Blacklisted Chinese national flees Maldives as “murder” allegations circulate in media

Immigration authorities have confirmed that a Chinese national allegedly linked to the disappearance of a tourist staying at a Maldives holiday resort has fled the country, defying a court-mandated travel ban issued Wednesday (December 12).

Local media has reported that the husband of Chinese tourist Song Yapin, who went missing from the Bandos Island Resort and Spa on December 6, has accused another Chinese national staying at the property of murdering his wife.

Immigration Controller Dr Muhamed Ali today confirmed to Minivan News that a court order had been issued against an unidentified Chinese national banning him from travelling from the country.  However, despite being blacklisted, local newspaper Haveeru today reported that the Chinese national was still able to leave the country on Wednesday evening after the travel ban was issued against him earlier the same day.

Dr Ali declined to comment further on the issue when contacted by Minivan News today.

“That has been covered enough now,” he said by SMS.

The immigration chief previously told local media that a situation where a blacklisted person was then able to leave the country reflected “major issues” within his department.

“The court had sent us a fax. It was sent during unofficial hours and went unnoticed. However it was brought to our attention by the lawyer of the husband of the missing woman,” Dr Ali was quoted as telling media, adding that an investigation into the matter would be held.

Search ongoing

The Maldives National Defence Force (MNDF) today confirmed that the search to locate the missing tourist was continuing.  However, MNDF Spokesperson Colonel Abdul Raheem said that the country’s coastguard had presently ceased sending out dive teams to explore local waters.

“We have checked the area, but were not able to find anything when we sent our dive teams out over a number of days,” MNDF spokesperson Colonel Abdul Raheem told Minivan News today. “We will not be calling off our operation until the person is found, but we will be amending our operation on a daily basis.”

Colonel Raheem was unable to confirm the manner of search the MNDF was presently conducting in its hunt for the missing woman at the time of press.

Bandos Island Resort and Spa was also unable to comment on the matter at the time of press due to the unavailability of a senior spokesperson outside of office hours.

Police Spokesperson Sub-Inspector Hassan Haneef was not responding to calls from Minivan News today.


12 thoughts on “Blacklisted Chinese national flees Maldives as “murder” allegations circulate in media”

  1. There we go.
    The airport has been nationalised one week ago, and already now criminals can run free. Sure more to come.

  2. Effing hopeless bunch! Without us indians to hold your hands you couldn't organize a pissup in a brewery!

  3. You are correct Ibrahim,,,nobody seems to be in control,,inter-departmental communication seems to be non-existing,,and to make it worse>>does anyone in authority care???

  4. Is it a joke of the week or a fact?

    With the advancement in technology and mnodernised immigration facilities, surely no blacklisted individual of any nationality can leave the Maldives through the international airport. Only a blind immigration office can do that.

    Its suspicious and since corruption seems to be part of our daily routine, a few thousands of dollars can buy someone a way out.

    We need a proper investigation to how this man wasn't identified by immigration systems yet it has data of everyone who enters or leaves the country: photo, finger prints and passport details.

  5. New rules. If you did not insult Waheed by calling him a Baaghee or insult Imran by calling him an Islamic extremist, you are free to leave.

  6. It's pretty clear how he got out. The fax wasn't sent during working hours and by the time the fax was picked up, he had left. Duh!

    Nothing to do with India, nothing to do with China.

  7. @Oho FYI. There are no non-working hours in an airport. It works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, even on holidays. Or does Male airport works 9-5 like a govt. office?? I know it has nothing to do with India or China. But it has everything to do with Maldives. Duh!

  8. This is not an issue. The fax was not attended to in a timely manner.

    This is a process issue.

    Fax? What? The blacklist has to be updatable from Male' law enforcing agencies. May be even the criminal courts.

    But this is not a big deal. Cutthroats and murders roam free. There are no processes established to fast prosecution.
    Child molestation in religious classes, Doctors harassed at hospitals, teachers probed at schools, prostitute judges, are all the norm of the day.

    You are seriously worried about a Chinese leaving the country?? Mow your own lawn first!!

  9. I dont think this has any connection to the authority who runs airport. Even at the regime Immigration was controlled by by themselves n not by GMR, so its very wrong to link this issue with GMR and MACL Issue

  10. @Pandey on Sat, 15th Dec 2012 10:48 PM - very true! heh heh!

    If the Court Order was sent to the head office of Immigration Department, there is a possibility of it not being seen.
    However the Court that issued the Order, if it were not the least worried about the mysterious death of a foreign national holidaying in Maldives, I would think they should have sent a copy of it to the Immigration Counter at the International Airport!

    However, with all ingredients for a mysterious magic portion in the cauldron, it is possible that unethical and unimaginable things can happen!

    Now that Maldives and Chinese have deep ties, many mysterious things can and perhaps will happen before too long!

    Chinese are known to run bulldozers over its people, if they would not listen to their grand rulers!

    Just wonder where this murdered lady was working before she planned her vacation!


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