MP Muthalib calls for killing of former President’s Special Envoy Ibrahim Hussain Zaki

Adhaalath-aligned MP Ibrahim Muthalib has called in parliament for former President Mohamed Nasheed’s Special Envoy, Ibrahim Hussain Zaki, to be “hanged to death” as a “traitor to the Maldives”.

Speaking in the parliamentary chamber on November 26, Muthalib called for the arrest of Zaki, claiming that “traitors have to be killed” else they will “destroy the country”.

Muthalib’s comments follow those made by Adhaalath Party Leader Sheik Imran at the ‘GMR go home’ rally earlier this month.

Speaking at the rally, Sheik Imran reportedly stated that Zaki would “leave both worlds” on the day GMR is “chased out of the country”.

The latest threat comes after Zaki warned India that rising fundamentalism in the Maldives threatened the country’s economic interests.

Zaki told reporters that the attack on the GMR contract is “an Islamic fundamentalist issue”, adding: “When Islamic fundamentalism takes over the country, if the Lashkar-e-Taiba can take over the country, then I have no choice [but to call in forces from India].”

Zaki previously claimed that many top figures within the Adhaalath Party were educated in Pakistan and draw their philosophy from the hard line Salafist form of Islam.

Indian media reported on Thursday that: “Zaki, 67, a former minister in successive Maldivian governments headed by former presidents Maumoon Gayoom and [Mohamed] Nasheed, said he would have called for Indian forces to protect the multi-million-dollar investment by Indian infrastructure firm GMR Group.”

India’s Daily News & Analysis reported Zaki as saying that fundamentalists in the Maldives “have links with terror group Lashkar-e-Toiba” and warned that if Islamic fundamentalism goes unchecked the country could turn into a terror state that threatens Indian security.

Muthalib alleged that Zaki’s motivation to defend the GMR deal came from fear of having to spend “a long time in jail” or face “a death sentence” as an investigation would prove that he had accepted “large amounts of money” as bribes from the Indian company.

“Honourable Speaker, these are traitors to the nation. They have to be killed. If they are not killed and left to live, the country will be ruined. They will destroy the country,” Muttalib said, as recorded in parliament’s minutes.

“Therefore, I am calling on the Maldivian government one more time to arrest Ibrahim Hussain Zaki as quickly as possible and, after conducting a trial against him, to hang him to death as a traitor the the Maldives.”

MP Muthalib further alleged that Zaki was “the chief architect” of 1988 failed coup attempt and called on the government to launch an investigation into his alleged involvement.

However, the article in which Zaki was quoted, notes that he is “known in India as the man who telephoned then Indian prime minister Rajiv Gandhi to seek help when Gayoom was threatened by a coup in 1988”.

Muhthalib stated that Zaki was “once again attempting to have Malabars invade the country”. He also called on the government to strip Zaki of the title of honour previously given to him by the state.

Following the remarks, Speaker Abdulla Shahid said calling for a person’s death in the Majlis chamber was “unacceptable.”

Zaki’s remarks “threat to national security”: Defence Ministry

In a statement on Friday (November 23), the Defence Ministry condemned Zaki’s remarks made to Indian media “in the harshest terms” and contended that “such actions are very dangerous [threats] to national security and encourage activities that would harm the country’s independence and sovereignty.”

Zaki responded to the criticism faced by his comments through a statement released yesterday (November 25), claiming that his comments were “misrepresented”.

“The comments I made were directly related to long-standing security cooperation between India and the Maldives, and the common interest of both countries in ensuring peace, stability, law and order in the Maldives, and the emerging international law obligation of Responsibility to Protect. They respond directly to the growing political violence in the Maldives with clear international dimensions,” said Zaki.

He further states that it is “ludicrous” to suggest that India would receive a request that violates the sovereignty of the Maldives.

“My comments in India were completely within the framework of the United Nations resolution 44/51 on Protection and Security of Small States, which the Maldives proposed to the UN in 1989 and of which I am the author. They were fully consistent with the principles set out in UN resolution 2625 and with the regional and the bilateral agreements in force between the two countries.

“To suggest that a call for proactive regional security cooperation was tantamount to treason only reflects the international outlook of those currently governing the Maldives; and I strongly disassociate myself from any such imputation,” added Zaki.

Political groups within the Maldives have been calling for the government to annul the Ibrahim Nasir International Airport (INIA) development contract with Indian infrastructure giant GMR.

The Adhaalath party have played a pivotal role in the anti-GMR campaign, staging multiple protests and an issuing an ultimatum for the government to adhere to.

The first six-day ultimatum to “reclaim” the airport was originally announced by the party earlier this month. However, this was extended to November 30 after no action had been taken by the government by the end of the six-day deadline.

Following the latest ultimatum Sheikh Imran warned of “direct action” should there be no conclusion to the dispute by November 30.

Defence of Mohamed Fahmy

Muthalib rcently caused controversy over his comments relating to the dismissal of President of the Civil Service Commission Mohamed Fahmuy on charges of sexual harassment.

Muthalib spoke against removing Fahmy, excusing his actions as being “encouraged” by Satan.

“If we are to make our women nude and exposed, and then send them out to mingle with men, then why speak of protecting them? Honourable Speaker, this cannot be done in this manner. If a man and a woman are in a room alone, Satan will be there as the third person and will encourage sinful activities,” Muthalib said.

“Their place is in their houses, to serve their husbands and look after children. If we give them the opportunity to go out and mingle then we can no longer talk about their dignity and protection. It is people who harass women who are now speaking in their defense here today,” he further added.


42 thoughts on “MP Muthalib calls for killing of former President’s Special Envoy Ibrahim Hussain Zaki”

  1. You can’t take literal meaning of traitor and threaten the people with death Mr uneducated Muttalib. Zaki has just spoken his mind; he did not expose classified information of fishermen’s Central intelligence (FCI) What the F*** ass hole is this Mujarrib is, People who appointed to represent them must be some dumb asses with pin heads filled with shits.

  2. Those are admirable goals!

    Adbulla Muthalib is a wise man and a good man. I wish him well in his tireless endeavours to put fear into the hearts of traitors and virtue into the blood of our shameless women. May the lord of mercy grant him success. Amen.

  3. Those are admirable goals!

    The honorable Ibrahim Muthalib is a wise man and a good man. I wish him well in his tireless endeavours to put fear into the hearts of traitors and virtue into the blood of our shameless women. May the lord of mercy grant him success. Amen.

  4. He is Pakistani trained Lashkar-e-Taiba sympathiser. He is narrow-minded fanatic. He is a envoy of religious extremists. He is a dagerous devil...

  5. Muththalib we call the people of Maldives to hang you to death and you are a FU******ing traitor and wasting the constituents rights and it will be better without you live in this world god bless you MAN !!!!

  6. Dhivehi Hanguraama if you have children family and fear Allah you will know Islam will never encourage such low graded attitude. This is Not surprising either a Coup regime can never do anything right. May Allah bless us with an early election.

  7. Gives people an insight about the type of people we are dealing with here. This man is supposed to be a responsible citizen, an MP.
    What gives Muttalib the right to call for anyone's death? If something happens to Zaki then Muttalib has to assume responsibility.
    There must be a law whereby people are protected from the likes of this imbecile

  8. Muthali is 1000 times more educated than Zaki and certainly more pious and trusty worthy.

    Zaki says his words in India were taken out of context. So why can't we apply the same rule to what Muttalib says.

    May be Minivan has taken what Muthalib said out of context.

  9. @Ahmed

    What? In Islam, apostasy is dealt with the death sentence, and there are multiple misogynistic rulings for women in Islam, including the approval of beating them.

    On topic though, this quote:

    “Their place is in their houses, to serve their husbands and look after children. If we give them the opportunity to go out and mingle then we can no longer talk about their dignity and protection. It is people who harass women who are now speaking in their defense here today,”

    It sums up what sort of a person this muttalib is. The sort of utopia he is looking for has already been established in countries like Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and Afghanistan. He can move there if he wants and live his dream. It's funny how muslims themselves shame their religion over and over again. Misogyny at its best, from the lawmakers of the banana republic.

  10. @Ahmed

    How dare you pray for things that Allah has forbidden!

    Begone with your wrected democracy. May the lord of mercy cast you down into boiling lakes of fire and may it scald you for all eternity unless you repent and mend your ways!

  11. Zaki is a traitor and he need to be arrested for the crimes he committed .

    Just few weeks before, Indian authority arrested an innocent guy for putting some words on his twitter which were not happy about the some Indian higher authorities ? But they had the best democracy in the world.

    So we need to learn from them and it is a proof that in any democratic society , people are not free to do what ever they want but freedom come with a responsibility . Freedom is to exercise within certain boundaries.

    This mean what Zaki had done in that Island with alcohol is not a legal things and what he had done is illegal and he need to be punished. The propaganda he is spreading in indian media is a threat to the nation and for this , he need to be put behind the bars.

  12. Muthalib is an ass hole! The people who elected him are without brains I suppose.
    Good luck Fares Mathoda dhaairaa!

  13. I like when elected representatives talk like this. Just shows what way the country is headed. MPs calling death threat. Next they would be toting guns. Finally they will start making their threats true. Way to go guys.

  14. I am sure it would not be that hard for Mr Mutt to buy a house and move with his family to Wazaristan. I would like him to make the move.

  15. of course Muthali is 1000 times more educated. he knows the outcome of the trial before hand (guilty! guilty! guilty!)

    “Therefore, I am calling on the Maldivian government one more time to arrest Ibrahim Hussain Zaki as quickly as possible and, after conducting a trial against him, to hang him to death as a traitor the the Maldives.”

    why bother mentioning a trial?

  16. What a bunch of nut cases. In the normal world, death threats are actually punishable by law. In the Maldives, it's just theater. Please pass the popcorn.

  17. Zak has been in politics longer than some of you attained puberty, so do not underestimate the chap. He will come out of this...clean as a whistle!

  18. This is the Mumbai Terrorist video documentary hosted by CNN last night. Extremely concerned for the safety of Maldives now that these apes have infiltered into our country! Adhaalath and Fahari binti Imran are hell bent on bringing this devastation upon us. It was HEARTBREAKING to watch this, specifically the end bit where the little Muslim boy whose parents were shot dead tells the camera "What did we ever do to them? What benefit do they get from killing all these people?" I suggest everyone watch this and tell other Maldivians about the threat of these vile animals in our country.

  19. Ah Mutty-boy. What an idiot you are. people like you are simply cannon-fodder to be destroyed in a fight. And, sorry, there'll be no virgins for you when you get over to the palace of worms.

  20. He needs a one way ticket to Afghanistan to make himself a martyr.

    Uneducated people like Muttalib fall prey to Islamic extremism.

    Muttalib should know that listening to Salaf Dharus CD’s don’t get you an educating about Islam.

  21. Everything Motalib said about sexual harassment about Fahmy and Zaki was shown on national tv.

    This is not the first time Motalib has threatened someone publicly. He is a known terrorist but the national security forces are too sissy to go after him or he is untouchable.

    With beard comes great powers in Maldives and Afghanistan.

  22. During most of the MDP rallies, which were headed by the MDP leadership, including Zaki, Hassan Afeef (though they do not represent any designation in MDP)often demand to Hang president waheed, CP Riyaz, and Defence Minister Nazim.
    What muttalib said is to arrest him and impose the judicial sentence of capital punishment. What's wrong with Minivan News? Why were you blind on what mdp said.

  23. What is more dangerous - an ex minister who collaborated with terrorist Uma maheshvaran, who dreams of Indian army occupation of Maldives and who is caught red handed with drugs OR a hardline religious MP?

    Ans- depends on whether you belong to MDP DRINKING group or not

  24. This is stupid, the whole news report was bcz of this guy muttalib or something asking the parliament to kill another man...!! WTF!! and Muttalib's talk is backed by Fahari IMRAN??? now theres a lot of attention there dont u agree?

    If we are to give the list of pple to be killed to achieve an honest constitution (atleast better than this and the one we r going to have) then the best option is to line up every1 in the 30 year regime and have them shot with a .45 caliber in 15cm distance.ofcz there is an option called "BY LAW" but one which never works when the judiciary members start counting money flowing into their accounts. these politicians have become so crooked, so dishonest dat this country will never advance with their shadows...may it be mothalib or golhabo or zaki.. The pple of Maldives will never be free until then.

  25. i wonder why this mothalib man didnt voice his death penalty to the pple who had commited murder in the country.a sentence he should be able to justify as being 'according to islamic shariah and law' but this bloody country has again and again failed to make its laws strong and sits up on its big fat ass blaming each other to sign papers....Warner Bros eh

  26. i strongly feel ALL (to be polite 95%) of these bearded fanatics are gay.. Hide their wives away afraid of competition they might get from another man.. their children grow up in cell blocks..without TV, games, info, entertainment and social activities...what fine men will develop into... when they grow up to the age of adolescence, it will be like jumping onto fire from the frying pan... so who helps them see that their way of life is not good?? nobody...why? bcz they are good pple with beard and cut trousers?oh f_ck Me!

  27. @Dhivehi Hanguraama on Mon, 26th Nov 2012 6:48 PM.

    You say MP Ibrahim Muththalib is a wise man and a good man!

    I am shocked!

    If you wish, you can visit Thoiba Mosque in the Maafannu ward during prayer time and watch it live without coming to conclusions.

    This honourable MP, has a constant whim of biting the backs and eating the flesh of his colleagues at the parliament (especially when there is a debate where there is his interest).

    Many of us who go to Thoibe Mosque for prayers see him come out of the mosque and disgrace himself by speaking bad about his colleagues at the parliament.

    A wise man speaks only when spoken to, and will speak what he knows and what he believe.

    And a good man will never bite other people's backs and eat their flesh.

    Under these circumstances, and many others, too long to relate, it is not possible to believe that MP Ibrahim Muththalib is a wise man or a good man!

    If at all you care to see this, please visit Thoiba Mosque and watch it live!

    As for the subject matter, what many onlookers (including the speaker of the house) understood was that Mr. Zaki was to be investigated, brought to justice and hanged!

    If at all Mr. Zaki was guilty of a crime on anything irregular, there can be calls for the matter to be investigated, sent before justice and PUNISHED!

    MP Muththalib, especially as an MP, has the right to called for what he has called. It is not possible to believe that the majority of his constituency may come to this conclusion for him to portrait it in parliament!

    Even if were the case, he or the people of his constituency has no right to call for such a sentence!

    This is very wrong and it is of view that as an example, MP Muththalib should be punished for this.

  28. All Maldivains commit that’s Haraam in Islam adultery, drinking and you name it, everything Haram in Islam is committed by Maldivian. Everyone do Haram things and at the same time they hate it. I think something extremely wrong in their thinking. When people commit socially unaccepted acts, we call them psychopaths, so does this means All Maldivian are psychopaths. I can understand those who commit Haraam acts without any conviction to Islam because they don’t have any psychological obligation to refrain from Haraam things, but with firm belief in Islam, those who go Hraam are definitely maniacs.

  29. People are not perfect. They will tend to do haram things all the time. But as a religious person they can ask for forgiveness from God.

    But Maldivian are over the edge, caz of these Rent A Sheik's brainwashing uneducated people who are trapped in islands surrounded by the vast ocean, with almost nil chance of making contact with civilization and learn from them.

  30. Why can't somebody do something to get rid of this moron? Wasting the hard earned income of the public for useless rantings. Mad-hatters like this Muththalib guy should be made to wear a stetson hat with a Vodka bottle on one hand, and be made a permanent fixture on the Tora Bhora architecture.

  31. Ahaaa, was waiting for this biased news!!

    Now the amazing thing about Minivan is that they will present news (even if it is about slaughtering goats for their meat and it's distribution to poor people)as barbaric as possible if it is concerned with religion;especially Islam.

    We did not get any news on Minivan about the so called secularists, humanity loving MDpians including the drug addict buffoon Zaki repeatedly calling for the hanging of Dr Waheed and the ministers after 7th feb.

    This went on for about 5 or 6 months around the country and with the dummy of Dr waheed hung on a noose, sorcery in touch and even the children were scared of what all this bs was about. Now no news from minivan about these incidents and you want us to believe your sh**! get a grip, will ya!you think all Maldivians are dumb just like you to believe whatever the western media presents.

    And about the hanging of toddy Zaki by muthalib (muthalib should ponder on the verse ...So We decreed for the tribe of Israel that if someone kills another person - unless it is in retaliation for someone else or for causing corruption in the earth - it is as if he had murdered all mankind. And if anyone gives life to another person, it is as if he had given life to all mankind. Our Messengers came to them with Clear Signs but even after that many of them committed outrages in the earth. (Qur'an 5: 32)

    So speaking like seyku Nasheed about backbiting and talking filth make muthalib the same.

    And by the way the whole world knows the truth about 9/11 incident put on the the western media regarded as a reason for fight against terror.
    [Must Watch] Full The Painful Truth and lies behind 9/11 - A documentary you dont want to miss

    The American people are too scared of re investigating the case because of the truth they will find out.

    Wake up you dumb biased Muslims and see what the world is going though; the Eurozone crisis, American physical cliff, the middle east crisis. Something is definitely beyond the reach of human capabilities even if they deem the most powerful of all. Meaning; the west and America. They can't control it!

    PS;and do not believe the remarks by some people here who believes in the western view(mostly the Americans) who apparently say that they have killed and dumped the body of Osama into the sea yet does not provide any evidence or even photos of his body.Whom to believe, you decide??

  32. BTW, we do not know even Osama exists because all the video footage came from the western media, the Taliban came into existence because of America because they used the poor people of Afghanistan to fight against Russia, you check it out, also check on the establishment of israel by the UN on the Palestinina soil which lead to extremism rising so all the blame of this extremism ultimately lies as a fault of the west and it's policies.

  33. and also what did actually happen in Benghazi, do we know, it's all full of conspiracy. What i can say is the west is full of hilarious sh** spread to protect their own a**.

  34. @Agnostic Fisherman

    I feel for you in your frustration. The truth is that no man (or woman) has power to overcome temptation without the true Power of God. I think you have pointed out something here where you believe that that Islam has some sort of power of "psychological obligation" to stop you doing the wrong thing. The key is to "know" that you have forgiveness when you do the wrong thing and that repentance (turning away) is what God requires when we ask Him for forgiveness. Bless you.


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