We will uphold the constitution and rights of the people: Supreme Court

Regarding the political chaos that has developed in the Maldives, the Supreme court has issued a statement assuring the people that the judicial system will maintain the power of the constitution and rights of the people for every individual without discrimination.

The judicial system is one of the basic elements of democracy and the most important institution for maintaining freedom and rights, says the Supreme Court.

”We appeal to the beloved people to maintain law and order,” said the statement. ”We are one nation, we speak one language, and our religion is Islam.”

The people had established a democratic policy to obtain economic development and a better life, says the Court.

”The basis of this policy is for the people, the executive and the institutions to obey the constitution and laws, and for the three powers of state to fulfil their obligations within the law,” the statement said. ”and for those powers to co-operate together to achieve national goals without impeding each other.”

However, former attorney-general Husnu Suood has said recently that he did not believe that the Supreme Court can make judgments fairly.

The government could not resort to the Supreme Court to overturn parliamentary decisions, “because we filed two cases in the Supreme Court, and they ruled it was not the right of the government to file such cases.”

State institutions had failed, Suood said, and senior officials of the judiciary were “irresponsible”, and the independent commissions were operating like “small governments”. “All this has brought the government to a standstill,” he said.

Meanwhile, opposition MP Ali Waheed has claimed that the government is trying to declare a state of emergency to gain more powers.


15 thoughts on “We will uphold the constitution and rights of the people: Supreme Court”

  1. i dont know of a supreme court in the Maldives, pls dont mess up interim supreme court and supreme court. there will of course be a difference.
    I don't know of a supreme court that issues political statements maintaining its political positions.
    if they keep issuing states on early stages like these why didnt they make a statement appeal against the financial act amendment to the point of government not even been able to emergency support to its people even if there was a tsunami and majlis weren't able to convene !!!

  2. Me President.when things are on halt it means u have failed ...if u believe in democracy pls resign now...

  3. I do not understand which part of the brain some people thinks with. We all know that Parliament is the one that has wasted 2 years of our lives and has yet to get our streets safe. Instead MPs are making the Parliament into a circus for kids which has not reach puberty.

    Yet instead of blaming it on the Parliament, some turn to their personal feelings and blame the President who is not even part of the Parliament. If my brother did something wrong, how can I blame my sister for it? Every argument should have a logic behind it. Otherwise how can people take you seriously.

    All corrupted people should be in prison for a very long time. They can be put into the same cell as the criminals which they have failed to stop on the streets.

  4. Looks like Supreme Court and parliament both are trying to be the policy makers, now this is like” too many cooks spoil the soup “ Anni, definitely it is you , who knows the rules of the game. You are elected by the people; it is time to overhaul these corrupted institutions.

  5. Our supreme court is a real joke. while the constitution clearly mentions the status of the existing transition supreme court and how the chief justice should be appointed, the transitional chief justice who was elected by his fellow judges are saying that they will remain as judges for life as per the constitution. what bunch of selfish individuals they are. During every political crisis they will issue a press release as if they are another hollow political party. The public need to stand up like we did against Maumoon and sort this out once and for all. This is a nation for all, not for some power hungry politicians alone.

  6. This Supreme Court looks like community counselor. I thought their mandate is to check the action of the legislature and the President and tell them their action or the laws they make are against the constitution. Ani you are authoritative figure to appoint chief judge and , you should appoint someone who is capable of executing his legal power in the right manner.

  7. It was the reckless and irresponsible behaviour of President Nasheed, without any regard for decency and respect for the public that led to this state of affairs.

  8. The Supreme Court is just saying nothing when the Legislator is blocking the functions of the Executive enshrined in the Constitution. They have not commented or intervened to uphold the Constitution. The Public Broadcasting Law, Atoll Office bill and amendment on Monetary bill, all these violate the Constitution. The Supreme Court the third power is just sleeping with a fat salaries and all the privileges.

  9. I wonder which is not a joke in this whole system of democracy. It will take years to bring "The Western Democracy". President Nasheed now you know how effective it is to be a dictator, you are finally taking the right path. Annekaves 3 baaru Ekkolavaa, Ladhakaa hure thadeh nufilaane.

  10. Maldives do not need a democracy.

    The public do not know what a democracy is. They only understand what they experienced in the past 30 years which is a dictatorship.

    The public do not understand what separation of powers means.

    It is evident that anything that goes bad in the country whether it is in the judiciary or the parliament or even in a school is blamed on the President.

    This is what happens when democratic features of the country is misused by corrupt parliamentarians and leaders of political party to misinform and confuse the public.

    When the President, in his capacity as the head of state points to a fault in the legislature or the judiciary, the government is seen to influence those powers.

    When the parliament fails to perform its duty and when the Judiciary repeatedly shows proof that it is highly political and unprofessional, the President has to step in as it is his responsibility to uphold the constitution as the head of state.

    The country needs a dictator and I am glad people are calling President Nasheed a dictator.

    It is time for the President to act as the dictator so that not only some people but everybody is assured he is in fact the most powerful dictator this country ever saw.

  11. Please sign the petition for right to recall your Majlis Members for their unacceptable behaviour
    To sign the petition go to

  12. There is nothing new here, the whole court system of Maldives needs to be overhauled and the whole parliament needs to be re-elected with members who are capable of making effective decisions and working sincerely for the development of this country and our people instead of being focused on party politics and acquisition of power! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

  13. Ameen Faisal must take over this country and arrest Anni, Gasim and Yameen and bring an honest man with lots of powers until we call fresh election and appoint neutral judges.

  14. The government has failed to uphold the constitution of Maldives. During Maumoons presidency, he has never made such reckless decision. He was the epitome of tolerance and has tried to the last day of his presidency to protect the rights of each citizen in accordance to the constitution. MDP has created and is still creating misconceptions to the general public. I have no doubt at all that there wont be any Maldivian who would agree to feeble Hulhule' airport deal. I could not understand why poor Maldivians should have to give a sovereign guarantee to an Indian company, which is utterly ridiculous.


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