Vote Yameen for “safety of the Ummah,” says Gasim

Jumhoree Party (JP) Leader Gasim Ibrahim has called on his supporters to vote for Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) candidate Abdulla Yameen in Saturday’s run-off polls, claiming this would protect the country’s independence, sovereignty, and Islamic faith.

Speaking at a press conference last night with the PPM candidate and former President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom following the JP council’s decision to endorse Yameen, Gasim said there was no need for much campaigning as “right and wrong” would be clear to the public.

The JP followed the “same principles” as 2008 when it decided to back the Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) candidate against the incumbent based on similarities between the party’s manifestos, Gasim said, while the JP and PPM policies shared more in common in 2013.

“We have to undertake efforts [to overcome] the challenges faced by police, military and the judiciary, to save them from undeserved allegations made against them by certain groups, to maintain the independence of this Ummah [Islamic community] and nation, and for the protection of our religion and motherland,” Gasim said.

The business tycoon urged citizens to vote for Yameen “for the safety of the Ummah and its future”.

Gasim praised Gayoom as “the father of democracy” and expressed confidence that Yameen’s presidency would proceed under his guidance.

The JP presidential candidate finished third with 23.37 percent (48,131 votes) in the November 9 revote and announced the following day that the party’s council had decided not to back either candidate.

However, both the MDP and PPM sought Gasim’s endorsement this week. Following a meeting with former President Gayoom, Gasim told the press that he would ask the council to reconsider its decision, which voted yesterday to back the PPM candidate.

PPM candidate Yameen (29.73 percent) is due to face MDP candidate Mohamed Nasheed (46.93 percent) in the run-off election on November 16.

Despite citing the protection of Islam and sovereignty as the reason for backing Yameen, Gasim had told the press following a meeting with MDP MPs Abdulla Shahid and Ibrahim Mohamed Solih on Monday night that the MDP candidate had dispelled “doubts and suspicions concerning Islam.”

Nasheed had “cleared up misconceptions” concerning the MDP’s stance on religion, Gasim said.

Gasim had also said in a Television Maldives (TVM) programme on October 14 that a survey of his supporters showed that 60 percent would not vote for Yameen even if he endorsed the PPM candidate.

Islam and the nation

PPM President Gayoom meanwhile told the press that the choice on Saturday was between “the holy religion of Islam and the beloved Maldivian nation on the one hand and its opposite ways on the other.”

“The PPM’s motto is ‘Nation First’ so we want the Maldives to remain a 100 percent Muslim nation, for the country’s independence and sovereignty to be fully protected, for the citizens to have their rights, for a sound democracy to be established in the country and for the people to have social and economic development through it,” Gayoom said.

The introduction of other religions could lead to “loss of peace and security, bloodshed, division and discord,” he warned, adding that threats to the country’s sovereignty must also be avoided.

Saturday’s election would decide among the competing ideologies and set the course of the nation “for the next five years and beyond,” he added.

The PPM leader also expressed gratitude to President Dr Mohamed Waheed “for his sacrifice to the nation after making a very difficult decision” to stay in the post after November 11.

The decision was legal despite both domestic and international criticism, Gayoom said, contending that the Supreme Court ruling for the government to continue in a state of necessity was based on “a principle accepted by the world, a principle of international jurisprudence.”

Gayoom praised the Supreme Court Justices for “upholding the constitution” and displaying “courage and determination” in the face off “severe criticism and threats.”

Coalition agreement

Gayoom revealed that the PPM council gave him a mandate at an emergency meeting yesterday to negotiate a coalition agreement with the JP ahead of the second round.

While both Gayoom and Gasim had said that the JP decided to back PPM without any conditions or demands, newspaper Haveeru reported today that the PPM agreed to give a 33 percent stake in its government to the JP.

The PPM has also reportedly promised the Islamic Ministry and Education Ministry to the Adhaalath Party, while other parties such as coalition partner Maldives Development Alliance would have a stake in the coalition government.

Gayoom also revealed that the PPM and JP reached an understanding to contest the upcoming local council and parliamentary elections through a coalition.

PPM candidate Yameen meanwhile thanked Gasim for his “historic decision” and assured the JP leader that he would not regret the endorsement.

As all political parties except MDP were now behind PPM, Yameen expressed confidence of winning the election with 55 percent of the vote.

PPM vice presidential candidate Dr Mohamed Jameel Ahmed said the party would form a national unity government that would not discriminate against citizens of different political ideologies.

Meanwhile, speaking in multiple campaign events in Male’ last night, former President Nasheed said the PPM would not have signed the voter lists if the JP decided to back his candidacy and expressed relief at having avoided forming a coalition.


11 thoughts on “Vote Yameen for “safety of the Ummah,” says Gasim”

  1. So who's the real presidential candidate here? A picture says a thousand words

  2. People can talk a lot but when it comes to managing a country, leadership is needed.

    30 years experience has also positive things.

    MDP still needs lots of experience and maturity to run a country. International community would have 100 times less headaches with PPM.

    Nasheed is a friendly guy bit does not mean he can manage things.

  3. Ummah (Arabic: أمة‎) is an Arabic word meaning "nation" or "community

    How can anybody beleive that Gasim/Yameen,
    will safeguard the co-hession of the Maldivian people after depriving them from 3 elections.

  4. There you have it = PROOF THAT GAYOOM IS COMING BACK TO RULE US AGAIN!!! Gasim said it himself.

  5. Anyone who think the PPM will give the international community less headaches and that it is capable of running a country is in cloud cuckoo land given the events of the past month if not the past year or the former 30 years or so! With brutality you can pretend that you have things under control while you fleece the land. If we carry on in denial we will end up with the leader we deserve.. and repent when its too late.

    Just think of the Philippines before Marcos, a thriving economy with huge potential. The recent typhoon was powerful yes, but like our brush with the tsunami, it exposed how few of the country's people actually get any benefits.

    Under PPM there will be only the usual beneficiaries- Gayoom and his cronies. i.e. a continuity of the farce - and isn't 30 years of rubbish enough for us?

  6. @reality: time to stop reinforcing the denial that gave us 30 years of stagnation- those "positive things", mainly the fruit of Mr Nasir (NOT Mr Gayoom's) earlier efforts, the advent of tourism and the general world economy, were far outweighed by the "not so positive" things - such as the fabric of our very society, the killing and torture (lets not mince our words at this stage, the gloves are off) of our adolescents and corruption on an unimaginable scale. They have raped our nation and emptied our coffers, of that there is absolutely no doubt,

    Then we have had a taste of the brutality that will be unleashed by the way these guys came illegally to power on Feb 7th, and the disgraceful way they have behaved since, especially how they have tried to fiddle with this election, not to mention their totally inadequate judicial stooges.

    If you want a permanent migraine (if you have a head left, that is) then by all means sign your death certificate. If not, be courageous and democracy will prevail - choose your future, not your past. Choose true stability over the illusion of stability built over the blood of your fellow countrymen - where oh where is the faith and unity in that? Open your eyes - or don't moan later, when you realize you have been used - yet again, by the greedy mafiosi.

  7. Put up a Synagogue, a Church and a Budhist temple in Male. It is total madness these political morons playing the religious and nationalistic card. Religion cannot be forced on any individual. During Maumoons regime and under his direct orders he has tortured and killed Maldivians. So
    WTF is he and PPM talking about.

  8. “We have to undertake efforts [to overcome] the challenges faced by police, military and the judiciary, to save them from undeserved allegations made against them by certain groups, to maintain the independence of this Ummah [Islamic community] and nation, and for the protection of our religion and motherland,” Gasim said.
    “We have to undertake efforts [to overcome] the challenges faced by police, military and the judiciary, to save them from undeserved allegations made against them by certain groups, to maintain the independence of this Ummah [Islamic community] and nation, and for the protection of our religion and motherland,” Gasim said."

    This man needs a psychiatrist!

  9. religion and Nazi style nationalism are the only tools Maumoon is left with.Maumoon is desparate to continue his linage and Giasim their slave boy had been selected for the sacrifical alter

  10. Whats with this talk of joining MDP for poor old Gasims sake, if Gasim wanted a sure fire victory and a reconciliation from the public he would have joined MDP or atleast stayed bipartisan.


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