Supreme Court bans clubs and associations within judiciary

The Supreme Court has prohibited employees of the judiciary from forming clubs and associations.

In an open letter released today, the apex court said staff at courts can organise fraternal or social activities after informing the department of judicial administration (DJA), but forming clubs or associations is not permitted.

“It is not permitted to create a club or association under any name in any court,” reads the letter signed by Chief Justice Abdulla Saeed.

In February, the Supreme Court issued a circular stating that the judiciary’s staff could only form associations or clubs in accordance with a policy set by the Supreme Court and that their activities must be overseen by the Supreme Court-controlled DJA.

The circular was issued hours an annual inter-court futsal tournament called the ‘Judiciary Cup’ began in Malè.

Participants of the tournament told Minivan News at the time that they went ahead after deciding that the circular would only apply to future activities.