Tourism Minister Dr Sawad nominated as new attorney general

Tourism Minister Dr Ahmed Ali Sawad has been nominated as the new attorney general of the Maldives, according to a senior government official.

Husnu Suood resigned yesterday, taking some responsibility for the constitutional crisis, and urged Speaker Abdulla Shahid to step down as well.

The source told Minivan News that Dr Sawad was ready to take the oath of office pending the missing law on judges, which the administration is waiting for parliament to pass.

‘’As soon as the parliament passes the new law on judges, the new Attorney General will take the oath,’’ said the source.

Dr Sawad was not contactable at time of press.

Meanwhile, the MNDF has blocked the the interim Supreme Court judges from entering the Supreme Court, on advice from the former Attorney General that the interim Chief Justice and judges at the Supreme Court ceased to have any legitimacy following the interim period deadline last Saturday.

When queried why the Supreme Court judges were not allowed to enter to the court, the source replied “that’s because they are not judges.’’

The opposition – and yesterday, the Civil Court – contends that the interim Supreme Court continues to function until a new court is appointed by parliament.  The government claims this chapter was annulled after the two year deadline.

The former Attorney General Husnu Suood resigned claiming his position is untenable in the “constitutional void” triggered by parliament’s failure to enact legislation ensuring the continuation of state institutions such as the judiciary.

In his resignation letter, Suood stated that he had resigned because he did not believe that the state could be operated according to the constitution, because he had noted that state institutions had failed to fulfil their responsibilities as obliged by the constitution.

As a consequence, Suood wrote he did not have the opportunity to perform his own duties and responsibilities under article 133 of the constitution, prompting his resignation.

All three arms of state – executive, judiciary and legislature – are now deadlocked.


19 thoughts on “Tourism Minister Dr Sawad nominated as new attorney general”

  1. "Dr Sawad was not contactable at time of press."

    Why does Minivan News inform us of this fact. It is very rarely that you are able to contact the people concerned. Next time when someone is not contactable, please don't tell us.

  2. There was a time when Sawad's post was at the top of a cliff. That was when the MDP parliamentary group advised the president to cut off links with Jumhoory Party.

    I am glad president Nasheed did not listen to such foolish advice.

  3. "All three arms of state – executive, judiciary and legislature – are now deadlocked"

    Incredible how the esteemed politicians of this country have managed to paint themselves into a corner... this is simply ridiculous....

  4. Dear Minivan News,

    Instead of repeating all the news items on your front page under "Latest Headlines," I suggest you keep this column titled "Recent Headlines" or something equivalent under which you can file those that are most recently pushed off the front page. Also, it would be great to keep this list a bit longer, by which I mean about, say, 10 articles.

    This way, we, -- the avid readers and fans of Minivan News -- can reach your recent articles more easily. Tracking at least some of them down through "Archives" is a bit of a hassle, I am thinking, could be avoided.

    Kind regards,


  5. Robin: many thanks to your relentless efforts to keep Minivan in line.

  6. It is now getting extremely interesting.

    I think Maldives is heading in the direction of what is called a " failed state ".

    The current crisis gives President Nasheed the great opportunity to climb one ladder up: from the status of a politician to the status of a statesman.

    He has to use all his creative energies.

    By the way, where is Gayoom now?

    What is he doing?

  7. Sawad, your government has ruined the country. Our lives have been destroyed beyond repair and you still want to be the Attorney General. Have some decency. Get a life.

  8. Sawad can take oath; Chief Mob Judge Reeko Moosa Manik is available

  9. Dr Sawad is one of the most ineffective people in President Nasheed's cabinet.

    He is extremely slow and is only interested in sashaying for the media.

    He claims to be qualified in human rights. But he also claims he is qualified in history, media, economics and every area under the domain of academics.

    I think President Nasheed is making one of the biggest mistakes by appointing him as the Attorney General.

    Dr Sawad became Dr Sawad because of Gasim and Jumhoori Party.

    If Dr Sawad is ever faithful to the current government he would be more faithful to Gasim because it is because of Gasim that Dr Sawad is where he is today.

  10. Dear M.Fahmy,

    Former President Maumoon Petty Thief Abdul Torturer Gayoom the lier is spreading lies and watching cricket at some statdium in Sri Lanka with the money he got for the running of His Foundation.

  11. So the new attorney general turned up to take oath not knowing that he cant do it unless Chief Justice is present. What a joke wonder who is giving advice to the president these days? Its brilliant that the all three branches of the state has gone against the constitution and now are going to do a deal to remain in there respective offices. Its been the way things has been done and has always resulted in corrupt practices surviving in power. The deal that brought in the current supreme court is one example. How many MDP members voted against these five judges....NONE. The deal done to bring in the election commission under DRPA and MDP? Remember Maariya standing outside the supreme court and saying "finally justice has arrived to this country "... that was to a decision made by the supreme court with the same five judges. Do the Deal as they as cut the cake as much as you want ...there's enough to go around just feed the people with crumbs.

  12. @ Thanks

    Thanks. But i am a bit worried Minivan News has not yet responded to my suggestion. They are quick to respond to my other comments directed at them.

    I make the suggestions I make to make this website a better place. My apologies if Minivan News thinks otherwise.

  13. I don't know someone who does not have any work experience in law can be the attorney general. But then I don't know how anyone without any work experience in anything can be a cabinet minister either. We need start putting in some substance in the government rather than pure rhetoric.

  14. Sawad's oath taking ceromoney was planned at PO and in the last 10 Mins they realized there is no Justice Minister as the law calls the oath must be taken in the presence of JM or his appointed person. This proves the legal advisor Jesus Afeef is a fool.
    It also appears HEP is running out of qualified people for his own government. From Toursim Minister to AG...I can imagin the quality of service this administration can produce.

  15. @robin
    “Dr Sawad was not contactable at time of press.”
    this is what practicing good journalism means! dr sawad swearing in as AG is the main story here. Any comments from him adds more weight to this article.

  16. Isnt Sawad from Gasim's party? Once he is AG, what advice would he give to HEP about Burumas case now with PG office.
    It sounds like a warning to Sawad to join MDP owise he will fall into a trap.

  17. Wonder who would then be the torism minister. Ibr Hussain Zaki? Naseem? Jesus Afeef Oh yeah ..Ali Shiyam Inee meenee...


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