“Ready to serve the people”: Sheikh Hussein Rasheed congratulates candidates

The Adhaalath Party’s President Sheikh Hussein Rasheed Ahmed has congratulated all the candidates of the Adhaalath party who ran for the Local Council Elections.

Sheikh Hussein Rasheed in a statement said that his party was ready to serve the citizens of the country as much as it could.

”We believe that success is for to whom God grants it,” Sheikh Hussein Rasheed said. ”And we believe that we can only serve the citizens to the extent the citizens wish us to.”

Adhaalath Party won one seat in Haa Alifu Atoll Muraidhoo island council, one in Haa Dhaalu Atoll Nolhivaram island council, two seats in Makunudhoo in the same atoll, two seats of Shaviyani Atoll Bileifahi island council, one seat in Noonu Atoll Landhu, one seat in Raa Atoll Dhuvaafaru, one is Rasgetheemu of the same atoll, four seats of Kinolhas in the same atoll, Lhaviyani Atoll Olhuvelifushi island council’s two seats and Veymandu, Thaa Atoll island council’s one seat.

A total of 17 seats were won by Adhaalath Party according to the last preliminary results issued by the Elections Commission.

Sheikh Hussein Rasheed recently told Minivan News that Adhaalath candidates would focus on “wide ranging development”, aiming to reduce problems associated with drug abuse and “uniting people together”.

“We will co-operate with the government as per the law, of course,” he added.


7 thoughts on ““Ready to serve the people”: Sheikh Hussein Rasheed congratulates candidates”

  1. Yes, earthling.

    After 2 years of pimping itself shamelessly, and pretending to be God's answer to our country's problems, they have finally won SOMETHING in an election.

    Good for them. At least now all our development will be obstructed by a party that has at least one local council position, won in an actual election.

  2. Sheikh Rasheed,

    I am a citizen who does not wish to be served by you.

    Would you keep your word and ensure that you do not do me any service?

    That includes not passing any 'religious' regulations that would affect the way I lead my life.

    Remember, Allah frowns upon those who do not honour their word.

  3. We hate adhalath because it teaches hate. It tries to deprive the freedom of human being which is the dream of every living thing. Even the birds die in captivity. Adhalth preaches enslavement of woman and human being to be slaves of some deity. If they wish to be slaves of a deity they have freedom to do so but don’t preach for it. Because of them our sisters are losing their freedom, even they cannot show their face to fellow human being. They are caged in the veils.


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