Youth Minister promises employment to all youth by 2015

The government’s objective is to find employment before the end of 2015 for every youth listed in the unemployed youth register, Minister of Youth and Sports Mohamed Maleeh Jamal has said today.

Several thousand youth have already been listed on the government’s new unemployed youth register both from capital city Male’ and various atolls, he said.

“Youth in the jails who have become a burden on the state and numerous families are now being put to work on various government projects,” Maleeh said, referring to a Ministry of Home Affairs’ program in which inmates are to work on government projects.

“Even beyond this, the government will create many opportunities for youth, and turn them into people who will shape the nation and be at the helm of building its future. This is one of the main objectives of this government,” he said.

That the government’s aim is to bring unemployment down to 3 to 4 percent of the country’s youth population, Maleeh has previously said. According to a survey conducted by the government and the International Labour Organization (ILO), the youth unemployment rate currently stands at 30 percent of the youth population.

The ministry has started work to compile a register of unemployed youth across the country in December. They also introduced a website to facilitate online self registration.

National Day

Speaking in an event held in the island of Utheemu in Haa Alif atoll, the Youth Minister emphasized the role of youth in the development of the country.

“We must work unitedly, prioritizing national interest and with sincerity towards our country. Youth is the main foundation in attempts to reach this goal. While it is youth who can convey the spirit of nationalism to future generations, the current deteriorated status of the economic and social fabric of our country has placed the future of our youth under an immense dark cloud,” he said.

“Several youth who have gotten involved in the abuse of drugs, and who mingle with dangerous groups and commmit serious crimes like assault and murder have become a huge burden to and a serious fear of our society,” he said.

The way to make youth more responsible is by offering educational and work opportunities, he added.

“The biggest responsibility upon all our shoulders today is building nationalism. This can be achieved by viewing the religion of Islam, human rights, culture, economy and social development as the main basis of nationalism,” he concluded.


3 thoughts on “Youth Minister promises employment to all youth by 2015”

  1. Need to get to make our youth understand the concept of career & not of running after 'fist full of dollars'...
    Investing in education & themselves so that they can do a lot more in life than just running after 'peanuts'...
    We are one of the leading luxury destinations in the world but none of our youth has pursued a high flying career in resorts- that is the question that we need to ask ourselves...
    Are we protecting them too much & not allowing them to be competitive with the expats that are hired in all the higher positions,..
    I have seen youth in lots of good programs dropping out as they get a job offer that offers them a few hundred more & dont even complete the course...
    What we need is proper counselling & career guidance ....

  2. “The biggest responsibility upon all our shoulders today is building nationalism." Hitler said something similar.

  3. 100% employment is I'm afraid ,just a dream..I do wish the Youth Minister the best of luck,but I can't see it ever happening..The main reason--your country does not have enough diversification/variety of jobs,,to cover the amount of youths looking for jobs..


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