Salaf calls for resignation of Education Minister, again

Religious NGO Jamiyyathulsalaf has called for the resignation of Education Minister Dr Musthafa Luthfy, and claimed that Arabiyya is the only Maldivian school “with an adequate education policy.”

“The whole education policy of the Maldives has been designed in a way that moves the students further from the religion,” President of Salaf Sheikh Abdulla Bin Mohamed Ibrahim said today.

“As a consequence, students have become poorly educated. If you refer to the results of the students who pass, anyone will understand that.”

Sheikh Abdulla said there was only one school in the Maldives that has an adequate educational policy.

“That school would be Arabiyya School. The School teaches Arab, Hadith, Sunnah of the prophet and the Quran,” Sheikh Abdulla said.

Sheikh Abdulla said the idea of introducing co-educational policy was completely unacceptable.

“There will be social and disciplinary issues that students would have to face if the policy was introduced,” he said. “There will also be consequences for teachers.”

He also warned that “a coalition of NGOs” was preparing to be on standby to come out and demonstrate against the change, if necessary.

Minister of Education Dr Musthafa Luthfy told Minivan News that co-education has been a part of the Maldivian education system for a long time.

“When we studied at ‘Edhuruge’ [traditional places of learning, where classes were held at a teacher’s house] there were girls and boys mixed,” said Dr Musthafa. “There are currently only four schools in the Maldives that is not Co-educational.”

Dr Musthafa said his idea was to develop an integrated educational system that comprised of science, commerce, arts and aesthetics.

“That is an educational system that will contain drawing, music, exercise and sports, plus praying, reciting of the Quran and other religious events,” he said. “This type of policy is known to increase students’ intellectual ability and skills. If anyone is in doubt, they can ask parents and school managements whether students have moved further away from religion or closer to it after I assumed office,” he said.

Luthfy has previously come under criticism after the Ministry’s steering committee suggested making Islam and Dhivehi optional for A-Level students. The controversial proposal led to late-night protests outside Luthfy’s house and an eventual no-confidence motion in parliament, which was annulled when President’s Nasheed’s entire cabinet resigned in protest at parliamentary obstruction.


31 thoughts on “Salaf calls for resignation of Education Minister, again”

  1. Again? WTF?
    Haven't they got anything else to do?

    I think its time the strategy is changed if we are to do anything for the good of the country. You need a decoy. I propose we get a dog or a pig and keep him on a boat off-shore. Eyes of all beardees will pop-out for sure, as though it is the end of the world. Since they have something to rant on they will surely forget about Education minister. The minister can concentrate on what really needs attention.

  2. I suppose all these students that know mostly/only "the Arab, Hadith, Sunnah of the prophet and the Quran" are the ones helping to keep the country running too?

    Salaf should have some respect for the great schools (no matter how crap some teachers are)like Majeediyya and Aminiyya etc that many thousands of people have gone to and done just fine for themselves.

    Minivannews should ask Salaf/Adhaalath co. about exactly why they hate coeducation and the current system so much. About what subjects they feel like should be taught ideally to everyone, gender roles they want, etc.

    People need to see the wider picture.

    Not just bits and pieces.

    I have a friend who hates nutella. Doesn't mean I hate him. I don't think anything of him for it. But, hypothetically, if he were to spout some of the nonsense that Salaf/Adhaalath has spouted, I don't think I'd see him fit to comment or run the education system of an entire country. Let alone hold protests at the middle of the night outside residential buildings.

  3. Who is this Abdullah BIN Mohamed Ibrahim?

    No one heard of this idiot before and suddenly he becomes the KNOW-ALL and END-ALL of everything.

    We haven't forgotten Male English School and English Preparatory and Secondary School where there had been both boys and girls studying from Grade 7 to Grade 10.

    It never crossed anyone's mind that the students were both male and female in even one class.

  4. Go Luthfee.go!..We are behind you 100%. Don't let this taliban-salafiyya or whatever this 'religious' NGO bully you!!

    Salafiyya or whatever do not have any right to meddle with our education and the future of our generation.

    P.S destroy the adhaalath party and the ministry of islamic affairs. they have no place in our politics, nor in the shaping of our society.

  5. I propose we start a new school called Salafiyya, and another called Jamaliyya, and both will turn out camel-riding, turban wearing, bearded soldiers ready to kill and die for "the cause"*

    The schools shall have two entrances and two exits, one for the boys, and one for the camels.

    The curriculum shall consist of nothing but anti-semitism, Zakir Naik and Bin Laden lectures, a few martyrdom videos and one hour of recess followed by a closing evening session, where all the students learn how to feel victimized and offended, like a "true Muslim".

    Only then, perhaps, will great intellectuals and defenders of the faith like "sheikh" Abdulla of Jamali-aalathun Salaf consider our students as having a "proper" education.

  6. @yaameen, i tell you this please don't critisize what you don't really know! and which your not aware of! , just studying some some IT crap in Malaysia wouldn't necessarily make you an exert in everything, try to be in your size with your makaanaa show .. politics and religion is not your field yaameen ok

  7. “with an adequate education policy.”


    *snicker* I don't think the militant wing of the adhaalath parteys knows what's happening in there. Heh heh heh!.

  8. Whatever the current government does the People's Alliance aka the Crooks Party will join in too.

    So now they have been sleeping with Salaf as well.

    What does this Abdul Azeez Jamal who happened to secure a seat in the Parliament know about education?

    Whatever time he spent in the Education Ministry was his time at the Non Formal Education Centre correcting spelling mistakes in Dhivehi.

    That's exactly what he does as an MP too.

    And this the Secretary General of the PA who claims he knows all the research work done in Co education.

    He studied Arabic in Saudi Arabia. That was all he had in Education.

    Sick disgusting hypocrites. Thats what they are!

  9. These Salaf people are same as Talibans. All these people have sex in their minds. If we submit to their demands then we are finished.

  10. There should be separate toilets for men and women. Co-sewerage is a sin. The sewer system must be separate.

  11. 'He also warned that “a coalition of NGOs” was preparing to be on standby to come out and demonstrate against the change, if necessary.'-- President of Salaf Sheikh Abdulla Bin Mohamed Ibrahim.

    This coalition he refers to is a network of extremists funded by fundamentalists from Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Somalia, etc.

    The MAldives in their opinion has to be transformed into a caliphate, where reasoning is left to the clerics.

  12. Only 4 secondary schools in Male' are unisex. The rest of them all over the country are mixed.

  13. I worry about the intent of Salaf. It is the people like that of Salaf's that are alienating mainstream Muslims of the country towards the liberal side. I do not want to be too liberal in my religious views but If I must choose between the ideologies of Salaf and the others as they would see it, I will have to go with the others.

  14. Why don't Salaf call for the resignation of the corrupt judges, are they scared.There's a funny thing about the Salaf logo

  15. Hani,As a person who dont have any knowledge reagrding Islam i think you dont know the seriousness of this matter.
    Hani its not only hypocrites and atheists running this country. There are extremists like us in all the sectors of the government and private companies. Dont forget that!

  16. Salaf has a point.

    Big disadvantage of co-ed. Boys and girls are WAY more interested in each other than anything the teacher is going to say...separate them, no distractions. I mean, they're there to learn, not get married.

  17. Utterly ridiculous nonsense from this seyks (crazies) at Salaf. Their all so perfect Arabiyya was crumbling just a few months ago, if was just luck that non of the students there got hurt when one of the walls fell off. The maintenance money of the O' so holy school had been invested in (as Hilath so elegantly puts it) those 'Ali gadha beybe Shops' Haabee shops.
    So much for the great teaches Arab,Sunnah,and FRAUD. There haven't been that great schools in Maldives, Maumoon made sure of that before, no these camel riding perverts are trying to make sure there never will be.
    The beardies are threatening to go to the streets if the regulation passes I suggest we counter that :).

  18. Does anyone else here think that Salaf's symbol looks ridiculously phallic?

    That logo alone makes people think of sex. Arab sex.

    Oh No.

  19. Remember Nazim..the Zakir Naik incident. he studied from Majeedhiya School. Remember the guy who hung him self from the air port tower.. he studied from Majeedhiya. And remember me, i stuied from Muhibbudhin School Addu. a mixed school. I still believe in islam...its not the schooling which is the's just depends on person to person. SALAF make sure u learn it

  20. This shreik is probably forgetting that Arabiyya is also a co-ed school.

    These people need to get past the 7th century, no wonder our religion has a bad name!

  21. The purported religious scholars should be more direct and specific in formulating their (non-) arguments.

    Vague statements such as "there will be social and disciplinary issues", and "consequences for teachers" will not do as it did for people 20-30 years ago. We are more open to dialogue now, and we require convincing evidence even from "authorities".

    You know what, salafies? Social and disciplinary issues are nothing new to schools, because lets face it, it's a building filled with kids. Surely you were a kid once? Remember how stupid you were? I'm sure you do because you have still not grown out of it.

    And if you want to talk about consequences why not talk about the consequences of segregation? Gender segregation paints a false picture of uniformity, an unnatural order, which is not what our children should be exposed to. Kids should learn to deal with reality as they grow up. Maybe if we don't treat them as stupid kids they won't turn out to be so stupid.

  22. These are signs of Salaf's dream to establish a caliphate with the naturalized Saudi Abdulla bin its first ruler. You can only please the barbarians with Madhurasaas where students are taught only Quruan.

    Musthafa! Please stand firm and don't give in an inch

  23. Dr. Mustafa Lutfi, way to go! Teach these people something. As far as we can see into the history of Maldives, there have been co-education. For years and years only Aminiya and Majeediyya School were single sex schools. So why didn't these so-called Islamic scholars get up and say something? If they were so worried about religious ethics being blown aside they should have faced the previous government even. Now they will say, "Oh, we were not allowed to open our mouths then." I will say "Thank god" to it. Coz these people should be banned from speaking. They just use the good name of the religion and the Holy book to make themselves famous and rich. We studied in co-education schools but our faith is as strong as can be and nothing moves it. Our children need to know that the opposite sex is also a part of our lives. And we do not want to teach our children that shaking hands with their own blood brothers or sisters is a sin. That creates dirty images in their minds. We have seen enough of these hyprocrites who wears a costume of some other country saying it is the Islamic dress and then goes around committing adultery and god knows what else. Dr. Lutfi, we want our children to know right and wrong, not keep them locked inside the house. Thank you very much for all you are doing for the education of our children. May Allah bless you and your work.

  24. How knowledgeable r they regarding Islam when they dont seem to be aware of the fact that the Holy Quran speaks of gaining knowledge... not just of sunnah and hadiths...but of everything...

    Salaf is acting/speaking against the teachings of Islam...

  25. Dr.Mustafa and Dr.Shaheed are one of the most secularist who mock islam openly! The bunch of fools who think they can secularise Maldives must know we have always protected this country from similar threats in the past and will always protect this nation!! ISLAM and Maldives can NEVER be seperated!! call it Salafi or Wahabi or Extremist or whatever! For these secularist and Atheist who doesnt find openly commiting MAJOR sins such prositution and drinking alchol trying to teach us the right way?? We shall drive you out of this country one day Insha Allah!!

  26. Unfortunately its people like you extremist my foot who is driving our young people away from Islam. Are you Allah that you know what is in the heart of Dr Musthafa and Dr Shaheed? And when you accuse people of drinking alcohol and committing prostitution are you doing so with facts? When people write stuff that violate the freedom of others it is not freedom of expression, it is slander. And on what authority are you telling us what Islam is and is not. The first word of the Quraan is IQRAA. It means READ. Not just the word, read the universe. Open your mind, my dear fellow muslim, do not judge for it is Allah and Allah alone who judges us.

  27. Try to open University of international jihad some where else. What is salaf knows about education policy? teaching how to make bomb, training suicide bombers
    discourages women education, teaching hatred toward other religion, intolerance in the society etc.


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