Youth Ministry concedes football ground for Zakir Naik event

Minister for Human Resources and Youth, Hassan Latheef, has agreed to release the  Maafaanu football grounds to the Islamic Ministry to host visiting Islamic scholar Zakir Naiks’s sermon.

The decision comes after Latheef said yesterday that the venue requested was ”only for football’,’ and would dishearten the youth who practice football there every day.

Latheef said that the decision was made yesterday ”despite the difficulties.”

”It was very, very difficult to release the land for any purpose other than sport and music,” Latheef said, ”but we have decided to give that land as the Islamic Ministry has requested.”

Latheef said the football ground will be given to the Islamic Ministry for three days.

”This type of land belongs to the Youth Ministry,” he noted. ”We have drafted a law that determines which place can be used for what purpose.”

Spokesperson for the Islamic Ministry, Sheikh Ahmadulla, said that the ministry was writing a letter to the Youth Ministry to confirm the decision.

”We also heard the Youth Minister saying that in a television programme,” Sheikh Ahmadulla said, adding ”we will send a letter to the Youth Ministry asking for the confirmation.”

Press Secretary for the President, Mohamed Zuhair, said that the land was used by youth to play football every day and the minister was concerned about social issues that might be raised due to the restriction of the grounds during the days of the lectures.

”But now they decided to give the land because the Islamic Ministry, after checking several venues, said that the requested football ground was the best,” Zuhair said.

”This is a time where all the Islamic NGO’s are acting in a very competitive spirit, with one NGO trying to hold a bigger event than the other,” Zuhair said. ”It will be very difficult if everyone starts requesting such land for other purposes.”

Zuhair said that there is now another request by a religious NGO to use the Galolhu National Stadium.


35 thoughts on “Youth Ministry concedes football ground for Zakir Naik event”

  1. minister boneym latheef should have undertood if before or this could not end up like this, minister boneyn latheef could have discussed it with islamic ministry rather going to media, this government's minster's are always communicating themleves always through media ???

  2. So.... basically, the Ministry has been bullied (or rather guilt tripped?) into giving up the land? Most of what what he just said was negative, especially about the possibility of the land being in constant use; and this is possibly against the law even?

    Really. What just happened?

    This sets a dangerous precedent that the Islamic Ministry can get whatever they want. And no, being against the current Islamic Ministry is not the same thing as being against Islam.

    On another note, is anyone else bothered that government offices are communicating via TV?

    ”We also heard the Youth Minister saying that in a television programme,”

    This is bordering on parody....

  3. If they're willing to pay the rent fees, why can't they request even the President's office?!

  4. Why can't this event be held underwater? By holding this event underwater the audience will be spared the sight of saliva drying and turning to white at the corners of Dr. Nike's mouth.

  5. Looks like a filed day for Minivan news covering about Islam related issues, specially critical to divide Maldivian population, by exploiting small issues.

  6. This will be a good opportunity for all the Zakir-haters in Maldives to hopefully embarrass Zakir in front of his fans in this country.

    So go and get your question ready!

  7. This is not about dividing Maldivian society, it is about everyone learning the truth. To not be perpetually left in the dark, to be left in ignorance. The apathy of the past cannot be allowed to continue, or we are all lost.

    Though, really Youth Ministry?! I'm glad ya'll are staying firm..

  8. I got an idea. Why not host the event at a resort so all the tourist can hear his message too. What? You don't want them to know you really only like their money.

  9. At this rate, the Galolhu grounds will also be taken to spread extremism by Wahhabi's

  10. why doesnt islamic ministry buy a huge megaphone, that can put it on that retired NASA shuttle and from space it can boom down wahhabi sermons so all can be indoctrinated. that would be a good use of zakat funds

  11. At least Islamic Ministry can deliver on its promise by bringing Zakir Naik whereas Youth Ministry has failed in bringing Boneym Band or Akon

    We may dislike the Islamic Ministry but they can still deliver. This is an example of why the fundamentalists succeed. They get the gigs done on time.

  12. I don't like the HEADING of the article. Really, this is sad. A website called 'minivan' news is turning every stone to see if there is a way to create discord in our tiny nation.

    "Youth Ministry (CONCEDES!!?) football ground"

    Oh! Come on now. Like F.W De Clerk conceded to Nelson Mandela at the end of South African apartheid???!!

    Maldives is still a homogenous society. We don't have blacks and whites conceding to one another! Or the Muslims conceding to crusaders?

  13. "”It was very, very difficult to release the land for any purpose other than sport and music,” Luthfy said, ”but ... "

    Other than sport and MUSIC?
    I am astonished.
    If the land is a football field and is kept only for sports purposes, I can understand.
    But if the land can be used for music concerts but not for religious sermons, then there is a serious problem here.

  14. "”We also heard the Youth Minister saying that in a television programme,” Sheikh Ahmadulla said"

    This government (a so-called coalition) has such deep cracks that no one can repair.

  15. @ minister boneym latheef, Asim, siraj and Idea:
    You guys are so funny.

    "Why can’t this event be held underwater?"
    That is the best idea so far.
    A sermon delivered underwater to an audience that is underwater. Wow!
    But, do I sound as if I am talking about teaching the fish?

    Any way, if this can be arranged I think Islamic Ministry will be at least eligible for the Nobel prize. Al Gore got it for similar reasons.

    "Why not host the event at a resort so all the tourist can hear his message too."

    What if all the tourists got converted to Islam?

  16. I forgot to include Ibrahim in my list.

    @ Ibrahim, you are also funny. lol

  17. Really! Is this not extortion?
    I am aware that the youth ministry comes up with an annual sports calendar, and pre-plans event, which now, thanks to Naik, have been canceled. This is also the casewith the carnival grounds, where Male' Municipality canceled the breakout show in consideration of this lecture - but no, after all was done, Islamic Ministry decided that carnival grounds is too small for their purposes.
    Pre-planning... it this not a concept they understand? And what about consideration of other people, and their plans?
    That would be the Islamic way, as I understand it but I suppose these people don't seem to bother, care or fret. And we have to do as they say???
    How can one wrap one's head around that. Doesn't make sense!

  18. Good decision to allow to make use of the facility by the Youth Minister. But why create such a fuss over the issue, when sports facilities are being allowed for other purposes.

    Anyways the Islamic Ministry (and Adaalath Party) has proven how weak the coalition government is. It was just a couple of days back that MDP parliamentary Group Leader Hon. Moosa reiterated that "....needed the support of Adaalath in governing the country". The Youth Minister better "buckle up", as he is next in line and is "dispensable" from the government's point of view.

  19. Minivannews, the mouthpiece of islam-haters. Watchdog for any possibility to ridicule the religion and its followers. Successfully minimized the audience to just the haters. Used to be loved by many. Bravo!

  20. These things are just gonna spread more wahabism. Maldives used to have such a beturiful, peacful , clean form on islam going on, untill this bearded idiots started spreading their verson.
    Wish it was like before.

  21. When did a Luthfy become Youth Minister? How come I didn't hear about a cabinet reshuffle?

  22. The maddening aspect of this all is the knee jerk reaction of some commentators that immediately paints any criticism of the Adhaalathu party led Ministry of Islamic Affairs as an 'attack of Islam'.

    It betrays an utter lack of understanding of the issues involved.

    Are we to say that the Adhaalath parteys are 'attacking the youth of this country (oh no! not the poor youth!) by their ceaseless, uninhibited criticism of the youth ministry?

    Minivan News has become a breeding ground for these anti-youth comments and youth-haters.

    Oh how we youth once loved you, Minivan. This is all a conspiracy.

  23. I have to strongly agree with heck and al on their obvious observation of how a media by the name "Minvan" can all of a sudden be so anti-islamic. In Maldives everyone religious and not all knows now where to go if they want to hear the mouthpiece for anti-islamic news. Its pretty much common knowledge.

    But personally I pray that Allah (swt) forgives you all and guides you for your blind ignorance towards him. I do not mind anyone saying anything filthy at me or attacking me even with violence. But when it is to my Creator and Islam which turned me from just another ordinary person to a more honest and patient believer.. that ofcourse would bring hate in my heart towards anyone who is against Islam.

    Yet I find myself asking for forgiveness to you all at the end of the day because I have read many times the punishment that awaits us all for what we do and say all through our lives. But at the same time hellfire is the best of places for those that slander Allah (swt) and his Messenger (pbuh). There is no need for us to be scared or do anything out of anger, as just like us, everyone else dies at one time or another.. thats where it is inshaAllah good for the believers and well not so good at all for the hypocrites.

  24. Anti-Islamic. Mr Muad, Why are u so Anti Christian and Anti Jew or even Anti hypocrite. Islam is not the Only religion LAD. so respect others first and then tlk about ure own later.

  25. Pity the nation that is full of beliefs and empty of religion.
    Pity the nation that wears a cloth it does not weave,
    eats a bread it does not harvest,
    and drinks a wine that flows not from its own wine-press.

  26. Problem is, this country refuses to recognize that some of its citizens are not Muslims.

    These non muslims should have every right to live how they want, albeit not at someone's expense.

    Forcing/branding someone to believe he or she is a muslim does not make him or her one.

  27. @yaamyn

    you're not speaking at a podium to graduating university students. and this is not your blog. its ok to speak in general conversational english. get over yourself,'re not as smart as you think you are!

    as for this naik matter, ban both outside musicians and preachers or lecturers from using our stadiums or other such high demand venues. better, lets just ban any of them getting into this country, period.

  28. This website is now widely known as a place for spreading islamophobia. In the long run, this will affect the crediblity of the news articles posted on this website.

  29. Yokyok!
    That's not the problem.
    Maldives ALWAYS had non muslims.
    NOW is no different from BEFORE.
    But since 1153AD nobody tried to make Maldives secular, though some tried to convert Maldivians to Christianity.
    Blame the gay rights' advocates - all this is happening to acheive just one goal. GAY MARRIAGE. Never! Ever!

  30. For those who cannot wait for May 26th, Dr. Zakir will be giving a lecture in Srilanka on the May 23rd on his way to Male'. He will deliver a public lecture at the Sugathadasa outdoor stadium at 6.30 p.m. on the theme “Peace through religion”.

    For more details read:


    I wonder who will win.

    Well! They say the fish starts to rot from HEAD to bottom. A psycoanalysis should reveal that the current Maldivian administration "HEAD" is rotten already or should I say was rotten all along. It's not that the whole of Maldives will become rotten from head to tail, but unless we are able to remove this reeking fish from the gutter, it will infect other healthy fish who are not immunized against ATHEIST philosophy. Right now the gutter is gaining ground on spreading dangerous bacteria to micro holes in the ground and who knows it might take a lot more chemicals to wash this off by the time we know the sickness is all due to this messy gutter which took a face lift after a long strenuos cleaning effort. But,hey! Obviously we down played the little boogers ability to spread diseases in our hurry to clean the previous cancer!

    We don't deserve this reeking administration. IT'S NOT FAIR. We only asked for fresh 'garudhiya', not fungus infested 'rihaakuru'.

  32. @Heck

    True, there always has been. I can't talk much of the past coz I don't know.

    What I do know is, war is something no one wants. and i hope Maldivians will learn to do things by discussion at a table rather than through violence all the time.

  33. @YokYok
    Don't be naive to believe that I was talking about conventional war which you fight by tanks and bodubadi.

    I WAS PONDERING OVER WAR OF THE MINDS, (PSYCHOLOGICAL WAR) - in other words; fikuree hanguraama!

    You don't suppose war is happening right now?


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