Salaf claims government not eligible to resettle gitmo detainees

Religious NGO Jamiyyathul Salaf has claimed that the current government of the Maldives is not eligible to import detainmees from Guantanamo Bay, economically and religiously, and settle them in the country.

Salaf, writing on the website raajjeislam, said that according to the religious and economic situation of the country, ”it does not seem to be a wise to take a step forward for such a move.”

”We have the threat that there are unknown allegations behind the government’s decision, although it is a must for Muslims to help Muslims,” Salaf said. ” In Islam there is a procedure arranged to follow when helping Muslims,” the group noted.

Salaf said it would be more appropriate for the Maldives to help the Muslims of a neighbouring country.

”There is no evidence to prove that the two inmates scheduled to be brought to the Maldives are really inmates from Guantanamo,” the NGO said, claiming to have evidence that would confuse [the people] as to the government’s sincerity over the issue.

Salaf claimed that the Maldivian government did not help two allegedly innocent Maldivians when they were arrested in Pakistan.

On 13 December, President Mohamed Nasheed in his presidential speech said that the Maldives would receive three inmates from Guantanamo Bay jail.

“If a Muslim does not have a place to live in freedom, we will help in whatever way we can. We don’t want anyone to suffer any harm. We know that the Maldives, in helping just three people from Guantanamo Bay, does not mean that either the Maldives or the world would be free of inhumane treatment,” he said. “However this jail, Guantanamo jail, is very symbolic.”

He said most of the detainees at Guantanamo Bay were innocent people caught up in the war in Afghanistan, and that offering assistance to other nations in whatever capacity was “a national duty.”

The President’s Press Secretary Mohamed Zuhair is currently on leave.


11 thoughts on “Salaf claims government not eligible to resettle gitmo detainees”

  1. Stop being so gullible. President Nasheed does not give two hoots about helping Muslims. He is trying to help himself.

  2. maybe salaf wants there on gitmo in Maldive to put all moderate Muslims in there

  3. Salaf clearly couldn't care less about innocent Palestinians. All they care about is lining their own pockets with all teh donations they receive from Sonee and other companies and promoting child rape

  4. rinzy is right. only one thing matters to president nasheed. That is he is out to get some silly international award for himself.

  5. Why is Salaf so concern about the Gitmo situation, why aren't they concern about the stabbing & all the violence.They don't because that's the way they wanted it to be, if people live a peaceful normal life they want listen to what these mullahs say.Shame....

  6. What an approach to seek power!

    I am totally flabbergasted! I cannot see nothing these claiming bodies have, except a crave to seek power!

    @Naik you are dead right. Salaf claim and demand everything on account of Islam!

    They are not at all concerned about what is happening on the streets!

  7. yes Salaf - ”There is no evidence to prove that the two inmates scheduled to be brought to the Maldives are really inmates from Guantanamo,” - the two chaps they are bringing were playing cricket and Lords and Anni is just doing David Cameron a huge favour.
    Come on Salaf stop wasting what little credibility you have on petty things.

  8. This is noting but a move by nasheed to boost his image outside Maldives. As if we care for a stupid award he gets from some stupid orgnization. May be by resettling these to detainees US will nominate him for Nobel Peace prize. Get a life nasheed. Do what you can before the end of five years. You can be sure you shall be kicked out on to the street again.

  9. I am 100% sure these gitmo detainees are much safer than these Salaf guys. They are a menace to this country. Salaf boys, why not move to Afghanistan.

  10. SALAF AND ADHALATH. Dont worry much about guantanomobay muslims.They're not your school of muslims.they pray five times a day and are not followers of Ali Rameez. As far as you boys can sell drug and enjoy sex why doyou bother you salaf brothers.

  11. anni is the only person on this who really cares about this muslim world even though he doesnt get any money from any hard core muslim charities.


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