“Be courageous; Today you are all mujaheddin”: President Dr Waheed

The following is a speech given by President Dr Mohamed Waheed Hassan at the pro-goverment ‘National Symposium” at the artificial beach on February 24.

In the name of Allah, the Most Compassionate and the Most Merciful… Assalaam Alaikum.

All praise and thanks are due only to one: Allah Subahanahoo Wata-aalaa.

All praise and thanks be to Him for brining the Light of Islam to the Maldives and for sustaining the Maldives as an Islamic nation. All praise and thanks be to Allah for protecting till now the Maldivian nationhood, customs and Maldivianness.

Why are you all here today, coming from various places? You have come here because you love the nation; in order to maintain Islam in the Maldives; in order to maintain its nationhood and customs; and to overcome strife in the nation.

We can’t allow strife in the Maldives. Anyone who loves the Maldives will not incite strife in the Maldives. Anyone who loves this nation will not torch public places and destroy them. There is no place for such people in this nation. There is no place in this land for those who cause strife.

We are steadfast… to defend the nation and to protect Islam and nationhood. Till the last drop of our blood, we will defend this nation. We are not afraid. We are not afraid to die as martyrs. We are not afraid of the enemies we face.

We must be sad that the enemies and traitors of the Maldives are spreading lies in various places of the world to tarnish the country’s image. They are the real conspirators. Those who defame the Maldives to destroy its industries and tourism are enemies of this country. Such people have no place in the Maldives.

You all be courageous. This is no longer the age of colonialism. Today no foreign country can influence the Maldives. Today we will maintain our sovereignty with bravery.

Be courageous. We will not back down an inch. Today, the change [in power] in the Maldives is what Allah has willed. This did not happen because of one or two people coming out into the streets. Nobody had been waiting for this. Nobody even saw this day. This change came because Allah willed to protect Islam and the decent Maldivian norms.

Be courageous. Today you are all mujaheddin [those who fight jihad] who love the nation. We will overcome all dangers faced by the nation with steadfastness.

Today’s government will be kind to the people and love the people. It will bring justice to the people. This government will do everything possible to ensure that the people would enjoy all rights enshrined in the Constitution. It is the duty of every government to provide housing, healthcare and education. We will also do that.

Be courageous. Never be frightened. Never be swayed. We are fulfilled. We are brave. We are steadfast. Two or three people who want to cause strife in the Maldives can’t sway us. When [they] see all of you who are gathered here, [they] will feel nervous. With your help and God’s will this nation will advance forward. [Gasim Ibrahim: “Be careful…”]

Our government will be a lawful government. We are upholding the Constitution and obeying the laws. We are ready to maintain justice. We will be steadfast in continuing the journey of democracy that we started.

Never step back. Be brave. We are with you. If you remain determined, we will be too.

My prayer is for the Light of Islam to shine in the Maldives forever, and for all Maldivians to have good health and well-being. I pray there be sense of brotherhood in the hearts of all Maldivians and there be the spirit of unity and oneness. I pray the Maldives be a prosperous, peaceful and harmonious place. May Allah bless all Maldivians. Wasallaamalaikum…

Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) response:

In response to Dr Waheed’s speech, the MDP issued statement expressing “alarm at the use of extremist Islamic rhetoric at the heart of the governing regime, including on the part of Mohamed Dr Waheed who appears increasingly beholden to religious groups and known extremists.”

“There is now a clear pattern whereby supporters of the former autocratic president, Maumoon Abdul Gayoom, are using claims of internal and external threats against Islam as a means of reasserting political control. There is now a very real threat of the democratic gains of the last few years being rolled back,” the party stated.

“Sheikh Imran, President of the religious Adhaalath Party and a man who has in the past called for a jihad against the MDP Government and its supporters and for “the slaughter of anyone against Islam”, said: ‘They are [now] on their knees in front of their constitution as a result of their attempt to get rid of Islam from the Maldives’; while Gasim Ibrahim, a leading financial backer of the new regime, called MDP supporters ‘mentally disabled’, and said ‘we are ready to sacrifice everything for Dr Waheed’,” the MDP claimed.

Other figures addressing the crowd on February 24 included the leader of the Dhivehi Qaumee Party (DQP) Dr Hassan Saeed, Attorney-General under former President Gayoom and now Nasheed’s political advisor, and Deputy Leader of DQP, Dr Mohamed Jameel, former Justice Minister under former President’s Gayoom’s administration and now Home Minister.

Saeed, Jameel and their DQP party were the authors of a political pamphlet entitled “President Nasheed’s devious plot to destroy the Islamic faith of Maldivians”, in which they invoked perceived attacks against Islam in the Maldives, especially by “Christians and Jews”.

“Never has the dividing line been clearer between those who believe in democracy and tolerance, and those who believe in power through force and religious dogma,” said MDP’s spokesperson Hamid Abdul Ghafoor.


52 thoughts on ““Be courageous; Today you are all mujaheddin”: President Dr Waheed”

  1. What a speech!A defining moment in Maldivian history,independence and sovereignty.A leader is born!

    God bless the Maldives.

  2. Oh dear. As a long time visitor to the Maldives, I find it incredible that people keep allowing religious beliefs to cause the division and the isolation from the rest of the world that will follow when non-Muslims hear this sort of language from so-called rulers.

    As an atheist I believe all governments should be secular if they are to be fair and not discriminate on the grounds of religion, race or culture. We live in the information age and people around the world have instant access to news reports like this. They will vote with their feet and will not visit countries where they are classed as infidels, only worthy of being fleeced for their tourist income, whilst be secretly held in contempt, or even punished for offending Islam.

    If The Maldives wants this type of government for itself and wishes to follow fundamental Islam, it should quit with the hypocrisy and shut down all the bars in the resorts, ban bikinis everywhere and force all visiting women to display their inferiority by wearing a burka in public. It won't be long before you're converting the airport into a giant mosque as visitor numbers plummet.

    Sad. Very sad.

  3. All mujahiddeen joins the ranks of murderers like osama bin laden and the taliban. congratulations, maldivian people

  4. I have seen people describing this guy as an educated person. I am not sure how education is defined in Maldives. Listening to this guy makes us sick and we see him as a talking orangutan. Looks like a cult leader or Hitler and Mussolini or a prophet of Middle Age Arab. Probably this is what they call educated people in this Banana Republic.

  5. @rambe.
    This man is only aspiring to be a cult leader. We already have a powerful and notorious cult leader in this country. You can find his supporters at Raalhugandu.

  6. Dr Waheed's speech sounds really desperate....it looks like Islam is the only tool left for him to use and by saying the coup and police brutality is Allah's will, this guy has shown that he knows nothing about Islam. Ironically, in a rally organized to defend and protect Islam, this guy and everyone cheering him have managed to insult Islam and portray it as a religion that "wills" violence. Islam is exactly the opposite of it. Dr Waheed, obviously you and your allies are no longer in control of your faculties and the more rallies you people hold and the more you try to gift wrap this coup as the will of Allah, the more you people are going to appear like fools. Well if nothing else, it's for sure entertaining!

  7. This is prostituting religion as a weapon of war. What a fake. Anyone who knows Waheed will know he is faking. He has gone to desperate measures to get a vote. he knows he should not be in power with this minority old regime.

    Very sad from an international perspective too. You invite the world here with tourism and money aka Gasim and Waheed but slam it shut when it comes to other normal relationships. This is going to backfire badly and the whole nation will pay the price, but the people at the top will be drinking wine on a resort somewhere.

  8. Waheed has clearly erased all that happened on the 7th and 8thof February. He says he will not ask the military or police to act outside the constitution. But when he ordered the police to brutally assault a peaceful protest is that really in line with the law. When he clearly took his oath after the forced resignation of a elected President is this not against the constitution. I have seen Maumoon but I think Waheed is worse. At least Maumoon seemed to have his wits about him. Waheed seems like a raving lunatic who will stop at nothing to remain in power.

  9. Maldives have a brave new leader..a true Maldivian, We love you Mr.President-Dr Whaheed....We will do all we can defent our religion our ancestors way of live -The islamic maldivian way of life..We will not let Kafir Anni and his gang of drunks to destroy our beloved homeland....God is with us.

  10. Islam is the culture of the Maldives.It is what defines this country and its people.It is what 99.9% of this country call faith and it is the present given to us by our ancestors to guard safely.If we have a ruler who doesn't talk about the values of islam or about protecting islam it is as good as having a foreigner who dosen't undesrstand the Maldivian sentiment as president...and for that matter all muslims are supposed to beliv that everything happens by the will of Allah,so there is nothing wrong in that part of the statement,the rest is his personal opinion.

  11. That's it.

    The last ounce of respect I had for this man has now vaporized.

    To hide behind extreme, divisive religious rhetoric to protect what is essentially an illegal power grab and total reversal of the country's hard won democracy is just unpardonable.

    Waheed should be ashamed. Ashamed of this speech. Ashaed of his acts. Ashamed of the ongoing police brutality against citizens in Male', Addu and other parts of the country.

    There is no room left to negotiate with this illegal band of criminals.

    Another revolution is in order in the Maldives.

  12. I have personally heard Waheed advocate for gay rights... now he comes out with this. What a hypocrite

  13. All the leaders of western nations must listen to this speech.

    Indian government must take note of it.

    Chinese government must note of it.

    Sri Lankan government must take note of it.

    The Commonwealth Secretariat must listen to it very carefully.

    If this speech represents what Maldives is, I am not a Maldivian.

    I am not a Muslim.

    Dr Waheed's CV and his family's history must be investigated.

    This is a mad and bad man.

    Nations of the world must ostracise him.

  14. I cringed when I saw the video of Waheed addressing the crowd. Waheed seemed to think those gathered there and those behind him on the stage where his supporters. But those behind him on stage where cracking jokes and sniggering while the President of the country was speaking. At one time the crowd also laughed at something Madhanee Abdulla said while Waheed was speaking. They showed Waheed no respect at all, either as a person or a President. And at the end of the speech they again instructed him to thank some people. And it was not done in a discrete manner. Their instructions where clearly heard through sound system.

    I actually felt sorry for Waheed after watching the video. There he is clenching his fist and trying to project power. But those around him are treating it as a big joke.

  15. Hehe ... religion is a political tool for both MDP and the coalition. The coalition is using it to gain public support while MDP is using it to gain the sympathy of western countries. Pathetic!

  16. Dr. Johnson once said (at least Boswell reports so) that "patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel"


  18. I just wonder why this crowd at Minivan News get so riled up when someone mentions the word "Allah", "Islam" & "Muslim" in their speeches. There should be something wrong with them. For them the one with a liquor warehouse in his official palace is the "Moderate" and all the others are extremists.

  19. Blame the monuments!

    This is ridiculous... I will never visit the Maldives again! I will post all negative feedback on all tourist sites possible. A people who can't take back their government and their way of life from a religious fanatic/tyrant doesn't deserve the prosperity rewarded from hard working foreigners traveling from abroad. I'll take my business and that of many others with me elsewhere!


  20. Educated person’s speech:
    Assalaamu Ailkum…
    Today we have gathered to show solidarity to those who support me, those who believe the change of the government was constitutional. We know the sentiments of those who supported the previous government and their feeling. I was part of that government and but the circumstance that lead to transfer of power should not be rejected. We are here to show that we have support for this government and to show that there are people who were not happy with the previous policies. We as a nation have to defend our culture and way of life and protect our livelihood which is threatened by current cycle of violence. We are not against those who do not accept us as a government, we are against the violence and against anti constitutional behaviours and activities.

    Uneducated Persons speech:
    Allah Akbar, all the praise and prayers are upon the prophet.
    We mujahideen will fight till the last drop of our blood, to defend Islam and Prophet. Those who are against us are traitors and they have no place in our beloved nation. We will wipe out those who are against Islam and our beloved prophet. We will not give up our nuts and beetle leaves. It is our life. We live on the mercy of Allah and we don’t care of foreigners and we will not allow foreign influence to show us how to lead our great country.

  21. I very much doubt his ability to hold on power for more than 2 months. He is the least capable man as described very truly by Dr.Hasan Saeed. He will go this time, never to return!

  22. " Today’s government will be kind to the people and love the people. It will bring justice to the people. This government will do everything possible to ensure that the people would enjoy all rights enshrined in the Constitution. It is the duty of every government to provide housing, healthcare and education. We will also do that. "

    Verily true!

    Dr. Waheed has proven that today's government is kind, gentle and it loves the people!

    Documentations of 7th and 8th February 2012 and the happenings in Addu on the 8th and 26th of February 2012, authenticates his words and actions!

    Heads, spine and groins being beaten with "Allah's weapons" as kind, gentle and learned Sheikhs translates, attest each and every word of Dr. Waheed's speach!

    I am sure Dr. Waheed is no ordinary human being! I am sure the learned Sheikhs would be better people to translate who he is! He truly must be related to something more heavenly!

    On the 26th of February 2012, Maldives have witnessed the present, the past and perhaps a forecast a better future!

    The ousted president was said to be in the northern atolls, walking its street on foot, door to door, meeting peoples young and old, accepting cups of tea from elderly men and woman who offer them our of gratitude for this president's effort to grant them a regular pension allowance. He is said to be chewing nuts in Fathuma's garden joali who has offered him some out of gratitude for having enabled her to receipt of regular grant which allowed her not to beg to raise 2 kids whose father had abandoned them!

    In Addu, the newly appointed president is said to have landed at the airport after blocking the entire airport. He was supposed to go to Hithadhoo after landing. But it is said that after having received an appropriate welcome at Feydhoo with bottles, stone and debris of wood (despite the heavy artillery, police and army escort presence) he could not go any further and returned to Gan and went on with his schedule.

    And on the night of 26th, he is said to have cleared path to Hithadhoo where he faced the same ordeal. But with the aid of the Forces who is said to have extra ordinary measure to disperse the supporters of the ousted president using tear gas, pepper spray and sporadic heavy baton charges and even resorting to heavy injury by way of beating however did manage to deliver the speech he was supposed to deliver!

    This can be translated to be will of Allah ( Dr. Waheed's Sheikh supporter's perspective ) and a clear manifesto someone who would like to choose!

  23. religion is the tool used by scoundrels to brainwash and control people.

    they blatantly twist the truth, lie, deceive, and commit the worst crimes imaginable under the shield of religion.

    the common man is easily fooled, he believes, and support such scoundrels, voting them to power.

    the maldivian people should use their commonsense or else, no god can save them from these scoundrels.

  24. Who is Waheed to use religion as a tool for public support?????????

    It's quite famous story that this guy was unable to read one of the shortest surah of the Quran while he is claiming he loves Islam and the Maldives...immediately after taking over the government many people were beaten by his Security forces....this is not something he can hide to the people as there are so many videos watched by many people around the world including the CMAG & the UN

    then lalalaaaaaaa

  25. It is of grave concern the impact of this speech on children. And especially children under the age of 8? When would we see these damages? Maybe 5 years time maybe less? BUT WHO CARES ABOUT OUR FUTURE GENERATIONS HEY! How scary. Given that Dr. Waheed worked for UNICEF most of his working life I really wonder if he has questioned the impact of the children and the budget allocations that would have to be given to health, prisons, mental health, drugs etc. Then prices of essential goods would definitely rise. WHO WOULD WE BLAME THEN?

  26. Religion is regarded by the common people as true, by the wise as false, and by the rulers as useful. - Lucius Annaeus Seneca

  27. HATERS go ahead and hate...there wont be anymore ANNIs in this national..he can rule the raalhugandhu area and sell liquor and catergorize hard and soft drugs, and make friends with parteyz.

  28. The truth is that former President Nasheed never was against Islam. He advocated moderation and was mocked and slandered by the religious hardliners for doing so. Waheed is now assuming the hackneyed role of "defender of Islam", the role the former 30-year dictator Maumoon Abdul Gayyoom favored

  29. is this a joke? , the guy doesnt even know the first few letters of arabic , shame on you waheed shame shame shame

  30. Ashaming this speech for an educated person.
    He has joined the illiterate and analphabets for the purpose of serving the ultra rich such as illiterate Ibrahim Ghasim.

    The problem Maldives is in, is the stoneage-Islamists on one side and the irresponsible capital on the other side, which is used for the well doing of very few only and used against democratization of the Maldivian society - represented by Ghasim, Champaa and some few more. They are not religious, but using the religion to keep people dumb and uneducated as Gayum did, in order to get total control over the country and getting this way more rich by stealing (and destroying!) the nations wealth.

    Elections will not do it anymore. The country needs a revolution and complete re-configuration to improve and have a future.

    Hit the enemies of progress and freedom wherever you can! Still Sun Island etc. is operating, still the yellow planes are flying in order to accumulate more money and power used against YOU!

    Start understanding the present setup! Wake up! Act!

  31. @ Ibn Khaldun,

    Some of you understand the mechanics of power - The rich use religions to brainwash and control the people.

    The rich want to be in power so they can exploit the nations resources, and prevent reforms like taxation, while the people remain poor.

    But, have you considered the option of not electing them to power? Do not elect a single businessman or fundamentalist. Elect only those with the desire, ability and honesty to do good for the country and its people.

    No revolution, violence, or destruction is needed, to bring a change. In a democracy you can blame no one for its failure but its people.

    Educate your friends and spread the message. It will not be easy. The businessmen and the fundamentalists will use every dirty trick in the book to regain power. They will use religion, lies, deceit, bribes, coercion, and violence.

    Take care.

  32. @observer on Tue, 28th Feb

    "No revolution, violence, or destruction is needed, to bring a change. In a democracy...."

    Your position is very honorable, but I cannot share.

    Because you have NOT a democracy. You have it on paper, but you don't have the people for, yet. Neither the politicians, nor their voters are fit for a democratic understanding and acceptance.

    Many muslims -in fact they do not understand Islam themselves- reject democracy for beeing blamed to be unislamic. The tycoons have no interest for selfish reasons. The latter ones are even more dangerous because their mind never will change.

    Gayum had to be driven out from office. Anni has failed to drive out the irresponsible superrich as well. Now they are back.
    Anni had in fact created a revolution, but he had stopped half way trough. This was his failure.
    The present fellow has lined up again with the capital, using religious terms. This is the old Maldivian political habit and sickness.

    Maldives has not a simple political problem. It has a sociological problem. The fight is in reality between educated and uneducated.
    The second leg - the rich in Maldives are irresponsible rich because the others are poor has not been realized by the poor, because the religious game is played with them.

    Before peaceful changes can take place,as you wish, the country has been run down by the illiterate and irresponsible ones.

  33. @ Ibn Khaldun,

    Yes, it would seem a hopeless situation. But what is life without hope?

    This is not an unique Maldivian socio-political sickness. The same goes on in every single country in the world. The differences you see depend on who holds the power. The super rich and the fundamentalists are a small minority. If they have the upper hand the nation suffers. If sensible, honest leaders are in charge, the nation flourishes.

    People give up when they realize they don't have choices. Do not give up! Show the people they have a choice. You can regain democracy if the majority wants it - with international support if necessary.

    Anni started a revolution because he told the people they have another choice and the people followed. Anni had singlehandedly introduced democracy in "Islamic" Maldives. But he failed to make democracy function effectively.

    The reason - One Anni cannot make a difference, there has to many more like him in the parliament for support. Unfortunately, the people had also elected the tycoons and fundamentalists along with him, thus defeating the purpose. It was not Anni's fault.

    Remember - The Tycoons and the fundamentalists are a very small minority. The majority of people want to live simple, honest lives. Believe me. Show them that they have a choice and they will follow. This is what people like you should do now.


    Do not give up, please……….

  34. A 100% Muslim country taken to new hights and settled as a 200% Muslim country. Now what!!!

  35. @observer on Tue

    "The Tycoons and the fundamentalists are a very small minority"

    I hope you are right. But I doubt.
    As for the tycoons: They buy parliament members, votes and even the army, as you have seen.

    "This is not an unique Maldivian socio-political sickness. The same goes on in every single country in the world."

    No, it goes particularly in the Muslim world.
    To come down to the essentials: What happens in Maldives presently is in my opinion nothing else but what happens in the MUslim in world in general:
    The difficulty to get along with the modern world.
    Educated against uneducated.

  36. Mr. President was given this speech on behalf of the day the Maldives become a Muslim nation so what’s wrong with it? Each and every one loves their country and their belief so what’s wrong with it? You all guys know that entire Europe’s economy and there ethical system was failed because they were away from their faith so what’s wrong with it?

  37. @ Ibn Khaldun,

    This is so easy to verify. How many tycoons and fundamentalists do you know personally in Maldives? (1%? 5%?)

    How many tycoons and fundamentalists have you elected to power? (60 - 70%?)

    The problem is that - they control the population, the media, and the government using the methods I mentioned. They are able to brainwash and keep the people ignorant, divided, miserable and suppressed.

    What else is a solution then, other than not electing them to power?

    Yes, the more religious (not only muslim) a society is, the more ignorant, violent, and barbaric it becomes. The muslim countries however, take the lead here.

  38. Dr. Waheed is a true leader Who loves his Country. At least his not a drunkard , Who doesn't no how to control his own security forces. We are with you.

  39. What a beautiful speech. Welldone president Waheed and thank you Minivan news for translating this into English. And to those people I got to say this. If you have a problem with Maldived been a muslim country pack and leave and seek asylum may be in the UK like Nasheed did. We are proud to be Muslims and will be so. Nasheed or any of secular friends can not change that.

  40. May the True God wipe away Waheed into the sea and ban him in hell until eternity. He won't be lonely there, a few of his idols are already awaiting him. More to come soon.

  41. Waheed has become so God fearing and religious all of a sudden... What a joke... Send him to UN n he will start drinking alcohol n eat pork n worship other religions... Just to stay in power in the Maldives he is this outstanding Muslim now ... Moron

  42. I can clearly say "Islam" never calls for bloodshed, never for brutality, never to disrespect other beliefs, never to act against democracy if it falls into God's System.

    Dr Waheed's call is not islamic but satanic. Mutiny & Rebellion originates from only satan


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