam will eradicate secularism’, ‘No democracy, we want just Islam’, and ‘Shariah will dominate the world’, read some of the placards, which were all written in English.

‘To hell with democracy’, ‘Democracy is a failed system’, ‘Shariah gave you the rights, not democracy”, ‘Shariah is the only solution’, and ‘No Shariah = no peace’, read others.

Some 200 people, including about 30 women in black niqab and 10 children, took part in the march across the capital.

Shortly after the march began near the social centre on the western end of Majeedheemagu – the main thoroughfare of the capital – police reportedly stopped the protesters near the Nalahiya Hotel and demanded they stop using the black IS flag.

Police told the protesters they have been previously informed that the flag of a particular organisation could not be used.

“The call has been made, the flags have been raised,” read one of the placards.

However, the protesters reportedly insisted that the flag did not represent IS but was the seal of Prophet Mohamed (pbuh) and contained the phrase of the Shahadha (the declaration of belief in the oneness of God and Mohamed as the messenger).

After a brief exchange, police allowed the march to continue, which made its way down Majeedhee Magu to the tsunami memorial area.

On their way, participants reportedly handed out sweets to children with spectators on the street.

The march ended with a special communal prayer wishing success for Islamic ‘mujahidheen’ (holy warriors) fighting in conflicts across the world.


In late August, Foreign Minister Dunya Maumoon issued a press statement condemning “the crimes committed against innocent civilians by the organisation which identifies itself as the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant or the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria.”

The ISIS or IS jihadist militant group – which has declared an Islamic caliphate in territory held across Iraq and Syria – has been accused by the UN of committing mass murders against prisoners, enemy combatants, and civilians.

“IS is using the veil of religion as a pretext for inflicting terror, and committing violations of human rights,” said Dunya, daughter of former President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom and niece of current President Abdulla Yameen.

Dunya’s remarks followed Minister of Islamic Affairs Dr Mohamed Shaheem Ali Saeed’s declaration that the ISIS would not be allowed to operate in the Maldives.

“ISIS is an extremist group. No space will be given for their ideology and activities in the Maldives,” Shaheem tweeted on August 24.

The Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP), however, promptly put out a statement questioning Shaheem’s sincerity, suggesting that the words had not been backed up with concrete action by the government.

“We note with concern that neither the Islamic minister nor the government has taken any action while activities related to terrorism in different forms as well as extremism are carried out in the Maldives, religious strife and hatred is incited widely, and death threats are being made against various people over religious matters,” the main opposition party said.

The party noted that the ISIS flag was used in recent protests in Malé calling for a boycott of Israeli tourists.

While the protesters had gathered outside the residence of the Islamic minister in violation of freedom of assembly laws, the MDP noted that the government had not taken any action.

The Islamic ministry has also provided a meeting hall of the Islamic centre for a religious sermon which was advertised with the ISIS logo, the MDP claimed.

The party claimed to have learned that police and army officers were involved in putting up the banners across the capital.

Opposition-aligned private broadcaster Raajje TV reported last month that a Facebook group called Islamic State in Maldives was promoting IS in the country.

The group has shared photos of the protests calling for a ban on Israeli tourists.


32 thoughts on “Protesters march with IS flag calling for enforcement of Islamic Shariah”

  1. That flag predates ISIS, by over a thousand years starting from the beginning of the abbasid civil war vs the ummayyad dynasty.
    Poorly researched as usual

  2. We can arrange for these protesters to move to Islamic State controlled areas where they are executing thousands of people just for the crime of existing. You can enjoy shariah over there. Good riddance!

  3. Next time they should take the protest march over to the airport and Hulhumale beach road. Let the tourists know what Maldivians really think about foreigners. If you have shariah, you can't sell booze to infidel tourists. How will Maldivians buy motorbikes, smart phones and flat screen TVs without infidel money?

  4. i am sure kashim and divehistan are in this rally 200 individuals lay claims of speaking on behalf of majority

  5. I wonder if the police record names/faces of these people? Surely by publicly showing you're in support of a bunch of deranged murderers, makes you a high-risk individual. I'd like to think that some sort of Maldivian intelligence agency is following the actions of these people. Maybe that's just wishful thinking.

  6. Is this the kind of thing Maldives should be promoting if we want to bring in major foreign investors or tourists?

  7. What. Only men? So boring
    We we're hoping to see some local Jihadi brides and there were none

    What a shame

  8. These idiots should be exposed for who they are. Their ONE and ONLY weapon is fear.

    Minivannews should not treat them any more than bunch of idiots. Never be moved by their terror because they want people to fear them. They are NOTHING if you don't fear them

    These idiots are a just like sheep following a herd leader. They can only be defeated by exposing their comedy

  9. Why these people want Sharia, is it because it is an Arabic word? Don’t you see, it is simply a set of laws that was practiced by all ancient people in various parts of the world? Just read and gather information about any subject if it matters the people as a whole before marching and shouting. There is nothing special in the Sharia, most of ancient people used similar methods to punish crimes and immoral behaviors same as what you get In Sharia, because it was the immediate thought of ignorant ancients people and that’s what they did for controlling people who they thought were doing wrong and this was not introduced by Mohammed it was the practice of most of ancient people. capital punishment for adultery, chopping hand or fingers of thieves was practiced by many people before Mohammed was born, do you think you need this information from God, you don’t need a God to tell you to cut the hand of a thieve, it is a simple immediate thought of a common man; just cut that bitch’s hand for what he did, what is so Godly in this? It can’t be from a God if it really exists who is responsible to decode DNA, or set the physical laws in motion. Just get out of delusion, and hallucinating paradise, this is what makes these imbeciles to close their brains. You don’t need Sharia to function your conscience , just open your mind and educate yourself and learn how to be a modern human to control your animalistic traits inherent in you from your ancient lineage, and cage those people who can’t control their animal instincts due to dysfunction of their brain same way you cage threatening animals. Or help rehabilitate socially outcast individuals. This would be new Sharia for 21st century.

  10. Look Adam, the flag could have been created before Adam, but these guys are using it after seeing the ISIS use it.

  11. Maldives already practice sharia law, whats wrong with these people, someone please send them a memo. Sharia law isn't codified, and there are many schools of fiqh.

    What Maldivian law does not implement is cutting off the hand stoning to death, which ofcourse in some schools people differ.

  12. Maldives needs the Sharia, further, this flag is not the of ISIS but the flag of Islam. Anyone who stands against the flag stands against Islam.

  13. Ahmed & Logal Sumaari kaleyge,
    you guys are too smart for those guys. It's a pity that some people just have herd mentality. it is contagious and has free reign.
    It looks as if maldives will take a long time to mature & think independently.

  14. More on ISIS or IS or ISIL or ISI or whatever it was before that.

    Saudi Shura scholar outing them as not genuine.

  15. One guy in that picture doesn't even have a beard. That's how ignorant they are, they don't even know their own core rules.

    I wonder what would happen if you put these 190 men on an island with these 10 women, lets see how long they can live by their own rules then.

  16. Reasons why these so called holy men are lazy selfish dolts:

    - Despite insisting that it's not the flag of ISIS (and the only "historical" part of it being the seal in the center), they couldn't be bothered designing a new one. How lazy!

    - Despite Allah telling them to control themselves, all they can do is yell about others. They achieve spirituality by selfishness. They want someone else to drag them to the mosque. They don't want to put in the effort themselves.

    - They are a bunch of hipsters looking for a cool new identity but can't find one for themselves so they're going for the one that's hardest to make fun of - a privileged pseudo-Arabian Muslim. I mean, these guys can say whatever they want really, no one is going to stop them, they can give death threats and feel good about themselves because they've raised their hipster-levels to divine status. No one is as cool as them. Just look at dem silky shirts and rolled up pants. 0/10 would not emulate.

    - They are fighting for false ideals that that will make the global community abandon the Maldives. When your children go hungry, you know who to blame!

  17. It's none of our business for Arabs to be barbaric. They are know for it.

    But to see a bunch of fish eating tiny Maldivian behaving like Arabs in the name of Religion is comical. Some one plse make a cartoon film

  18. It’s obvious a group of radical’s hyped up from a few extremist’s manipulators. I presume your security foresees have them well monitored. They can do a lot of damage to your country’s development plans for a better living standard in the future. To see what damages one manupulater can do look at the case of the manipulator Jim Jones that led more than 900 followers in a mass suicide.
    Look at the mass emigration of people trying to get out of retarded countries in Asia and Africa all pestered with manipulators that have distorted their minds

  19. Ekaloas buddy@ It was a good idea you came with. Whit all your islands you can find an island suitable for the extremist’s, where they can practice their believes and type of living without damage to the future and development of Maldives.

  20. 1. Neither do the Government have a plan, nor the opposition MDP is pressuring the Gov on having a plan to combat radicalism.

    2. Maldives radicals have proved to be shrewd. They have manipulated MDP government and now are in bed with the present administration.. They are not loyal to either party and only buying time to develop their cause. The radicals are using the split of MDP and PPM. One day both PPM and MDP may have a rude awakening.

    3. Maldives politics is all about money (for hard evidence see how MPs are traded). And radicals are no different. Money flows from Saudi and Gulf organizations. Some one needs to check the money trail.

    4. Maldives is highly vulnerable to extremism. Once radicals get power, there is no army like in Egypt to reverse it. Its time for a national plan on combating radicalism.

  21. It is very telling of the fear situation that these Jihadis generate when Minivan News is afraid to make public the author of the article. They have just simply credited the newspaper for the article. Afterall we cant have another journalist going missing. This is indeed a tragedy.

  22. Is must lean Islam first. what written in the book the Holly Qur'aan The books for an Islamic State of for an Islamic Govt. Must build mosque for Muslims to worship and find a way to pay Zakaath.

    The book never meant about Islamic shriyyah or low. these people in name of Islam are on the road to nowhere.

    Either there not messengers from God to tell whats to be done.

  23. Jihadists shall prevail in Maldives. The only group that will reform us in Maldives for now we bow not to Allah but to Rufiya, Dollars and Euros.

  24. @Hussain brother, you speak truth. ޢަދާލަތު ޕާޓީ only can lead us there.

  25. Maldives is like a boat without a captain. Ppl out there try to find a good old balance in the country to survive.

  26. @Afraid of the Darkness

    We study the cowardly enemy's tactics, and adapt to outsmart the enemy. This is our revenge against the colonialist cult.

  27. This is like blackmail: Whoever contradicts these extremists is against Islam and so deserves punishment. How about some moderation and some respect for the average citizen? All wen and women of the nation deserve respect and protection despite not having such radical and fearsome views.

  28. ISIS, IS, ISIL Jihad seem to be mostly Muslims killing Muslims. A strange and perverted genocide to watch..

  29. Ironic that they're calling democracy a failed system - especially when you look at the crime rates, infant death rates, life expectancy, education and safety of islamic countries under sharia law such as afghanistan, pakistan, iraq etc

  30. Adhaalath party??!! They cannot lead you to anywhere and even if they got the chance to lead this country, they will make your wives concubines while you watch like a cuck.

    Why don't people lead themselves to the path that suits them instead of clinging on others backs like monkeys?? Is it so hard to do that?


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