CAM working to block controversial ‘Innocence of Muslims’ Trailer

The Communications Authority of Maldives (CAM) has said today that it is working to block the trailer of a film titled ‘Innocence of Muslims’ from being viewed in the Maldives.

The controversial film has been at the centre of perceived anti-American protests across the world. International media has reported that in certain cases, these protests have descended into violence, resulting in the deaths of a number of US nationals at certain embassies in Africa and the Middle East.

Addressing the availability of the trailer in the Maldives, CAM Chief Executive Ilyas Ahmed has said that the usual course of action in dealing with cases of offensive on-line content in the country was to block an entire website found to be hosting the material. However, since the trailer in this case was hosted on public video-sharing website YouTube, Ilyas said he was trying to find a way to block the video alone.

“Since YouTube is a popular site used by many people, it is not practical to block it. So instead of blocking YouTube, we are instead talking to Google first and trying to have this trailer alone blocked,” has was reported as telling local media.

Ilyas stated that this is the first time in the Maldives that content was being sought to be blocked in this manner. He added that the CAM had taken up the work after receiving a formal written request from the Ministry of Islamic Affairs.

The ministry had previously released a statement on Thursday (September 13) which called on people to show restraint, while condemning the movie.

Meanwhile, Adhaalath Party, the religious conservative party to which Islamic Minister Sheikh Mohamed Shaheem Ali Saeed belongs to also released a press statement the same day.  In the release, the party stated that the objective behind people being offensive to Islam was to drive millions of Muslims over the world to create unrest and do wrong.

The statement also asked protesters to refrain from causing harm to innocent people and damaging government or public property.

Crowds of people protested against the offensive movie ‘Innocence of Muslims’ in front of the UN Building on Friday.

Minister of Islamic Affairs Mohamed Shaheem Ali Saeed was not responding to calls at the time of press.


18 thoughts on “CAM working to block controversial ‘Innocence of Muslims’ Trailer”

  1. I kind of think the cat is out of the bag on this one.
    I am sure enough people have seen and downloaded this video in the Maldives that any kind of block would not prevent people who want to view it from seeing it.

  2. Not possible. It will only satisfy your conscience that you've done your bit (as fruitless as it may be) to censor the video, but we all know that it is impossible now to prevent anyone who is determined to view it from seeing the movie.

    Instead of all these negative reactions, why don't we do something positive? How about a programme or writing contest on the mercy and forgiving nature of the Prophet? How about organising free meals for the homeless beggars near the market? How about volunteering to help the children at the Vilingili center? And scholars, how about calm rebuttals to each and every point raised in the movie instead of trying to hide it?

    Wouldn't that be more along the lines of Islam?

    I know it is a fun break from our boring existence to shout at a protest and burn a flag, but its not at all constructive. For once I'd like to see a headline which said: "Muslims react to insulting movie with calm and restraint" "Muslims feed the poor to show spirit of Prophet" "Muslims follow Muhammmads example and conducts mass prayers of forgiveness for the moviemakers" "Muslim association publishes book refuting the lies in the movie"

  3. These protests calling for murder shows the stagnation in Muslim thought. To see kids taken to these protests with cardboard cut out guns, placards calling for beheadings was more offensive to me than the videos.

  4. Oh please, it'll be extremely easy to make and upload another movie and share it on youtube or FB for the viewing pleasure of you rampaging hordes.

    The whole point is to make you angry and demonstrate so that you will show to the world what kind of people you really are.

    Sam Baciles movie only taints himself, as a terrible movie maker with no gift for dialogue or comedy. These protests taint the adherents of an entire faith, as bloodthirsty, easily offended savages. That was Sam Baciles point all along. You guys have only vindicated his beliefs.

  5. Shaheem just trying to please some ignorant few instead of educating the public. We just have to accept the fact that we cannot force people in the West (who have totally different values) to act according to our own will. What is censoring the video going to achieve any way? The internet is filled with derogatory remarks, articles and pictures about Islam and Prophet Muhammad. There is so much hate speech.

    The best way is to ignore such stupid things. A video which I am sure does not deserve ANY attention at all even if u really hate Muslims. I mean there are much better quality documentaries trying to denounce Islam and Muslims.

    Muslims need to wait for a moment and use their brain instead of letting their emotions control their mind!

  6. It appears these idiots haven't grasped the concept of a viral video yet and how they themselves are doing a brilliant job at promoting it. Before this stupidity began, it was a trailer which anyone had barely watched or even bothered about but now it's all over the place.

  7. It is time to think seriously before going violent and schizophrenic when ever people see and hear things that offends their inner psychosis condition. When someone ridicules your belief system, if you go mad about it behave like some animals, it gives the people the notion that you are really a laughing stock and the reason behind all your behavior is nothing but the teaching of your religion. All the religions are not ridicule proof; every religion has rituals, rules we cannot take seriously because they are definitely not for our time, People some time emulate imaginary leaders never existed and may be they are all mythical figures created by people, like Dracula, Frankenstein and Rannamari. Jesus, Mohamed, Moses and Buddha, they never existed, even if they existed they have never claimed of being divine people. They may have been ordinary people either with some con or intellectual characteristic and was carried on the lip of many generations transforming them to divine figures. Isn’t obvious that the gods and goddess conceived by early people cannot be a creator of universe even such phenomenon existed? Get educated and believe nothing but the Golden Rule “ Do unto others as you would have them unto you” There is no God but you yourself.

  8. This production must be rather silly!

    Because in fact it cannot harm Islam or the Prophet (saw) in any way!

    The very people who produced this will fully know that with the birth of Prophet Muhammad, and birth of Islam, Christianity was written off and given a choice!

    In fact what they do not understand is, that unknowingly they are luring more Americans towards Islam!

    The "Lord" of the universe (not the lord the Blues Brothers belive in the movie Blues Brothers) truly works in mysterious ways!!!!

    True Muslims to my belief should tolerate, and tolerate!

  9. lemme say this for those who say internet cannot be sensored;

    A lock doesn't stop a determined theif; but 80% of humans will not break the door or lock.

    so this video or whatever that needs to be blocked can be blocked to the majority of people. this aversion to sensor anything in net is normal desire of people to hold on to a sense of little liberty. but the fact is that we are not living in the jungle. we have loved ones to shelter from evil.

    so use your brains.
    be not zombies.
    do not parrot the half brained 'techies'.

    remember, 80% of humans will not break the door or the lock.

  10. It doesn't take much to get the followers of the 'religion of peace' to go on the rampage....especially in '100% sunni muslim' nations like Maldives.
    This is now a worldwide phenomenon that is happening with monotonous regularity.......and like a lot of 'kaffirs', I am sick of it.
    First it was the Danish cartoons and now this viral video.
    Did the buddhists in Japan, Thailand, Japan, Burma, Cambodia and Sri Lanka go on the rampage when your sunni brothers in Afghanistan destroyed the Bamiyan Buddhas?
    Do the hindus in India go on the rampage each time a temple is destroyed or a hindu girl forcibly converted to islam by your sunni brothers in Pakistan?
    Why is it OK for you to constantly refer to non muslims as kaffirs, infidels, idol and cow worshippers?
    Why is the blasphemy law used to terrorise non muslims in Pakistan by your sunni brothers?
    Why is it OK for you to show disrespect to non muslims but woe betide anyone who insults islam?
    What is so special about muslims and islam?
    Pehaps if your religion taught you respect and tolerance for other faiths you might earn some of the respect back.

  11. Oh great. Death to America...again. These animals are burning anything they can, polluting the air, and do they really believe Mohammed would approve? I thought Islam was a peaceful religion? Why are these protesters always screaming for vengeance and blood? Listen...I did not make that ridiculous movie trailer, and I only watched it to understand the logic behind these massive riots. Seriously, this movie is retarded and it is insulting, but it certainly does not accurately depict the prophet. Seems to me these people will use any excuse to hate on America and you know what? That's okay. The majority of Americans are hard-working, PEACEFUL human beings who co-exist with one another, in pursuit of Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness. Please stop the violence and instead of vowing death and burning things that release TOXIC smoke into the atmosphere, pray for peace and feed the poor and homeless. Thank you, and yes, may God bless you and show you a more peaceful way of demonstrating your anger.

  12. Sorry but the way these fools reacted to this video did so so much more damage than the video did to Islam. I watched this video it was so ridiculous to the point that it was comical especially the part when he talks to the donkey, lol. If this is all it takes to get Muslims going, please tsk tsk !

  13. You know, I hate to say this, but for the first time I agree with MissIndia NewDelhi

  14. Miss India has got it spot on lads. Just a matter of time, people in the west are tired of dealing with this shit, finally waking up and seeing the light. China and Russia would never put up with this shit ! Things are going to come to head and these clowns will be on the losing end.


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