“Senior activists and coup leaders” among President’s 18 new deputy ministers: MDP

President Mohamed Waheed Hassan  appointed 18 new deputy ministers to 11 ministries on Tuesday.

The opposition Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) criticised the appointments as rewards for participation in the alleged coup d’état of February 7, that saw Mohamed Nasheed resign “under duress”.

“All of these people were senior activists in leading the coup d’état. Many of them were present at the Republican Square on February 7. They are unqualified and inexperienced,” MDP spokesperson and Maafannu Uthuru MP Imthiyaz Fahmy contended.

However, President Waheed’s spokesperson Abbas Adil Riza said the positions were awarded based on political party affiliation and qualifications, not based on “political activity or their presence at a certain place.”

He also said the appointments reflected President Waheed’s desire to “formulate a national unity government”.

“The law gives him the choice to choose his cabinet. He wanted his cabinet to represent all political parties, and he invited all parties to join the government. And these are the people who joined him,” Riza said.

According to Riza, the Dhivehi Rayyithunge Party (DRP), the former President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom’s Progressive Party of the Maldives (PPM), the Dhivei Qaumee Party (DQP), and the Jumhooree Party (JP) were given three deputy ministerial positions each, while the religious Adhaalath Party was given four seats. President Waheed’s Gaumee Ithihad (GI) received two seats, and the Maldives Reform Movement (MRM) received one seat. The MDP declined to participate.

Waheed also appointed his brother Ali Waheed Hassan Manik as the CEO of National Center for Arts. Managing Director Adam Shareef of the now defunct Maldives National Broadcasting Corporation (MNBC)’s alleged Ali Waheed had led the take over of MNBC on behalf of Dr Waheed before Nasheed resigned.

Dr Waheed’s new appointments include former prominent opposition activists, DRP media coordinator Ali Solih, Abdulla Rifau and Naaif Shawkath who led a series of opposition-sponsored youth protests in May 2011, Gayoom’s former presidential appointee now DRP registrar Mohamed Saleem (Hoarafushi), Jumhooree Party leader Gasim Ibrahim’s Villa TV reporter Shiham Mohamed Waheed, and Adhaalath Party’s Asadhulla Shafee, who was seen in a leaked video clip at the police headquarters with opposition leaders before Nasheed announced his resignation.

MDP MP Fahmy said the public had voted for an MDP administration, but that Waheed’s appointments represented the interests of former president Gayoom – who had been voted out.

“Waheed has been forced to grant jobs to these activists. He is a mere puppet. He is controlled by Gayoom, his brother Yameen and the businessmen who led the coup,” he said. Fahmy said he believed Gayoom was backing  Waheed in a bid to avoid early elections, which the MDP is confident of winning.

In response, Riza said the 2008 vote had been for a coalition government that included the Jumhooree Party, Dhivehi Qaumee Party and Adhaalath Party. “Calling it an MDP administration simply has no political weight,” he said.

President Waheed appointed Ahmed Shafeeu as Minister of Fisheries and Agriculture on Monday, filling up the last post in his cabinet. He also appointed eight state ministers on Tuesday, among them retired Deputy Commissioner of Police Mohamed Fayaz (Home Affairs), and December 23 protest organiser and spokesperson Abdulla Mohamed (Home Affairs).

Waheed had also appointed Gayoom’s children, Dhunya Maumoon and Ghassan Maumoon to state minister for foreign affairs and state minister for human resources respectively.

Waheed now has 14 ministers, 16 state ministers and 18 deputy ministers. Riza subsequently told local media Haveeru that there would be no further ministerial appointments.

Download a ‘Who’s Who’ spreadsheet of the Dr Waheed’s ministerial appointees (English)


34 thoughts on ““Senior activists and coup leaders” among President’s 18 new deputy ministers: MDP”

  1. How does he have the choice to choose a cabinet while he has no choice to be in power since he does not command legitimacy of his position itself? As Vice President, he could succeed president only when the office is legally vacant. But it wasn't when President Nasheed was ousted in a coup forcing him to resign or risk life or bloodbath.

    The constitution clearly states that the President can resign only when he wants to. But the circumstances in which President Nasheed resigned on February 7 all suggest it was under military force that he resigned.

  2. I thought this Waheed is genuine but it is clear from the cabinet line up he is just dishing out political posts for political gains. I have lost all my trust and I am changing my colour to yellow

  3. Saleem,

    Too late dude, the damage has been done, the false sense of security and trust they provided was just long enough for the puppet masters to consolidate power.

    As bad as it may seem the coup is the least of our problems. These coup leaders will be brought down, its a question of when, not if. Their infighting has already begun, they lack sincerity and have to resort to repression to stay in control.

    Our problem will be that the men in uniform who will with impunity demand a say in civilian affairs thanks to the short sighted idiots who got them involved. This is a blight common to many poor countries, we had avoided until the coup. Now along with the runaway judiciary we have people paid for by the tax payer to protect and to serve the tax payer serving the highest bidder instead.

    We need a revolution to get out of this mess. A head must roll and big one too. People must be afraid to meddle in elected govt, the consequences has to be greater than any gains. If this coup goes unpunished, its a free for all tit for tat coups in the future.

  4. I voted for you Anni.

    I supported you because you stood against the anchors that were dragging the country under the sea.that is Against Thunbulhi group.

    What I did not expect was that you to fall over like a little girl learning to walk on her first high heels.

    You are a bitter disappointment.

    I don't support at all what happened on the 7th, but you have lost my vote!

  5. People Will See Through This Crooky Fella, Waheed, The Hyena. Hyenas Does Not Hunt ., But Lie In Wait To Grab The Hunter's Prey.

  6. @Ali Imthiyaz,
    Your attitude is understandable! When you work for Buruma Gasim.

  7. Anni is only one with credible democratic background who believes in universal values who can uphold democracy in the Maldives. Anni was attacked from the beginning by those ultraconservative elements who are against liberal democratic values and by some opportunist with the aim of bringing down his government. He was attacked by fierce propaganda using all the cards to disrupt a smooth functioning of his government. The judiciary was a complete laughing stock who had extreme religious view and had strong negative approach to his Government due to his liberal approach to Islam. The police and army is no exception and had majority of its members who had same idea of Anni being moderate which was translated as anti Islamic. The incident on February 07th was good for Anni to exist this highly sensitive political upheaval and to test the people of their political view which is the basic building block for the foundation of democracy. So those who think Anni has lost the case are in oblivion. It is a test for democracy no failure for Anni.

  8. I voted for you,Anni. Why did you not have the courage to stand up to the mutineers? I thought you were brave. You were so frightened .So afraid. Even when you announced your resignation you were unable to say you are being forced out.You even had to say you were doing this for the good of the country.You were, you said not prepared to spill any blood to defend your position.You must be prepare Anni to spill blood for freedom and democracy.You have failed. You have let us down.

  9. MDP was given a chance to join the government and fill in posts. They refused because they don't work for the people of maldives, but rather for their own selfish means. Why is MDP barking now? MDP did the same when they were in power. All government top jobs were given to their party members. And anyone not supporting to MDP was chucked out by unjustice means. Whats goes around comes around. Now stop crying and stay quiet if you guys still have any little bit of disgrace and shame within yourselves.

  10. Why didn't Minivan take note of that Maumoon's brother Majeed who served long years in his administration is now Dept Minister for Housing & Environment!

  11. Anni had a gun not only to his head but the head of innocent people. If one innocent life was lost on 7th it would not have been worth it. Respect him for ensuring there was no blood spilt that day. He still has my vote.

    @yasir... How can anyone work with illegal bastards like this. Get real!

  12. In the late sixties Mr. Waheed was popularly know as "Foni Waheed", in the seventies he was known as "Beirut Waheed", in the eighties and nineties he was known as "Fili Waheed" and now of course "Baqee or Traitor Waheed". I think all these names describe his personality well.

  13. Anni is a puppet of late dictator Ibrahim nasir regime.. The worst dictator of all time in the history of Maldives!.. Fine example is our only international airport, and his appointees which in dictator nasir's family!.. It's the same families fighting "the kaaminee golhaboa family and dictator Nasir family and his cronies" so why are we involved in these family fights!.. Are we the USEFUL IDIOTS!?

  14. @ Yasir,
    I am glad MDP did not join Waheed's gang who do not work for the people of Maldives! Proof? Health Insurance "Aasandha" is being stopped to finance all these political appointees. And another thing we will not stay quite but will express our opinion. It is our Constitutional right!

  15. Activists and inexperienced? U kidding me Inthi? Most people who were political appointees during Nasheed's adminstration did not have basic education standards! Compared to them these people are more qualified and experienced! So just DIGEST it!

  16. @ Fact....
    MDP appointtees are intelligent and had empathy. This new regime is the old regime with guns and now they are raping the economy to help the cartel of criminals at the top.

  17. oh what a funny bunch we are.. i don't accept Waheed as my president, and i think we have a military govt. BUT when MDP accuses Wadde for appointing activists in big positions i laugh a bit. repetition of kettle calling the pot black.

    again don't get me wrong. i think Anni should be back in office and complete his term and the traitors who executed coup should be punished..

  18. anni did stand up for the mutineers, otherwise he would not be here today and the colour of yellow would have been wiped from the face of Maldives. Yes.. we did fall but we are walking again.

  19. This is only expected. This is what will happen when a person we trusted could not stand upto our expectations.
    No one threw your democratically elected government. Anni, you have left us to fend for ourselves. You resigned when you could no longer keep upto the demands of this country, and are now crying like a girl. No wonder we see many girls marching on your bandwagon.

  20. I think the real coward is Anni, who was such a wimp to resign. If Anni can appoint people why cant Waheed.

  21. I like the cabinet of Waheed's government. They are educated, qualified and capable people.

    What I do not like is, when people get jobs because of who they are.
    For example:
    Dunya maumoon got the state minister post because she is Maumoon's daughter.
    Gassan Maumoon got state minster post because he is Maumoon's son.
    When things are such, I don't know whether I should even complain that some poor sods got high posts because they were activists? If not for anything else, their pay will be of good value to these people.

    People who are well off and own resorts (given freely by Gayyoom eg: his children) are fighting for these posts only because they want to be in the lime light.
    If Dunya and Gassan are so capable, why don't they file their names and stand up for an elected post?
    Surely, if people love them so much (for whatever the reason may be), they should not hesitate to stand up for elected posts.
    Why fill the slots of more deserving candidates and block the progress of the less advantaged?

  22. بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم وصلواته علا خير العالمين
    و بعد
    thank Allah for his blessing of Islam, thank Allah for all what happened, happens n will happen, cox he knows how n for what everything turns!!!
    coming back to democracy, republic, nation, n country,,, always Islam has n will ever be first n foremost, so what was in Waheed’s speech is not the thing to look forward to, it’s his actions which are telling everyone, n the whole world that he just”DON’T GIVE A DAMN IF IT’S A COUP OR NO!! HE HAS THE COUP MEMBERS SURROUNDING HIM SO IT’S OK!!!
    his actions of the recent appointments in the cabinet,the ministries, deputies!!!! ohhh my!!
    R U PPL watching all this??????
    so, the question goes again back to” what now??”
    no sign election will come using the current political foundation!!! cox no majlis, n no way Waheed will resign himself after appointing his new gang in gov.
    the answer is “REFERENDUM”
    The constitution says it, under the powers & responsibilities of the president: 115/p
    (p) to hold public referendums on issues of national importance……
    Term of office:
    (a) The President shall hold office for a term of five years and no person elected as President pursuant to this Constitution shall serve for more than two terms in office, whether consecutive or otherwise.
    (b) A vacancy in the office of President leading to the Vice President succeeding to the presidency shall only be considered as a term in office within the meaning of article (a) if there are at least two years remaining in that term of office.
    so according to article 107/a&b and in accordance to article115/p A REFERENDUM SHALL BE UPHELD BY THE PRESIDENT TO DECIDE ON ELECTION DATE BY THE PEOLPLE…..
    that’s the right way to get a democratic process back on its feet to this lovely pure land,,,
    love u all for ur patient reading n will wish to see a comment on this,,,
    والسلام عليكم ورحمه الله

  23. Why MDP did not take part in the Unity Government is very clear to all those who are friendly with a Democratic Government...And it's impossible for those who are unfriendly with the democratic system of government to understand why MDP cannot take part in Waheed's Unity government........Look at his Cabinet!!!!!!!! Almost all are 30 year old DICTATOR trained or who had been hungry for wearing a coat and sitting in the Cabinet as Ministers

  24. I feel very disappointed in the present government. They are not practicing what they preached. A Maldivian youth told me that Ali Solih got the post cause he has a degree in uprooting “fenfoah ruh” and that’s why he was appointed as Deputy Minister of Agriculture. I have always respect M. Riza but I do not understand what he is trying to preach. Some ministry’s are landed with 4 State ministries and a Deputy. They are involved in day to day administrative work. The Civil Servants are totally disappointed that they are once again being penalized. They are not involved in implementing policies and day to day decisions. I feel it better that Civil Service be abolished .To my understanding political people are there to make policy decisions and ensure that these are implemented. But they make policies and implement too . Nasheed’s administration and Waheed’s administration are no different. Everybody talks big but small in practicing. What a World!

  25. WAS IT A COUP??
    On 6th Feb Night at artificial beach Ithihad was holding a demonstartion and at one corner MDP was also holding their demonstartion. Riot Police was on standby in between the groups.
    At About 11 Riot Police was moved and army came in riot gear. In a little while the army too left the scene. While something was devoloping Nasheed, Def Minister, Foreign Minister with one MDP MP moved to army head quarters. Aparently all the comand was coming direct from comander in chief.

    When both police and army left the demonstration site all of a sudden fighting erupted and stones were thrown from both side.

    What was not known to most of the outsiders was commander in chief had a master plan to bring chaos to the capital city. He will then declare emmergency law and arrest all the judges.He will take full charge of the entire system. Unfortunately some sr members of the police and army realize what was going on.
    Some snr officer refuse to take direct comands from Nasheed. By dawn all the plans of Nasheed has backfired and that was the point where 'The People" "The police joined hand in hand and raised one voice.
    God is great ... had Nasheed's plan worked there would have been bloodshed in our country.

    When Nasheed came out to meet thousands of people in the republic sq he almost wet his pants he was so scared and all he could do was to add fuel to the angry crown. That was the turning point when he lost all control. He was so scared and all he could was to resign.

    When kerafaa Naseem and Thalath starts to open their mouth truth will prevail. Nasheed is good at making stunts to surprise "The People" but never have a plan "B" and it back fires. Take Mass resignation of cabinet as an example.

  26. Waiting to see how much top heavy who is!!!!
    Meantime @ Yasir, you are a real class; mate!!!!

    Agree with @ Mohamed Rasheed about MDP not joining this REBEL government!

    MDP never did seem to be on a manhunt. Instead they had a promise to the peoples and it is what they were about to do.

    But now, they will hunt down people who did injustice to MDP on the 7th and 8th of February and bring them to justice.

    Waheed is deep!

    To my belief, Waheed is punishing the people who caused atrocities to his family, using the very people (the forces, Maumoon and Co.) who were instrumental!!!!!

    He could be Hyena (as one Asford say!) or, a sly fox as many say!

    Be aware folks!!!!!

  27. I did not vote for Waheed. I voted for the manifesto of MDP. Fili Waheed has no right to "amilla amilla" ah cabinet hovaakah, without consulting MDP!!!!

  28. Perhaps, if Waheed was not a puppet, his Son, the one who comments on here at times, would be in the Cabinet rather than Waheed's bosses children???

  29. These lot are just the new board of directors of Gayoom's business empire that you all know as the Maldives..Time to wake-up or you will surely regret this turn of events..

  30. Dear DR RAMEE,

    You wear MOONUBURUGA but has an eye liner TATTOO. And apparently its ok for you to take off your moonuburuga to become a minsiter... such hypocrisy. Not to mention treating your one and only KID like a maid, making him carry buckets of water for you and his stepfather to shower. SHAME!!! how can you be a health and family minister when you cant take care of your only child!

  31. We dont want this Puppet. He has demeaned the prestige, honor and dignity associated with the term 'president'. How can he even for one moment think that he got to be the president coz he deserved it...Wish the international community would pressure him more!!
    Why is he so afraid to set a date for election. Tsk Tsk - we know why!!

  32. I voted for a change not for Anni. and i spend lot of my time for a change and worked very hard to remove Maumoon thinking that Anni will not be a dictator like Maumoon. But i was wrong and Anni was even worse than Maumoon . When Anni coalition was dismissed , my vote was gone and will never vote to Kennery regime in my life .

    Anni is corrupted dictator and ruthless and shameless person.

    Guys MDP got only 25% of the total public vote and in the second run, people like myself voted for the coalition not for Anni . U guys can check the result from Election office and still it is there.
    Don't try to fool us by your propaganda.

  33. @Mode I totally agree with you. MDP tends to forget how and why they won the election. Trully in the 2nd round people voted for a change and it wasnt anything to do with MDP manifesto or Mohamed Nasheed. Without ithihad MDP can never win an election as a mtter of fact no individual party will win.


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