Adhaalath Party plans “Shariah is the Solution” protest march

The religiously conservative Adhaalath Party has announced a nation-wide protest march for next Friday calling for the implementation of Islamic Shariah in the Maldives.

”Murder, violent assaults, robbery, rape, drug abuse and other such crimes have reached an extreme level in this country,” the Adhaalath Party said in a statement. ”The whole nation is threatened and institutions have failed.”

The gathering is to be held under the slogan ”Islamic Shariah is the Solution” and NGOs and political parties have been invited to participate.

”The gathering will commence at 4:00pm near the tsunami monument next Friday,” said the Adhaalth Party, appealing for as many people as possible to attend.

The statement suggested that participants should carry a national flag if possible.

”More than 100 NGOs have confirmed that they will be joining us in this gathering,” a party official said today. ”In the islands they will gather at an area decided amongst themselves; our target is to get as many islands, NGOs and political parties join this gathering.”

While the official did not mention names of specific NGOs and political parties that will participate, he revealed that the NGO coalition formed to protest the planned sale of alcohol from hotels in inhabited islands would be involved.

Religious NGO Jamiyyathul Salaf announced that it backed the Adhaalath Party’s gathering and Salaf would join the party’s event in support.

Salaf President Abdulla Bin Ali Ibrahim explained that Salaf would join any event that demands Islamic Shariah be observed.

”We will hold a meeting tonight to discuss it within our NGO,” Abdulla said. ”We have also expressed our ideas and sent it to the Adhaalath Party.”

The Adhaalath Party has recently threatened to terminate its coalition agreement with the ruling Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) should an Israeli airline be allowed to operate in the Maldives.


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  1. If this rally is calling for blanket acceptance of Shari'a, then it is a violation of the Constitution. According to our Constitution, laws can only be implemented through the Majlis, and every law must be scrutinized individually. We cannot just pass a bill saying all things that fall under Shari'a be accepted, because Shari'a in itself is a system of laws which are not universally agreed upon. There are many varying forms of Shari'a and many different laws encompassed by it. If these guys are advocating for it, then be a little clearer and tell us exactly what you're calling for!

    If you're calling for the death penalty to be applied to every Drug Addict, Every Adulterer, every Thief, and every Rapist, then they are saying that our judiciary is capable of making NO mistakes in a case, which is just delusional.

    It is proven in nations like the US, that the death penalty DOES NOT WORK. It is NOT a deterrent, and in the end it ends up being more expensive than Prison Sentences!!

    Why can't we just create a proper, maximum security prison to send these people to!? Why can't the Majlis just pass the laws so we can actually lock up these bastards in the first place?

    This is a disgrace to our flag, our nation, and our religion.

  2. Just a polite way of saying 'We want power, but the democratic system won't let us!'

    Shariah, the way it is practiced in the few countries unfortunate enough to live under such a system, is a proven failure that results in nothing but tyranny in the name of religion.

    The proponents of this - including the Adhaalath party - should come up with some evidence of a SINGLE nation in recent times which has progressed under a Shari'ah law system.

    Which of these countries hasn't fallen into the pits of tyranny and dictatorship?

    Which of these countries hasn't seen the worst of human rights excesses handed out to its own people?

    Why is it that modern liberal democracies like Norway and Sweden occupy the very top of all healthcare, education, living standards and other human development indices?

    These are questions that deserve answers, but none are forthcoming from these 'shariah is the solution' cartoons.

  3. (Salaf President Abdulla Bin Ali Ibrahim explained that Salaf would join any event that demands Islamic Shariah be observed.) this was done purposely by nazeer . and again he did it in yesterday one.(President of religious NGO Jamiyyathul Salaf, Ahmed Bin Mohamed Ibrahim, meanwhile added that the organization strongly opposed any move that would strengthens the relationship between Israel and the Maldives) i don't know why JJ has said to make a mistake on Salaf president. may i ask u a question? is salaf president in 3-4 person or one? make it clean comeon. this is minivan. not mullas site.

  4. Looking at Afghanistan and it's, this is not at all the solution. Why would Adhaalath mullahs know the solution when they don't even know the causes of the problems in the first place?

  5. Dr.Fili Waheed, Please leave this country to Nepal where you can practice Buddhism

  6. If one looks at Waziristan, then the distinction between 'solution' and 'problem' blurs.

  7. Give. Proof.

    That Sharia is the solution. You won't find a single one. Go to Hell Adhaalath et al.

  8. A simple calculation for these cartoon characters:

    1. Check the Global Peace Index (

    2. Read Rank 1-10 (the ten most peaceful countries in the world)

    3. Use your little brain: Does any of these countries implement Sharia?

    4. Go to the End of the ranking and check out the 10 least peaceful countries.

    5. Use your little brain again and conclude.

  9. saleem waheed, our constitution says that all laws made in the maldives must be made withing islamic shariya and any law which contravenes it is invalid. dont try to deceive people.

  10. minivan news propaganda!
    deliberately putting the name of the president of jamiyathul salaf in a wrong way (both yesterday and today) and terrible translation of the press release of Adhaalath party. And look at the picture posted with the news. Some 9 people with a banner. too scared to publish a picture from anti-Alcohol protest or anti-zionist protest?
    minivan news, you are not deceiving anyone except a few mind-numbed secularists with these type of "reporting" (propaganda).

  11. on the day of the protest i think the secularist will hold a counter-protest like the one they did on Anti-zionist protest day. but their 'protest' was attended only by 10 people on that day (i'm not kidding)!!! and still minivan news gave more importance to cover it than the 20,000 attended demonstartion of Adhaalath.
    "Independent news for the maldives" is a joke, this site should be re branded as anti-islam propaganda for maldives.

  12. Also this is not a protest as you put it, it is a demonstration (sulhaweri hingaalun). and the actual theme is "solution is the judgement of the islamic shariya" (halakee islamee shariyaa ge hukum)

  13. Sh. Shaheem clearly explained what Shariah means. He explicity stated that Shariah does not exclusively mean chopping hands, death penalty etc. Islamic Shariah includes our ibaadath (worship), the way we deal with people etc.

    What Jeffrey Waheed (a.k.a Salim) is trying to do is what he always do. Distorting the matter & creating more friction. So, just ignore that guy. 😉

  14. why dont the secularists go to Amsterdam and get "service" form the red light district!

  15. Anyone opposing islamic Shariya is infact opposing islam itself and hence a mur'thadh.

  16. "If you’re calling for the death penalty to be applied to every Drug Addict, Every Adulterer, every Thief, and every Rapist..."
    Islamic shariya doesnt call to implement death penalty to these people.
    how shameful is that the maldivian vice-presidents son doesnt know the basic minimum of islam (yet act as the greatest scholar around)

  17. "It is proven in nations like the US, that the death penalty DOES NOT WORK. It is NOT a deterrent, and in the end it ends up being more expensive than Prison Sentences"
    In US death penalty is applied in some states only and that also in very few cases.
    Places where full islamic shariya is implemented like in Saudi Arabia, the social crime rate is very low. Why? because islamic shariya is Gods law, which is perfect and has no flaws like those in man made laws which need to be revised every now and then.

  18. It is proven in nations like the US, that the death penalty DOES NOT WORK. It is NOT a deterrent, and in the end it ends up being more expensive than Prison Sentences.
    Salim fili waheed, can u please elaborate about death penalty being more expensive than prison sentences?

  19. "Why can’t we just create a proper, maximum security prison to send these people to!?"
    yes, why not? Then we can spend half of the state budget feeding these criminals, registering them in Madhana health scheme, so they can get free health care, building recreational facilities in prison, etc.. while the rest of us go begging on the street.

  20. Looking forward to the event on Friday, when Wanna-be-Santa-Clauses gather to demonstrate to fully implement an old law system which will take this country several hundred years back in time.

    So, where's the proof that it is the "solution"??? Where is it working? How do the women like it who live under Sharia?

    Answers please.

  21. “And if it is true and it has been proven that this detestable thing has been done among you, you must certainly put to the sword all who live in that town. Destroy it completely both its people and its livestock. Gather all the plunder of the town into the middle of the public square and completely burn the town and all its plunder as a - whole burnt offering to the Lord your God. It is to remain a ruin forever, never to be rebuilt.” Bible, Deuteronomy 13: 12-16

    This statement coming from the Bible, can be argued is the basis for the illegal and unjust war in Iraq and Afghanistan. Are not George Bush and Tony Blair self proclaimed Christians? Are their motivations for the war in the Muslim world inspired by the Almighty Himself? This statement can also be taken as an evidence or indication for the barbarous, intolerant, violent and unjust aspects of law in the UK, as lawmakers have claimed that it is based upon the Judaeo-Christian heritage? Can it not?

    Well, you may answer by saying, “Hold on one moment! You can not make these statements; you have to understand the context. You have to take into account other well known principles and concepts. You have to see the bigger picture. Before you make assumptions and swiping statements you have to acquire all the tools necessary in order to extract laws and legislation. You are no lawmaker, you are no scholar”

    Muslims would agree. If these above responses are valid, intelligent and mature then equally we should all proceed with this approach when trying to understand Islam.

    The Islamic punishment system should not be viewed from a secular perspective, due to two main reasons:

    Firstly, both Islam and secularism are ways of life based upon different values, therefore perspectives on crime and punishment will be very different. For example in secular British law a citizen is not punished if they neglected a stranger who was drowning, however in the Islamic law the bystander would be punished for not attempting to rescue the victim. The effect of values and culture can also be seen in the differences between secular states. In Britain a minor is defined as under the age of 16, whereas in Greece it is 12. In short, different values and cultures give rise to different perspectives.

    Secondly, Islamic laws are interconnected. Islam is a holistic and comprehensive system for life.

    Take the punishment for theft in Islam as an example. The punishment for theft in Islam is dependent upon the application of just Islamic economic laws where food, shelter and clothing are guaranteed by the State. No-one will get punished if the theft was committed out of need. It is also built upon the existence of God consciousness in society and upon the State not promoting excessive materialism. Secular capitalist States, such as Britain, allow marketing campaigns which promote debt, which is considered unjust and illegal under Islamic law. A thief’s hand should not be cut in such an environment. However, if he was in an Islamic environment, motivated by greed, stealing from a secure place, then Islamic law states that it should. This follows a process where people are truly innocent until proven guilty, as much higher levels of proof are needed than in any Western court.

    Islamic punishments are harsh, but Muslims completely reject the accusation that these rules are barbaric. They serve as a deterrent to ward off the occurrence of crime in society. Allah views oppressive trials and hardship as worse than killing, hence for some crimes, death is a suitable punishment. “Fitnah is worse than killing.” (Qur'an chapter 2, verses 217)

    Islamic law actually gives the defendant greater basic rights, but also recognises that the community has rights too. The law exists to protect both, defining when one outweighs the other.

  22. BNas+umm: the arabs are already working hard on that dear human being. You should ask them how it feels first and let us know?

    - proud to be an atheist and secular loving human -

  23. @Salim Waheed:

    "If you’re calling for the death penalty to be applied to every Drug Addict, Every Adulterer, every Thief, and every Rapist,..."

    Mr Waheed, may I suggest that you learn a little bit about Islamic Sharia. Sharia doesn't "call" for the dealth penalty for each and everyone of those cases that you mention.

    I suspect, you haven't read the Quran in a very long time (have you actually ever read the whole book?). There are some very specific situations mentioned in the book. There are also grey areas of Sharia that are not universally agreed upon.

    Please don't use misinformation to argue your point; that will only highlight lack of knowledge.

  24. Sharia is the cause of all troubles we have to-day in this world. Sha sine a single country where you have sharia is peaceful. Sharia is all about hatred, pedophile, killing, slavery, poverty and barbarism.

  25. @BNas+umm yea we do that. it's hookers and drugs all the time for secularists

  26. Great! Turn Maldives into an other Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan. Turn back time 500 years.

    Remove/confiscate the cars, mobikes, mobile phone, computers, watches and burn all non arabic books. After all the prophet lived his life without these object made by non muslims.

    Take away basic right of 50% population (women) and forbid them to work, go to school, get basic healthcare.

    And now we have the golden society Adaalath Party wants.

    I really hope majority of Maldivian are not stupid enough to vote for these barbarians.

  27. Sharia is the alternative for barbarism, slavery, violation of human rights and natural laws. It is a pathway to ignorance and darkness. Sharia is system of governance to impose all this inhuman acts on common man by some thugs who cling to powers and deprive common people doing what they do behind the curtain. They rape, drink alcohol marry any amount of woman eat and live life of thugs and force common man to live like zombies and slaves. No one can impose us how we should behave, think dress, eat and drink. If killing stops crime, the gang violence in Male should have disappeared because the result of gang valance is death but still it is not fading away. Can someone put sense in those 06th century barbarian who time traveled to our time? Our time teaches us ethics and values by using common sense, our time disciplines people by education, knowledge and through experience not by barbaric action which promotes barbarism only

  28. Even the name 'Islam' disgusts these people who fly around minivan website like wasps waiting for a another unjust article. Pathetic. And its funny that these guys act like they know Islam even more than the people who practice the religion.

  29. Well, so now the extremists are coming in front with their stupid demands. They want to convert Maldivians into Arabs. But what will they gain? After Sharia what?
    Make Burqa compulsory;
    Ban on girl/women education;
    allow girl marriage age (9 yrs);
    beard must for men;
    send youths for jihadi training in Pak;
    No European/American tourists only Chinese and pakistani to be allowed;
    Only Sharia-based banking;
    No non-Muslims to be allowed to enter;
    No schools - only madarasas with teachers from Pakistan.

    This is what Adhaalath Party, JUS and Islamic Foundation want. Lets see how many Maldivians support their call.

  30. @eynameena " In Britain a minor is defined as under the age of 16, whereas in Greece it is 12".

    Wrong. Both in Britain and Greece, the age of majority is 18. The age of consent in Greece is 15, in Britain it is 16.

  31. According to Shariah to prove a woman had been raped 4 witnesses are required. So in almost all the cases of rape in Muslim countries, the woman is punished because she could not provide necessary 4 witnesses. In Islamic shariah there is no punishment prescribed for rape and pedophile. Also non muslims word is unacceptable in the court. If a Muslim kills say a Christian or any other non believer the Muslim will not be sentenced to death. Shariah is a very biased system between a Muslim and non Muslim. There is no country in the world where Shariah had worked well for the society. In fact all Muslim countries are at the bottom of the list of least peaceful nations. It is time Muslims open their eyes and think critically about Shariah.

  32. Take a look at Afghanistan, the last country to adapt (even for a while) shariah. They are back in the stone ages.

  33. Adhaalath and salaf makes me dream of a secular society. And sadly it did not have to come to that point.

    I am beginning to think that this is the only way this issue can be resolved.

  34. Zeenath,

    Are you the spokesperson for Adhaalath Party, JUS and Islamic Foundation?

  35. Religions and the fundamentals of them all...are the cause of many disputes.
    And the sad thing is there are people (i would say power hungry men) fueling the flames that feed the hatred between the religions.

    When will these idiots realize, there is no proof of any God. And the attempts to prove the existence of a God is so futile that most times I wonder if. even the most devout among them, really do believe it either.

    If God created us, why should we be blamed for any of the actions. God created who we are, facilitated what we do, guide us through what we do, take us away when he wants to. And then we are roasted alive, for who we were? duh?

    I am simple and tend to believe logically. 1 + 1 makes 2. And I find extremely hard to comprehend the above creation scheme.

    The other choice is : I dont do any thinking. Just blindly believe. Then the above may be acceptable.

  36. Before you go into a convulsion at the mere mention of Shariah, understand what it really means. Aprox. 70% of Shairah deals with rituals of worship. We should not resort to fear-mongering as this will only create animosity & hatred among us. Let us not be paranoid.

    An excellend article by an American scholar on Shariah.

    "A Proud, Patriotic, Shariah Practicing American"

  37. Where were the women calling for Sharia (at least on TV I didn't see them)? Have they realized that they wouldn't make a good deal with it???

  38. marina u r watching another channel. probably MTV.
    thousands of women attended the gathering.

  39. Thank you Mariyam for this enlightment. On MNBC one, women were not seen attending


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