Comment: Maldivians helping 700,000 non-Muslims go to hell every year

As all of us know very well, we Maldivians are a pious Muslim community who have it enshrined in our constitution that to be a Maldivian necessarily means to be a Muslim. If we give up our Muslim identity, our rights as a Maldivian citizen are taken away automatically.

How this has been accommodated within the framework of the International Convention on Human Rights (of which we are a signatory) is still a mystery to me. For it says that every human being has the right to the freedom of conscience. And what is freedom of conscience if we cannot choose our religion?

Recently I found myself discussing the issue with some friends and we thought of a scenario where a Maldivian waiter is serving non-Muslims in a resort. The waiter will serve all alcoholic beverages that the guests (referred in this article as non-Muslims) request for. He will also catch glimpses of them wearing bikinis and frolicking about in the white sandy beaches. And yet, he himself is strictly prohibited from any such behavior, not only because of his job description as a waiter, but because, if he chooses to engage in any of these activities he is facilitating his guests with, he will find himself a criminal. I told my friends that I found this contradiction a bit troublesome. I understand that some Maldivians justify this state of things by citing various reasons.

Even though the Maldivian constitution was last revised as recently as 2008, it clearly states that a Maldivian citizen can only be a Muslim. And from this follows other laws and regulations which prohibit Maldivians from consumption of alcohol and any other behavior that is deemed outside of the Muslim moral code. And tourism regulation in the country is perhaps a good example of this. We facilitate tourists to travel thousands of miles and spend as much dollars to travel to the beautiful islands of the Maldives (of which we are the inhabitants) and do things we believe will only take them closer to hell; drink alcohol, engage in sex outside marriage, wear revealing clothes in public, etc. So we have a situation where we ourselves refrain from the bad things but actually help others who do not belong to our community to do these very sinful things. The same laws of the land has different provisions to different persons, and while some laws describe us as having certain unalienable rights, others deny us those very same rights.

I have often thought of bringing this up with the MPs that represent the community I live in, who are individuals vested with the responsibility to scrutinize the laws of the country so as to make them more compatible with our beliefs and outlook. However, after seeing them on TV recently and hearing them speak on the radio, I have come to the conclusion that a majority of these MPs will not warm up to such an idea. I find some of them highly insular and provincial. And sometimes I wonder what they are trying to achieve by being in the parliament.

A friend recently commented that ‘Maldivians are the niggers of this country’, encapsulating the feelings I have tried to state above. He was referring to the black Americans in USA who were deprived of even the basic human rights until the Civil Rights Movement. It is one thing to have attitudes about things, but it is quite another to enshrine them in the highest code of regulation for a community, the Constitution.

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44 thoughts on “Comment: Maldivians helping 700,000 non-Muslims go to hell every year”

  1. I don't know what qualification Mr Mamduh Waheed holds, but this piece of writing shows that he lacks even a basic understanding of Islam, it's laws and how it was taught by Prophet Moahmmed PBUH. The editor of Minivan News should hold responsibility for publishing total rubbish such as this, which not only is full of factual errors, but also tarnishes the name of the country.

    Furthermore, he also lack any understanding of our Constitution. Firstly, even though the Constituion states that a Maldivian shall be a Muslim, the converse of this doesn't hold! That is, one cannot be stripped of Maldivian citizenship for claiming to be a non-Muslim.

    You do not have to go to the length of asking any MP about how the law applies to Maldivians and our visitors. You can look back at thousands of years of Muslim history and Muslim rule of lands where a multitude of faiths co-existed peacefully. Study the history of our religion, study its purpose and engage your brain and all shall become crystal clear.

    It's very irresponsible of Minivan to publish drivel like this.

  2. LOL, another smartass. Dude, as Ahmed above mentions, you don't have a clue about islam. When you lot think up these "wise things" and start talking, you only make fools out of yourselves.

  3. Also young Mamduh must be made aware that the Maldives has placed reservations on all clauses demanding freedom of conscience in international instruments to which the country is party to. Therefore there is no contradiction there.

    Young Mamduh must also take note that it is not just the Maldives but several countries across the world who would not allow male waiters in hotels to frolic around in bikinis.

    The lad must also be misinformed about the aspirations of the people in bringing in a new Constitution. It was to address concerns about corruption, favoritism, arbitrariness, wastage of public funds, abuse of power and concentration of such power in the hands of one individual. None of these issues have been properly addressed and now we find a government struggling to make religious freedom the most pressing national issue in the country.

  4. Well said brother Ahmed! This pseudo-intellectual, Mamduh Waheed is writing nothing other than Jewish propaganda. I fear that he might be sponsored by Natanyahu himself! Subhanallah!

    I still don't understand why such Jewish articles by Jews appear on the 100% muslim website, Minivan News (which still needs a non-muslim filter). And for your kind information, freedom of conscience is truly a Jewish ideology! There shall be no 'freedom of religion' on the lands of Muslims! Why should there be freedom to believe in a one-way path to hell? That is madness!

    If you leave Islam, then I fear that there is only one option for you. Either repent after being advised, or be killed at the hands of a pious Muslim law-enforcer, for jahannam is the only destination for Jews seeking 'freedom of religion'.

  5. Suvadheeb,

    It would enlighten us other readers, and help create a discussion, if you would point out specifically which Islamic laws the author has gotten wrong.

    As far as I'm aware, serving alcohol, selling alcohol, etc are all forbidden in Islam - according to practically every Islamic jurist I've ever heard anyway.

    Secondly, even though the government has interpreted the constitution to say no person can be deprived of citizenship, even if she comes out as a non-Muslim, this is not confirmed by a court of law.
    Furthermore, the Maldivian state does not secure that person's security, nor guarantee her rights.

    In fact, we Hilath Rasheed the blogger has been languishing in prison without charges for a couple of weeks now, for just sitting somewhere in symbolic protest. A prisoner of conscience.

    The people who attacked him, and co-ordinated the whole thing exist in the public sphere, and are quite vocal about it. So I have trouble accepting your argument.

    On the other hand, we had the Chief Justice himself say this week that the folks who gathered in protest of lack of religious freedom on Human Rights day were 'dangerous'.

  6. Mr Mamduh Waheed, I have to say you are the most disgusting writer I have ever seen. Do you even know the meaning of 'Niger' before refering the very same word to a Maldivian? You don't seem to have the basic knowledge of anything, neither religion nor the use of basic English Language words.

  7. I'm bewildered from this Mr Mamduh Waheed. It is a poor fanatic, surely NOT a good muslim. Only a poor fanatic. I pray so that some lighit can make his way in a so desolated head.

  8. Secularism came to Europe because they embraced a distorted version of the true religion of Islam, and turned it into the nonsensical doctrine of trinity worship - which ensured that their standard of morality would be perpetually in decline.

    So much so that the Catholic Church circa 1500, was selling indlugences, claiming that a man could BUY his way out of gravely punishment. Martin Luther protested against such corruption, and started a reformation movement that led to the disunity of Christendom - between Catholics and various sects of Protestants; gradually the infighting between them became so intense and intractable, that Governments were forced to take a neutral position on matters of religion, because if they favoured one or the other - violence would follow.

    The context is different in the Maldives, where we are all Sunni Muslims.

    Secularism will lead to religious division. Secularism is what happens when infidels and apostates aren't properly garroted and disposed of.

  9. Also the above article is very haphazardly organized and manages to be simaltaneuously short and rambling. Furthermore, his points and comparisons are ridiculous.

    I suspect the author may be on drugs; the other possibilities are that he is a male of limited intellect or is in fact, a woman of above average intelligence, using a male psuedonym.

  10. Islam has not been in existence for "thousands of years". It was created about 1400 years ago. Furthermore, Islam has not coexisted peacefully with other religions. Virtually every Muslim country discriminates oppresses non-Muslims. In point of fact, Islam is extremely intolerant of other religions. Saudi Arabia wiped out its Jewish and Christian communities and presently does not allow the practice of other religions or the importation of religious articles. When Jordan was created in 1923, it immediately expelled its Jewish population and forbade Jews to live in Jordan. In Egypt the native Copts are routinely subjected to violence by the Muslims and prevented from building or repairing their churches. In Iran the Baha'i religion has been severely persecuted - to this day, Baha'is are routinely killed without intervention by the police. Since the fall of Saddam Hussein, many Iraqi Christians have been murdered and most of the rest driven out of the country. The same is true in Gaza since Israel withdrew and Hamas took power.

  11. I have a problem with the use of the word "nigger" here. It's use shows a profound intolerance that negates much of the value of this article.

    And for the first to commentators, people - even in Maldives - have a right to speak their minds. Even on these contentious issues. To question whether people are allowed to practice other faiths or not is NOT against Islam. To discuss theology is Not against Islam. And to question the constitution is not either against Islam or the law!

    We need to move away from the darkness of intolerance. We need live and let others live. Islam is 1400 years old, and does not need power hungry Islamic priests to protect it.

  12. I find the comment 'Maldivians are the niggers of the country' completely nonsensical. I think the author should contemplate the role/rights of ex-pat workers, most notably Bangladeshi men, in this country and reconsider his statement.

  13. This is a brilliant story.

    Maldivians are born hypocrites.

    The entire tourist-island business is completely un-Islamic.

    Maldivians should be ashamed of being portrayed as the servant class of the first-world people.

    The tourism industry brings money, true enough. But it also brings corruption and immorality on a massive scale.

    Where are the commoner Maldivians? What do they gain from all this?

    The entire economy of Maldives is lopsided, and full of contradictions.

    We are actually guiding thousands of non-Maldivians to hell literally everday of the calendar year.

    Shame on you, Maldivians (including me, of course).

  14. Having spent time in Male' and some of the resorts I can only agree with Mr. Mamduh about the contradictions that exist between the native Maldivians being able to serve up and offer so many things to the tourists that they themselves are banned from doing.
    Bringing up his friends comment ‘Maldivians are the niggers of this country’, was a bit extreme and perhaps not the best comparison, but it does help to make his point. Also, I realize this country (like most) is filled with political contradiction, and extreme tension between the fairly new MDP and the fundamentalists.

    Perhaps when you bash this thoughtful, though gutsy article you also offer evidence against what he is saying.

  15. Muslims hold this misguided view that that they alone will go to heaven, notwithstanding what Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, etc. believe and hold dear. It is this, more than anything, that helps Mr. Waheed to propound that self-centered view that by serving alcohol and witnessing the non-muslim lifestyle, Maldivians are helping non-muslims go to hell. Forget it, bro. Only misguided westerners and compromised easterners follow your way to heaven.

  16. ok, so what right will any of the Maldivian will or IS having under human rights ? i am confused myself as well.. nobody can say that he cant publish this article cause it was freedom of speech.

    talking about freedom of speech. that too nobody has in my country as people tried stoning Khilath on december 10th while he was talking under his freedom of speech.

    I live with a white girl, not married. have sex everyday.. non of u will ever catch me or cant punish me.. s&$$$ those stupid laws of shariah!! we humans are not living in an uncivilized world.. we all know what we are doing. and it is our right to do so what we prefer.

    You Mullas are the reason why our country is still 1000 years back in time. come on , why dont u guys let people live how they want and u guys live how u want. who cares if u beards are even touching the ground ??? :@

  17. Another " nigger" being used by david harringdam and his white buddies. Mundhu, a vast majority of malldivians do not want to pissed or stoned and fornicating all the time....we have jobs and families, and we want to live in our islands with dignity and with our faith, we are not interested in emulating western societies

  18. Top article, Mamduh! Important that people think about this stuff, cos that's why its possible for people like Gasim, Yameen, Thasmeen and Maloof-Golabo to appear at Islamic rally and talk blaspheming rubbish.

  19. > The same laws of the land has different provisions to different persons

    By their own choice, by an overwhelming majority of Maldivians. Does that make them 'niggers'? I never knew 'niggers' were lynching themselves, because to equate the two otherwise doesn't make any sense.

    The quality of pieces published on here are mostly rubbish and like Nasheed himself, Minivan appears to be hell bent on destroying the reputation of the country and it's people.

  20. Probably Maldivian as being Muslims for hundreds of years, if they want be part of any belief system, I don’t see any reason why they have to convert to any other religion. But the Maldivian should have to understand that Islam is nothing different than any belief system which tries to reach out some higher being to achieve some kind of spiritual satisfaction. And religion should be an individual issue; the politics should not be involved with political Islam which was practiced in the Middle Age to deal with people’s way of life. If any Maldivian wants to be agnostic, not be involved in any belief system, this is still can be legalized under current constitution because it says the religion of Maldives is Islam so anyone who does not want any religion does not come under this stipulation. For me what Hindus, Buddhist, Christian, Jews and Muslim do all stupid things to pray to something that no one knows and no one can proof to have had a contact with such thing? Why should Mullah think that I have to believe their stupidity? And for me Mullahs are the most stupid people in the world who believe that everyone in the world should listen to this most ignorant people in the world. I have never seen anyone who is well educated ever thought of enforcing what he belies to others of something that no one has a clue.

  21. It seems that true Muslims can’t digest criticisms.
    Hey guys be level headed you cant force people to agree with your religious views.

  22. To all the NASTY comment writers...welcome the to 21st century! The times...they are a changing! 2000 years ago the romans said: tempora mutantur et nos mutamur in illis! ( The times change and we must change with them ) It would be nice to observe a minimum courtesy when writing to a newspaper..!

  23. I thought it was already established on minivan news comments that freedom of religion was not an islamic issue, but a maldivian issue. islamic societies with citizens of other religions existed hundreds of years ago, they were even able to consume pork and alcohol and their own ways of life that muslims were unable to.

  24. So called religions scholars only regurgitate what they have memorized. Try this with any other discipline in real life. You become an idiot!

    For all those who have attached this article with "Jihadi Spirit", please bear in mind that the first verse of Qur'an says to "read" and in many a times Qur'an asks us to reflect.

    If you want to be a true Muslim, you must be intellectually strong. Intellect comes from inter alia, reading, reflecting, asking difficult questions, debating contradictions in life.

    Keep your minds open, please. And by the way, people will write irrespective of number of burrows you create on you forehead with fury!

  25. The Maldivian Constitution says all laws of the country will be according to Islam. The people who wrote the constitution have included the line about Islam and the majority of Maldivians agree. If the true Islamic laws are applied, the possibility of more Maldivians going to Heaven and its delights increases dramatically.
    So the search for true Islam goes on and the whole nation is caught up in it.
    But some things cannot be disputed about Islam. Allah created everything. For those who obey him there is the reward of Heaven. For those who disobey there is the pain of Hell.
    The call to implement true Islam increases as more people desire to go to Jannah after death. Some say we should cut off hands of thieves. Recently some people tried to make an issue out of it but the majority agrees and we flog women for adultery.
    As the vision of Islamic Hell and Heaven gets pounded into the brains, Islamic Scholars trained in Arabia are considering new laws to bring the constitution more into line with Allah’s way of thinking.
    The trouble we are having is that your Islam is not my Islam. This cannot be settled until Allah or one of his angels appears. And there are all sorts of version of that too. Some Muslims talk of Jesus returning first before the big Day of Judgment.
    A tsunami is or a lilting Arabic song will not convince everyone. This is the 21st century and to ask for a face to face conversation on matters of life and death should not surprise anyone. And if that is not happening, which Mullah or group of Mullahs gets the final word on deciphering the commands of Allah from those Arabic books?
    The word Islam should be thrown out of the constitution because it is too vague. Religion should be thrown out of the constitution because there is no proof that heaven or Hell exists.
    To devise and implement a system of behavior for a nation of people so that they will attain the pleasures (mainly sexual) of a mythical place called Jannah is absurd.
    To punish people because they are standing in the way of those who are trying to go to this Jannah place makes no sense.
    To treat others differently because of difference in faith or belief in different Gods is unfair and cruel. Maldivians with the ability of logic and reason should stand up against those dividing the people along religious lines.

  26. @ AD 2012

    "And if that is not happening, which Mullah or group of Mullahs gets the final word on deciphering the commands of Allah from those Arabic books?"

    The Mullah that is the most violent, threatening, loud and psychotic. Isn't this what is happening now? I have friends who look like walking black pyramids because of them.

  27. To all those Maldivians who are seeking the freedom to consume alcohol freely:
    Alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, these are all dangerous to human health. This is medically proven. There are rehab centers and governments are spending millions of dollars to cure alcoholics and drug addicts. So many non- Muslims are moving away from alcohol and those harmful substances, as they get more educated and aware. Why are you all trying to legalize it in the name of freedom of religion?

  28. The author has written a good article. People who are criticizing him for using the "N" word have no idea or clue as to what he meant.

    The African Americans in the USA or the Africans in South Africa were in the same position as the Maldivians in these resorts. The "whites" used them as waiters, servants etc, while they themselves are not allowed to use any of these facilities. Just like the Maldivians are.

    In that sense his argument is correct. Now comes the question of religious freedom. I also agree that the religion of Maldives must be Islam so long as the Majority of Maldivians want it that way. There should be no questions about this. So that means no churches, temples etc in Maldives.

    But to me it becomes a problem when an individual's right become embroiled in the others rights.

    If an individual wants to believe in something else who has the right to stop him from doing so. Certainly The Holy Quran says that there is no compulsion in religion. Yet all of you are screaming against what is in the Holy Quran. Why are some people denying what is in the Holy Quran?

    When the Holy Prophet conquered Mecca, did he kill all the infidels? No of course not. He pardon them and so long as they did not plot against Islam and his rule, he let them live there. In fact a lot of non Muslims fought with him against his enemies.
    Why are we being selective in religion?

    I say this is not because of religion these Mullas are talking all these nonsense. It is pure politics and nothing else. They want to be President instead of the President. In fact they want to be The Caliph instead of The Caliph. These people are called " Iznogoud".

  29. sheikh imaran,

    hello, jew phobia.....jews are coming to maldives. first, exterminate all mullas. men one side. women and children other side. all men behead. all women and children takne slaves or concubines. how does that sound????? adhaalath will never, ever rule this country.

  30. Mr Bill, learn some history well before commenting nonsence. If any religions has persited well with other religions, it is actually islam. From the time of Prohet Muhammad and until today muslims have always tolerated other religious communities. We are today facing a question of accepting non muslims as Maldivians not because we do not tolearte other relgious groups, it is because they are own own people questioning their faith after more than 800 years of peaceful exhistence of islam in this country. It is not we muslims who killed jews, muslims and even christians during your christian crusades in Jerusalem. It is not we muslims who killed 6 million jews in the holocaust. They were all you guys, the christians. Jews were removed from Saudi Arabia when they attempted several plots to kill our prophet and harm the muslims. Until then they were living with muslims. Even today we find the biggest no israeli jewish community in the world in a muslim country-Iran where they are living more freely than any of you guys. Hamas is an elected government which you guys brand as terrorists just because they don't obey you and become your puppets. you guys praise dictators in the middle east but refuse hamas, an elected entity. The zionists have so far killed much more palestinians than the jews hurt or killed by the hamas rockets, u guys have killed more muslims in irag and afghanistan than those non muslims kille din the 9/11 atack. non muslims are still living in harmony with muslims in muslim countries whereas in europe, every day a new facist and nazist law is created to drive away muslims from the europe: veil ban law in france, denmark, minaret ban in switzerland, etc etc. So cut you disgusting crap and tell the truth. Salaahudhin gave freedom for jews and christians to practice their faith when he captured jerusalem, but the christians crusaers never gave that opputinity for jews and muslims. Shame on you guys.

  31. Times are a changing huh? Well, hello, welcome to planet earth. Time has and will always be a changing. Got more Latin to serve up?

    Anyway, back to the discussion. Am I being intolerant when I say that this article is utter rubbish? Not at all, in fact, the author appears not to know anything about Islamic history or its practice. For those of you picking examples of Muslims oppressing people of other faiths, let's start with the basics.

    Prophet Mohammed (PBUH), set an example for us all. He had no problem with Jews, Christians or people of any other faith living among Muslims where the Muslims had the power to decide. In fact, many Muslim leaders who followed the Prophet carried on the example set by him. Does anyone here know the history of Jerusalem, in particular, the Mulsim conquest of it?

    Salah ad-Din, who conquered Jerusalem was the man who brought back the Jews who were thrown out of there by the Crusaders and others before him. This is just one example. Muslim Spain is another example of how Muslim rulers respected people of other faiths. Sicily is another, not so well known example. In fact, the Normans who took Sicily from the Muslims found so much they loved about the Muslims they threw out! It's well known that the Normans followed a lot of the Muslim customs and even wore Muslim dress!

    The point I'm trying to make here is, that the author of this article has trivialised a very large story. His centre of attention is the poorly paid, over worked waiters slaving away serving peoples of other faiths. It's true that Muslims should not serve alcohol and in fact, Maldivian resorts do not allow Muslims to work in alcohol related areas. That's why we have such a large number of expatriates serving the bars of these resorts.

    The other point about us encouraging the "infidel" to go closer to hell just doesn't make sense. Islam respects peoples of other faiths. We are not encouraging them in anyway to get closer or further away from anything. Anway, you can't get "closer" to hell, you're either headed towards it, or you're not!

    A Christian or a Jew may live a very pious life (more pious than most Muslims, in fact!). We cannot judge where he is headed towards! That's upto Allah to decide.

    Now, let's address the question of what the Constitution does or does not say about citizens. We know that what it says; every citizen shall be a Muslim. It doesn't say anything about what happens to someone who decides to leave Islam. So you should stop interpreting the Constitution, because neither you or I are qualified to do so. This is a very complex subject. In fact, one of the guys at the forefront of the 23rd December protest even wrote a book about it.

    You can buy "Freedom of Religion, Apostasy and Islam" for $39.95 at, written by one Hassan Saeed (a politician with some legal background) and his brother.

    I'll mention one further reference on this topic:

    Here's an excerpt:

    "What is the nature of apostasy in Islam? Is it present in the history of the Prophet Muhammad or the holy Muslim book, the Qur'an? The Qur'an does not mention it. The Qur'an repeats in many verses the right of free belief. Is apostasy then the product of individual interpretations by some religious clerics who have harmed a faith, Islam, seen now by many around the world as a religion of terror, murder, and bloodshed?

    In his book Killing the Apostate, A Crime Forbidden by Islam, writer Mohamed Adlbi points out that The Qur'an states clearly, {There is no compulsion in religion} and that compulsion is unnecessary because {Truth stands out clearly from Error}."

    Now, don't get all excited and start writing headline pieces for Minivan without really understanding what you're writing about!

  32. Dear Writer of this tasteless article.

    Please refrain from using the 'N' Word in future articles.

  33. I don't know what is wrong in being a waiter and waiting on white, black, yellow or red people. So long as you are earning a living and not resorting to crime to get money, I salute all of you. This notion about certain levels of work being seen as degrading and serville has harmed our society to the extent that they prefer to steal and rob rather than be seen doing a decent job as a waiter, or labourer or truck driver. I have often talked to simple folks on the islands and I find their wisdom far beyond the tiny minds of university graduates, whose minds hzve been narrowed by their fields of learning and bloated egos. I find myself humbled by their simple wisdom about the world and I often think how simply beautiful life is, if you could just let it be. Look at the moon, the sun, venus, jupiter, isn't their just one of them that all the races of the world share? Is it because they are out of man's reach? Why can't we apply that logic to life and let some things stay out of our sphere of action? The world is really a simple place when you can embrace each culture, society and religion without getting all worked up over what is right and what is wrong. I do not feel threatened by neither writings on the walls nor serving an alcoholic drink to a foreigner. My country's borders lie around my heart.

  34. I applaud Minivan for publishing articles that lead to a healthy debate on contentious issues.

    These are all matters on which opinions need to be voiced and heard. Not a shouting match where everyone vies to see who can shout the loudest, and is satisfied that he is correct when everyone around him falls silent.

    It is good to know that there are a lot of clear thinking individuals out there who know what they are talking about.

    I would urge Maldivians to think of the good of the country and the people, before embroiling themselves over matters of petty politics. The interest of the country, and its people, should be the guiding light for actions.

    Let not practical matters get lost in empty rhetoric.

  35. minivan wheres the news about sheikh shameems conspiracy. pls report on that .we are now knowing the truth behind these so called sheihks...

  36. If we go by the letter even the most pious Muslims commit several sins. A pure Islamic life is impossible under the prevailing conditions in Maldives. The ideal place I think would be amazon forest where you can go into complete isolation and submission.

  37. another islamophobe rambling.. these kaafir idiot guys do more damage to the country than the few extremists we have here...

  38. Another garbage article. Minivan News ??. Hummh? Not a news website at all. Anti Islamic propaganda Machine.

  39. It is interesting to read the first comments to this article, as they are a typical maldivian response. People go into defense mode the moment someone is criticizing islam.
    To me, the points in this article are very clear:
    How can it be possible for a government to dictate that every citizen has to follow a certain religion???I find this horrible and it is also physically impossible! Yes, you can make me say 'I am a muslim', but you cannot control people's minds, so if in their minds they do not believe and not consider themselves Muslim's, then what's the point?
    The other point of this article is the double standards applied throughout the country. The government allows the sinful service of alcohol, pork, nudity etc. in resorts and muslim staff play along. Surely not because Maldives wants to make sure to share its beauty with the rest of the world? No, for money!
    I knew a guy who changed from being a waiter to being a room attendant because he was so "religious" he didn't want to serve alcohol anymore...bring on the service charge resulting from alcohol sales though. double standards all the way.
    We should all be a lot more tolerant towards each other. Why does it matter to people whether their neighbour is a muslim or a jew or whatever, as long as they do not disturb each other?

  40. You idiot guys no religion or law promtes people to help others go to hell.If you tell it so proudly , you also remember you are the biggest sinner and you are betraying your country and God.

  41. Sahih Bukhari Volume 8, Book 76, Number 476:

    Narrated Abu Huraira:

    I heard Allah's Apostle saying, Verily Allah created Mercy. The day He created it, He made it into one hundred parts. He withheld with Him ninety-nine parts, and sent its one part to all His creatures. Had the non-believer known of all the Mercy which is in the Hands of Allah, he would not lose hope of entering Paradise…


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