Budget 2011 will drop fiscal deficit to 10-15 percent, President tells media

President Mohamed Nasheed has said the country’s crippling budget deficit of 26.5 percent will drop to 15 percent in the upcoming 2011 state budget, and potentially 10 percent by the end of the year.

The government’s aim had been 18 percent, Haveeru reported the President as saying following the laying of the foundation stone for 1000 flats in Hulhumale’ last week.

Nasheed noted that when the present government came to power in 2008, “the deficit was 44 percent compared to net national productivity.”

The government is under considerable pressure from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to reduce the deficit, and earlier this month delayed its third disbursement to the country because of the government’s inaction on the matter this year, pending the release of the 2011 budget.

While the IMF program itself is worth US$92.5 million, other foreign donors and investors consider the IMF’s opinion of a country’s fiscal policies when making decisions.

While acknowledging the political pressures faced by the government during 2010, particularly regarding its ability to cut a crippling public sector wage bill which increased 400 percent between 2004 and 2009, the IMF has stated throughout 2011 that the country is “living beyond its means.”

In June 2010, the IMF published its Country Report for the Maldives, and calculated that if the government continued to pursue economic reform at its current pace and policy, the country’s fiscal deficit would increase by one percent of GDP in 2010 and 4.5 percent of GDP in 2011.

Attempts to increase revenue by passing a Business Profit Tax bill has been obstructed in parliament by vested business interests, while the Civil Service Commission has taken the Finance Ministry to court over its refusal to restore a 15 percent salary cut.

The forthcoming 2011 budget, explained leader of the Maldives IMF delegation Rodrigo Cubero, was “a crucial opportunity for the government to implement the austerity measures much needed. At the moment, the current policy stance is not sustainable.”

The government has not yet revealed how the 2011 budget intends to reduce the deficit by such a margin as stated by the President.

Last year, parliament’s Finance Committee, headed by the opposition-aligned People’s Alliance MP Ahmed Nazim, amended the budget to include an additional Rf 800 million (US$62 million) in order to aid the restoration of civil servant salaries following a 15 percent pay cut, and subsidies for sectors ranging from fishing and agriculture to private media.

Finance Minister Ali Hashim had not responded to Minivan News at time of press.


4 thoughts on “Budget 2011 will drop fiscal deficit to 10-15 percent, President tells media”

  1. What bull crap. Is Minivan speaking for the gov't. This article has a decidedly pro government lean to it. After mentioning that the government had no plan, you mention Nazim's commitee's action. But where is the fair and balanced coverage?? Where is Nazim's remarks on this issue?

    As for Anni, this is just more bold talk. No real action plan, just vague bullcrap promises. Horrible.

  2. Cutting the deficit rapidly will hurt everyone, not to mention the Governments plans.

    What is needed is a pro-growth and export driven policy. Exporting is the key here. Why not set a target of boosting Maldives exports to 500 Million in 2 years, rather than the spending cuts.

  3. why did the minivan forgot to give the figures for salary for the unnecessary political position's. I totally agree that the government need political positions, but most of them now are not necessary, corruption and many against the constitution (such as the councilors). what about those projects such as the gulhi falhu project. its not the time for that, especially to award for 100million more to reeko because he says he is going to do it in 6 months. In 6 months who is coming to invest there? Further, we all know that government will do nothing if he doesn't do it in 6 months. Well, you'll have to be suspicious when the other two companies are 100times or more experienced and couldn't make a viable offer to do it in 6 months. perhaps there are good technical reasons. Be faithful to the country and give unbiased reports.

  4. The deficit will not be reduced until the parliament is dissolved. Our MPs are corrupt and cheap cheats! They are the only ones who refused to take a pay cut of even 1%! Their monthly basic pay is 65,000 rufiyaa per person. Then they also get paid for attending committees EVEN while the parliament debates are going on! Total take home pay for each monkey per month is 115,000 rufiyaa! On top of that, these rascals have not declared their business interests and assets, allowing them to promote their own business interests. Shahid has house in Preston bought in April 2005 for 500,000 dollars! Where did he get that money? And why has he not declared his assets? Thasmin owes bank of maldives 100 million dollars! No wonder makun Naeem was fired! What Anni needs is not the IMF but a 21st century Gunpowder Plot!


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