Z-DRP claims texts of Gayoom’s illness from Dhunya’s number are malicious prank

Former President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom’s faction of the opposition Dhivehi Rayyithunge Party (DRP) has held a press conference calling on the public to be aware of false text messages circulated in the name of Gayoom’s daughter, Dhunya Maumoon.

Faction member MP Ahmed Nihan said the texts are being sent to different persons using mobile phone applications that can send texts under false numbers without the knowledge of the owner of the number.

“The texts say that Zaeem [an honorific for the former President] has fallen ill and is in a very critical condition.’’

‘’Since yesterday morning the persons who are doing this have been texting to different numbers using Dhunya’s mobile number, and people have been very concerned thinking that it was Dhunya who texted them,’’ Nihan said.

Nihan claimed the fraudsters “have been doing this either to mislead the public or to infuriate senior officials of the Z-DRP.”

‘’We don’t know who is doing this. The [ruling] Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) supporters re most likely to do things like that,’’ he claimed, “But considering the current situation we can’t say, it might even be someone amongst us.’’

Furthermore, Nihan called supporters of Z-DRP faction to clarify with senior officials if they received any sort of concerning text.

‘’We will try to identify those responsible for this and will take action against them,’’ he said, adding that Gayoom was currently in a very ‘’fit and healthy condition.’’


9 thoughts on “Z-DRP claims texts of Gayoom’s illness from Dhunya’s number are malicious prank”

  1. the Fallen ill gayoom is Z1 , Z2 is in a very healthy condition , we have a spare of Z now

  2. Gayoom is 'fit and healthy'. He is only suffering from confusion and problems with short-term memory; wandering, getting lost in familiar places; walking with rapid, shuffling steps; losing bladder and bowel control; all symptoms of multi-infarct dementia which has has had since 1999 and is getting worse with old-age.

  3. Gayyoom applies "Fanditha" as a means of cure for most of his illness & cravings.

  4. He may not be ill but he is a sick man in need of urgent medical treatment.

  5. Nihan explained very clearly how it can be done using an iPhone app. so i am still very suspicious about this. it could be him. these guys claims that they love the leader a lot but day after day they just come up with these kinds of batcrap. it is so cheap. do some real work, guys... it seems like z-DRP's only concern is to protect Gayyoom's health and stuffs. lame!

  6. A perfect scapegoat to deviate attention about some strong members parting!
    Wonder when Nihan is going to throw the blind folding?

  7. Mr.Thema Shiyam does it. He has a good guy with him who is capable in doing such things.


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