Adhaalath Party demands educational certificates of Penal Code Committee MPs

The Adhaalath Party has sent a letter to Parliament Speaker Abdulla Shahid requesting he clarify the educational qualifications of MPs in Penal Code committee before 10:00am tomorrow (14 May).

The letter was sent following the Penal Code Committee’s decision to summon Chair of Adhaalath Party’s Scholars Council, Sheikh Ilyas Hussain, after alleging he had made misleading comments about provisions of Penal Code bill during a religious sermon.

In a statement issued today, the Adhaalath Party confirmed the letter was sent because the Penal Code Committee had “invited” Sheikh Ilyas before  the committee.

This is the second time the parliament has sent summons to Sheikh Ilyas over his comments, after he failed to show up the first time.

According to local media, on March 22 Sheikh Ilyas held a religious sermon dubbed the ‘Purpose of Islamic Sharia’ at the Furuqan Mosque after Isha Prayers, where he swore to God that the new Penal Code was “made to destroy the religion of Islam”.

Local media reported that during the sermon Ilyas declared the Penal Code did not have penalties for fornication, theft, corruption, forgery or robbery, and that if a person committed a crime while intoxicated, they were not to be subjected to punishment. He also claimed that according to the new penal code, it was not a crime for two people to have consensual sex.

Ilyas declared that the Penal Code was “a trap made by the West” to erase Islam in the name of Muslims, and vowed that he was ready to argue the point even if all the country’s lawyers came out against him.

After being summoned to parliament for the second time, Sheikh Ilyas told local media  the committee continued to summon him only because they were ignorant of the Islamic way regarding the matters he had raised.

Ilyas stated that the parliament members who sat in the committee had insisted that the Penal Code did not have any clauses against Islamic principles, but only because none of them possessed sufficient religious education to understand the reality. He added that he will would explain the matter to the MPs through verses of the Quran and the sayings of the Prophet when he attended the committee meeting.

Ilyas further stated that the bill had a number of clauses which contradicted the penalties defined in Islamic Sharia, and that it had many “deceptive clauses”.


14 thoughts on “Adhaalath Party demands educational certificates of Penal Code Committee MPs”

  1. This man is the curse on the Maldives. He is the equivalent of the Bubonic plague that will destroy the nation.

    Men, take heed. This is Hell on earth.

  2. Dear Adalath Party,

    While you seek to clarify the academic qualifications of the members of the Penal Code Committee, would any of you care to explain the contents of the attached article?

    Kind regards

  3. Shake dhen keevve penal code kurimachah nudhanee?....ehen veema mi beyfulhamahchah verikanves kureveynee ebeyfula yah vuren bodu dheenveriyakah thaa. And any one who advises him should be a bigger sheik. Any one who sits to judge him in a court of law also should be a bigger sheik than him? oh come on! Senseless moron...

  4. I would love to see the mullah qualifications. They don't act like they are capable of thinking.

  5. 'He also claimed that according to the new penal code, it was not a crime for two people to have consensual sex.'
    And? Since when should two people having consensual be a subject of any legal code in the first place? What business is it of the law's or anyone else? Who is this muppet?

  6. Ilyas
    Going to an Islamic madrasa in the hills of Pakistan and Afghanistan, or below the pyramids of Egypt, doesn't mean you know everything about Islam and its norms.

    I would respect the scholars on 'Peace Tv' who at least have religious and modern proper educational background. Doctors, professionals in various fields. People who have devoted their entire life to understand Islam but still they first had the western Education that allowed them to think and reason.

    Listen and read what you say, and you would be ashamed of yourself. Where were you 4 years ago when gayoom was ruling? Where were you ten years ago when less than 10 women wore buruga? And now it seems you know everything from the holy book!!!

    Common Ilyas, comedy doesn't exist in religion, and using religion to confuse the public is an offence. Am sure if you have children, they are going to schools that you say are westernized...stop it man!!

  7. ISSUE: Political party of man summoned for a Parliament Committee hearing makes headlines in what appears to be an attempt to undermine Parliamentary privilege.

    Is this legal?
    The law is not so clear. However intentionally trying to undermine Parliament's prerogatives or privileges may amount to a crime under Section 4 of the Parliamentary Privileges Act.

    My opinion?
    No political party has the power to demand anything from Parliament. Meanwhile Parliament itself has been lenient on this issue. A person stands accused of disseminating false information about the work of Parliament. If he is to get the benefit of a stern warning this time around, he should be charged with the Section 4 offense next time in my opinion. His popularity or his standing should not exempt him from equal treatment under the law. What's more, the fact that the person attempting to undermine Parliamentary privilege enjoys influence over the people should be all the more reason to ensure that he does not reduce the respect and confidence in the workings of the Parliament.

  8. Rote memorization and parroting are the only qualifications these madrassas teach. Real science and scholarship thrives on criticism while mullah studies decay and crumble with a single critical look. It's time to update your pedagogical methods mullahs or risk being buried under the sands of time (at least you're dressed for it).

  9. I know my comments are rude... as they should be for the person deserving it.. but you should not cancel like that.. did i say wrong? If Minivan can post stuff that offends people, then why cant i comment in the same manner? I did not mention filth for sure

  10. Adhaalath party members must be of the view that bills are drafted by members. They should be told that it is done by educated lawyers. So finding the educational background of members is of no use unless of course is to demean them. I also agree its time an educational level be set to become a member like in most countries. Stop this fight it is spoiling our youth and the young. They are getting confused about almost everything. It's time all adults stop being selfish n think of the young who has to have a sound upbringing.

  11. And in what exactly is Ilyas 'educated' in? Noah and the flood? How Iblees disobeyed allah? Magic snakes and splitting moons, oceans etc? This is the sort of education that fools acquire. Mentally disabled people mutter such stories all the time and they didn't get an education from a cave madrassa.

    It's funny how people say how learned these mullahs are, when in fact, a 10 year old child in a first world country knows more about the universe than them. You know a country is failing when people rely on such people for guidance too.

  12. @Ahmed Shaheed! Awesome article you have linked, THANKYOU SO MUCH!

    EXACTLY! As the article argues - the essence of Islam, Equality and JUSTICE for all- (Women, Slaves and EVERYBODY) has to be rescued from the patriarchal, oppressive historical usurpation!

  13. what arrogance on the part of adhaalath party and especially this so called sheikh ilyas! Used to respect him but now he has proven yet again that he is not as righteous as he claims to be. I would like to see the qualifications which all of these sheiks of maldives claim to have! Hus roanu edhurun!!

  14. Adhaalaalath party asked to see the qualification of the 'respected' parliamentarians directly as result of them asking for the qualification of Sheikh Ilyas from Islamic Ministry. The ministry sent his bio-data which is two BAs from two universities. Apart from Hamza, the committee doesn't seem to have anyone who have studied beyond primary schools.
    Now if the kuffar aren't going to recognize BA in Islamic education then that's their problem. Blind hatred of islam does not make one a very brilliant person.

    As For Dr. Shaheed, the small time anti Iran puppet installed in a UN position by the courtesy of Anni. This is one least deserving person to a job in a high place. His arrogant challenge to Islamic scholars here in the country gives away his level of education. A small brained hatred filled anti Islam bigot is a very poor standard for a phd. Higher education makes people more refined, more balanced, less venomous and broad minded. Educated people do not challenge people with spelling mistakes or reading comprehension. Real academic failings are not typos or lack of mastery in any typical language. Its more about proper judgement and understanding.
    As for the qualifications, however the kuffar (shaheed included) despises, the islamic ulema in the country most of them have university education.

    Just to point out that our ulema are not as bad and uneducated as the kuffar would have us below, here are some facts about the qualifications of our scholars. Not saying that they the same as is Ibn Baz of our times, but disproving the lie about their lack of knowledge.

    Sheikh fareed has Masters.
    Sheikh Imran has masters.
    Sheikh Ilyas is BA
    Sheikh Shaheem is Phd.
    Sheikh Nasheed is MA
    Sheikh Naseem is BA


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