Transcript: Leaked audio of Deputy CEO of Maldives Ports Limited, Ahmed Faiz

A leaked audio clip apparently of Deputy CEO of Maldives Ports Limited, Ahmed Faiz, has been aired on opposition-aligned Raajje TV after it appeared on Maldivian social media and went viral.

In the 15 minute audio, Faiz speaks in detail about his intention to hire his audience as government supporters, President Mohamed Waheed’s reluctance to maintain ties with PPM, an  intention to “wipe [former President] Maumoon out of the political picture”, other problems arising in the current ‘unity’ government, his own influence within the State Trading Organisation (STO), and large amounts of money being illicitly obtained.

Faiz is a member of President Dr Mohamed Waheed Hassan’s Gaumee Itthihaad Party (GIP), and was previously appointed by him as the Managing Director of the Maldives National Broadcasting Corporation (MNBC).

In the audio, Faiz boasts that he is a “close confidante” of the President, and that he had been given many assignments to help his presidency.

RaajjeTV initially aired  a shorter three minute audio of Faiz, in which he boasts of being the main actor in toppling the Nasheed administration.

He goes on to say that if the change of power was indeed a coup for which the punishment was the death penalty in Islamic Shar’ia, then he himself ought to be the first to be sentenced.

Faiz confirmed to Minivan News that the clip was authentic, but said it had been recorded five months ago and cut and edited together. He had no further comment.

First audio clip:

Ahmed Faiz: Not necessarily going out into the streets with huge knives and attacking people, okay? What I want is, for example, when the key people who are involved in this are in a certain place… for example, four or five of these people might be in a coffee-shop. You go in there, do you understand? You go and barge in right into the middle, and say, no need to be discreet at all, just say it out loud openly, ‘Hey you (expletive) dogs, this country is being destroyed because of you (expletive). Don’t even think you can do what you please with this country..’

You know what I’m saying. Start off in this manner, and then say ‘We support this government. We will keep protecting this government as long as there is even a single drop of blood left in us.’

Go on like this and say ‘If you continue to go on like that, we are willing to risk our lives.’ And you all should not stay in your homes, always be in cafes, you people should be in all the cafes of Male’ at all times. You should be in all the popular ones, especially those the opposition frequent.

You should also go on motorcycle rides. What you will do is go around on your motorcycles one night, all around Male’, yelling things like ‘Ganjabo’ (pothead) and finish it up in about half an hour. Small things like this need to be done.

What I’m saying is, this government is now appointing people to different posts and it’s getting structured in the manner we want. Now there is a lot of things that I can do. Material benefits can be gained, and lots of other things. Credit from STO (State Trading Organisation) worth millions of rufiya, that’s absolutely welcome. Do you get it? Then maybe funds are needed for some activity, for example, ‘Please arrange this amount of cash needed for something’. I will get that done. Or perhaps, ‘From this project, give us this amount of money’. Now when it’s put like that, it seems somewhat twisted to me. I tend to see that like cutting a ‘deal’.

Unidentified person 1: Like a deal, eh?

Faiz: (unclear) so what I, too, want is to (unclear) all of us staying in connection (unclear) can go even higher than that. If this government continues to stay in power, if I continue to stay in there, then something will come out of this, right? For example, freeing someone who’s been put in jail. These are things which do not involve money that I can get done simply through a single phone call. So…

Unidentified person 1: Is there anyone you need to be set free from jail?

Unidentified person 2: Not yet. We’ll have to get someone in there first.

Faiz: Eh?

Person 2: We’ll have to get someone in there, to then get him released.

Faiz: Yes.


Faiz: So, I’ve told you what needs to be done, generally. Tell me an approximate amount.

Person 1: Faiz, you tell us an amount.

Faiz: No, no, I won’t name an amount.

Person 1: No, you don’t name a price. Let Faiz.

Person 2: Wait, wait, wait.

Faiz: Ok, now, the President knows very well that the youth are angry for this particular reason. The President is not at all happy about having to give some posts to PPM people. He has put them into posts which will be the least influential when it comes to matters of the state.

The truth is that there is quite a lot of support for Maumoon too, and we have to accept that. If a political gathering is to be held in this country, at this moment it’s only PPM or MDP that can gather a good amount of people. No one else can do it, ok? This is the political reality of now.

We are not at all aiming to keep them close to us. The real objective is to destroy this… thing… that Maumoon has. This cannot be done by even Anni, or by anyone else in this country, unless we stay within them, and let them into the government. There is simply no other way. Now I’ve gone and said something I was not meaning to share! I have just shared with you a huge secret.

There is no way anyone can rule this country by sidelining Maumoon. We have to bring in people close to Maumoon, the youthful, educated citizens… Do you know? Already, they are themselves extending offers, claiming they don’t want to work with Maumoon, they prefer Waheed and want to continue working with him. Asking Waheed to get ready for the next government, many of these high level people we speak of.

So, in truth, what we want is to wipe Maumoon out of the picture. We won’t bother DRP (Dhivehi Rayithunge Party). We know very well that they are not capable of taking any portion of the Maldives. What’s left is MDP. Efforts are underway now to clean out MDP too. Even now the evil people in it are being pushed out and it’s becoming cleaner. So that’s how things are now.

Okay now I am making way for a remuneration. Even this credit term that I am giving now is worth a lot of money.

Person 1: Yes, we believe that.

Faiz: Lots of money. If you have the will… now, I’m giving you credit for about 60 days, or 90 days, and even if there is still a slight delay, that’s also fine, so you can make money out of it.

Now in addition to this, I am guaranteeing you that I will get you a million rufiya, if you stay with us. That I will find you a million rufiya. In any case, I will have power within this government, until 2013, do you understand? In the next couple of days, next two weeks or so, this money that I have planned for will start coming into my hands. I am in a powerful position at a place where I can get the most money, neither a managing director nor a board member can be here in a way I disapprove. I have ensured that.

I do this work in STO too. I will be getting one or two hundred thousand rufiya. I will be getting money. The purpose of obtaining this money is to get this certain thing done. Not me getting rich. The President’s intention is to get this done. This is what he said at me even tonight. ‘What can you get done, Faiz?? What is there that you have asked for, Faiz, that hasn’t been met?’ So these things…

Faiz: I am assuring you 100 percent that as long as this government continues to be in power, and as long as what I ask for is done, I won’t walk away. If what is asked for is not given number one priority, than that area of the government will be no more, the person in charge of that area will be no more.

Unidentified person 1: We are saying it as it is…

Faiz: Keep watching. In the next two weeks I will (unclear). I know it might be hard. (unclear) won’t be going for a hundred thousand rufiya. So this must be around enough. I will help you out of the small hardships in your business. Make sure (unclear) can do business in the right way, okay?

Person 1: Okay, no problem

Faiz: So plan this out very well, ok. And if there are youth needing jobs, bring them. I’ll get them into STO. Then they will have permanent jobs too. Each of them will get about six to eight thousand rufiya as salary. And it won’t be easy to just fire and replace them or anything, okay?

We can only get things done in whatever way things go best at any given time, okay? I also have in my hands a company that the President has given me. That’s MNBC. I’m the Managing Director there. And through that I have about 9 or 10 million rufiya. If there is no other way, I’ll just wipe all of that out too. Seriously. If I have to do that for political reasons, I won’t hesitate at all. I won’t be reluctant to do anything it takes to protect the President’s post or the President himself. Then later, I will just have to burn all the paperwork. Even now I have 20 million rufiya.

Person1 : For real?

Faiz: yes


Faiz: It’s not just a job when handling the highest matters of the state. After I got out of that house at 1.30am in the morning, even now there will be some (expletive), and was just getting on my motorcycle in front of the Justice Building, he calls again and speaks of further things we can do.

I have spoken to him without anyone else there. Just him, his wife, and me, the three of us. He won’t talk about these things in front of any other being in this country, I swear by Allah.

I mean, you know Maumoon, right? His character and the cosmetic face that he shows? Waheed won’t show anything besides that to anyone, except for me. Now you get what I am saying, right? My stand is, this government is running with the participation of many political parties, it is nothing but a (expletive).

None of these (expletives) can do anything, there’s no one in there who even got a minister’s post without calling me first. Even Thasmeen and them come and ask for posts. Then we decide whether or not to give a post, or which post goes to whom. There isn’t even a single post that has been given in this government without first discussing it with me.

The first post that was guaranteed to a person in this government was one that I had asked for, that is the post of Managing Director at STO, the one in which that Shahid Ali is. That is something I did in my interest, and I swear, it is something I myself did. There is no one who hasn’t been coveting that post. I was offered five hundred thousand dollars to get Shahid Ali replaced by a person of Yameen’s choice. I said to him… what he said to me even at the beginning is that if you are uncomfortable by this, then we shall treat this as a conversation that never happened, and I replied saying this never happened.

I said this conversation never happened. Yameen said it never happened. And that was it, I got up and walked away. That (expletive) said to someone nearby that I am a very dangerous (expletive). Now I’ve told you of some of the problems in this government.

Now, I, and even the President, should know that even without any of these political parties, I can go out personally and show the numbers I speak of, that this is of value. Then I will not be hesitant regardless of how big a piece of the cake they cut. Why would I care (expletive)? Even if they ask to cut an electric cable, just cut it. Why would I care (expletive)? Who is going to come at me? I won’t hesitate at all. Now I have power.

Even if it is a coup government, they’ll just have to (expletive). I will activate whatever I want whenever I want. Even now, I can even activate the Police or MNDF or whatever. So what I am saying is there is nothing they can do against me even. So now I’ve given you complete power over everything, so go ahead with it…

Person 1: Yes

Faiz: …anything I cannot do. I am giving you my word, a person who shares a very close relationship like that which is amongst family.

(on phone) Hey you wait. I’m in a meeting with some people. I will call, will go, once this is done.

Unindentifed person 2: Who?

Faiz: These people are simply not worth marrying. It will be a lot more easier even if we just went ahead and became homosexuals.


Faiz: I will dish out more money than can be found in this country. That’s what you want, right? It’s what I want too. We share common terms among us all, right?

Person 1: Yes, so it’s okay with us. Shall we go?

Faiz: Okay, so here’s what should be done. When you’ve got those guys out, make sure that 30 to 40 of them are always on.

Person 1: On-call, right?

Faiz: On at coffees. Maybe at the cafe’ near the President’s Office. Spending time there, having coffees, doing other little things they need. Okay? That place should always be dominated by them. These cafe’s should be taken over.

Then there’s Al Fresco. These places should be taken over. Should you hear anything from any side, you should rush over. And then you will say things in support of the President, okay? Even in there, you should spend time on this. You should be in all the cafe’s these (expletive) go to.

Even that place near Moonimaage, go there too. So slowly take this work forward, and along with that… Even tonight, assuming Waheed would go to this meeting at Nasandhura, they went there.

But what was this really? It was a meeting held by the Japanese in remembrance of the tsunami victims. The Japanese had very bad things to say at the MDP people tonight. They are now ruining (expletives) themselves on their own, there are some people who have gone completely crazy in this. Lots of….

Second audio clip:

Faiz: I will cook this up very well, what I too want is money. I’m telling you the truth. I’m also in hardship now. My business is ruined, all due to being involved in this. My business started going down from the time I ran for a seat in the parliament. Things started going downhill then, and all this time I’ve been trying to recover from that. But in these past three years the government terminated all the projects I had taken. They’ve caused me huge loss. So when this loss was caused, I gave up all fear for my life or death and came out against them. And now I am the biggest key to having toppled that government.

Unknown: (unclear)

Faiz: I’m the biggest key to this change in government. All that was done, all the deals that were made, all that was done, all the people that we met with, within Defense, even within Police; nothing would have taken place without my knowledge, without my participation.

If this is a coup government and there is a death sentence given out, I will be among the first to be sentenced to death. So what even I want is money, do you understand? I’m telling you the truth, it is to gain money that I have come into this.

I will only be able to acquire money when the conditions to getting more money is put in place. We’ll be able to get more money now than we have ever managed to get from this country all our lives. This is what I want. I want money too.

First audio (Dhivehi):

Second audio (Dhivehi):


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  1. Noone gives a damn about corruption any more - not now and not when Anni was President. The country has gone to the dogs. Some guy called Waheed, Faidha Faroogs husband, was fired from Civil Aviation due to a leaked audio tape when Maumoon was President.

  2. First Maldivian man to openly approve of gay marriage. Azra of HRCM should give him an award.

  3. The most hilarious thing is Faiz's claim that this is words of his, recorded and then put together to say things he never said in the first place. When it is so obvious to anyone who listens to this audio that it is a stream of talk by one man, who is in the midst of boasting how much power he has on the new government and also how much the New President is desperate to show he has support. And my my what about all this money he has to be spent on people roaming around Cafe's proclaiming their support to the coup President

  4. @Rinzy - enlightening comment, 'Noone gives a damn anymore...' We can certainly see the many different symptoms of human souls completely broken by the overwhelming POWER of the seeming futility of the struggle for Justice, Brother, that's for sure!

    Our human senses tell us that death, injustice and suffering have the last word in this Universe. It is easy to respond by saying yes, so we'll enjoy what we can whilst we can - and to hell with whoever gets hurt along the way, its me or them!

    We have to search deep within our souls and find the reason and the courage to battle on against this tyranny! That there is a reward for the pain of our struggle, in some sense, is revealed to us through the awakening of our deepest inner sense of our resistance of the sense that injustice, suffering and death have the last say in this Universe. Even if we are not inclined to believe in an after life, think of our embrace of the struggle for humanity as the fulfillment of a need we have to feel 'connected' to humanity and existentially fulfilled! JS Mill said that we do not experience inner fulfillment through pleasure or ease, but through the embrace of a purpose filled struggle, though it may be a painful life - our need for fulfillment is empty - hungry without it!

    There is absolutely no justification for corruption, it is human greed and it MUST be combated internally and externally.

    Taking money which is meant to benefit society deprives the poor and oppressed of opportunity, hope, and human dignity. Corruption is a serious assault on the sanctity of life and therefore - a Grave affront to the Creator, it MUST be stopped!

  5. Minivan when my pseudo-philosophical, culturally inappropriate, invasive rants get too annoying I won't be offended if you just don't release them. I need to find another avenue for venting the endless stream of babble that runs out of my crazy head so that I only put appropriate and relevant comments on here only when it is important to do so. Otherwise I have just turned minivannews into my personal therapy diary, unintentionally of course it just happened like that by accident, but sorry to minivann readers for it!

  6. @Hathim, agree - well said, seems like the rants of a man deluded. He seems to convey a feeling of having way more power than what he actually has! Either that or I am way too naive to come to terms with how petty ppl really are behind the facade!

  7. "The real objective is to destroy this… thing… that Maumoon has. This cannot be done by even Anni, or by anyone else in this country, unless we stay within them, and let them into the government."

    Well, I have to say that this is the only sensible thing I heard here. Keep your enemy close to you at all times; an age old pattern that never fails to work. From the ancients down through the Romans, this tactic has worked beautifully.

    It's a zero sum game! No need to guess what Waheed was praying for in Mecca on his recent trip, apart from asking Allah for more US$. And of course, they have absolutely no shame in begging for money from the Middle Eastern dictators, in order to fund this "campaign".

  8. From a psychological point of view, I loved this stuff. It provides a glimpse into the twisted world Maldivian political psyche.

    The best line is when he says 'I swear by Allah' to further affirm his criminal activity and assert power as a criminal.

    This proves that even criminals derive inspiration and strength from Allah for crimes. This is a very very prominent feature of Maldives politicians in particular and people in general.

    For them Prayer 'Dhua' are also criminal tools.

    Imagine how twisted we are.

  9. Makes me think about what Maldives politicians pray in mosques.

    I guess if your are a PPM person, you pray to Allah to further increase hatred in your own heart against MDP. And MDP people pray the same against PPM.

    Ideally Sheiks should warn against the use of Islam is a tool, but sadly a great deal of hate speech comes from Sheiks here. No wonder why we have religiously inspired criminals here.

  10. @A portrait of the Maldivian political mind on Sun, 19th Aug 2012 9:10 PM

    "Ideally Sheiks should warn against the use of Islam is a tool, but sadly a great deal of hate speech comes from Sheiks here."

    Unfortunately, this is true all over the world. Preachers just love to stir hatred towards others, especially non-Muslims. This makes absolutely no sense, either from a religious point of view or any other worldly view (apart from the obvious ones of creating power bases).

    For the likes of Faiz mentioned in this piece, "Allah" is just a convenient symbol. It would make no difference to them if the word "Allah" is substituted with "Krishna", "Buddha", "Jesus" or some other evocative figure.

    This sort of thing always reminds of a prominent community figure who could invariably be seen at the front row of his local mosques. Away from this very public show of reverence, he was running massage parlours, discotheques, liquor dispensaries etc. Naive are those who take any human being at face value.

  11. "He has put them into posts which will be the least influential when it comes to matters of the state."

    is this why DMAG is running our foreign ministry?

    "We are not at all aiming to keep them close to us. The real objective is to destroy this… thing… that Maumoon has. This cannot be done by even Anni, or by anyone else in this country,..."

    agree! anni is too soft for this. if it takes waheed to finish this task, i'm behind him...

  12. There are no religiously inspired criminals here and our Ulammah are the only hope of wretched MalDeviants being turned back to virtue. Do not curse those who bestow blessing upon us.

    You should be garrotted on the spot for your defamatory remarks.

  13. We need politicians of the magnitude you see in the following link: just imagine the both parties referred to are MDP and PPM

  14. Proves the point. I guess galhi (indescribably stupid) would fit the general psyche here.

  15. Now its ok anyone can break the law.... if we do not like any president there are people willing to fund for Coup. So many sponsors are waiting...

  16. So this is what to what the "foni", "fili" "baghee" Waheed is up to and we are sure for what he prayed besides the "House of Allah" on his trip to Mecca.

    I am sure the rogue must have been helping himself instead of praying for us as he have said before his departure.

    I cannot these would come out of anyone sane!

    This probably is right out of a Hindhi movie, hiring and employing thugs to do a job.

    These are the people who Prophet Mohamed referred to as people who stand naked while wearing clothes! Maashaa Allah!

    It is only Lord who can have mercy on these poor Monkey Men!

    Wake up people!

    We are facing worst enemy than the Portuguese or the Malabars!

    And by the way no investigations over these when some political people were, and are detained for various reasons like, being an obstacle for the safety of the nation, harassment of people in the presence of minor, etc., etc.!


  17. rowdy!!, boasting, criminals have many, but one common factor!!, they fall without breaks on their faces smashing their own skulls which is filled with hate, not to others only but to themselves first!!

    and when their fate is sealed, they will cry tears of repentance and sympathy from the very people whom they hate most!!

    Ofcourse it'll be too late by any measure then to salvage a lost soul!!!!

  18. Power, greatest aphrodisiac - all of these power brokers (politicians, business men, drug dealers, gangsters, violently inclined religious zealots - many of whom are all of these at the same time) are getting their 'sexual gratification' at the expense of our degradation!

    The pain of our powerlessness, our fear, the terror of our anxiety and indignity - is brutal.

    Nearly all mental illness is socially constructed.

    The excess of power produces the narcissists, the power brokers are sadists (get off on the pain of others.)

    Our social anxiety - caused through our helplessness, poverty, fear, our broken hope, - causes us the type of anxiety which leads to depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia - just to name a few of the disorders these brutal ppl have inflicted upon us in the fury of their lust for our pain!

    If only I could share with you the vile, degrading things some of these power brokers say about us! And we can't do anything about it, we can't fend for ourselves, we just sit there and smile, thanking our masters for wounding us, we can't do anything else because IF we fought back and told them off, they would fire us, or make us homeless, or demonize us, or make up false reports about us, or bash us, or knife us, or even KILL us! We just sit there and repress all of our pain, our anger, but it is making us SICK! It is making US severely psychologically ill! Psychological illness exhausts our adrenalin, which leads to a breakdown of our immune system, which causes us to be very ill!

    They are killing us through slow, brutal torture, we HAVE to fight back!

    Who the hell can we turn to for help, for Justice? The police, the Courts? The politicians who promise us justice yet in the end don't care?

    Nobody wants to help us, all of those in society who are meant to help us get justice are slaves of the ones who wound us!

    Alone, helpless, betrayed, we turn against the system in our desperate struggle to take the power back, to free our selves from the savage agony of being degraded and oppressed! We do what we can to fight back, and the only way out of the pain of our fear, is to become feared ourselves! So we try and become involved in gangs, or drugs, or religious extremism, and they turn around and call us Gaannja bo's, or etremists, or psycho's, or gangsters! They, the buggers who created the monsters we become, condemn their own creation, well to HELL with them!

    Our Creator Loves US the most, the poor, the weak, the oppressed, the sick, the suffering, Because HE IS the Merciful! Injustice to His Creation stirs the Wrath of the Creator, Sickness stirs his Mercy! HE WILL give us the Power to fight for the restoration of our dignity, but we can only gain the power back through the unity of the oppressed, and we must become unified and strong through the cultivation of empathy for one another - THAT is our only way out of this sickness!

  19. How did the stanford educated President end up in such a cozy relationship with this sewer rat? says a lot about the Stanford educated president. ha ha


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