Adhaalath party urges assistance for flood victims in Pakistan

The Adhaalath Party continues to urge Maldivians to provide assistance for flood victims in Pakistan

In a statement issued today, the party said that Muslims “should provide humanitarian aid when an Islamic country is in trouble.”

“Due the heavy rain to Pakistan, more than 20 million people have become homeless, crops have been damaged, and apart from the starvation caused, diseases such as cholera and flus are now widespread,’’ said the party. “The concerned authorities revealed that there are more than 3.5 million children among the victims.’’

The Adhaalath Party recently launched a fund for the provision of humanitarian aid for flood victims in Pakistan.

“The likeness of those who spend their wealth in the way of Allah, is as the likeness of a grain (of corn); it grows seven ears, and each ear has a hundred grains. Allah gives manifold increase to whom He wills. And Allah is All-Sufficient for His creatures’ needs, all-Knower,’’ the statement said, citing to Quran.

Vice President of the Maldives Dr Mohamed Waheed recently visited the Pakistan High Commission in the Maldives and expressed sympathy for the flood victims.

During his visit, Dr Waheed appealed to Maldivian citizens to support assistance to the victims of the flood.

Prohibited militant groups like the Lashkar-e-Taiba, Jaish-e-Muhammad and Harkat-ul-Jihad al-Islami, have set up camps in Karachi to raise funds to help flood victims of Pakistan, according to Indan news paper Times of India.

According to the newspaper, other militant groups such as Jamaat-ud-Dawah, blamed by India for the 2008 Mumbai attacks, Sipah-e-Sahaba, Harkatul Mujahideen, Hizbut Tahrir and Lashkar-e-Jhangvi are also engaged in the relief operations.

The paper said that the banned groups were working under different names.

The World Bank has recently said it will redirect $US900 million of its existing loans to Pakistan to help in flood recovery.

The European Union (EU) has also said it will offer US$70 million to Pakistan.


25 thoughts on “Adhaalath party urges assistance for flood victims in Pakistan”

  1. well, i feel sorry for Pakistani people, i think they should think about getting civilized and stop calling for jihad (blowing up innocent ppl from other religious belief). This disaster may be a sign from god that he doesn't like blowing people and killing innocent. Pakistani's are in need of assistance, i hope and pray they receive it. Mean while adhaalth party should learn the tolerance and respect peoples faith as in time of distresses like these assistance are offered from various country and faiths who had been victims of jihadi attacks and disowned to right to preach their religion. coexistence is the key to a peaceful world and strength in times of disasters.

  2. I wish Adhaalath party was think vocal about victims in our country, such as child abuse victims or stabbing victims or victims of the corrupt judiciary that they refused to take a stand against.

  3. My sympathies lie with the Pakistani people.

    But I am really curious as to the algorithm that Adhaalath party uses to distinguish between a 'tragedy' and 'Gods wrath'.

    When the severe crisis struck Haiti, the Adhaalath controlled Ministry's website said something about the Haitiians being 'bad people' - the implication being that they deserved it.

    How are we to know that the Pakistani floods aren't a punishment for the recent trend of increased salaf bigotry in that nation?

    How indeed do these wise clerics know to tell apart the 'koafaa' and the 'imtihaan'?

    Also, good going trying to milk a disaster to consolidate your 'religious' credentials. Our 'Muslim brothers' indeed.

  4. Pakistani peoples must be helped and assisted.

    But they themselves have to give up their continued faith of adulterating, messing up with weighing and etc., this has nothing to do with their part in the so called Jihad according to the double standards of WEST!

  5. Ack, Yamyn. You beat me to it.


    Did these adhaalath guys know that Pakistan has been the consistent world leader when it comes to pornography-related internet search queries?

  6. Well said Yamyn, how indeed to these guys know which is which?

    Adhaalath is doing a commendable job in calling for assistance for Pakistan victims. However i think they should be doing the same thing regardless of which religion the victims belong to.

    After all doesn't Islam promote helping the needy regardless of who they are.

  7. But you know what?. I'm not letting those adhaalath parteys touch even one laari of my funds. Any aid I give to Pakistan, goes to the Pakistani people - directly.

  8. @Ahmed Aliased on Thu, 19th Aug 2010 5:35 PM

    Says:"Did these adhaalath guys know that Pakistan has been the consistent world leader when it comes to pornography-related internet search queries?"

    Perfect, On the spot!You have answered your buddy Yamyn's doubts so perfectly this time. Good Work! Mulla Aliased.

    Please include this peace of information in the latter to Adhaalath Party with those questions of yours.

    I can already see some good improvements in you. I wish it wouldn't relapse.

    In Almighty GOD we Trust.

  9. @Saasha on Thu, 19th Aug 2010 6:08 PM

    Says: "After all doesn’t Islam promote helping the needy regardless of who they are."

    Sure,It does! Good point. Only some who are fearful of Islam (Islamophobians) tries to portray otherwise.

    In Almighty GOD we Trust.

  10. Adalath should raise funds to help the poor people in Maldives to help them to provide water and sanitation in the Maldives. If they really want help Pakistanis, they should wrap them up with explosive and blow themselves in Pakistan to kill some innocent infidels

  11. Again, this tendency to generalise is a bit irritating. All Pakistanis are not radicals, just like all Muslims are not extremist. Just because a fraction of Pakistanis are extremist terrorist elements does not mean that their country men arent deserving of sympathy.

    Adhaalat hypocrisy aside, I think we should contribute what we can (if you dont trust adhaalat then to the special account at habib bank or Pakistani Embassy) because they are human beings in distress, muslims or not.

  12. @Brown on Fri, 20th Aug 2010 11:44 AM

    Brother Brown,

    Very true, yes! 100% agreed. Thanks Brother Brown, May Allah bless you and all of us and unite us in Truth. Alhamdhulillahi,

  13. Adhaalathu tha keeve tha meehun maraa iru angain nubune thibenee??!

    Maruvaa meeha ge aailaa ah laari eh dhikohlan keeve tha fund nuhuluvany??!

    Nuvithaaka raiyithun ge harumudhaa thah beyru company thaka vikkaa iru angain baheh nunukumey??! ( 24 gadeeru hamaiga hunna veriyaa, ANNI)

    Raajjey ge bodethi mahujanun mi gaumuge economy bangurootu kuraa iru ves angain lafuzeh aa hisaabu ves nunukumey!! (Gasim and Yamin to name a few and rest of the power hungry crowd)

    Adhaalath party ah fah fashun salaan, anni ah kuda ashaavees salaan dhen thibi meehun nah varah salaan!
    Ramadan Mubarik Mullah's!

  14. Brown, human beings in distress eh kiyaaka ladheh nuganey tha?!

    Miyoh kuda Male' ga ulhey haa dhivehi raiyitheh thibeny thibunaa "distress" vefa!!

    hama ekani thafaathaky.. distress ge kuri ah constant laafa kiyun! ( constant distress ).

    Ehen nun vaany, geyn nukumefa anburaa geyah aadheveyne kamu ge yageen kameh noavey! Vazeefa inn kandaalaany kon iraku kameh neyge, kuda kotari gandeh ga mulhi aailaa ulhen jehenee..!

    Distress vefa thibee pakistan meehun tho?!

  15. @All those who are celebrating over Pakistan's loss, especially yaamyn and Ahmed Anony (Ahmed Aliased)

    Think before you open your mouths like rotten cabbages!

    In an overwhelming natural phenomenon in which more than 25 million Pakistanis were effected (more than all the recent natural disasters combined) - thank Allah only a few thousand people lost there life so far!

    Since ancient times periodic flooding of rivers like Indus and Nile were not always a complete loss!

    @Yaamyn! Stop gloating. "How are we to know that the Pakistani floods aren’t a punishment for the recent trend of increased salaf bigotry in that nation?"

    You say it's because of Salaf bigotry, but Taliban says it's God's wrath for allowing coalition forces in Pakistan!

    So you believe in the Abrahamic God? But think that God works against Salaf bigotry?

    Surprised to learn that even atheists who condemn "all Abrahamic faiths" also believe in an almighty creator who wills against Salafs?

    What a twisted faith you have?

    Didn't you think even for one second that while you were gloating over such great distress, you could have got a 9 magnitude tremor in your mouth which could have SMASHED all your teeth Tom & Jerry style?

    Who would be laughing, then?

  16. So when islamic countries get hit with natural disasters, it's a "test of faith" or a "disaster", but when countries like Haiti get hit by natural disasters, its because they have "bad people".

    And heck is making the islamic religion look bad when he considers the taliban to be the 'mouthpiece of god".

    Because seriously, what sort of merciful and beneficent god would ever side with a bunch of cruel murderers, terrorists, pirates and drug lords?.

  17. @Ahmed Aliased on Sat, 21st Aug 2010 3:28 AM :

    Dear Mulla Aliased, .... still yelling and screaming! tsk,tsk... you surely had relapsed and gone crazy with your bigotry,amnesia,...!

    Take a hike! Mulla ..with your Al-Shabab Team

    ( btw a Gift for you below)

    AND to your post on
    [comment ref:Ahmed Aliased on Fri, 20th Aug 2010 10:56 PM ]

    YOU Said:"I warned you once before, and I’ll say it again, bismuth.Don’t lie.
    You know what’ll happen if you do. You will be forced to lie, insult and ignore evidence to cover your crimes up."

    Dear Mulla Aliased, YES I know what will happen: You will scream and Yell :“imrightyourewronggotohell”...

    Now why did i say that? To know why you may refer to my last comment for you [Post Ref:Bismuth on Sat, 21st Aug 2010 3:50 AM] on:
    (In case you might forget out of your delusional disorder and amnesia)

    AND I have told you before and telling you again I don't take your warnings and threats as anything serious. & I'm here not to get on to the good books of you and your Al-Shabab Team. I hope you got that correct this time.

    YOU SAID @ Ahmed Aliased on Fri, 20th Aug 2010 10:59 PM:"Bismuth, you expect us to respect someone who doesn’t respect us?.You should try getting chicken soup from a stone. You’ll have better luck with that."

    I don't expect you to respect anyone else except yourself. Please learn to give some dignity and respect to yourself first , let alone others and other people's views.

    AND you should try that chicken soup recipe with stones for yourself. Perhaps that's your favorite delicacy and reason why your heart and mind is "hard as rock". 🙂

    Have a wonderful day, take care ...and btw you could get consultation at

    See you soon! And if you have problems with Airline Bookings please let me know. I'll be glad to help you out. 🙂

  18. Saudi Arabia donates 60million. Europe donates 90million and promises more. Muslim solidarity = hypocrisy.

  19. @Ahmed Aliased

    "And heck is making the islamic religion look bad when he considers the taliban to be the ‘mouthpiece of god”."

    You are the one who wants to "CARPET BOMB" whole communties to oblivion and obsessed with a nasty VENGEANCE!

    Wait a minute! Now I get it.

    YOU are the mouthpiece of Taliban in Maldives! I should have guessed much earlier.

    Hello! 119? Arrest this creature called Aliased(Ahmed Anony) immediately.

    May God "KABOOM" your "tharafaalu bomb" while you are assembling it in your bed room!

    May you find the Earth getting smaller and smaller as you vanish into space with the KABOOOOOM!

  20. mi meehunge kamaki abadhu ammila nafsaa dheythere visnun ehenvegen ekaku anekaku ge than thana dhamaa nagani thi... it always doesn't need to be like this. if you dont wanna donate dont. but there are quite a lot of jihad(donations via wealth) in islam... hahaha... if you translate jihaad to english it comes up as terrorism in ur dictionaries dou.. even if a scholar says what's right is right and whats wrong is wrong. in islam donations to other faith is there, but it doesnt come first in the priority list.. if you would like to know about what allah subhaanahu watha aala wants... he has sent down a whole set of firm rules(way of life). be right be good... think good. dont be so negative when you dont know a thing about islamic monotheism... i pray for all of us to be in heaven.

  21. @Shutter
    I didnt say ALL Pakistanis are in distress. We are talking about a specific incident of flooding which has effected a certain part of Pakistani population, and yes they ARE in distress.

    You said "geyn nukumefa anburaa geyah aadheveyne kamu ge yageen kameh noavey" ekamaku the roads are full all the time, the cafe's are full, and people seem to walking cycling around all the time. "Vazeefa inn kandaalaany kon iraku kameh neyge" but there has been no reports of mass letting go of employees from companies like its happening in the US. "kuda kotari gandeh ga mulhi aailaa ulhen jehenee" ekamaku everyone has an iphone, CK sunglasses, and those small rooms have flat screen tvs, and computers. Thi distress egga ulhenee a part of the population, and even they cant compare to the conditions that migrant workers live in.

    By the way what have YOU ever done to alleviate the distress of your fellow Maldivians?

    Its sexist to assume everyone who comments here is male!

  22. No one is celebrating the distress of human suffering due natural calamity. It is time for Thalibanies in Pakistan and Adalath in Maldives to join the mainstream human civilization and forget almighty and help each others in the event of Almighty’s rage on his servants


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