UK, EU express “concern” over arrest of Nasheed

The UK and the EU have issued statements expressing concern over the arrest of former President Mohamed Nasheed.

“Along with our international partners, we call on the Maldivian authorities to ensure any trial is fair and transparent,” said UK Foreign Office Minister Alistair Burt.

“These latest developments underline the need for all parties to resume dialogue and work together to implement the democratic reforms identified by the Commission of National Inquiry (CNI) in August. We look forward to peaceful, free and fair elections next year, in which all political parties are able to participate fully,” Burt added.

Meanwhile in Europe, “it is with great concern that the High Representative [of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Catherine Ashton] learned about the arrest of former President Nasheed of the Maldives.”

Ashton “recalls the assurances given by the Government of the Maldives as regards the personal safety of Mr Nasheed and his right to a fair trial,” her office stated.

“In view of the importance of the next presidential elections, the High Representative reiterates the need for credible and transparent elections allowing for the full participation of party candidates.”

Former President Mohamed Nasheed has been released from custody following the first hearing of a trial in the Hulhumale Magistrate Court concerning his detention of Chief Criminal Court Judge, Abdulla Mohamed.

Nasheed was temporarily held at Dhoonidhoo detention facility on Monday (8 October) ahead of yesterday’s hearing after he broke a travel ban imposed on him by the court.

The former president and his Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) have maintained that the charges of detaining Chief Judge of the Criminal Court Abdulla Mohamed are a politically motivated attempt to prevent him from contesting the 2013 election.

“The Prosecutor General’s only objective is to ensure I cannot contest next elections,” said Nasheed, at a rally on Tuesday night following his release from court.

“What is the specific moment during the orchestration of the coup that all political actors were noting as most important? The moment when Abdulla Ghazi (Judge Abdulla Mohamed) was released. The coup d’etat that was brought in this country was made possible because our criminal justice system has failed.”

The US Embassy in Colombo earlier issued a statement urging “all parties to find a way forward that respects Maldivian democratic institutions, the rule of law and the Maldivian constitution, as well as protects human rights and fundamental freedoms.”

“We urge all sides to remain calm, reject the use of violence and to avoid rhetoric that could increase tensions. It is our expectation that former President Nasheed be given every due process that the law allows,” the embassy stated.

“In response to statements that somehow the United States was involved in the detention of former President Nasheed, the Embassy strongly denies that claim,” it added.

“We note that all US law enforcement cooperation [with the Maldives] includes activities that focus on professionalisation and professional development of the police and places special emphasis on the need to adhere to international standards of human rights and the strengthening of democratic institutions and the rule of law.”


12 thoughts on “UK, EU express “concern” over arrest of Nasheed”

  1. @ JJ Robinson 'Nasheed and his Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) have maintained that the charges against Nasheed – detaining Chief Judge of the Criminal Court Abdulla Mohamed – are a politically motivated attempt to prevent him from contesting the 2008 election.'

    correction: to prevent him from contesting the 2013 election

  2. The outcome of this trial is a foregone conclusion. Nasheed's sentence will be at least imprisonment or banishment for a year which will automatically bar him from contesting the forthcoming Presidential elections.

    If this is not the outcome of this trial, I am prepared to stand on my head for a whole day and sacrifice a few goats! That's how certain I am of the outcome.

  3. What is the point in speaking of assurances of a fair trial when the very premise for the trial is unfair and politically motivated in the first place? The very reason that Nasheed is being placed in the dock is that he dared to challenge the deep-seated corruption and incompetence that exists in the judiciary. The same judiciary that will now determine his fate.

    The statements from international observers and diplomatic circles are ultimately unhelpful. They should either have the spine to condemn this political persecution or do nothing at all. Simply giving their best wishes for a "fair trial" is at best, weak and meaningless, and at worst, implicitly legitimizing a wholly illegitimate process.

  4. Very well observed and expressed, Nashida! I agree with every word you say! What us peace and justice loving people must do is show our contempt by protesting peacefully every time president Anni is being treated like a common criminal by a gang of truly criminal people who have stolen his legitimate power.
    We shall overcome!!!

  5. Under the constitution, if he is guilty for any charges and SERVE A SENTENCE FOR MORE-THAN 12 MONTHS , he cannot contest in the next election. But depending on the type of charges he can on 2018. So its not like MR. NASHEED says that PG is trying to make sure he don't contest in 2013. All chargers are for things he has done while he was in power.He locked the supreme court, vanished a judge advocate other religious practices and all these are unconstitutional.

  6. does this mean that Nasheed had done nothing wrong ?

    Where does he got the authority to shut down the supreme court ?

    Where does he had go the authority to arrest, Gaasima Yameen and other political people ?

    Where does he got the authority to arrest Chief Judge ?

    Where does he got the authority to give airport to GMr without undergoing proper bidding procedures?

    These are few things to check

  7. I think @Adam Haleem has put the whole thing in a nutshell.

    What exactly the PG and the judiciary, fueled by opposition leaders in parliament are trying to do is, make sure Nasheed is barred out of 2013 election.

    He can reappear in 2018 when democracy is run over by a dictatorship who by then will never allow him!

    Adherence to recommendation in CoNI report should precede picking on Nasheed.

  8. It is not possile to get a far trial under the current system, that is what Nasheed was trying to clean up in February. Are you LISTENING the rest of the world??? You are just giving the green light to lock up Nasheed in a kangaroo court and judicary!! INSANE!!!

  9. Bloody hell!!!!!!!!!!! can the Queen please take this mad man and put him in her palace PLEASE

  10. Sadly the World is apparently unwilling to pressure the coup government, shame.


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