Authorities investigating Facebook adoption advert

Police have confirmed they are investigating reports that a woman in Laamu Atoll used Facebook to announce her one-week old baby was up for adoption.

Local media have reported that the Facebook post – since taken down – said it was “a golden opportunity for anyone who wished for a cute, cute baby girl.”

While Minivan News was unable to obtain comment from the Ministry of Law and Gender today, local media was told that the ministry was also looking into rights of the child having been violated.

“Ministry has set up special procedures and ways in which a child can be put into the care of another, in cases where parents are unable to look after the child. Or for the child to be taken immediately into State custody,” Deputy Gender Minister Shidhatha Shareef told Haveeru.

Local NGO Advocating the Rights of Children (ARC) explained that cases of adoption are very rare in the Maldives, and so there is no clear legal framework such proceedings.

Minivan News has been told previously that the Maldives has no formal adoption procedures, with courts instead permitting permit a long-term guardianships – normally by extended family members.

While officials from Maavah Island Council told Haveeru that the gender ministry had been notified when the woman gave birth on December 11, though the ministry said it had not been notified that the family did not have resources to look after the child.

The child was reportedly born in the health center on the island, which has a population of 1,270.

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6 thoughts on “Authorities investigating Facebook adoption advert”

  1. Instead of trying to harass a poor woman who was probably forced to give birth due to peer pressure of this depraved society, the state should help find a good family for the child.

    No wonder this society is messed up!

  2. Maldivian, stop assuming things, and commenting. The reason why the society is messed up is because of people like you.

  3. Typical "shoot the messenger" attitude of man mordisians. No wonder we have yet to evolve as a society. Because - lets face it; we're just rats in a cage.

  4. i don't understand how this is wrong. better than dumping the baby like many cases recently.

    the fact that she wanted to giveaway to whoever willing to adopt the baby proves she is not fit to be a mother. this baby girl deserves someone else who can actually take care of her.

  5. @ Maldivian : Forced to give birth due to peer pressure of this depraved society ? Well lemme just stop ye there buddy. Abortion is never gonna be a good choice.

    And for the girl, despite what happened its a great change to see someone not try to murder their newborn baby and reading about the discovered body the next day. At the end of this charade the little baby is gonna live and hopefuly find a good family.

    The authorities should help to facilitate the process of finding a good foster family and keep this story of the media in the future for the sake of the baby.


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