Bangladeshi man sentenced to life for attempting to smuggle cannabis

The Criminal Court has sentenced a Bangladeshi national to life, after the court found him guilty of attempting to smuggle cannabis into the Maldives.

According to police, the man was charged with attempting to smuggle drugs on October 2010.

The police identified the Bangladeshi man as Sumon Miah, 24.

Sumon arrived to Maldives on 18 October 2010 on Qatar Airways Flight QR380 at 7:40am in the morning from Doha.

The illegal drugs were found inside a plastic bag wrapped in carbon paper that was attached below his luggage, the police said.

The drugs were then handed to the police forensic department that tested the drugs and weighed them.

Police found that the drugs he was carrying were 730.80 grams of ‘Cannabis buds’.

Police concluded investigation into the case and sent it to Prosecutor General on November 2010.

The media reported that two customs officials today told the court the Bangladeshi man arrived on a Qatar Airwaya flight and customs officials searched his luggage on his arrival in his presence and discovered illegal narcotics.

When Customs Officials questioned him about the discovered items, he said it belonged to him, local newspapers reported.

Another Maldivian man was also sentenced to life in prison after the court found him guilty of possessing illegal drugs for the purpose of dealing.

The person was identified in the local media as Mohamed Rasheed Abdul Bagir.

In addition to the sentence for possessing drugs for dealing, he received 10 years imprisonment for possessing an illegal drug without doctor’s prescription.

According to media reports, the man was arrested inside a restaurant on 12 March 2011 and the drugs were found inside a packet in his pocket.


6 thoughts on “Bangladeshi man sentenced to life for attempting to smuggle cannabis”

  1. It's a real shame people around the world are puppet's to the U.S.A. when it come's to the so called war on drug's. This man should be set free. Cannabis isn't Herion or cocaine! It's a God given plant put here for us to use. People destroy people cannabis save's people. I know this is true no matter how you slice it.Johnny Choronic59.

  2. 24 years young, life ruined forever for possessing a plant provided by nature and the universe itself. At 24 condemned to spend the rest of his days alive here on earth in jail. No one should have that kind of authority, EVER. A disgrace to a man of such young age.

  3. How does the court decide how many years a guy should have in the slammer? Is it the nature of the illegal drugs or the quantity? Or is it not being connected to some Big guy in the corridors of power?

  4. Islam does not ban cannabis. People in prophet's time people use to smoke Hukkah, and had prophet's blessing, so cannabis is halal in Islam.

  5. The judges here are well known for their incompetence, being seriously ill educated and ill qualified to do their job, not having reasonable understanding of the law, and therefore failing to deliver justice.

    This young Bangladeshi is probably "easy prey" to them. He probably did not have the capacity to present a defence of any sort. The judges are so incompetent that they are alleged to have released serious criminals who repeatedly re-offend. We can see how they convict the weak and the vulnerable with impunity, giving out huge and unjust sentences like this to the defenceless and most likely, the very poor.

    This conviction only helps to highlight the sad state of our failed judiciary.
    They think nothing of destroying a young life, or picking on the very vulnerable.


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