Salaf rejects President’s invitation to “peacefully resolve” rising religious tension

Religious NGO Jamiyathul Salaf has rejected an invitation extended by the President Mohamed Nasheed, to discuss and peacefully resolve the rising religious tensions in the Maldives.

The President’s Office said that the invitation was sent to the President of Salaf, Sheikh Abdullah bin Mohamed Ibrahim, requesting he attend a meeting scheduled for Sunday.

However, according to the local media, Sheikh Abdullah rejected the offer in a letter he sent to the President Office, claiming the President Nasheed wants to meet and “defend” UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Navi Pillay’s call for a moratorium and debate on the practice of flogging for extramarital sex.

Minivan News could not get his comment at the time of press.

Abdullah bin Mohamed Ibrahim was quoted in local news paper Haveeru, saying that he “does not want to debate Islamic penalties” clearly stated in Quran and revealed by Prophet’s Sunnah.

He also reportedly urged the President to end his “calls for religious debate on Islamic penalties.”

Following the explosive reaction against Pillay, President Nasheed argued that “our scholars lost the chance to showcase Sharia’s compatibility with human rights, by reacting in a provocative and ‘Jihadi’ manner.”

Speaking on the same issue in last week’s radio address, President claimed that in the name of protecting Islam, the real call of religious protesters was to initiate the implementation of Islamic penalties such as stoning, hand-cutting and execution in the Maldives.

He noted that in consideration of all its actions to date, it is evident that the state has a tradition of pardoning strict punishments for criminal offences committed against Islamic Law – however, he said that in the exercise of penal flagellation, the government has not exempted any convicts charged with adultery from punishment.

President also reaffirmed that all actions taken by the Government in matters involving Islamic jurisprudence, the Government will base its course of action only on the “consensus and counsel of Islamic scholars”.


28 thoughts on “Salaf rejects President’s invitation to “peacefully resolve” rising religious tension”

  1. President Nasheed has politicised religion in order to deflect public opinion from his failed development policies. That's the long and short of it.

  2. Sheikh Abdullah was wise to avoid a debate with President. He would have got his a-s whipped!

  3. Lubane dhuvas ebage... dhuniyege edhumaa hedhi Allah aai ekalaange dheena dhekolha masakkau kuraa bayaka vaagiverive kudakuda musaarayaka dhahivethi veethee hairaanveje.. Islaam dheena dhekolhumeehun Allah abadhuves gelleni kuravaane.. Lubuna.. Allah a biruvethive. adhi thi thanun nukumey... evves milhe nuvaane.. Thee yahoodhinge reyvun gandde.. emmefahun lubnaayaves libeynee varugadha kesse... ma salam..

  4. I learned in school even the prophet had dialogue with the mushrik and tried to find a peaceful solution at all times. i guess these salafy only want to follow some examples of prophet which are convenient to them at any given time and situation...

  5. Sheikh Abdullah bin Mohamed Ibrahim must be blessed with powers that mere mortals do not possess, such as the ability to read minds. How else would he know the agenda of his meeting with Nasheed as being the Pillay affair?

    I underestimated the holiness of our dear bin Mohammed Ibrahim. Let's all gather around and take blessings from the special one, our beloved brother bin Mohammed Ibrahim!

  6. Preisdnt Nasheed would have just mocked the Islamic sharia in front of them!! Look at some cabinet members, MPs and some of his advisors! Some of these.these doesnt even believe in Islam. This was the case with Gayoom too, but in his time they were minority, but now they are the most inner circle. They all drink together and mock together.

  7. The proof and evidences seems to pile up.
    But who really wants to look. It really looks idiotic and utterly stupid, if you objectively start looking at the piling mountains of contradictions.

    Islam is never a religion of peace. Maybe at the very beginning, for the first 5 years. But since then, it is a violent, hate filled, fear mongering cult.

    I feel so very misled, by all the nice images the teachers and parents painted regarding Islam.. the reality is Islam is no longer something I want to look for peace. I will definitely not let the hate mongering camels talk to my kids. I know a lot of Maldivians now feels the same, but to talk about it, is murder. Yet another point to the callous nature of Islam.

  8. When Pillay came to our country, the President had a chance to show the UN that Islamic law was better than UN's charter of Human Rights. He had a chance to bring pride to Muslims. Why did he not ask her, if the UN brought any justice to Palestine or any of the war victims around the world? Maybe in every war, they picked out a hand full, given them full support and made those little handfull of victims look broad by using their Christian conservative News Medias. Did the UN help the millions of children that died under the UN embargo on Iraq supported by Nato and US warplanes? Instead all the UN did was come out with a report pretty much stating that over a million children died during its own embargo on Iraq. Yet till today, no justice has been done for those children. Instead a new war was created and more people killed and millions displaced. How about the Palestinians? Why has the world not recognized Palestine, but recognized the occupying force called Israel? Has the UN Human Rights brought justice for them?

    Why not you, the President ask Pillay these important questions in public, or is not the lives of ordinary Muslims worth anything to you other than just pitty and looking sad for the cameras?

    We want a President who speaks out for justice for every oppressed soul in the world, be it against a super power or parents beating their children. Instead you have been brain washed by the people close to you and destroyed your own legacy which started out good.

    As brother Abdullah have said, there is no negotiation when it comes to the Law of our Creator. Do you not fear one day that you will be punished by God for going against His Law for mankind? When a family member dies, who do you pray to? Do you pray to the Christians or some idol? Just because you are not educated in religious matters, does not mean that you have an excuse since many people have already told you that what you are doing is wrong according to Islam. Even though there are many kind non-Muslims in this world, think about where they end up after this life. If you want to follow them, by all means do so. But do not try and take the whole country with you because the people will not allow it. We do not mind Maldivians living their own lifestyle because we respect each other eventhough we might joke around and poke each other sometimes. But what the Government is doing by trying to bring in other religions into the country and bringing idols to test the patience of the people.. and not to forget allowing Pillay to disgrace Maldivians in our own Parliament.. I think you have overstepped your boundary. Leave religion alone and stick to your politics only. Trying to bring Israel into the country eventhough the majority of Maldivians denounced that move, was another provocative move. It is not the opposition or religious NGOs which became hostile to the Government. It is the Government which kept pushing the peaceful people of Maldives to the edge by threatening our religion which we lived peacefully with all this time.

    So now you are trying to create propaganda and say that we want to stone people and make this into an Afghanistan style place. This is the same rhetoric that that West uses in its anti-terror scare tactics. They used fear to alienate a large portion of its society so that the Governments can have support of these alienated section of the public when it comes to cutting down on civil liberties and freedom of expression and movement. This is how democracy fails and becomes a dictatorship. Maldivians are not dumb, but obviously someone in the Government has been telling the President they are. Otherwise, why would he go on radio and try to use fear tactics?

    We are not trying to cause violence or bring Afghanistan style laws to the Maldives. Why dont the President take the model of Malaysia, Turkey, Iran or the good from all these Muslim nations and leave the bad? Instead all the President wants is to please Israel and play the same game as Israel does: "Muslims are out to get you! Don't trust them! OOoooohhh!"

    I would laugh at this if it was a joke, but obviously the Government is serious when it comes to encouraging our children to become non-Muslims and worship idols in the coming future. Government is slowly diminishing any pride we have as a small nation, but a 100% Muslim nation.

    Due to the internet, it is hard for the President and others to lie to the people. In Europe, people got tired of listening to scare tactics by their governments and pretty much all trust between the public and the executives have depleted. In the Middle East, they have overthrown Governments that were allies to Israel and the West. Why can't the President and Government learn from the mistakes of others before it blows up in their face?

  9. If the president is serious about peacefully resolving religious tension, he would have stopped MDP from comming out on the streets protesting on Dec 23rd, the same day Salaf et al would be protesting.

    How can the President think there would be peace when two opposing teams come out on the streets at the same time?

    MDP has protested so many times before. But I have not seen counter-protests by the others combatting MDP's protests. Why is MDP so keen in comming out and counter-protesting if they want to peacefully resolve anything?

    Fact of the matter is, MDP is too scared.

  10. This action of Salaf clearly shows their intention was not good. We can no longer believe their fatwas.

  11. The people have given all the power to a nutcase. President Nasheed is a cheap politician who only wants power. He has no clue how to run a country. God help us.

  12. How much more hypocritical can the government be? Yes Jamiyyathu'Salaf rejected the negotiations. But the government has again given a deaf ear to the reasons why they rejected. According the JSalaf website they had sent numerous mails to the president on many occasions on religious matters, even asking to meet him. But absolutely NONE was answered.

  13. Salaf, Adhaalath, Muad MZ, SOMEBODY, ANYBODY< PLEASE!

    You all know I am a stupid, extremely ignorant, typically naive' Westerner who is also a relatively new Muslim, compared to you guys, and I still have a lot to learn about Islam and Maldives.

    But I am beginning to feel like leaving Islam because I see Islam being used to repress people’s conscience. I need you guys to help me, as a drowning MUSLIM< it is your duty to rescue me by explaining to me why Islam is imposed by force in Maldives via the constituton! WHY would the Maldives lose its sovereignty and cohesion! I need you guys to please please please, as a service to a struggling Muslim brother who desparately needs help to stay a Muslim, to have it explained WHY Islam needs to be imposed and when I have that, you would have helped rescue me from returning to Jahilya!

  14. i'd like to ask who and why is salaf so important. they have no relevance in 21 century. but i guess its too late to ask that question, because they have indeed got a huge following and a relevance in society using religion as the power card.
    i still dont understand why president considers salafists as scholars..? they are very open and shamless in their goals and real intentions. always.

    Since ali rameez gave up music and started this salafist movement (in hope of quick way to heaven), things have gone crazy.. btw it reminds me of a very nice song by Ali Rameez:
    mirajjeyge saaf vailibi helilamundhaa fanthakaa,
    midhonveli thudeege hudhu hudhu maa himun dhonvelithaka,
    thasavvuru mikohdhey gudhurathee misaal,
    hithah genuvamundhey maakuree khiyaal...
    indeed maakuree khilaay, but it was much peaceful, and his music moved us, as a nation to happier lives, more caring and friendly..

  15. The way forward is to demolish Islamic ministry and Islam should come under ministry of art and culture. The Culture and art minister should be a modern educated person with moderate view on Islam. And open debates on comparative religions and studies. Ban talks on all hate mongering and glorifying any one religion while discrediting others. This is not easy task with current mentality of the people and their capacity to tolerate anything that’s looks foreign due xenophobia.

  16. @bEN.
    your leaving the fold of islam will be to your own account. islam will not get or loose anything from you or me.

    as for our constituition, it states an erronous and impracticable position requiring all maldivians to be muslims.maldivians shall be able to follow whatever religion they choose, in theory. but have you given a thought about what will it do to this country? we already have lots of violence and the last we need is clash of religions.

    islam requires that muslim rulers impose islamic sharia on muslim subjects who are under their authority. its not an islamic requirement that all humans be muslims. humans can be anything they like, believe anything they like. nor does islam require a particular country be islamic.

  17. can someone tell me how much the mullas paid ali rameez to convert him to islam?

  18. Ben, we are born and brought up as muslims. the reason, as i see it, you became a muslim is because you are a good human being. islam has taken that as an advantage and by installing fear and selfishness in you, it has now brain washed you. it is only sad that you have crossed the path of islam. if islam is a genuinely divine religion, why should we instill doubts about our own religion after many years practicing it? my advice for you is to leave islam and forget about before it confuses you altogether. if you ever approach a mullah they will only create more fear in you about 'a hell' and all the punishments you will get there.

  19. Ben, We've been a 100% Muslims nation since our conversion over 800 years ago. In any Muslim society there's bound to be people who follow and people who are careless. Nevertheless, in such a society the law imposed upon them should be according to sharia. Now Islam has mechanism to protect its followers from diverting away. Hence, Islamic law states certain rules on apostates and people who create fitna; those who voice against Islam. There is no other religion on earth that protects its followers as strongly as Islam. Now its different in no-Muslims societies. Usually such societies have many religions/faiths and doesn't or rather can't stop other faiths from being created or allowed. But not in 100% Islamic societies. Allowing apostasy and other faiths within a Muslim society is against sharia. You being a new Muslim should read a lot and get yourself informed. Its a must for all Muslims.

  20. This is depressed people spreading depression. These people need a shrink for counseling. Not a meeting with president. One thing they need to know is we have our own thing going on here.

  21. Ben-
    Maldivian are very superstitions in nature, may be you can say most of Asian are alike in this nature. Maldivian has very strong faith, that the religion of Islam is the part and parcel of their life. It is their soul and Allah is the savior. Their survival is only guaranteed if they submit all their will to Allah. If anyone tries to break this psyche, he is the arch enemy of Maldivian nation. You have to be a Maldivian to experience this obsession of religion and should break away from this psyche to know the reality. On the other hand, we had political conspiracy for nearly 30 years to radicalize Maldivian in to believing that the Maldives unity and survival is only guaranteed if they protect their faith, this radicalization has affected them severely and it helped to cohesion with the culture. Probably, this cycle of psyche will remain until the Arabs become full democratic countries including Saudi Arabia the breeding ground of all Islamic fanaticism

  22. @Ben Plewright on Mon, 19th Dec 2011 1:43 PM

    I feel sorry for you. You see it is a trap. A rat-trap. You can never, ever, ever leave Islam. That's the beauty of it. That's the curse of it.

    If you have never stepped inside the rat trap, it's ok to be free and enjoy life. Once you are in, then you would really see the craze and ranting that goes on. After sometime, you question wtf is this? Two and half days later, if that, you will want to leave. And then more statements are clarified to you. Summing up the terms you get upon leaving, you are clarified death by beheading is compulsory, after derogatory and hate filled abuse is swung at you.

    Welcome to the peaceful way of life on earth. a heaven sent command set that is so contradictory.

    In our case, it's worse. We are born into this heavenly fortitude of peace. Where slander, slavery,hate, jealousy is more evident than help-others, kindness, peace, love. A country without snakes, but filled with cobras. And to top it, we don't have enough exposure, knowledge, wealth, to stand on our own. Ignorants feeling proud of isolation.

    President is trying to balance on a high wire here. He will fail shortly, but in the end he will succeed since he will fly out of the country at the end of his term. He will surely educate his children in west. Never in the middle east! Never in Maldives.

    Bless him for his attempts on enlightenment though.

  23. I am geting ready to kick off all Mulla's in Maldives. cox of usless Mulla's we are unable to live peacefully.

  24. This incident with Ms Pillay was indeed an slap.
    To really implement Sharia , have all the people enough food to eat, they have enough money to make a decent living, and morale and and honesty in high government office.
    Is everyone paying Zakat , where does the money go. Make the atmosphere same as Rasulallahs time and then you can flog. It is better to forgive asthe Quran says if the effected person is sincre in their forgiveness.
    Even Allah forgives sinners. Who is the judicial system to so rigid and inflexable.
    May Allah bless Maldive and make it a better place to praise/pray to the All Mighty


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