“Soon Male’ and Addu will also be free from yellow slavery”: Gayoom

The main opposition Dhivehi Rayyithunge Party (DRP) last night held a special function to celebrate its set majority in the Local Council Council elections.

Former President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom and DRP MPs Ahmed Nihan, Ilham Ahmed and Former Deputy leader Umar Naseer addressed the people gathered at artificial beach.

Gayoom in his speech said that the Local Council Elections had “proved that the citizens of the Maldives are with DRP.”

”Slowly the yellow color will fade away and turn into blue, very soon Male’ and Addu will also be free from yellow slavery,” said Gayoom.

He said that DRP faced many obstacles and had to “pass many challenges to win the election”, and thanked the people “for their cooperation.”

Opposition MPs and the host of the ceremony heavily criticised current President Mohamed Nasheed and the ruling Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP).

DRP MP and Deputy Leader Ilham Ahmed said that it was only by the help of Dhivehi Qaumee Party (DQP) leader Dr Hassan Saeed, Jumhoory Party leader Gasim Ibrahim and the Adhaalath Party that President Nasheed had been able to win during the last presidential elections.

”But where are they now?” asked Ilham. ”They are not there with him. After a few days of Nasheed’s administratio, we heard Dr Hassan saying ‘No I can’t take it’. The same thing happened to Gasim, and now we are hearing the Adhaalath Party saying MDP is attempting to wipe out Islam from the Maldives.”

Despite President Nasheed’s numerous visits to islands during the campaign, DRP won more seats than MDP. But although more seats were won by DRP, major areas such as Male’ and Addu were won by MDP. Figures from the Elections Commission to be released this evening should show if this has given MDP the lead on a party-preference basis.

MDP also held a ceremony last night to celebrate victory.

President Nasheed congratulated President of MDP Ibrahim Hussain Zaki, Chairperson Mariya Ahmed Didi and Parliamentary Group Leader ‘Reeko’ Moosa Manik, as well as members and supporters of MDP on its success in local council elections.

In a statement the MDP said that ”people’s approval and support for MDP has increased as a result of this wide campaign by the party for these elections,” the President said, adding that he had phoned the leader of DRP Ahmed Thasmeen Ali yesterday.

”Speaking with Ahmed Thasmeen Ali, the President expressed his confidence of Thasmeen´s cooperation with the government in its effort to consolidate democracy in the Maldives,” said the MDP website.


24 thoughts on ““Soon Male’ and Addu will also be free from yellow slavery”: Gayoom”

  1. votes for DRP were votes given for dhivehinge dheenah, because DRP claimed god was on their side.:) fairly easy scam, happens to work on the island people:) everyone in power knows it:)

  2. Mr Maumoon for God's sake give up.You can never ever win anything from this country.No one will trust you again.You better get clean yourself and do the salaath,give zakkath and spend your time in praying.remember the day of judgement is ahead of you.
    You have spoiled the nation and taken the right of people.
    Thasmeen does not like you to be involved in any politics of Maldives.You have lost and failed already.Umar and Mumoon better go to Amazon jungle and have wildlife kingdom.You guys will not get a second chance form Maldives.

  3. It is only right that Gayoom should celebrate. The election results show how successful he was in keeping Maldivians in the Dark Ages, and making them believe that government is a personality cult.

    Congratulations, Dear Leader. Hope sacrificing our happiness was worth all the power and money that you managed to accumulate.

  4. “Soon Male', Addu and Maldives will also be free from blue & yellow slavery”: Gayoom

    I have added the missing words to complete the heading.Mumoon has missed those words due to his short memory.

  5. congratulations maumoon for confirming DRP as the party for jinni-fearing islanders.

  6. But which faction of DRP won - Gayoom or Thasmeen faction? At some places, Gayoom was seen appealing for PA instead of DRP candidates.

  7. This is so funny and it boils bloods!!!
    “Soon Male’ and Addu will also be free from yellow slavery” maumoon.

    Mr Maumoon has lost all his senses due the fact of his old age and his unwillingness. Because of him DRP is going to loose what they have gained.But remember the color blue will never reach Addu.We are not working for a color,but for a development and fair democracy for all Maldivians.
    Cant he remember the days he visited Addu during the last presidential election campaign,no one showed any interest for him.Even someone came out and spitted on his face.He got scared and ran away.If MNDF is not helped him he could not survive.This is the fact.The last stage of the his presidency.So I urge Mr Maumoon stop talking about democracy saying that he will bring fair modern democracy to Maldives.He was not able to bring it during the last thirty years.its too late and time has gone for him.Now what only he can do is boiling others blood coz of his incapability and inexperience He was a dictator so he will not have any humanity for others.Those dark age is gone into history and Maldivians will not give any chance for those kind of democracy that Maumoon has got and learned from Egypt.
    I had hatred to this man since I was a child.I keep telling my parents not to support and vote him.he his a dictator.But they do not pay any attentions to my word coz im just only 10yrs of age.During those days i had vision to see him defeated by people of this country.We all see that now one way or the other way.I will stand against him for whole my life I hate him so much.
    I told my parents, he does not have any plans to build our atoll.His plan is to avoid us having education and all other basic needs.His plan is to be in his position by avoiding to provide our basic needs and cutting us from the rest of World.
    But people are much more smarter then him.The citizens had much better vision.My wish came true and now my parents,relatives do believe me and all my friends too .We all stand against this old man.
    Mr small man with big mouth, please you make sure not to open your mount saying anything about Addu.We will never accept you to our society.

    This is my message for Mumoon and who ever supports him.

  8. Success in this election hasn't changed him one bit. He is the same stinker he always was.

  9. Gayoom took over $400 million dollars to finance these elections. It is time for MDP to bring the crooks to justice.

  10. Maumoon Abdul Gayoom, the dictator, despot, autocrat and nepotist who ruled Maldives with an iron fist must not be given a second chance to unlease his oppression on the freedom loving people of this country again. Thirty years in power faced with protests is a bad omen. See what's happening in Egypt. Exactly the same happened in Maldives.

  11. The proud dictator who pretended to be a god-king is now begging for votes from the people he oppressed for so long.

  12. To my mind, this election has shown one thing. The "middle class" fully supports MDP and understand what MDP is trying to achieve.

    However, the "working class" are still longing for the old ways. Handouts from the Palace and local chiefs etc.

    This is a bit like what happened in Russia after the collapse of the Soviet Union. It will take a generation or so before democratic values take root here amongst the "working class".

    MDP has got its work cut out to reach to these people before 2013.

    Keep in mind where the fat salaries and benefits of DRP parlimentarians are going. They help buy votes!!!

  13. Ignorant islanders voted for Maumoon and the elite Male' folk did not even turn up to vote. Whats worse?

  14. Maumoon is desperate to remain in the centre stage, wanting credit of DRP win in LCE. But he should also realize that his coming back not only divided the party, workers but also DRP votes. DRP could have performed much better had he remained in Malaysia. Difficult days ahead of DRP and Thasmeen Ali.

  15. reeko reeeko mind ur words..these words as elite and backward are for like you who cannot imagine what the people want..its not democracy o monarchy o communism ppl want,..its peace and happnines they want..if an elite o a self proclaimed elite could say that,,then we also have lot to talk

  16. Refer the comments about the football grounds by Maumoon.One side had a smooth surface other had holes & rocks.I soppose, players in the side of holes & rocks will try to score in the opposite goal, where by it will be easier to score.

  17. We remember the suffering of thousands of Maldivians under his regime.

    We do not forgive, and we do not forget.

    Drug money can only buy Maumoon and his cronies a little time.

    It will not be enough.

  18. Mumoon is too old to rule a country. The voters for DRP did not vote for Maumoon.

  19. @rishmy

    actually it happened the other way around. it happened in egypt BECAUSE it happened in maldives.


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