PPM accuses government of setting Luthfee free from prison

The Progressive Party of the Maldives (PPM) has alleged that the government has set free Abdull Luthfee, who was sentenced to life during the time of Former President, for playing a senior role in the November 3 coup attempt in 1988.

Former Deputy Leader of Dhivehi Rayyithunge Party [DRP] and current interim council member of PPM Umar Naseer yesterday held a press meeting and told the media that the government has said that Luthfee went to Sri Lanka for medical purposes and escaped.

Luthfee, Umar said, did not escape but was ‘escaped’ with the assistance of the government and alleged that the government have been still supporting his stay at Sri Lanka.

Umar said it has been years after he left for medical purposes and added that the government has not even tried to look for him.

He said he was not astonished that the government has not searched for him because one of President Mohamed Nasheed’s brothers-in-law was also a senior figure in the November 3 attack.

‘’The PPM will very seriously look in to this issue of government letting a senior figure involved in the November 3 coup attempt in which 19 Maldivians were killed escape,’’ said Umar, adding that many other figures involved in the November 3 attack were currently filling senior government posts.

Sri Lankan newspaper The Island reported Luthfee as saying on the 23rd anniversary of the November 3 coup attempt, “I wanted to get rid of [former President Maumoon Abdul] Gayoom at any cost. As the election process in my country never gave a reasonable opportunity to the opposition, I felt an outside force should be used to oust Gayoom,”

In May this year, before the PPM was created and supporters of Gayoom were in Dhivehi Rayiithunge Party as a faction, Gayoom’s faction of the opposition Dhivehi Rayyithunge Party (DRP) protested outside the Prosecutor General’s Office and marched through the streets of Male’  with coffins, demanding justice for the martyrs who died in the November 3 coup attempt.

Press Secretary for the President Mohamed Zuhair denied the allegations and referred Minivan News to State Home Minister  Mohamed ‘Monazer’ Naeem for more details.

Naeem said that Government will never help a detainee escape and denied the allegations made by PPM.

‘’The Department of Penitentiary and Rehabilitation Service [DPRS] will not hold anyone in detention if a doctor advises to send an inmate abroad for medical reasons, but that does not mean that we are making way for him to escape,’’ Naeem explained.

He said anyone can point fingers at the DPRS or Home Ministry.

‘’We are confident that no staff or anyone here will held him to escape,’’ he added.


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  1. Tell me, what makes a party calling themselves "progressive" continuously look into the past? Have they any progressive policies I wonder or are they forever going to splurt bullshit like this. Yawn

  2. If any one person is to be blamed for the deaths in the NOV 3 1988 coup it is Maumoon Abdul Gayoom. Maumoon Abdul Gayoom failed to protect our people when he was tipped off about the coup.

  3. PPM is the actually the Retarded Party. Can not believe what planet they live on.

  4. His vicious intolerance of the gifts from Pakistan and Sri Lanka expose the demon who lurks behind the humanistic, tolerant, "Progressive Muslim" facade of Maumoon Abdul Gayoom and his Progressive Party. Maumoon has revealed to me, Machiavellianism in its rawest form, when it suits you to speak of love, tolerance, equity, forgiveness for all, do it beautifully, but when it suits you to FEED the basest, carnal, instinct in human kind for prejudice, then feed it.

    THIS is the demagogue condemned by Socrates and by Plato, the one who, in the name of 'democracy,' awakens the hate in humanity and uses that hate to storm into power, yet in so doing, the demagogue creates a monster which not even he can control, his power will be short lived as he attempts to repress the hordes whose lust for prejudice he has awakened for his own benefit!

    I must say it was a shock for me to see that Maumoon could support intolerance like this. The demonic rage for power was very well hidden behind that beautiful, serendaing voice and talk of Islam being about 'love and tolerance..."

    Maumoon is a monster hidden in an Angelic uniform.

    I would like to let you know that the consequences of a leader acting out of motives which are for power alone are, (rather than for humanity) are repression, tyranny, torture, slavery, suffering, death, decay, cultural doom!

    Maumoon is the antithesis of humanity!

    And Yameen, who may be in power very soon! I know him, he is Darkness itself, believe me...

  5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_DL7-yWbCFQ&feature=share

    Maumoon is responsible for allowing Luthfi to come in the first place.

  6. Apart from failing to take necessary measures to protect the citizens from the mercenaries, Qayoom ordered the helicopters to fire on the vessel that the mercenaries tried escaping in, when Maldivians were on the vessel as hostages. Qayoom, even on that day, displayed no interest in negotiating with the mercenaries, for the safety of the hostages, he only cared about bringing the people who challenged his authority to his feet.!

  7. Ben has a nice comfy job at PO. And he hardly does any work for the money he gets. Anyone who may remove him from his current status is darkness. So said Plato and Socrates.

  8. My god! The President's Office. That truly is a huge achievement Ben.

    Congrats. I'm up to my ass in degrees and have been working super-hard just to make a living in my own country and I still have not seen the inside of that building.

    Kudos on your white skin and pseudo-philosophical neo-hippie-ism that got you your job.

  9. @Mohammed: I find it very sad that there is so much hate, repression, anger in Maldives that so many have to lie like you did just now to give themselves some kind of meaning, venting, but I wish the situation was not so that you have to hide your true selves in lies all of the time...

  10. I don't work for your President. I have not seen his office. Such assumptions are based on racist assumptions about white people and their motives. I work damned hard for peanuts... but not for any President...


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