Thulhaadhoo MP Nazim Rashad becomes third MDP MP to join PPM

Opposition Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) MP Nazim Rashad signed for the ruling Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) last night, becoming the third opposition MP to cross the floor since the parliamentary polls in March.

The addition of the MP for Baa Atoll Thulhaadhoo brings the PPM’s number of MPs in the 18th People’s Majlis to 42 – one short of a simple majority in the 85-member house. However, along with the five MPs of coalition partner Maldives Development Alliance (MDA), the ruling coalition now has 47 MPs.

The opposition MDP’s numbers are reduced to 23 while the Jumhooree Party (JP) has 13 MPs. The religious conservative Adhaalath Party has one MP while Madaveli MP Muaz Mohamed Rasheed remains the sole independent.

Following a signing ceremony at Muleeage last night where Rashad handed over his membership form to President Abdulla Yameen, MP Ahmed Nihan – parliamentary group leader of the PPM – took to social media to announce that the ruling party now has 50 percent of parliamentary seats.

Although the PPM won 33 seats in the March 22 parliamentary elections, four out of five independent MPs along with MDP MP Mohamed Musthafa and two JP MPs switched to the ruling party while MDP MP Ali Mohamed signed for the PPM last month.

MP Nazim Rashad, a former Islam teacher, was elected to the 17th People’s Majlis as an independent and joined the MDP in 2010.

Several MPs who have crossed the floor have said that they joined the ruling party to ensure development of islands in their constituencies.

Speaking to Minivan News today, MDP Spokesperson Imthiyaz Fahmy, however, dismissed the justification as “utter nonsense.”

“They are just baseless and unprincipled. Why did they in the first place get elected with MDP tickets and then defect?” he asked.


10 thoughts on “Thulhaadhoo MP Nazim Rashad becomes third MDP MP to join PPM”

  1. “They are just baseless and unprincipled. Why did they in the first place get elected with MDP tickets and then defect?”

    Asked Imthiyaz Fahmy.

    Answer : Because they can !

  2. "Islam teacher"s in Maldives are often mannerless louts at best, child abusers at worst. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

  3. when MDP bought MPs, it was genuine and should have done with a good cause.

    When a person join MDP, it will be a good cause, when MDP person join another party, that become utter nonsense .

    What a double standard ?

    Anyway, now people are sick of MDP leadership and MDP need get independent from Nasheed if ever they want to be a strong party .

  4. There should be a law to prevent MPs from changing their political party once elected. But then again how will the MPs pass this law which will stop them from getting rich eh. As long as we the people accept this bullshit be it from PPM, MPD, JP etc, then these MPs will get rich at our expense and there's nothing to stop them except us. But we are too happy with short term gains to really care or work towards any long term development of this country.

  5. Why dont these guys give a more credible reason for their defections. Their excuse of 'island development' is a non starter!

    If we all want our islands developed do we need to sign up to PPM? Remember we all bowed to the same guy for 30 years and did that bring development to our islands. I believe the answer is a categorical NO.

    In fact these defections will bring the exact opposite effect. If you make Yameen so comfortable with 0 opposition he will do whatever he wishes. He will use his current majority to pass enough laws to let PPM stay in power for the next half century. Well we elected these buggers in the first place...

  6. MDP has been ousted by a coup, lost an election after a 3 year campaign, lost GMR, lost Majlis and loosing MPs..

    But no one questioning MDPs leadership despite its failure after failure..

    Shoun't MDP have its own internal revolution first..

  7. From following some of the debates in your only free independent paper is the solution for MDP to have a serious leadership debate, elect new leaders, more humble , intelligent and agreeable to the people it serving. From the little I have seen has Imthiyaz Fahmy given a good impression in intelligence and leadership

  8. If this becomes a one party state, we will be back at square one as was before 2008. Who will be the losers?

    The constituency that elected these defectors should have the right to demand a re-election. Much as everything else, Maldivians are making a name for themselves in the world, but not in the kind of light that's desired.

    We already hold a world record in divorce rates. More recently we achieved the regional record for the most obese female population. Keep up the good work!

  9. The first time that MPs were elected on a party basis was in the 2009 parliamentary elections. Since MDP did not have a majority in the parliament then, they were the party that set the example of 'buying' opposition MPs to gain a majority. So today when the ruling party (PPM) 'buys' MDP MPs,they are simply following the precedent set by MDP.

    The broader question however that needs to be asked is why are these MPs changing parties? Are they being blackmailed? Are they just selfish and corrupt individuals with no integrity or any morals? If the answer to any of these questions is 'yes', then we need to dig deeper to find out why this is happening in our society.

    Ultimately, we have to ask ourselves whether the end justifies the means.


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