State Finance Minister warns National Movement will “break up” parliament

Minister of State for Finance Abbas Adil Riza has accused Parliamentary Speaker Abdulla Shahid of “challenging” the Supreme Court after he tabled a no-confidence motion despite an injunction from the court.

Riza’s comments follow parliament’s announcement last week that a no-confidence motion against Defence Minster Colonel (Retired) Mohamed Nazim has been tabled despite a Supreme Court injunction ordering parliament to halt all pending no-confidence votes.

Speaking at the artificial beach on Monday (December 17) Riza, who is also a National Movement Steering Committee member, said that Shahid’s decision to “challenge” the Supreme Court was a “cowardly act”.

“Unless Shahid immediately ceases his efforts to violate the constitution while holding the post of Speaker of Parliament, the National Movement will ensure that this comes to a stop,” local media reported Riza as saying.

Furthermore, Riza warned that should the parliament try to violate the constitution, the National Movement will “break up” the parliament.

Last week, the People’s Majlis secretariat revealed that Defence Minister Nazim has been given the required 14-day notice and his ministry also duly informed by Speaker Abdulla Shahid.

Repsonding to Riza’s comments, Majlis Deputy Speaker and fellow PA MP Ahmed Nazim said that the Parliament has not challenged the Supreme Court’s injunction, noting that it has given the full 14 days notice to the court as per stated by the law.

“We believe there is still time for Supreme Court to lift the temporary injunction, and I believe they will not see this as the parliament challenging the court.

“After 14 days, the motion will be put up on the agenda for discussion by party leaders. If the injunction remains then there is a possibility for party leaders to challenge the court,” Nazim told Minivan News.

Article 101(a) of the constitution states, “At least fourteen days notice of the debate in the People’s Majlis concerning a motion under article (a) shall be given to the concerned member of the cabinet, and he shall have the right to defend himself in the sittings of the People’s Majlis, both orally and in writing.”

When asked if there was concern from parliament over Riza’s comments, Nazim revealed that the institution as a whole did not feel threatened, however there had been “concern” expressed by individual parliamentary members.

“The institution is protected by the constitution and we have protection from the Maldives National Defence Force (MNDF), however at least one individual has told us he feels threatened and believes that security needs to be increased.

Abbas Adil Riza was not responding to calls at time of press.

On December 3, parliament voted 41-34 to approve amendments to the parliamentary rules of procedure to conduct no-confidence votes to impeach the President and remove cabinet members through secret ballot.

MPs of the government-aligned Jumhooree Party (JP) and Dhivehi Rayyithunge Party (DRP) joined the formerly ruling Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) to vote the amendment through.

The no-confidence motion against Defence Minister Nazim was submitted by the MDP earlier this month on the grounds that he misused his authority as acting Transport Minister by using the military to influence termination of commercial contracts.

No-confidence motion against Home Minister Dr Mohamed Jameel Ahmed

Meanwhile, a no-confidence motion has again been submitted against Home Minister Dr Mohamed Jameel today (November 17).

The Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) submitted the same motion to parliament on a previous occasion, but withdrew it at the last minute after the voting was scheduled for parliament.

An MP told local media that this latest motion was submitted with 17 signatures including the signatures of MDP MPs, however this has yet to be officially confirmed.


11 thoughts on “State Finance Minister warns National Movement will “break up” parliament”

  1. What is this National Movement stronger than low,the Parliament,or the ellected Government Dr.Waheed is after a coup.

    Maldives Follow Presidential,not even Parliamentary,I simply cant understand a collision Party's working as Parliamentary out side.Parliament.

    Authority are Illegal in Maldive Back by the forces just doing any the the wish to unarmed,Pubic and public opinion.

    Nothing can be done to this its Pravaze Mucharaf in Pakistan,now look at Pakisthan Its Musharaf who Made Taliban and captured afghan.

    The Taliban is danger to Regan danger to the whole World.

    What maldivian can only do is sit down and beg for the Humanitarian Aid. belive me the regime is telling me that David and Friends of Maldives is there to help.

    I have been answering them this was tsunami a natural disaster and a scansion they really blow brains of people with there lies

  2. It's a good progress for Abbas Adhil Riza. He was the Spokesperson to President, and was thrown away for abusing Indian High Commissioner. Now he has become the Spokesperson of a radical group like Adhaalath, abusing our Parliament and democracy.

    Abaas had publicly said that he will kick out Indian High Commissioner, the very Day GMR was thrown away. That did not happen. Indian HC was not thrown away the day GMR left, but Abaas was thrown away before GMR left. Lets hope history repeats and he is again dumped by the President much before he could say or do against our democratic institutions.

  3. Reeko Moosa said, in an MDP gathering, that he will shatter their opponents in pieces? is that a warning? Why is this website so biased?

  4. OK - so if they do that what is the difference to what the previous government tried with the judge? Follow the rules - guys. If you don't like the rules - change the rules according to the rules. Otherwise chaos will reign - more than it already does...

  5. I just fail to see who is quietly challenging and defying the constitution.

    If a common person would have said it, the "unknown", masked, "who ever they are", would have had our faced in earth, just as MP Jabir was "killed while still alive"!

    Adil Riza is such a fool he does not realize he is being had by Gayyoom in the usual manner!

  6. hey dude - or shall I call you "brother" - Haneef : you really think the people who want democracy, freedom, peace - instead of obeying the commands of extremists - will continue to accept ? DO you really think the healthy thinking part of Maldivistan will continue to accept a totalitarian regime, a criminal bunch of blues, fake sheikhs and a mafia judiciary ?
    Dream on. But don't be surprised one day to find yourself back in a situation like Syria today, or Egypt, or .....
    You can count on : I will be on the other side.
    And sure, if necessary, I am willing to use the same weapons they use.

  7. "State Min of Finances"
    a) the Parliament is the only democratically elected institution which remains at national level. I am very aware you and your regime are doing everything possible to abolish that too. Putting MP's on fabricated trials, with a bunch of gangsters as judges. Even killing an MP like Dr. Afrasheem contributes to eliminate the remaining moderate forces within the regime.
    b) Would you not better be involved in the job you are in fact paid for to do ?
    Means : putting the state coffers in order ?
    MRA has accused Min Tourism for not collectiong resorts taxes. First thing your regime did was waiving resort dues. BML is down the drain, billions outstanding "loans" to your friends in the regime, desperately printing new bank notes. And though Allah has said that all faithful should contribute according to their wealth, you don't have the guts to get income taxes from the rich (again same) resort owners.

    You started already a piggy bank to repay India and Malaysia for GMR ?

  8. Does the constitution have provision for parliament to vote out judges? The only democratic institution left in Maldives is parliament. All bunch of idiots should be voted out and start a fresh beginning , starting presidential election, reappointing western educated judges and disbanding police and military and appoint a small riot and law enforcing police force only without military. This is the only formula to bring glory to fishermen folks.

  9. YOU National Moment guys has already expired now Yameen seems done with you guys now. he used you guys to send GMR now he is trying to win elections cheating or by any means and trying to cheat Indians by showing that he has nothing to do with you. we rural people will believe him but Indians HEHEHEH


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