MDP forwards no-confidence motion against Home Minister

The Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) has forwarded a no-confidence motion against Home Minister Dr Mohamed Jameel, for the second time.

This is the second time the MDP has submitted a no-confidence motion against the Home Minister. The last time the motion was submitted the MDP withdrew the motion for unexplained reasons.

A statement issued by the MDP today accused the Home Minister of failing to control civil peace and order in the country, which it said had led to the loss of eight lives.

The MDP further referred to an incident in which a man on a motorcycle was killed after a police officer struck a second motorcyclist with his baton, causing him to collide with the first.

Police at the time did not reveal the involvement of the police officer in the death of the bystander. Video footage of the incident was subsequently leaked to the media.

The MDP alleged that Home Minister Jameel had tried to cover up police involvement in the death.

The no-confidence motion was signed by 17 MDP MPs.

Last week the parliament tabled a no-confidence motion filed against Defence Minister Colonel (Retired) Mohamed Nazim,despite a Supreme Court injunction ordering parliament to halt all pending no-confidence votes.

The People’s Majlis secretariat revealed that Defence Minister Nazim has been given the required 14-day notice and his ministry also duly informed by Speaker Abdulla Shahid.

A no-confidence motion against the President is also in the parliament awaiting scheduling.


7 thoughts on “MDP forwards no-confidence motion against Home Minister”

  1. The worst uneducated, unethical, emotional maniac an inferior Islander who thinks he knows everything by obtaining some Islamic educational degree or whatever it is. I don’t know why the Maldivian parliament has approved such maniac on the first place to any position.

  2. I met jameel before. He is an arrogant know it all ! But in fact he knows nothing and is more corrupt than anyone i have evermet ! Out with him !

  3. He should read these comments and understand that the majority of pple dont like will be doing himself a favor to resign and leave.

  4. This man is a corrupt fellow to the core, and needs to be ousted at the earliest.

  5. Jameel came to teach us law at MCMA, the guy sucks at teaching law and doesn't know how to speak in English.

  6. Apparently, when this guy was working as a judge in the Civil Court, he tried to influence the case of AAA Trading Cos vs VB and tried to dictate terms to then Justice Minister Seena Zahir. As you all know, this Jameel guy has vested interest in VB since he married to a member of Shaweed's family. This hair-brained fellow needs to removed from public office with immediate effect.


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