Visa restrictions “signal” Maldives must address expatriate concerns: Indian High Commission

Indian authorities have said that tightened restrictions over providing medical visas to Maldivians are a “signal” for the country’s government to address a number of concerns about the nation’s treatment of migrant workers.

The Indian High Commission in the Maldives, which this month tightened rules on granting medical visas for Maldivians, has today claimed the action was taken to draw attention to fears over the treatment of workers from India by both local employers and authorities.

The High Commission has claimed that the tightened restrictions were in line with a bilateral agreement signed back in 1979 and its appropriation by Maldivian authorities in the intervening years.

The Department of Immigration and Emigration has today said it was presently working to address some of the issues raised by Indian authorities.

However, some of the High Commission’s concerns have been played down by Home Minister Dr Mohamed Jameel Ahmed, who earlier this week dismissed allegations that Indian workers had experienced difficulties in coming to the Maldives.

Diplomatic tensions

Amidst increased diplomatic tensions between the Maldives and India in recent months, members of the public have this month found themselves queuing outside the Indian High Commission in Male’ in order to obtain visas to travel for medical treatment.

In some instances, local people have complained of queuing for over 24 hours outside the high Commission’s building in Male’ to try and get a limited number of daily tokens for obtaining an Indian medical visa.

A high commission source speaking to Minivan News today claimed that critically ill patients seeking urgent medical attention outside of the Maldives were being cleared for travel immediately, while other cases were being prioritised depending on the severity of their illness.

The source also contended that all visas given to Maldivians for travel to India were provided free of charge – a courtesy claimed to have not been extended to Indian citizens coming to the Maldives for work.

The commission spokesperson added that the introduction of the tighter regulations was in line with the visa agreement signed back in 1979 and was imposed as a clear “signal” from Indian authorities that the concerns it had over practices in the Maldives such as the confiscation of passports of migrant workers, needed to be brought to an end.

On November 26 this year, a public notice had been issued by the Maldives Immigration Department requesting no employer in the country should be holding passports of expatriate workers.

The Maldives has come under strong criticism internationally in recent years over its record in trying to prevent people trafficking, with the country appearing on the US State Department’s Tier Two Watch List for Human Trafficking three years in a row.

Back in October, a senior Indian diplomatic official in the Maldives had expressed concern over the ongoing practice of confiscating passports of migrant workers arriving to the country from across South Asia – likening the practice to slavery.

The high commission also claimed this year that skilled expatriate workers from India, employed in the Maldives education sector, had continued to be “penalised” due to both government and private sector employers failing to fulfil their responsibilities.

Meanwhile, a senior Indian medical working in the country has also alleged that expatriate professionals were regularly facing intimidation and fraud in the country from employers and some members of the public.

“Real progress”

Sources with knowledge of the High Commission’s present discussions with Maldivian authorities have nonetheless expressed hope that “real progress” was being seen in trying to address both countries’ respective grievances over the medical visa issue.

Minivan News understands that discussions were being held to ensure that aside from verbal commitments, Maldivian authorities would directly address the concerns Indian authorities held about the treatment of its citizens.

The Department of Immigration and Emigration today said it was presently working to try and resolve some of the concerns raised by the Indian High Commission over treatment of expatriates coming to work in the Maldives.

Immigration Controller Dr Mohamed Ali confirmed to Minivan News that his department was looking into issues such as Maldivian employers confiscating passports of Indian workers.

“We are working on that,” Dr Ali responded when asked if officials were working on issues such as retaining the passports of Indian Expatriates in the Maldives. The immigration chief did not clarify the exact nature of the work presently being carried out by his department on the matter.

Speaking to local media on Thursday (December 27), Home Minister Dr Mohamed Jameel Ahmed dismissed accusations from the high commission that Indians were facing difficulties in travelling to the Maldives – as well as claims that some 50 nationals from the country had been deported this year.

Dr Jameel pointed to recent tourism ministry statistics that he said indicated 4,180 Indians had travelled to the Maldives to date this year.

“If you look at these numbers, there is ground to believe that it’s relatively easy for Indians to travel to Maldives. Moreover, the policy is the same for other neighbouring countries,” he was quoted as telling newspaper Haveeru.

Dr Jameel was presently out of the country and unable to respond to calls from Minivan News at the time of press.

However, the High Commission, in a statement released yesterday (December 28) said that the home minister had incorrectly stated figures of visitor numbers to the Maldives

“The [home minister’s] statement contains incorrect facts and figures. While it states that only 4,180 Indians have travelled to Maldives so far this year, as per statistics published by the Maldives Ministry of Tourism, 26,199 tourists from India have arrived in Maldives during the period January – November 2012,” the commission’s own statement read.

“Regarding the deportation of Indian travellers from Male’ International Airport, the High Commission of India stands by its figures. The high commission urges that the above figures may be verified and, the general public may be apprised of the correct facts.”


51 thoughts on “Visa restrictions “signal” Maldives must address expatriate concerns: Indian High Commission”

  1. Indian medical facilities should be reserved for Indians only. Neighbouring countries that abuse and exploit workers from India should be blacklisted and prevented from travelling to India..........I refer to the common pactice in Maldives of confiscating the passports of Indian workers and not paying salaries on time.
    I guess you have to be really desperate to take up any kind of employment in Maldives.
    Maldivians, please travel to Sri Lanka and Pakistan for your medical treatment.......they need the revenue you bring in, we Indians don't.
    Its about time we slapped Maldives with the same draconian travel restrictions that apply to our other failed state neighbours.

  2. he he he confiscating passports is allowed in Middle East by this soooper power where Indians clean toilets which is a low caste job in their own country....give dollars Indian wills clean your back caste problem.

    Few years ago this soooper power India closed Nepal boarder ..but the self respect Nepali government airlifetd fuel from China without giving up their dignity.

    Let this so called sooper power India realise that Maldives is ruled by Maldivians where this India is being ruled by an ex-Italian baby sitter ..her caste??? go and ask in Italy and vomit.

    Today this soooper power India is an isolated country in S E Asia surrounded by pro China allies soon these Indian will require permission to move in Indian Ocean from China.

    Go and see the kuwality (Inglish) of Indian Airports managed by this GMR..where rats and cockroachs move freely in waiting halls.

  3. Very good. Its high time Maldivians must descend from their exalted high horse and start treating neighbouring country men as human beings.

  4. Just not only ordinary laborers facing problem, even doctors and nurses who are working in remote Island facing problem. These doctors and nurses are working under Ministry of Health, passports are detained and visa and work permits are not processed even after one year (if they come to Male to go annual leave, they have to stay minimum 14days to 01 month on their own expanses in Male` to get their passport back after processing visa) and annual air ticket charges are not reimbursed even after years. I am sure most of them know there are lot of corruptions in MOH (in recruitment of nurses and doctors thru agency – specializing in recurring unfit doctor – at the end poor Maldivian will not get proper treatment from these doooooooooctors)
    I have to really appreciate Maldives Ministry of Education, I think more than 95% teachers are expatriate and things are handled in a professional way and nobody can complaints education ministry on the above. Both are under
    Most of the employers are good in Maldives, only a few employers treating the expatriate workers badly, including ministry of Health.

  5. Our ruling politicians have vitiated the atmosphere by their irresponsible actions and statements. HM Jameel's statement is an example. Tourism Min link given in this article clearly shows that the Indian tourist arrival figure is 26199 in 11 months. Induan HC has insisted again that the deportation figure of 50+ in last 1 year is correct. Let Mr. Jameel stand by his figures now if he is telling the truth.
    All of us Maldivians know that we don't treat expat workers & professionals with respect. The generosity that we have got from India for last 4-5 decades can not be taken for granted, if we don't know how to maintain bilateral relations and if we start biting the hand that feeds us. Our gov' new-found love for Communist China may cost us dearly in the long run.

  6. LoL @ MissIndiaNewDelhi wannabe soooper pawaru,

    u try to settle ur own domestic issues first honey. your own men rape half million women every year, kills millions of babies due to gender as a result u have a huge gender gap. u point finger at us mind that ur other three fingers are pointing back at u!! so STFU!!

  7. Three letters explain this turn of events: GMR

    If Maldives regime is so stupid to attack India's interests, then guess what, the super-power to our north will get its own back.

    Stupid Waheed and Jameel. This is all their doing.

  8. Misindia.

    Do you know how many Indians are working in Maldives without having any problem? No country in this world is allowed to work and do what ever they want in any country and same has to go to Indian and Maldivian too.

    Most of drugs that are imported to the country is coming through India and are brought by Indian and this is a trade that is happening between both country and people were involved from two countries.

    We can not just let the Indian go free and when they are are found with drugs? Same goes with Maldivian too.

    There are many issues with immigration department with regard to visa and it is not confined to Indian only and visa issues are there for all nationalities.

    This is because recent few years, these authorities have been acting like independent government, Immigrations, Human Recourse Ministry and they have been fighting each other o ver the visa issue for their personal interest and the money that they get through corruption.

    The way Indian high commission expressing their concern is like that these issues were targeted to " Indian" only and this is completely wrong and it was not meant to ay particular nation but issues lies within the human resource ministry and Immigration and to protect some of the key staffs personal interest.

    This also has lot to do with the efficiency of the authorities.

    Indian High Comisson statement is misleading and it also undermine the fact that there are some indian who were departed due to the drugs issues and the statement condemn any deportation for any reason also.

  9. First go and see how Arabs treat these Indians from sooooper power India...yes this sooper power don`t need hard currency then stop sending their coolies to Maldives first...`

    In truth this sooper power Indiya is a first class utter poverty country in the world...over 70% of population go to bed empty stomach...atleast salary from Maldives can fill few stomachs.

    Delhi is the raping capital of the world .and every day 1000 s girls and women are being raped and all go under carpet when pay bribe to usless police.

    When you asked an Indian student to open his ears he opens his mouth...this is the kuwality(Inglish) of Indian ejucation (Inglish) according to Mr.Narayanamurthi the founder of INFOSYS.

    This GMR from Andhra Pradesh the birth place of corruption..cheats..and con artists(Indian court once declared that ex-PM Narashima Rao has not only introduce corruption but also institunalised this,heard about con artist Chandra Swami who took even Sultan of Brunei for a ride?..and latest Cheat Sathyam boss all are from this Andhra ) and this company tried same in Maldives and miserably failed.

  10. The harassment of Indian workers in Maldives must end..........till the Indian authorities are satisfied that Indian workers are treated with respect, the visa restrictions must be strictly enforced.
    You have Indian doctors, nurses and teachers because Maldivians DO NOT HAVE THE SKILLS. Shijo Kokkatu, a christian teacher from Kerala was deported from Raa Atoll........believe it or not........because he had christian hymns on his laptop!! With these dumbass restrictions on non muslims, I am surprised anybody would like to live and work in your islamic caliphate.
    It is a well known fact that drug abuse is a serious social problem in it is all muslim countries. You seem to have found a good substitute for alcohol!!
    Heroin is derived from poppies..........extensively cultivated by your sunni brothers in Afghanistan. There is no poppy cultivation in India so to blame India for the source of your drugs is just plain stupid.
    The fact that India has a booming economy and will be a SUPER POWER by the middle of this century seems to be rankling a lot of you primitive islanders.........oh dear.
    I guess if I lived in a backward, politically unstable and bankrupt country I would feel the same.

  11. he he he if this Indians don`t like regulations in Maldives let them go somewhere and earn to feed hugary mouths at home....sure Indian will be a soooper power even after 3,000 years where majority of Indians live under trees,road sides and under bridges...and shit in public..a country unable to provide basic needs for her citizens having an atomic a thug in a shanty area having a hand bomb.

    The truth is this India is like a begger with flat stomach wearing a loin cloth.

    Maldives has got a long time history but 200 years ago before the arrival of British there was no country called India.he he he ..even the best monuments and roads in todays India were built by Moghuls...what a pity this soooper power is today ruled by an Itlaina woman even without a basic education and Indians worship her calling her "JEE"...will they call a toilet cleaner in this manner?

  12. India could have been super power even today provided that you do not institutionalized the corruption.

    China population is even bigger than India and the country is 1000 times much more developed than India ?

    Why, because they have proper system and corruption is very less ?

    India will never be able to become a surper power until racism is stopped and your corruption is stopped and your democracy is changed to similar to Chinese style.

    The percentage of poor in India when compared to Maldivian is much much higher and income disparity in India is 1000 times higher and corruption is equally bad there.

    India is among the highest jobless country among the world and it will continue to be as along as your corruption is not handled properly.

  13. yep india could progress much by being autocratic and dictatorial like china,solve kashmir the same way Chinese treat xingian muslims and tibetan buddhist,instant death judiciary delivery system,not to forget million of Chinese who perished in the cultural revolution

  14. Dear MissIndiaNewDelhi i think u need help, consult a psychologist u r day dreaming too much and too much obsessed about becoming the biggest Soooooparu Pawaru in the World.

    I can personally help u by providing free treatment from Singapore.

  15. this is first time i visited maldivians website because i wanted to know country man response. few days ago i had no idea of this country and its people. i am very disappointed to hear its people. if you dont like india then why you have been receiving millions of dollar grant for so many years. yes we have problem like poverty and corrupt system but does it mean you have a right to treat us badly when visiting your country. we are democratic nation with great history and second largest fast growing in world. just google search how many indians are in world top rich list and business owned including abroad. we have progressed in last decade and continue doing well. i dont know about super power but we will defintely be developed country with head high. india has never been involved in creating tensions with other country despite we have world second largest military power. i feel sorry about you because you feel that you have created self respect in challenging india but in real you have been used by chinese against india.this has happened with nepal and sri lanka as china is using its money power for creating tensions in region. i am proud that india has never played this sort of dirty tricks because this is land of gandhi. my country has a hope because of proud history which has always shaken indians in tough time for example in recent rape case whole nation stood up and prayed for country and year ago whole nation took part in mission against corruption which we going to win soon. but please realise what you are doing before it is too late.

  16. Maldives where is this? Oh an excrete country always depended on one or the other. Could not stand alone.It is not worth even discussing.

  17. I know its futile to argue with little minds. This is for the first time I am looking into the affairs of a nation like Maldives, hardly visible in the world map even with a lense (sorry to say that). If there are anyone who doesnt know the relationship between India and China then let me clear to all that India and China share a historic relationship running into thousands of years. Buddhism which originated in India has greatly influenced China for all these years and through that we have rich history of shared culture and beliefs.
    China too has greatly influenced Indian culture in every aspect of Indian life be it science, philosophy, medecine, textiles or even in the art of cooking. Many of the prominent Chinese scholars like Huen Tsand and Fa-hien have visited the then Indian
    universities like Nalanda and Takshashila and have contributed to the knowledge base. So this is just a part of the history we share with the Chinese. Even in the present modern period India and China share one of the highest bilateral trading relationship in the world running to around 73 billion dollars, second only to the Indo-US trade relationship of $100 billion and it is growing at a faster rate that China will be our largest trading partner in a matter of years.
    I am sure this will be many many times greater than the total GDP of Maldives. Remember the proceeds from the trade relationship with China will be more than enough to buy out Maldives and many more Maldives. Forget about this case, even the proceeds from an ordinary Indian company like Infosys will be enough to buy the whole of Maldives.
    So the relationship between India and China is very complex, Dynamic and it has different layers. There are differences between the two Asian Giants, but that does not mean we are adversaries. Others might want to see enemity between the two nations to reap some peanut gains out of it, but that will never be possible as long as India and China cooperate in different areas from Trade to Global Climate Change. Sure there are differences but those are natural between two Giants.
    India and China are positioned to gain much more from there bilateral relationship than through mutual animosity, which we Indians know very well.

    Comming to poverty. Yes we have around 400 million people living with less than 1 dollar a day. But we have been successful in pulling 300 million people out of poverty in the past decade and we are slowly
    but steadily progressing in the right direction. On the other hand India has the 12th largest number of High Net Worth Income (153,000) people in the world who earn more than a million dollar a year and they are still growing at a faster rate. I am sure this will be more than half of the total population of Maldives. Remember there are many more Indians who do not belong to the super rich group but are still richer.
    The total wealth of the Indian HNIs will come to around half a trillion dollars ($582 billion dollars). Remeber as per Wikipedia Maldive's GDP is around $2 billion dollars. So a portion of Indian HNIs wealth will be more than
    enough to buy 100s of islands like Maldives. Regarding the recent rape case in India. This an issue between Indians, taken up by Indians for the benefit of Indians. India is a vibrant democracy and there will be protests by us when something unacceptable within our state, as ours is not a tinpot banana dictatorship like yours which changes every now and then in a blink of an eye. This our way of reaction to find a solution. But that doesnot
    ncessarily mean that we are disunited as a Nation. We have problems like any other country and we do not hide it and we will find the solution ourselves. Others have no business in it.

    So comming to China, India is having a dynamic and complex relationship with China and if Maldives think that China is befriending Maldives to play against India then I am sure
    Maldives will end up even worse than a Stooge in the hands of Chinese. If there is a game happening in the Indian Ocean region then that is a game between two giants and peanuts like Maldives will always remain peanuts in the end and I am not apologetic in saying this considering some of the reckless remarks in this page.

  18. the local employer shall have the right to keep the expatriate passport during the course of employment. this is to ensure that the employee does not leave Maldives without the prior knowledge of the employer. There has been many cases of employee robbing the employer and leaving the country unnoticed. In such situation who takes the responsibility?. the employers right should be protected as of employee.

  19. People like misindia is misleading the people by portraying the message that " Indians are treated badly in Maldives" which is not true at all.

    But whether its indian or Philipines or European, when a person is in breach of the law, they need to questions and rule of law need to prevail .

    Indian can not be made an exception too.

    There are many indian in key positions of the many private companies and there are many indian businesses that are running in this country for many years.

    All these problems are created when GMR was asked to leave and they were asked to leave because everyone in Maldives knew that that was a dodgy deal done GMR using their corrupt money to buy few corrupt people in Maldives.

  20. Indians never understand rules law or Soooper power India they trvel on top of trains without ticket..traffic laws is non existed there...anyone can rape a girl and pay to police and walk free.It is useless to talk about rules of law to these people who cant even understand simple hygeine.

    Same Indians are being are being treated as untouchable becase of their work..he he he but Indian even high caste love to clean toilets in other countries for dollars.

    Finally according to an european magazine this Sonia`s father was a cobbler-which is a low caste in sooper India but these jokers worship her after giving their country to her on a silver plate...really Indians are intelligent.

    Another achievement is the current "yes Madam" PM Manmohan Singh never elected in a parlimentary election but enterd to the parliment using a Arunachal Pradesh ID ...which is a criminal offence in many countrise.How is this DMOCK-CRAZY?

  21. @ mody
    @ kurvi

    you both are nothing but punk-a**, a**holes really because you are unable to react to what swabhiman has commented above. Read it again and if you comprehend, reply to the comments above.

  22. This is the first time I gave any attention to Maldives, but since you dont like Indians, the feeling will soon be mutual

  23. Well said, Swabhiman and Boko Haram.

    @ Kurvi.

    Your disgusting comments leave no doubt as to the not to large limits of your too small brain and narrow minded thinking.

    Whatever the faults of India, they are far outweighed by the contributions to YOUR country, to YOUR education and to YOUR healthcare.

    These words of English which you toss around so carelessly were probably taught to you by an Indian teacher. However, when you havent worked an honest day's worth in your life, all you can do is talk.

    Well, I have a question for you.

    India, whatever its faults, let Maldives grow and find its own path.

    Do you seriously think China is going to allow that?

    Think about that, and choose carefully, or the next time we come to Maldives, we may well see you dressed as a waiter (the only profession you qualify for) in a Chinese restaurant serving food to people who will abuse you in a language beyond your comprehension.

    The only thing Maldivians seems to be good at is breaking agreements, raping underage children, minors aborting babies, human trafficking.

    Big work for such a small country. Congratulations on such spectacular achievements.

    Cry, complain and abuse. Talk is cheap.
    What are you doing about your country and its future that makes it so great?

    All your work is done by others.

    You are under such a grand delusion of grandeur that you will fall long and hard when the rug is swept below your feet. And no one will be there to help you up.

    History does not suffer fools or cowards lightly. You show ample evidence of being both. Professing power through powerful friends highlights one's own insecurity and weakness.

    Stop abusing, shut up and take constructive action before u die with all the cigarettes you smoke.

  24. Okay Kurvi hold on…you seem to have a lot of grudge on Indians..typical backstabber. We have many neighboring countries like Maldives. You might be wondering why I called you Backstabber, may be you forgot that it was India who had rescued Maldives from the coup within hours after your premier had sought for help. For e.g. Bangladesh, it was India who fought with Pakistan & separated Bangalis to form their own country. There are more tales of other countries as well. But back to our topic, forget our Army, Navy & Air force. If the citizens of the country decide to run towards your country that should be enough for you. Every country has their own internal problems, in the mightiest of all USA have their problems where mentally challenged people fire at innocents every now & then. So every country has their bit, every developed country has beggars. But you people only see what is shown, you have not seen the grass on the other side. Now regarding china helping Maldives, we don’t care a damn about it. Just treat expatriates equally idiots. One more thing, if you want to compare the crimes in a country, first better bear in mind the population of the country.

  25. Maldives is in big trouble.I'm sure your current govt. will convert Maldives into another Pakistan. Of-course we Indians did a terrible mistake in 1988.You people showed your true culture by cheating my nation which helped you in distress.

  26. I don't know why Maldivians are so happy about China? There are more Chinese in India living and working then in Maldives, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Nepal combined. Same way, there are more Indians in China then probably Maldives population. Why do Maldivians think that China will act against India?

    Anyways, everyone has the right to dream and make decisions. It seems playing the BIG table game between India and China is in their interest. So be it.

  27. soooper(Super) is the INGLISH pronounciation in big India....
    Sooper India help Bangladesh then why they hate India today? Go and ask Nepalis they hate India.Go and ask any commmunity in Sri Lanka they hate India...why ? no one hate China in S E Asia EXCEPT Soooper Indians...Chinese never care about India ..but China mongering is common in India thinking they are Soooper because of atomic bomb while million Indians go to sleep empty stomach ...only Indians contributed to Maldivien education and development ???? Maldivien speak good english not Inglish

  28. Every nation has their own share of Saints, Angels and Devils.

    For some odd reason, some countries harbor more Devils than Angels.

    Now, we need to find a solution to get rid of the Angels, Then, and only then, the Devils can tackle each other and destroy themselves, leaving us the saints to live in peace until we're struck with a new dilemma.

    Happy New year and all the best.
    From Uncle

  29. kuruvi stop babbling rubbish ,no country in s e asia hate china,go ask it neighbors
    japan,south korea,malaysia ,philippines thailand,mongolia,vietnam[tt_news]=3701

  30. @Kurvi ha ha New year joke......"no one hate China in S E Asia EXCEPT Soooper Indians"............. have you ever heard of the ongoing tensions between china & japan on the island in south china sea???have you heard of the tensions between China & countries like Philippines,Vietnam,south Korea & Taiwan???? almost all the ASEAN(Association of Southeast Asian Nations) nations are anti-China & pro-India. Also India & ASEAN nations are about to implement a visa free travel agreement between these nations .....Your knowledge on international affairs are as small as your country......There is a big world outside your tiny country.So get some knowledge about international affairs before posting such immature comment......And a word about India's poverty, we Indians will have a bright future.We are the third biggest economy in the world(on PPP basis) & we are the second fastest growing major economy in the world just after China.Yes we have lot of challenges but we will soon get rid of it....Remember, the future of Maldives is depending on 'Global Warming'(hope you know what it is)....I request you to search 'India to be world's biggest economy in 2050' in Google & check the results.

  31. @kurvi If you ask Mexicans, Pakistanis or Libyans - they all hate USA and yet every year a horde lot of them move over to US for jobs and better life. Similarly, every year countless Nepali and Bangladeshi move over to India - legally and illegally. No one hates China in SE Asia - apparently you never read Vietnamese or Japanese news.
    BTW, your propaganda of comparing China with India is futile. China is one of India's biggest trade partner and we love Chowmein. Indian fear about Chinese is due to fact that they consider a large portion of North India as their territory and given their record in Tibet and Indo-China war of 1962 - suspicion is obvious.
    Given our sooper English speaking capabilities, we export teachers, professors, doctors, IT workers etc (all high skilled people) to Inglish speaking countries.
    Indians cleaning toilets is better than earning money through drugs or terrorism. Have you noticed Indians may fall under category of poor or dirty but not in terrorists. Question is what do you do for job? Because as far I understand, people do not recruit Maldivians even for cleaning toilets.

  32. For visa free access, a very special relationship is needed. India has this kind of relations with Nepal and Bhutan and even with hiccups with present Nepali govt. the relations continue. The case with Maldives is different. India and Maldives had good relations - never a special one. And with parties there putting a purely business case as launch pad to villify India and glorify Islam - I doubt any body in India's shoes would like it. Never mind brothers, why would a Maldivian want to come to a land of cow-worshippers any way. There are plenty of Islamic and Communist countries to help you out.










  34. KURVI you dont know what se asia IS and you sprout nonsense maldives can choose china but after sometime the chinese may come gunning for an island,if your male was so clean no tourists would be sueing the resorts,male 8000$ resort cant even attract a million tourist a year,over priced f****** up destination there is no entertainment to tourists rather than abuse to tourists in divehi fu***** s**t, for these maldivians got to be sued to their
    underpants creeps who know how to put women in sack preaching tolerance and justice to the world

  35. kurvi regarding english in maldives you may be talking of resorts,shops in male or the addu region,i doubt you have ever being to the many inhabited islands in maldives most people there can speak at most 1/2 words of english ,even they cant even calculate simple arithmetic for that they need calculator regarding homes in islands
    packed like a sardines tins no privacy to the family,certain homes aren't even
    painted. primitive style of cooking
    mainly boiled fish and stinking fish
    soups nowadays some progress to southasian style snacks with tuna
    filling and dried fish , piles upon garbage in many islands just heap up polluting the air in the islands damaging the corals, no drinking water availability due to lack of rains,once your rainwater source gets finished ,what would your island folks drink ,indian ocean water may be ,most Maldivians working as soon they get their salary first 5 days party time then next 25 days living on extended credit of shops,hard to see any Maldivian female with an ounce of gold ,folks on islands live on cocacola,milo and some thai/indonesian wafer chocolates comparing the middle class of india with maldives the former have a better quality of life compared to maldivians

  36. India is developed and achieving development only on paper. If you go to India, you will see no proof of "high" development. As a matter of fact, some of its neighboring countries look far better. 98% Indian who achieved anything in the west have done so through hardened/rampant corruptions. They are the master of corruption and deception. Again, India is making progress only on paper there are no signs on the ground. Pass through one of its airports and then pass through one of its neighbors and you will know clearly even before setting foot on any filthy, dilapidated Indian cities.

  37. Kurvi, u should learn history and current affairs better. Most of us Indians do not think about a fourth world country like Maldives. It is unfortunat e the G M R wasted their money in a lawless country like urs. Please take care of your health. Otherwise u might be forced to come for medical tourism to come to India. Tacke care

  38. Maldvies Tourism was started with the help of Europeans..for high class tourists...not for lux soap buying Indians...Today the best tourism destinations in Asia are: Thailand...Sri Lanka..and Maldives...

    True there is a reduction in European tourists at the moment because of economic crises in the west but this will change soon.

    Sooper India is for hippies so Indians cant understand luxury tourism...USD 8,000- is for high level tourists who reserve dozens rooms at this price at a time.There is an Indian ocean Island resort(not Maldives) which charge USD 15,000- per night.Indians knows cheap lodges with smelling toilets.

    GMR came to Maldives not to develop the airpor but to suck the blood of Maldiviens and run the country with remote control command from Delhi.Imagige USD 25- per passengers and increase of landing charges..the amount of money they wanted to loot...GMR manage Indian airports where stinking toilets are common ..rats are sruuning in the wiating halls quality management indeed.

    Indians can talk about developments and democracy among themselves fne but dont parade your ignorance about these to others.

    LISTEING+READING+DISCUSSING then voting is Democracy.

    Accepting Cash+Free Buriyani parcels+Free TV,mobile phones,household appliances then voting is INDIAN DEMOK-CRAZY-

    Why not you develop Luxadives Islands like Maldive where people 100% have Maldivien culture,name and language?Because you dont know.Western tourists consider security and hygeine first before select destnations for holidays..these two are missing in India.

    Why complain Maldives why not go to Italy and say we have Italian mother India give us work?

    Maldives is an Island nation consists 1000+ Islands living may be different but majority enjoy better life than Soooper Indians go and see Indians villages where people even roast and eat squirrels and rats when they are hungary modern life eh?

    If Sooper Indians surrender their passports to Arab boss when they started to work why not to Maldive boss?

    India should first put her house in order before preach others...go and see how Indian embassies treat south indians who also have Indian passports.

    Finally about comments about primitive in Maldives..can any Indian explain these daily happenings in your own country?

    -burying baby girls alive
    -marrying own sister`s daughter
    -dancing in funerals
    -having 3+ wives for chief minister as well as rickshawallahs.

    Primitive or stone age life? he he he


  40. lies and stupidity by kuruvi Today the best tourism destinations in Asia are: Thailand…Sri Lanka..and Maldives…

  41. Islands of Maldives were here over last 1000 years and will be here for another 1000 years.....


    This patch work of tribes Sooper India just only 60 years old and will this remain like this in the this fast changing geo politics.?

    Already one south Indian state started to ask are we a part of India ?Such amount of discrimination from Delhi to this state and the people.

    Remember what happend to one time mighty Soviet Union and then to Yugoslavia?

  42. @Kurvi - By using the names of China and India in context of your tiny country, you seem to be trying to enhance the respect of Maldives. While making loud statements, keep in mind that you are a citizen of a hypocritical fundamentalist Islamic country whose GDP is less than $2 Billion. And a self-proclaimed Islamic country which is dependent on selling "non-islamic" Alcohol in the high end $8000 resorts about which you are boasting.

  43. kurvi seems to be a pakistan trained jehadi who has a agenda of converting maldives into another kerala thousands of maldive people have brought houses and lands and thousands come daily for medical treatment.....india has put in place a strict medical visa law and soon tourism visa on arrival is also going to scrapped for maldives.......of course for medical treatment you can always go to china .....and the cheap srilanka hospitals are also there.....export of food to maldives is going to be put under a negative list and you can buy your food items from china......use of south indian airports for planes bound to maldives is going to be stopped and you can kiss goodbye to tourism and lastly use of indian water way for ships coming and going to maldives is also going to be scapped and yes PAKISTAN CAN ALWAYS HELP YOU

  44. maldives area is around 200 sq km and my village is around 350 sq km..maldives is too insignificant to merit any attention from india and you are all living in a fools paradise if you think that india and china will fight to catch your attention.....there are reports that LET terrorist from pakistan are using uninhabited islands of maldives for terrorist training and to use them as lauching pad for anti india activites......the future for maldivies seems very bleak and soon it may be declared as a islamic nation run by proxy from pakistan......

  45. The God may has given us 60 or 70 years'life. At least we have to help the next generations' unity and understandings.I request to all please exchange yours ideas in a peaceful way.


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