Reeko Moosa to appear in court for opening ‘private court’

Police have concluded an investigation in to a case submitted to them by the Judicial Administration and Prosecutor General, regarding Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) MP ‘Reeko’ Moosa Manik pronouncement last year that he was opening his own court.

Police Spokesperson Sub-Inspector Hassan Haneef said Tuesday that the case had been now closed and sent to the PG’s office, after an investigation was completed by the Serious and Organised Crime Unit (SOC).

Earlier this month Moosa Manik was summoned to the police headquarters for the investigation over the case.

Speaking to the press after attending police headquarters, Moosa said police had inquired about the opening the court and other two cases, but said he chose to remain silent.

He also said that police officers investigating the cases were not able to tell what laws he had violated.

More recently, the Police Integrity Commission (PIC) has investigated a case in which Moosa was brutally beaten by police officers on February 8, following the controversial transfer of power the previous day.

Moosa Manik was severely injured and was admitted to the hospital shortly afterwards, before being flown to Sri Lanka for further treatment.

The PIC has issued a statement saying that the case has been sent to the Prosecutor General for prosecution.

Meanwhile, the Prosecutor General has sent cases against former President Mohamed Nasheed and former Defence Minister Tholhath Ibrahim to court.

Nasheed and the ex-Defence Minister have been charged detaining Criminal Court Chief Judge Abdulla Mohamed during Nasheed’s final days in office.


8 thoughts on “Reeko Moosa to appear in court for opening ‘private court’”

  1. This article is factually incorrect.

    Moosa Manik had not just announced intentions to hold mock trials.

    He and other high-ranking MDP officials led party members to hold mock trials at Raalhugandu where they passed horrible-sounding mock sentences against the MDP's political rivals.

    All of this was done while Nasheed was in power. Nasheed's government made no move to stop MDP's acts which would amount to contempt of court and anarchy in any country of this world no matter what gloss Minivan is required to put on it.

    I must note however that Moosa Manik should not bear personal responsibility for these acts if they were done with the support and backing of MDP's governing structure. In such a case the MDP itself should be penalized. If there was no such support Moosa Manik should be penalized for leading the event.

  2. Moosa can goto afganistan and open all the courts he want, MDP needs better leaders than you.

    We have younger and more talented people who are more qualified to chair MDP than uneducated people like Reeko. Even imthiyaz fahmy is a much better and more capable guy than reeko. This guy just plays drama's in majilis.

  3. Double standards by Police and PG. How many cases against Thasmeen, Jangiya Nazim, Yamin and the police are being delayed and thrown out of court for supposedly lack of evidence. But anything to do with any MDP person is expedited. Shows how desperate the current government is to break apart MDP leadership.

    Having said that yeah there are people who can be better leaders in every political party we have, but none of them has the guts to come forward to become a leader. Wonder why people with such leadership capacity are so hesitant.

  4. 111 prisoners tortured, murdered in jails dictator Maumoon : no punishment.
    Backbone Breaker : no punishment.
    Riyaz, Nazim, ..., high treason, no punishment.
    Judge Ablo, making re-enact two kids their sexual abuse in front of court and perpetrator : still a judge.
    More ?
    There is NO justice, NO clean, properly educated judiciary in Maldives. Only the rich people, the corrupt biz get THEIR 'justcie'. All other people pay heavy price for a sick system.

  5. for god's sake ppl. can somebody say to these dimwits that musa parodied it, it was not a real court and he did not give real verdicts. why are my countrymen so thick?

  6. With the current situation in the Maldives, I would rather agree with the idea of an open "Citizen's Court" rather than seek justice from highly politicised, corrupt courts, where incompetent and in appropriate judges are sitting playing havoc with justice and its practice.

    It is not possible to imagine and accept the fact a judge (Abdulla Mohamed), allowing a suspected murderer go free Police custody (shortly was reported getting involved in another murder after being released), in order to make the Ministry of Health answerable for something the Ministry did!

    This case however, will be the laughing stock for a long time.
    Also this will open the eyes of several people who hate the way justice is juggled around.

    It will expose more cases of injustice done to the judiciary system by the very people who are working within the system for their personal benefit!

    This will widen our views!

    I think Mr. Moosa deserve an applause! Bravo Moosa!

  7. Moosa did it because Anni must have asked him to do so. Since Anni never did anything about this while he was in power is the proof that Anni was the man who intact had asked Moosa to do it.

    This is same old game again. Maommon never did anything wrong all wring doing s are done by his friends and family members and close associates not him.

    Same thing , Anni never did anything wrong. All wrong doing and corruption is done by his friends and associates and Anni never know how to do any wrong.

    Common , open your eyes and see the world.

    Anni gave Thilafushi project to Moosa for a reason and part the deals went to Anni and part to MDP and part to Moosa. This is why Moosa got the project even his price was higher than MTCC price.

    Anni is the biggest threat to our democracy and the majority of Maldivian do not want this traitor to come back.


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