BML CEO flees the country amidst internal investigations

CEO of the Bank of Maldives (BML), Ganesan Subramanyam, left the country on Sunday amidst an internal investigation by the Board of Directors concerning sexual assault.

A source familiar with the matter said the Indian national left as soon as the investigation started.

“He didn’t resign, didn’t tell anyone,” said the source.

“We knew someone complained that he was doing this,” he said, adding that this was the second complaint made by a female BML employee.

“The first girl complained to the assistant manager shortly after Subramanyam began working at the bank,” he said, but added “the story just vanished” shortly after the complaint. The employee is still working at the bank.

Subramanyam “took everything from his office, all his personal effects,” according to the source, and no one has heard from him since.

Police Sub-Inspector Ahmed Shiyam confirmed today neither case has been sent to the police.

BML said a staff member had “reported to the Board alleging improper conduct on the part of the MD and CEO, Mr Ganesan Subramanyam, and the matter is engaging the priority attention of the Board.”

They added “the MD is outside the country” and “a decision about his employment status will be taken after completion of investigations.”

Chief Credit Officer, Ramesh Krishnan, has taken over Subramanyam’s post for the time being, and “normal business is being conducted.”


24 thoughts on “BML CEO flees the country amidst internal investigations”

  1. please update the BML logo with his picture available at

  2. Jeez, dont they conduct a background check for a person they choose for a CEO. BML should revise their employment policies among other things. This just shows how little thought-out things have been and are at this all so important institution. Wonder what other skeletons they have in the closet.

  3. Bring in Kudey... For the same pay as the Sex Offender.. Kudey will do a much better job and he is home grown with a lot of experience at BML.. ...

    Kudey for BML... Kudey for BML.

  4. Did you all know the Ex Chairmen of STO Mr Ahmed Mohamed (infamously known as Andey)? He was behind bringing this sex manaic CEO to BML to cover the **** of Thasmeen and other corrupt so called politicans of this country! Andey is still in BML board and his the master mind of all the corruption of the previous government! Some one please dig the history!!

  5. Nobody does checks and balances on foreign nationals when they are hired. Doctors, managers, teachers you name it. There are probably more imporsters in among foreigners in maldives they the genuine article. Historically, because people had to work at their second job for a living, they didn't care about their government job except for the prestige. But now this is unacceptable and whoever is responsible for bringing shady characters like this must be investigated.

  6. Why the f@5* do we need these foreign garbage to run our own bank??

  7. @NArs: Simply because our national development frameworks for the past 50 years or so put very little emphasis on capacity development.

    The truth is we do not have public administrators, business managers or, heck, even accountants who have the requisite practicing experience OR in the number to fill the positions we create.

    Just take a look at the scope and magnitude of the legal framework for decentralization. So many positions, so little qualified people.

    This will take ages to rectify, however, it does not hurt to fill the essential positions that are left vacant by a serious lack of human resource while we build it.

    Still handing out scholarships as political and personal favors, refusing to enforce stricter terms of bondage for state-trained locals and the unproffessional work environments in this country are not conducive to speedy reform in this area.

  8. I am just curious about this Ex-STO chairman story. Can anybody verify or provide more information on this?

  9. Proper background checks should be conducted on everyone - foreign or local. And such behavior is not restricted to foreigners only. God only knows how many such locals there are and we all know that this used to be and maybe still is quite common in the Government Sector. The only advantage a foreigner has is that he/she can flee the country like this one did. But come to think of it, nothing much happens to locals either, even if they stay here. And most people are either transferred from one ministry to another or something like that. So this really isn't about locals and foreigners, rather about lack of law enforcement and lack of proper institutional mechanisms to address these issues effectively.

    And as Hamza said the reason why we need foreigners is due to lack of capacity locally, and also due to lack of employment disciple in many Maldivians nowadays especially. Its all about a big salary and acting big and tough....and work performance isn't something that they think is relevant. In many organizations we see locals bullying foreigners, threatening them etc. This is a very sorry and sad picture, especially when we have no choice but to rely on foreign labor.

  10. I heard this story early this year. No action was taken. It became everybody's secret. As usual young girls had to go through his sexual comments I believe and finally he aimed at a young lady who said "enough is enough" so be it he fled. The board members were there. How can they investigate a case and take action with him out of country.I hope no one will ask for people to give evidence. Who will abuse a person in front of someone who will give evidence. I strongly feel there should be a gender focal point in every government Institution to enable such cases to be handled urgently. There are 3 deputies (Ladies) by the way) in BML. Why did they allow this to happen repeatedly. Hats off to the young lady for alerting everyone on this issue. Its 21st century we have local educated people. Let us trust them with our Instutions. Beyrumeehunnah hurihaa kameh dhookoh nulaa. kiyavaigen thibi Dhivehinge beynun hifamaa thoa?

  11. It is unfortunate the fellow is being subjected to mob justice based on allegations yet to be proved. So is he ‘guilty before proven’ just because he is a foreigner? Has anyone considered that may be he left for this very reason – escaping being judged before allegations have been proven because he is a foreigner? I am not saying he didn’t do wrong or he did wrong. But when you are a foreigner in a country where intolerance is growing, even a false allegation would make you scamper for a quick exit; you could be stoned based on rumours! In the corporate world, it is a known fact that sometimes accusations of sexual assault are unfounded, and in some cases have been brought up by a disgruntled employee/colleague. Again, I am not pre-empting. If he indeed committed a crime, Indian authorities should cooperate to bring him to justice. If I were in his shoes, even it was just an unfounded allegation, I would fly out immediately and then cooperate with the authorities from afar (may be by going to the Maldivian embassy in my country, if we have one) because, as someone has said above, the first and fast reaction of some (but not all) would be: “That foreign garbage!” That said, if indeed he did commit a crime, he must be brought to book by all means necessary. Sexual offences should never be taken lightly.

  12. Journalism in "quotation marks" is not really journalism.

  13. Maldivian Italian, I do understand your concern about mob justice; but see, in the past few years - intolerance against sex offenders have been on the rise; the people are tired of letting the judiciary allow hardened criminals to escape, leaving the victim to suffer the full force of what passes for "legal justice".

    Nevertheless, most of us aren't the ravenous, bloodthirsty mob the media will portray us as; we are willing to listen to both sides of the story - I know because an Indian man who lived around my area was accused of smuggling drugs; but he stood his ground and eventually, he was found innocent.

    This is why I take this CEO fleeing the country as an admission of guilt. Just as that Turkish Principal fled Lale school.

  14. Actually need pics of both, offender and offended to read their faces and I can go the extent of decoding which body parts got harassed and which parts were used to harass !

  15. good for BML. these buggers do not want to use any locals. there are lots of mature experienced educated locals who can contribute to this country. but just dont want to use locals. our country is going down the drain coz locals are not given any chance.

  16. As a former General Manager and CEO of BML I would just like to add my regret and disaapointment at this news. What exactly has happened I do not know but I do know there are several very capable women working in the bank who I recommended for promotion whilst CEO in 1999 / 2000 and are still there. However unfortunately as an international bank I do feel it is essential that the CEO must have had foreign experience in order to ensure the bank is able to introduce the latest financial intstruments ( I for example intorduced the on-line computer sytem ) which is important both for the bank and the country as a whole, as well as to represent the bank internatianlly.
    I am sure BMl will survive this latest hiccup, and if needed I would be happy to assist.

  17. i was working in the office that day , when i came to office the GM left to airport for departures after taking money from ATM from main branch? so now what?what are you guys trying to hide? he is getting such a huge salary as told by some staff in the bank. he gets abt 1 lakh rufiyaa! isnt that huge? more than the current president !i heard there are many capable maldivians inside the BML also. why cant those ppl get the job? why shud it be sum foreign person always? come on ! all the bank customers who hold their money in the bank have teh right to speak! have the right to stand up! after auditor generals report . nothing has changed much! still the same people managing the BML . BML is gonna be the worst customer service bank in future if they dont take any actions about that!

    BML lacks:

    Customer satisfication!
    lack of loans for the people who really need , lke the studenst who study , hosuing loans for maldivians!
    no fairness in giving loans!
    the policies are too old for this modern economy !
    ATM s are always not in service!

    i call upon the police to fully investigate the BML gm s departure!he has abused so many girls in the BML

  18. For those who wanted to see his pic its available in BML's annual report for 2009. Here is the link:

    Check page number 18

  19. I was the Asst General Manager of this CEO in ICB in Mz and there were 2 compliants about him melesting 2 lady staff and our local legal and HR Managers complain to me.

    Being a Malaysian bank (me a Malaysian) I informed our Board but no action taken and he resigned and joined Maldives Bank. He tried to frame me up with tumb-up charges.

    He is working in Tanzania after leaving Maldives. You can check with Central Bank Tanzania now. He is a REAL crook. Hope someone can get him before he damage someone again.

  20. Now he works in Comoros for a tanzanian bank as GM! See his picture and news on the local newspaper:


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