Salaf asks PIC to take action against police for protecting ‘idols’

Religious NGO Jamiyyathul Salaf has sent a letter to the Police Integrity Commission (PIC) demanding it investigate and take action against police for protecting the ‘idolatrous’ SAARC monuments in Addu.

In its letter, Jamiyyathul Salaf noted that Islamic Minister Dr Abdul Majeed Abdul Bari had declared that the SAARC monuments kept in Addu were un-Islamic and unconstitutional.

Salaf said that after the Islamic Minister publicly revealed his stand on the issue, police had worked to protect the monuments and said that it showed that police “have no respect for the laws.”

Salaf claimed that some police officers had refused to go out and protect the monuments, and that those police officers were threatened and forced to protect the monuments.

In the letter Salaf also said that the police were aware that the idolatrous monuments were banned in the Maldives by more than one article of the law.

A police spokesperson today told Minivan News that police were not protecting any “idols” but was active in some parts of Addu to control possible unrest.

‘’Those were properties of other nations and police are legally obliged to protect people’s property,’’ he said.

When the SAARC Summit was held in Addu, each member state left a symbol of their nation in Addu City. Some of the monuments were determined by religious groups and the Islamic Minister as un-Islamic.

The monument from Pakistan representing the Indus Valley Civilization and Sri Lankan monument representing its nation’s lion were attacked. Some parts of the Pakistan monument were stolen and later replaced.

Opposition Adhaalath Party and Progressive Party of the Maldives [PPM] heavily criticized the government for keeping the monuments in Addu and claimed that the monuments cannot be kept in the Maldives according to the laws.

PPM Council members recently reported the Maldives Customs Department to police for allowing the monuments to be imported to the country.

The Islamic Minister recently asked the President’s Office and other institutions to remove the monuments.


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  1. The Islamic ministry really should do something about Salaf's logo. The phallus is making me think really un-Islamic thoughts. Bari, any chance of a press release to that effect? Please, I am about to sin!

  2. Maldives is a nation shameless people. They disrespect their neighbouring countries by destroying their national emblems.
    At same time they go with begging bowel to get money for various purpose.
    Sri Lankan government builds the roads and these people have no shame to begging and ask help.

  3. These monuments are the sovereign property of our neighboring nations. Any attempt and urging to desecration, remove, or destroy these artifacts by our government is an acts of war against those nations.

    The police should be held to account for not investigating the claims made by Adhaalath Party and Jamiyathul Salaf! Anyone who is complicit in the desecration of those monuments should be imprisoned for destroying state property. There is NEVER any excuse to violate these basic laws. Peaceful protest is not violence. This is disrespectful, damaging, and just plain stupid.

    These acts are the acts of the ignorant and those who abuse the words of God and His prophet. It is a disgrace that we are not taking serious action against them!

    They are destroying our sources of grants and developmental aid. They are insulting our closest allies whom we rely on for almost ALL our staple goods. It is just stupid, idiotic, ignorant people who are intent on creating an all powerful clergy class in our nation! IT IS UNACCEPTABLE.

    So why is everyone just willing to let it happen? Why is everyone okay with not voicing out distaste with the crazies? Really guys? This is not okay.

    Destroying the Sri Lankan National Symbol?!!? REALLY?!?! Was the lion removed because it can be an idol?! What kind of morons are these people! I promise more people are likely worship Sony TVs and Rado Watches than a permed lion! The lack of sense on this issue is ridiculous and unacceptable. And the people who should be speaking out against it aren't for political reasons! STOP GIVING THESE PEOPLE POWER OVER US!

  4. Can we do a survey on the sanity of Maldivian and start rehabilitation for them. I doubt 95% will fail to be with proper sanity. Precisely, to be diagnosed “Islander’s syndrome”, . The symptom are, having excessive fear of calamity, self imagined superiority, extreme belief in fantasia, excessive egoism, and xenophobia

  5. why don't you all read this one, if you want to know why idols should be destroyed:

  6. When the monuments placed in Addu City for the SAARC summit in the memory of the SAARC member countries are declared un-Islamic as idols it is important to provide a clear definition of an idol in Islam. "An idol is a picture or object that people pray to as part of their religion," is the definition of idol offered in teh Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary.

    The Wikipedia defines an idol as "an image or other material object representing a deity or thing to which religious worship is addressed, or any person or thing regarded with blind admiration or devotion". Neither of these definitions match with that linked to the monuments set up in Addu.

    While looking for a definition of idol in Islam, I came across this definition of 'idol worship' in an article on entitled Idol Worship, the Unforgivable Sin (If Maintained Until Death). It said, "A simple definition of idol worship is to beleive that anything beside God can help us, or to hold something as more important than God". By implication, a thing is turned an idol only by worshipping it or when it is attached more importance than to God.

    In the light of these definitions, the monuments erected in Addu are far from being idols.

  7. @Tumescent on Thu, 24th Nov 2011 6:26 PM

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    The logo must be a turn-on for some of them.

  8. Law always need to change or be amended. And that is why there is a parliament. Let people debate on religious issues that has recently been peaking up in the Maldives. We need religious freedom. This is not a hundred percent Muslim country. And just because people who need religious freedom are being threatened to stay hidden doesnt make this a hundred percent Muslim country. And Abdul majeed is no prophet or god. He and his salaf boys are just using religion as a tool to rule Maldives in great oppression.

  9. while Salaf scares the hell out of me, i cant stand the likes of salim waheed, who have no respect the religion of majority of maldives.both these extremists will destroy our beautiful country

  10. let me get this straight...

    salaf is saying that the "law" is what the islamic minister states it is? is that right?

  11. By law, what the government did was wrong for bringing in the idolatry stuff because its clearly mentioned in the constitution that its forbidden. Wasn't it the MDP that was shouting at Maumoon while he was in power that he was not upholding the constitution? Such hypocrites the MDP and its cronies are. being disrespectful for neighboring countries is secondary. It isn't right, yes. But The government should not have brought in the stuff in the first place.

  12. Is there any reason why Salaf and others feel so threatened by monuments which featured human made sculptures. Is there any prospect of them becoming a potential rival to our God? Is there any possibility that by staring at the monument that one falls in love with Budha or rather leave Islam?

  13. mr. salaf, stay home trade the nabour nicely, check how peole leving. Islam is a religion like others made by people, only . stay at home help your wife at cooking cleaning if you know this how to do, what I dont think so!
    maldives was a very quired country until this people change there believe ! making children scared woman scaring them to cary buruga , what is not a must. why you people can not stay in peace ? you are changing the rules how YOU like not how is the reality!

  14. salaf logo has budding mammaries too! it was designed by hugh hefner

  15. The furore over the 'idolatrous' SAARC monuments is shocking to an Indian. What is it the mad mullahs of Maldives fear from other beliefs and faiths? Its like OMG there is the lion symbol of Sri Lanka.....quick, get rid of it before some Maldivian converts to Buddhism or OMG there are hindu symbols on that monument....quick, get rid of it before another Maldivian converts to Hinduism. Judging by the same intolerant attitude one sees in other muslim countries like Saudi Arabia and Pakistan, it isn't any wonder non muslim attitudes toward muslims is hardening. Switzerland has banned minarets, France has banned the burqa and New Yorkers veteod the construction of a 'Muslim Cultural Centre' (yeah, right) near groung zero. My advice to Maldivians is to stay put in you primitive little not travel abroad (especially to India) and pollute the world with your backward intolerant ideology

  16. actually salaf is right this time. We shall stop this madness before this goes any further. first it will be statues of birds and beasts as monuments.. after some time when ppl become accustomed to seeing these things,then politicians will try to imortalize their image by putting their statues then it will be the rich ppl..
    so we shall oppose this stattues.
    check this link:


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