Bangladeshi killed in street mugging

A 30 year-old Bangladeshi man was killed this morning in Maafanu Carnation Magu in Male’ after being stabbed in the chest during what is thought to have been an attempted mugging.

According to police, the incident took place at about 7am and the man died shortly afterward while undergoing treatment at the Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital (IGMH).

No arrests have been in connection to the case yet, a police media official said.

Residents of the area told Minivan News that two men attempted to the rob the Bangladeshi of his backpack and Nokia mobile phone and he was stabbed when he fought back.

“People from the neighbourhood came out when they heard him screaming ‘Allahu Akbar’,” a woman who wished to remain anonymous recounted. “There was blood on the middle of the road and his insides had spilled out.”

She claimed that while police arrived on the scene promptly, it was only 30 minutes later that the victim was taken to the hospital.

But, a police media official denied the accusation, claiming that “police went to the scene and did the necessary checks and he was taken to the hospital as quickly as possible; it can’t have been 30 minutes.”

None of the residents who witnessed the aftermath saw the assailants.

A Bangladeshi in the area claimed that the victim was on his way to work after having breakfast when he was attacked by ‘parteys’ (drug addicts).

“A few days ago, two of them stole my phone when I was in front of the house,” he said. “It is not safe for us here anymore.”


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  1. Its a shame how this small city of less than a few sq meters filled with cctvs on almost every street is still inundated with such violence almost constantly. If a comparison can be made, even the drug cartel infested countries like Mexico and Brazil would be safer than this so called peaceful country. Shame on the govt, the police, the people and everyone... including me.

    Lets help each other bring Islamic sharia soon to this country to save this country from paateys...

  2. We need a militia that is more daring and purposefully violent to cleanse the addict menace from our society. There is no hope of rehabilitating these kinds of criminals!
    I call for a secret militia, paramilitary force, social vigilante group or traditional Havaru to be formed to rid us of this lowly scum!

  3. This wont be a problem, cox its a Bangladeshi.. But even if a mosquito bites a tourist (western white person) the whole country will be worried about it..

  4. Even if anyone saw the perpetrators, it would not be possible to prosecute them. We have got a very qualified police force and an even better judiciary.

    Even God would not be able to help us out of this s#*t that we dug ourselves in.

  5. @Joker..your comment shows your mentality...i as a maldivian think this is a huge problem and this incident should raise alarm at the concerned authorities...a stab for a cheap 500rufiyaa phone...May Allah grant him eternal paradise and May there be peace in Maldives.

  6. I have decicded to bring ex tamil tiger for my protection...... failed state .. what a big sorry....

  7. This is really sad... murder has become an every-day occurance in this tiny island.. the targets have often been Maldivians and now they have started mugging the Bangladeshi's who barely earn $150 a month..

    Additional scare to the daily sufferance and mistreatment of the Bangladeshi's (and other foreign laborers) in Maldives.

    I wonder which institution/NGO/Political Party will raise their voice on behalf of the Bangladeshi's on whose back we have 'developed'.

  8. The worst case will be that even if the murderers are caught, they will be released back into the wild (based on lack of evidence).

  9. @islam boy:

    So you think it's better if muslims find a reason to persecute and kill non-muslims? Rather than drug addicts killing people in desperate attempts to support their habit?

    What's the difference? Am I out of touch with my "culture" or is something wrong with that whole notion?

    Me personally, prefer to put up with the Male' that I know than the one people like you propose.. sorry, but looks like we're another 0.01% less muslim

  10. im deeply disturbed by the current social pathology. of all cruel things on the planet, killing of another tells us how we(our established institutions i.e religions, politics, economy) have failed us.
    and killing is rife in our little society among other social ills. but lets not get too irrational/emotional and look for a quick solution like sharia or ignore everything and go to sleep like we do today.

    if you ever want to solve the problems humanity face, we have to be courageous enough to look as bigger a picture as possible.
    although most people do not see it, the route of all problems is reported in this very article. why did they kill? for monetary gains. why? because the lifeline of all established systems are money and everyone needs money to survive, so they say... the current economic model is made based on scarcity and constant battle to survive with super rich on one end and object poverty on the other. and there are those poor victims of drug, prostitution.. are they good or bad? may be, but there is another explanation.

    wheter its thasmeen accepting 1$ mil in bribery or a layman stealing its the result of the same basic economics and its manifested values. difference is just a degree. Its inevitable in today's world to do away with roberry, smuggles, and other monetary crimes. BUT its very very sad to see this manifestation, this cancerous form of value distortion gets so mutated and makes people kill one another for a mere 500rf worth or 1 rf for that matter. Drug addicts are addicted to drug, and they'd do anything to get it. Why do people trade drug? because there is an enormous monetary profit in it. its a multimillion industry just in male' alone.
    most crimes in our society, their socity and through out the world today are monetary related crimes.

    we have built a globe, contructed a society in such a destructive way, unless immediate changes in our social and individual values are radically changed, and unless we make a complete reform in our economics, we are doomed!

  11. Why is the Maldives Police so hopeless with all these Pateys. They have made Male' sp dangerous for the public. Why cant the police just gather all these pateys and burn them alive. Just extinct all of them from Maldives.

  12. Police will never arrest them even if Police know about the people since they don't have guts. The second thing even if they arrest also next they Police will let them go nicely saying no witness since the person who dead is Bangali. Some people thinks Bangladesh people are dogs, locals never respect anybody and politeness is zero

  13. What will b the status of a failed nation !! This is the so called democracy and change ! Guess the beginning.

  14. @ahamed
    we can burn all known drug addict today alive, but the system will produce gangs as long as we do things as we do.

  15. I think it is high time that the "authorities" apply "unconventional" means to tackle this rising problem of crime. Politicians,Courts and the law enforcement agencies lack the will or the capacity to find a solution. Peoples lives cannot be destroyed just because of the clash of Two political parties jeopardizing the countries peace and harmony. Call it Bimbi force or CIA, this has to come to an end. Where there is no fear for consequence, criminals will thrive. Yesterday a gang member today a Bangladeshi, tomorrow a European, next day it will be you. Being stabbed to death just for a bloody mobile phone and some petty cash, WTF!! To hell with humans rights Mr.President!!! If you can't put them behind bars, then make them disappear!

  16. The area of dhuburi mosque is a hot spot for addicts. If the police made an undercover operation in that area, I am sure they could bust may pateys. This kind of terrible incidents show how dangerous Male' has become. Government authorities charged to protect people, property and enforce law are just standing by while the criminals are in full swing committing murder after murder. Now who will take responsibility for this tragedy. Who will take care of the poor man's dependents and his family? A very sad day!

  17. @ Mr. Adhaalath
    i don't think we are barking at the same tree here!
    My point is like this. The state has a duty to protect the citizens and whoever lives under its rule. That's a first, feeding and housing comes next. Read Lord of the flies to arrive at this.
    Now this time the state has failed and failed consistently for a few years now. I don't see how you bring the religious angle in to this. No have i heard muslims in this country killing kaafirs. All the killings happen to be done by the paateys who are very very far away from Islam or any other religion. I said islamic sharia because that's the only deterrence how these paateys can be easily dealt with economically. keeping them in jails for years and years, feeding and entertaining them with other people's money just doesn't do the job. That's why i like Islam. Its economical, straight to the point, and above all very common to the sense! so Islam rocks! Lets bring sharia to the country.

  18. Maldives turn to way of selfdestruction
    it is a big shame especially in 100%muslim country terrible but it is reality and future of Maldives because no body take care and doing some real action to stop crime and eliminate all drugs dealers,All reason is because heavy coorruption in all goverment structure/mark my words it is all most impossible now to turn back to normal life stile in Maldives because half of new generation under drugs or will be soon and morality just dissapear from mind of many present maldivians/And rehabilitation service just zero effective because no rehab center avaible to cover all drugs addicted/ But what is very available it is only non stop blablabla from tvm about how is democracy good and how many scince fiction project we create during evening cofee to build stadion on the moon/
    it is just empty promise but real teenagers need a real help/

  19. There will be no justice, and Maldivians should stop hoping for any. When a rich guy dies in some random island, even the police commissioner gets involved in the investigation. But what about the commoners? What about every single Maldivian living in Male' which has become infested with criminals, who were either convicted before or were never caught for their crimes. I think, that an organization or something should be formed, by the people, to effectively put a stop to all this. The police have failed. They will hurry to put a lock on the Supreme Court for political reasons. They don't care about innocent people losing their lives. They don't care about a child losing his father and becoming a victim of poverty which haunts so many Maldivians.

    Maldivians, please, I urge you to voice out your opinions, let criminals know that ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. Let the police know. Let the government know. Let all the political parties know.

    May God bless this man, and grant him heaven. Also, may his family have peace at this time of sorrow.

  20. This is Outrageous.

    Today, According to Haveeru, Nabeel was sentenced to death for murdering Farhadh.


    Before sentencing Nabeel to Death, I think Police should find the street thugs who killed this Bangladesh man and kill them.

    Justice is justice. And stabbing someone because they couldnt steal that persons mobile phone is outrageous.

    Death for Death !

    We must not rest until every Cutter wielding idiot partey who assaults people with intent to kill is killed !

    Will the Police pursue this case as Vigilently ? considering that the dead guy was a Bangladesh Guy ?

    for gods sake he must have been a muslim to shout allah akbar.... Kill the Murderers who killed this Muslim !

  21. where is human rights commission, i think they will just wait till the paatey who did this get caught. to protect them.

  22. We are incapable of preventing these kinds of crimes in Maldives because:

    1. We are afraid of violating so called "human rights"
    2. Selfishness of our politicians to grab hold of their seats neglecting priorities
    3. Ignoring the basic needs of the people

    What a shame!

  23. the first who hve to be responsible are the lawmakers. the parliamentarians have blood on their hands...and then the government. i am starting to like it better how maumoon handled stuff. i thought "human rights" was gonna bring a lot of good but all it has brought is misery, sadness, uncertainty and insecurity. i hate this f*g excuse of a nation...

    oh and if this was a british citizen or anyone else from the "first world", mr. prez would have the whole police force and mndf plus some ministers on the case...

  24. so sad to hear news like v came for i am from india..v are doing lot to maldives ..but v too have no privacy ....every maldivians must understand v people ar here for money if v have money v dont come 2 ur country v have gud family too.. wen u ar coming to our place v ar treating u..did u ever heard that a maldivian attacked in india..v will not v know the pain , love , affection and ur purpose of visit .. so pls dont ever play with life..v can realize the pain when it come to us...let this be the last murder in maldives ..let us serve and live..deep condolence to Bangladeshi guy family...

  25. This I guess is the 3rd killing of Bangladeshi's in similar fashion, yet, nothing happens!

    I cannot believe it is only the Bangladeshi Mission that is asleep! I think we all are a sleep!

    I would go with The Balrog!

    ENOUGH HAS TO BE ENOUGH! WE collectively have to sacrifice even if it involves your own sibling!

    Bring everyone to real JUSTICE!

  26. Well you should read and experience it how our religious ancestry is leading their lives. Ask the Hajji's for a first hand account.

    In Saudi, regardless muslim or not, if you are not an arab, you are equal to a pig. Imagine a pig in an islamic world, is viewed upon. Contempt, worse than filth, a cockroach.

    And here we are. With our Arabian influenced cultures. We treat Indians, SriLankans, Bangladeshis real dirty. Not as bad as the leading Saudi's, but certainly not as how humans must be treated.

    Its the fxxking culture we have. Unless we all recognize it, and all make a concerted effort to eradicate the Arabian influence, we will not improve this venomous psyche ingrained in us.

  27. Shame on the government...!!! If these kind of activities can not be stopped why wasting money for such suggestion... hand over the murderer to the people of Bangladesh...!!! (Though its illegal)such scoundrels should be punished...!!!

  28. This is why i support the death penalty. Imagine the poor bangladeshi during his last moments!. I wouldnt give a rats arse is the murderer gets death penalty and start squeaking like a little mouse inside the court. Sometimes eye for an eye is the only option.

  29. Muslims killing muslims. Is Maldives trying to copy Pakistan? May God bless this poor man.

  30. the president will pardon the guy sentenced to death, pressured by the human rights commission, coupled by the fear that we have a seat in the UN human rights council... its a vicious cycle.

    bottomline? we are screwed!!!

  31. hey Happy Infidel

    its not Muslims killing Muslims. Rather it was an infidel who killed a poor muslim. islam is not a label you wear with your skin. Islam is a way of life. Just because somebody is called muhammad or ahamed does not make him a muslim.

  32. r u all insane!!..has any body given any thought or consideration to the poor family of the dead bangladeshi?? after he die who is going to care and spend for his poor kids,old parents and wife for their health,protection,food so forth? y cant there be a charity fund open immediately by the name of this poor bangladeshi and collect enough fund so that his family can live peacefully and happilly with protection!! ist that wot the poor man wud want us to do...not feel sorry -ss for him but take care of his family for him..i am 100% gaurentee the bangaladeshi government will not support or help the poor family..infact ppl will start harrassing and taking advantage of the poor helpless family..may b they will try to make his wife a prostitute and her children do some sick things for the sick ppl and his old parent die with no care and health care money...wot a maldives can arrange on live tv sms fundings for jokers amusement and benefit by giving the winner a motornike or something...cant believe how cruel ppl r in this can we kill the everyday poor bangladeshi expatriates who help us to throw our bad smelling garbage every day...they do it for a small fee so that we dont have to go through all the difficulty of handling our rotten garbage and is that how we treat them!! rob their mobile phone and kill them! children plz if u r reading this learn to love these poor ppl who need our help support and effection...they dont have any body to support but us...lets all start treating them with love respect and effection no matter how loud they speak on the phone or how high or irritating tone they have when they communicate to each other...lets help them to get educated and support them for a better future...i know we can do it...y cant right =)

  33. His last words ALLAHU AKBAR shows he had the thought about the creator even at his last moment. May Allah make him a Shaheed and grant him JANNAH AL FIRDAUS. As for the guy who stabbed this innocent man, Make Tauba and seek Allah's mercy before your time arrives. YOU ARE AT THE MERCY OF ALLAH.


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