“That was yesterday”: JP Jabir explains u-turn on Health Minister issue

Jumhoree Party (JP) Deputy Leader Abdulla Jabir, after yesterday calling for the removal of the newly confirmed Health Minister Dr Ahmed Jamsheed, has today described him as “the perfect minister”, pledging his party’s full support to the cabinet member.

Speaking with Sun Online yesterday, Jabir was quoted as having said that the Health Ministry ‘slot’ had been assigned to JP and that, following Jamsheed’s refusal to sign with the party, it would consider proposing a no-confidence motion against him.

However, when contacted by Minivan News today regarding this issue, Jabir was in full support of the “highly qualified” Jamsheed.

“Jamsheed is a suitable person and we will support him”, said Jabir. “This is a coalition partner government and we have come to an understanding.”

Jabir made no attempt to disown the previous day’s comments – which included a threat to reconsider the JP’s position in the unity government – saying only, “that was yesterday”.

When asked about the issue of the cabinet ‘slots’, Jabir told Minivan News that this was no longer an issue and that the JP was happy to work with its coalition partners.

President spokesperson Abbas Adil Riza was similarly confident in the security of the government-aligned group.

“There is no chance that the JP will pull out of the coalition,” he said.

When asked about the allocation of certain ministries to certain parties, Abbas said that he wished to make no comment about the matter.


Jamsheed’s appointment was approved in the Majlis yesterday alongside three other cabinet posts. The ratifications became necessary after two new ministries had been created by President Dr Mohamed Waheed Hassan.

The cabinet changes entailed the division of the ‘Ministry of Health and Family’ into the ‘Ministry of Health’ and the ‘Ministry of Gender, Family and Human Rights’.

The ‘Ministry of Housing and Environment’ has now become the ‘Ministry of Housing and Infrastructure’ and the ‘Ministry of Environment and Energy’.

The approval for these posts was delayed after they failed to gain the approval in the government accountability committee. Yesterday’s vote was conducted on the full floor of the house.

Committee member Alhan Fahmy, who joined the JP at the start of June, sided with the opposition MDP members in blocking three of the four nominees .

The final nominee for the post of Minister of Gender – JP member Dhiyana Saeed – was approved by the committee after Fahmy abstained from this round of voting.

Speaking with local newspaper Haveeru before yesterday’s vote, Fahmy said he would again withhold his support for the candidates.

“I will not vote for them because I have doubts about the legitimacy of this government. I won’t vote because the Commission of National Inquiry has not issued a definitive statement. Because from my investigation, it seems this government had come to power from a coup,” Fahmy explained to Haveeru.

The JP’s Council had agreed last month that its leaders would forward the name of Dr Ibrahim Didi to the President for the position of Health Minister.

Didi joined the JP at the start of June after an acrimonious departure from the Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP). Formerly the President of the MDP, Didi was elected, unopposed, to the newly created post of President of the JP shortly after having joined the party.


15 thoughts on ““That was yesterday”: JP Jabir explains u-turn on Health Minister issue”

  1. "That was yesterday".

    Dude, that was literally yesterday. Hence, the question.

    I'll never understand politicians.

  2. Now, we really have to ask questions about Jabir's mental status. Is he mentally stable? He has jumped from political party to party and now starts to take U-turns on major political decisions literally a day later.

    This is the mark of a very disturbed mind. I'd advise him to get professional psychiatric help. Furthermore, the Speaker of Majlis needs to consult medical professionals to see whether Jabir is fit to serve in the Majlis.

  3. Is he mad? How much money did it take to change his mind? What dirty little deal was done this time? = CORRUPTION

  4. Maybe if he stopped drinking alcohol he might have a more stable mind.

  5. Speak what you think today in hard words and tomorrow speak what tomorrow thinks in hard words again, though it contradict every thing you said today - RWE

  6. Politicians suffer from selective amnesia!

    Gasim who was to be tried for high treason under Gayoom became Finance Minister. Gayoom who appointed him and Gasim who accepted job forgot the accusation!

    Jabir's loss of memory is small compared to that!

  7. @Ahmed, Gabir and the speaker of the Majlis are Both politicians. What Gabir demonstrated and did is what any polician would have done. More than half the people of this country is with people like Gabir and like. Why not? They take care of people and give them employment. They feed you, educate your children and take care of their welfare. They help your children get jobs once out of school and pay your medical bills when they are sick. Who in right would leave such a luxury and follow some one like Anni saving he wants to take you to a country where democracy governs and every one is free and equal. Does'nt Anni know that we are Maldivians and what we are is what we have been all this centuries.
    By the way, does anybody know where this country is going?

  8. Tomorrow is a new day. Yesterday was too long ago to remember. Such is politics.

  9. im note even remotely surprized. politicians do this all the time, only Jabir is stupid enough to say it out loud publicly.

  10. Reason the U-turn

    Jabir is trying to scoop millions of dollars from STO, by selling Alidhoo Resort a non attaractive slab of rock island with no beach or lagoon with max occupancy reachable 40%.

  11. Jabir was thinking about Diyana . Now it's OK. she got the high post. That's the amnesia his suffuring.

  12. Of course Maumoon won't allow his sheep (like Jabir) to wander away from the (coalition) flock. He has 800 million dollars after all to spend on 'buying' top level politicians...

  13. @hhaleem!! Jabir feeding the people of Maldives? I guess you don't really know jabir. Ask his employees, most of them haven't seen their salaries for quite some time now

  14. Jabir and alikes are nuts in politics & have little care for the country. They are only driven by cash .. that's all they know and want . God will punish such creatures and bring them down to reality and give justice to the Maldivian people . Amen


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