Comment: That evil democracy thing

A fool and his valuables are soon parted.

The general understanding of this adage is, of course, that a fool cannot truly appreciate the value of his prized possessions, and is easily swindled out of it.

Truer words have not been spoken, as evidenced in this article originally published on the website of a local NGO that calls itself the ‘Islamic Foundation of the Maldives’.

The article, titled ‘The Evils of Democracy’, is clearly inspired by the neo-conservative school of debate that absolves the writer from furnishing any intellectually honest evidence to support his claims, as long as he makes a decidedly passionate attack against a straw-man caricature – in this case, the Islamist’s skewed perception of democracy.

The post is riddled with such vacuous assertions as ‘Democracy is a system of infidelity..’ and ‘…openly hostile to the faith of monotheism’, but provides very little by means of actual evidence to justify these bizarre, sweeping statements.

It would be easy to dismiss the unfortunate article as mere farcical comedy, if it weren’t so highly irresponsible and dangerous.

As clueless as this NGO appears to be about the concept of democracy, there are actually ordinary, simple-minded folk who form judgments based solely upon information derived from such dubious and disreputable sources.

The author of the article betrays no evidence of an ability to distinguish between democracy, hedonism, capitalism and anarchy – all of which have been conveniently bracketed together as ‘evil democracy’. Nor does he suggest any alternatives to his rather bleak, dystopian portrayal of democracy.

The article mentions that, in democracies, the functions of the state are divided among three separate powers, but fails to mention why this is a bad thing.

As expected, it also criticises the existence of an opposition, and the din, commotion and confrontation this ensues. What it fails to mention is that this ‘noise’ is actually the sound of openly expressed opinions, and a public that actively participates in its own governance.

The often cacophonous noise of energetic democratic debate is much more soothing to the ear than the defeated, graveyard silence that pervades present day theocracies.

Democracy is definitely not a fool-proof system – nor is any other system, for that matter. That is because humans are flawed beings. We are all susceptible to greed, corruption and avarice.

But that is precisely why democracy is the best system we have today. Democracy has inherent checks and balances, and pays obeisance to concepts like Human Rights, accountability, public mandates and universal franchises on which the system is erected.

The tendency towards theocracy among neo-conservatives is baffling.

Would this NGO rather prefer the alternative, where every flood, famine and pestilence is conveniently pinned by authorities on the common man’s sins?

Would they rather Dhivehin lived under a system where the failures of an incompetent ruling clergy – the illiteracy, starvation and poverty that have become hallmarks of such societies – are routinely blamed on the common man’s defiance of God and lack of ideological purity?

When apologists for clergy-rule claim that democracy is an example of Human Law superseding ‘Divine Law’, will they also kindly point out to us a single example of a modern theocracy that is not a clear-cut case of a small group of humans dictating their ruthless will on others – only, this time with no accountability or room for redress?

It is an absolutely fatuous claim that clergy-controlled human-rights disasters like Saudi Arabia or Iran are somehow more sparkling examples of Islamic values than a democratic state like the Maldives.

The Maldives could have meekly followed the pied piper’s malevolent tunes, established a theocracy, and joined the league of failed states. Instead, Dhivehin have chosen to empower themselves with a modern democracy – of its own free will, without any foreign coercion.

The Muslims in this country, like the vast majority of Muslims around the world, have chosen a democratic system for the simple reason that IT WORKS. It has given its people a voice. It has prevented tyrants from abusing their authority with impunity. It has made their governments accountable to them.

The article finally comes to a head with a tired, worn-out, Chicken Little narrative about how democracy is a ‘conspiracy’ of the (entirely imaginary-) “diabolical forces of Jews and Christians” that, for unspecified reasons, have been compulsively harassing our fundamentalist friends since the dawn of time.

Even if we were to buy for a moment, for this NGO’s benefit, that democracy is a sinister plot devised by medieval Europeans (presumably in collaboration with ancient Greeks) to ‘divide’ and destabilise future Islamic societies they couldn’t possibly have foreseen, it is still a highly facetious remark.

For one thing, isn’t it rather absurd that the alleged diabolical agents of Judaism and Christianity have chosen to implement this ‘evil democracy’ thing in their own homelands – with much success to boot?

Modern democracies leave the clergy-states and dictatorships of the world biting the dust on every single human development index.

Today, the democratic Europeans and Americans are able to clothe and feed their people. Their elected governments have lifted millions out of poverty and starvation, and given them jobs and opportunities. They have the best health care systems in the world, the best schools, the top universities and made unparalleled scientific and cultural advances.

Far from being divided into tiny, squabbling factions, countries that were killing and bombing each other just a few decades ago, have opened up their borders to allow their people to travel and mingle freely.

Despite the diversity of their languages and cultures, their societies have stabilised enough to come together and form a common Parliament, implement a common currency, and adopt a common flag.

A spectacularly failed ‘plot to divide people’, by any measure.

Given this reality, the factions that continue to advocate a system where a limited group of people is allowed to oppress everyone else on the grounds of ideology can only be taken for those who seek to occupy the plush seats of authoritarian power. One suspects this is also the case for some of our own homegrown organisations.

May the Maldives beat back these retrograde forces, and continue to uphold the proud democratic freedoms that they have earned through sheer perseverance and sacrifices.

In the best democratic spirit, we must make Dhivehi Raajje a scintillating example of peace, democracy and harmony that so many other Muslim nations have failed to achieve.

Or else we’d end up like the fabled fool, too dense to appreciate the true worth of our invaluable freedoms, and caged once again in the all-too-familiar dark mental prisons of fear.

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37 thoughts on “Comment: That evil democracy thing”

  1. Yes Democracy it is.

    Our fundamentalist friends are just scared of not gaining enough power, not being able to dictate the lives of the common man.

    This whole conspiracy theory is actually what keeps the Muslims from moving forward.
    Instead of self-criticism and reflection on how Muslims today can achieve great heights, these Fundies conveniently blame it all on Christians and Jews.

    By the way, great article Yameen, keep them coming.

  2. Brilliant piece of writing. Fully agree with you. Islamic values are not anti-democratic - in fact quite the opposite. We say 'May peace be with you' when we greet every single person. Peace, justice, equality, universality, love, affection, compassion, tolerance, respect - the value system embraces all these aspects. As someone, I think it was Jenny Latheef, said somewhere, Islam is about light. The way I see it, 'Peace' denotes peace of mind, which can only be achieved with a clear conscience. To me, a clear conscience can only come about, if one desires for the next person, what one desires for oneself. In order for that to happen among a large group of people, everyone has to be able to express themselves, and be able to come to an acceptable compromise. Which, in effect, is the essence of democracy.

  3. Democracy is by Money for Money and To Money. it sell the morel of humanity. the whole world knows when USA and UK is KILLING Innocent civilians of IRAQ and AFGANS nothing has been done. Muslims are daily harassed in EU one incident is one Egyptian Muslim was killed inside German COURT.its a system USA want to enforce on IRAQI. no democratic nation in world cannot stop the killing of innocent children and people in Pelastine. Many people are been arrested without charge by the father of democracy USA in Getmo. hope this is viewed

  4. Btw, before anyone starts making comments and getting personal about quoting Jenny Latheef, let me say that that was a phrase that struck me as very true and the crux of the matter, ie: Islamic values leading to light vs darkness. It made a lot of sense to me, so thought I would share it.

  5. Thanks Yameen, good article. What you refer to is a liberal or a constitutional democracy, not a pure democracy. What exists in the West is not pure democracy, related but different. Of course that is obvious because that is what we mean when we say democracy anyway. But I am only saying this to make an important point.

    A true Democracy would simply be what people make it to be. I am of the opinion that if the ppl are good, it would be a good system and if the ppl are not good, it would be a bad system.

    For example in Ancient Greece, pure democracy lead to rule by a demagogue, as whoever was the loudest and appealed to the basest nature of mankind in the hall won the support of the people.

    Be the change you want to see (Gandhi...)

  6. No system will ever work for a bunch of selfish crooks.
    It's not the system that's inappropriate, it's the mindset of these selfish b******s

  7. Hmmm... I think the author of the original article "The evils of democracy" forgot that in democratic countries, Muslims are Muslims out of choice, not out of compulsion, and not out of fear.
    Apparently he prefers a state where everyone is forced into the same thing (which has proven to NOT work!), whether they want it, or not. To me it looks like that the - claimed - "most religious" people are also the weakest - they fear that "the only true religion in the eyes of God" could disappear in democracies.

    Why is it that faithful people do not have faith in their own faith, instead blame "the West" for all evil?

  8. Very good writing. Those who admire theocracy should look at Iran. With all the oil money that country has, majority people are poor. The President of that country is waiting for the final Imam to come out of a well to guide and save the world. To speed up this Imam's appearance the President of Iran wants to nuke Israel. He said so in many of his speeches. What about dictatorships? Look at North Korea. Whatever progress the world has ever seen has come out of democracies. Those who praise theocracy or dictatorship are the first who leave such countries and migrate to USA and European democratic countries. Look at those millions of immigrants who live in these countries. They came from countries where governments are oppressive and lack human rights.

  9. Untill today we were passionately arguing for the great merits of democracy. Now, we argue the opposite.

    First of all, why not confess ourselves as greatest hypocrites of the world.

  10. There is no one fit democracy, it is a broad conceptual idea to govern governments. One main concept is rule of majority so others have to follow. As Aristotle identifies democracy is not the best form of government but it is the best of two evils (autocracy vs democracy). We the people need to identify what we want and not import other systems but rather to customize or modify according to our needs and wants, also importantly what is achievable. not garbage in and garbage out .....

  11. Twist your words, increase your noise, run with fear, but don't run into traps of your own desires.For that would be slavery to the desires and materialistic world which is by no means permanent but just a glitter that will fade away in no time.

    Yameen has written his thoughts and Nazim did that as well. They both had views out of their true belief and faith. They both had limited capability to express in their own ways. Each having a conclusive judgement on their positive and negative points even when they started to write those two pieces of articles that shall be forgotten in no time. (I'm no exception from that habit like all humans but I try and refer to the sources,facts,logic to make conclusions, not from what I only desire to accept)


    GOD IS: ONE AND UNIQUE, ABSOLUTE AND ETERNAL,WITH NO BEGINNING NO END,THERE'S NOTHING LIKE HIM-(A simple translation of Al-Ikhlas (Purity of Faith) Chapter 112, The Glorious Quran)

    Democracy, theocracy, bureaucracy, meritocracy ..etc are just names that we give to systems and ideas and since we are by nature Wise-Man, yet Forgetful-Man we believe in anything that seems GOOD at a given time at our convenience and out of our whimsical desires. We become too obsessed with "glitters" of this world and forgets the real purpose of our being here.

    This is the Testing Ground and this will never be perfect.Final Judgement will be on they Day of Judgement.


    I will leave a link for convenience and for reference to check up for those who might want to study and ALSO that would prove when I said they both are wrong and Islam is the solution for Humanity:
    Article Name: Capturing the Elusive Muslim Unity (


  12. Absolutely spot on! Missed your articles Yameen.

    This "everyone is out to get us" victim mentality adopted by some paranoid radicals is really ridiculous. Most of these wars and invasions is not about religion at all. It is not a huge Judeo christian conspiracy. Its about power, money and oil! And those who try to convince otherwise are just trying to obtain that same obtain power through spreading ignorance!

    Democracy like all human inventions can be used to better a country or abused to destroy the social fabric. The blame lies on the irresponsible people not the system. I wish the people will start acting responsibly and bring forth national interest, and stop giving these radical lunatics opportunity to spread their crazy propaganda

  13. Oh dear God! Save me from you!

    The likes of this Bismuth makes chimpanzees look smart.

    "ISLAM – IS THE SOLUTION TO THE PROBLEMS OF HUMANITY" - an empty and lesser claim than saying that LOVE is the solution to the problems of the world. Islam has been around for centuries, and erm, people like Bismuth has been claiming the same thing for as long as well.


    Of course, MinivanNews will not publish this comment.

  14. @Fali on Sat, 7th Aug 2010 10:51 PM
    Fali,Honestly I wanted to keep quite on this comment page as a respect for all views, but since you have chosen to abuse all others ambiguously with utter hatred, I shall shed a light on your comment.

    *First of all abusing anyone for any reason shows one's weakness in expressing views.Therefore I advice you to reconsider your views on how you disagree. You can disagree and yet be polite.

    *Anything can be used for better or worse OUT of freewill and ability to make choice to believe or not to believe, willed by Almighty GOD for the humans.

    *If you are a Maldivian you must have been quite familiar with the phrase 'Ikhlas therikan nethun" .. The real meaning of that is: if we do not have purity of faith and That is mentioned in Chapter 112, The Glorious Quran ,that I have already written at my previous comment.

    The Purity of Faith is to know our Creator and his description and to understand it clearly- If that is "embossed" in everyone's (at least most of our)hearts,the situation would be much different. Result would be: People will be in peace with their inner being and with all around us.

    In that sense the best comment for me is by :Shafeenaz on Sat, 7th Aug 2010 11:27 AM , On this page. 😉

    Most commonly accepted moral and ethical principles of "democracy" are already prevalent within basic Islamic principles. I must admit there are few reservations for some form of practices of certain 'democratic' ideas that in reality leads to chaotic and dysfunctional situation creating vacuums. That is Islamic perspective but I don't want to go into details here. (refer this link for details:(

    Btw, I'll repeat what I have said before Yameen and Nazim both are wrong in their conclusions and that would be proven if anyone reads the article at the link above.

    Allah knows best.

    In Allah we Trust, May Allah unite us in Truth

  15. Bismuth,

    NO! YOU and that website are BOTH WRONG!

    When you wrote that comment, you were already prejudiced about the positive and the negative. Unlike you, however, I am logical, thoughtful and scientific.

    The actual truth is : The sum of squares of adjacent and opposite sides of a right angled triangle is equal to the square of the hypotenuse.

    For evidence of my point of view, I hope you will visit the link I have provided below.

    Then you shall see that I speak the truth.

    I repeat, You are both wrong!

    [If saying things in ALL UPPER CASE could make your point more impressive, this world would have been a very different place.]

  16. Bismuth,

    I honestly disagree with your 'We become too obsessed with “glitters” of this world' theory.

    I find it a very awkward, defensive line used by certain neo-conservatives when forced to face the massive advancements of Western societies and democracies, as opposed to the stagnation and under-achievement that marks the societies they claim are superior.

    It's akin to 'so what if they have better health care, longer life spans, the best schools and top universities and about every modern scientific achievement known to man?' - it's all THIS WORLD!

    It's just meaningless 'glitter' and pointless tosh.

    That, I believe, is a false argument.

    It's even more false, because Neo-cons are often the first to dive into history and point out that Muslims too achieved intellectual and scientific greatness and grandeur about a thousand years ago.

    This is followed by a false theory that Muslims stopped achieving greatness only because they "deviated" from the Salafist worldview of how Islamic societies should operate.

    It is proven - in our own time and generation - that this is not a correct statement. Otherwise, Afghanistan would be the center of Scientific and Intellectual innovation today.

    The original article on the Islamic Foundation's website also tries in vain to argue that in democracies, everyone is treated as equal.. whether eminent Islamic scholars, scientists, or a total dimwit - implying that it is not fair to learned people, and could potentially stymie intellectual, scientific growth.

    But how blind one has to be to actually write that sentence! The greatest scientific output exists almost ENTIRELY in modern democracies today!

    It is DEMOCRACIES that have made all modern vaccines, and industries, and sent man to the moon.

    How blind must one be to reality to write a statement that Democracy is a plot to divide people!

    27 European nations, that have between them wildly diverse culture and languages, and two World wars, could come together and form a very successful Union - and their liberal democracies have to take credit for this.

    But the Arab states - overrun by tyrants, dictators and mullahs - can't seem to get along, despite speaking the same language, sharing similar cultural traits and historically being a seamless entity, that are even today geographically divided mostly by straight lines drawn after the Wars.

    There is no substance to these kind of arguments.

    If it 'glitters', then it IS good. It means the Muslims in those societies are living markedly more prosperous, fulfilling lives than those in theocracies.

    If things that 'glitter' are not important, then why does anyone even complain about Palestine?

    Surely, if all that matters is the afterlife, isn't it a good thing that the Israelis are killing innocents in large numbers sending them straight to Heaven?

    But it is not. And you know it is not. We all strive towards a just, equal, peaceful society.

    We dhivehin have statistically much, much more better chances of achieving this dream as a liberal democracy, rather than a theocratic dogma ridden state.

  17. @AVatar on Sun, 8th Aug 2010 12:19 AM
    Welcome, and thanks for your participation in my little experiment here.

    @yaamyn on Sun, 8th Aug 2010 1:13 PM
    You too,Yaamyn. Thanks for your help and arguments which I shall use as results for my little experiment here to prove my view points.

    Btw I may be mistaken, wrong, flawed and I have not excluded myself form that character (see my 1st comment). But I am getting to know my views are much closer to be correct by your, fali's & AVatar's attitudes and whimsical desires.

    Allah Knows Best.

    ISLAMOPHOBIA: is prejudice against Islam or Muslims. OR is an irrational fear or prejudice towards Islam and Muslims.

    1. Bringing The Pythagorean Theorem: Doesn't resonate with the discussion we are in. Who said it is wrong? No one

    2. Having a view real Islamic practices are leading the so called Muslim Countries to backward is flawed and a preconceived belief, opinion, or judgment made without recourse to reason and out of belief spread by media frenzy to spread ISLAMOPHOBIA.

    **Who were the people who ran over the world with their imperialism during 19th Century? What was Balfour Declaration of 1917 for?(WW1 started on 1918 & since their target was not reached, the war again started on 1935 as WW2).
    WW2 ended on 1945 & 1948 which land was occupied with whose support and the people who came to the land. Who are they?

    **Does Yaamyn mean to say that, Palestinian suffering is needed for his flawed version of "democracy" to survive?

    In fact doesn’t anyone know that Qadianis, Wahabism and all sorts of new brands/sects within Islamic societies are products of Western influence?

    Did everyone forget that European Imperialism swooped through the Globe and enslaved the world once during 19th century?

    Did we forget we were ruled by them and enslaved by them in our history? It’s logical and known fact that imperial powers leave physically but the ideology would be implanted forever within people’s hearts and minds who they leave in the state of confusion.

    A good example is Afghanistan of today. Some are portraying them as an exemplary Muslim State while they know for fact they are failed by their occupiers (Russians & US first and now again occupied by US).

    Does anyone know the famous “divide and rule” concept adopted by these powers? I can go on and on, but that will not make any difference for the people who don’t want to remember these. They just chose to forget. We forget so beautifully. That’s one of our character and ability.

    If at all anything has taken firm root in this soil, its Satanism & Atheism. (Intoxication from illegal drugs, corruption, daylight robbery, murder on the streets, gang violence, rapes, child abuse, hypocrisy, and on and on….) All imported from where? Do your research on crime records of the Countries of this world and then let’s talk.

    Did Muslims kill their own people in Millions or West in WW1 & WW2. Did Muslims bombed Hiroshima & Nagasaki?

    Didn’t anyone at least tried to see how all sorts of extremism within Muslim Communities came? It came as a product of continues harassment from the western media and their propagandas against Muslims/Islam and not to mention all the killings of Muslim’s own blood right in from of their eyes. Now compare those harassments and its outcomes and the continuity of their propaganda to defeat ISLAM/MUSLIMS and poison our youth's minds and hearts of our communities.

    Have we forgotten about the deaths of a Palestinian father and his little boy right in front of this world?

    Let me refresh that event which is just one of millions of atrocities against Muslims.(in Palestine,Bosnia, Chechnya, Kashmir,etc)
    12 yr old boy SHOT DEAD in front of your eyes Updated 9.48 p.m., 3rd Oct 2000 {}
    “Recorded live, the incident below: In one of the most horrifying scenes shown on world television, 12-year old Muhammad Al-Dura was shot dead in cold blood by an Israeli sniper, while his father, Jamal, was trying to protect him from the hail of Israeli bullets. Shortly thereafter, when Palestinian Red Crescent Society ambulance driver Bassam Al-Balbisi, 45, approached the father and son in order to move them into an ambulance, he was shot and killed by the Israeli soldiers as well. Jamal, the father of five remaining children, is in critical condition, having sustained five bullets, to the upper thigh, pelvis, stomach, and lower leg.”

    This is just one example of those tragic events. If we do a thorough research we wouldn’t be so biased in our views.

    We are “wise man”,”knowing man”,yet the “forgetful man”.

    3. Discipline, ethics, professionalism, moral values out of Teachings of ISLAM made the world’s once most notorious and ignorant people to bear the torch of hope, peace, knowledge & light for almost a millennium (Arabs and Muslims became the people who revolutionized the whole world.)

    4. Rejecting GOD or being Atheistic and Agnostic: Richard Dawkins who is a British Ethologist, Evolutionary biologist who is one of the staunchest believer of Darwin’s theory that actually led the most of Europe to the Atheistic conviction beliefs , that again was the root cause of the major two world wars Yr 1918:WW1, & Yr 1935:WW2). Dawkins is out to prove their theory through new findings but yet he is just putting up theories and deceptions to mislead us again after Darwin.

    I don’t deny he must have come out with some good studies that can benefit, but you can’t discount the fact lot of findings and theories had gone wrong. Some findings by the same scientists, who initially claims a view point and are changes through new and improved results.

    Science does not explain everything, and yet it will be evolving through the ages till end time. We don’t deny that evolution exists. It exists; our human mind had evolved during past and in a vigorous speed during past 1400 years with the help of facts and clues given in the Glorious Quran.

    5.Let’ See What Dawkins has to say on Evolution:
    In a December 2004 interview with American journalist Bill Moyers, Dawkins said that “among the things that science does know, evolution is about as certain as anything we know”. When Moyers questioned him on the use of the word theory, Dawkins stated that “evolution has been observed. It’s just that it hasn’t been observed while it’s happening.” He added that “it is rather like a detective coming on a murder after the scene… the detective hasn’t actually seen the murder take place, of course. But what you do see is a massive clue… Huge quantities of circumstantial evidence. It might as well be spelled out in words of English.”
    There he says it himself."Huge quantities of circumstantial evidence". And who says we Muslims does not believe there is evolution. But yes, If you mean we the humans came out of Apes, No, Thanks… there is no point for us to believe that at all. Those who like that idea can do so and act like so.

    6.There was an age of darkness for Europe ( and their rise came after the fall of Islamic Empires during 14th Century. They Studied Arabic, Came to Islamic Universities and to Islamic Scholars (of Logic, Science and you name it all the fields ) and then they developed all the modern science and technological advances. We respect their work but we do not respect people like Darwin and his followers those who are just trying to deceive Humanity with the use of science. They are followers of Satan and their hidden agenda is to take over the world.

    This is the beauty of human mind. We can twist anything and everything in favour of one view point yet can disguise under the context of being honestly opinionated. This is our GOD given intellect power, yet some will use it for extreme view points for both sides of any argument. I marvel the ability given to us humans by GOD. I can only imagine how perfectly and beautifully GOD created us humans. We have freewill as a gift. Ability to make choices that was not given to any other creations of GOD but humans and jinns only. Even out of those two intelligent being we humans are made the “conquerers” of this earth with the kind of intellect and physical features that we enjoy in everyday life.We take it for granted.I’m aware few does not use these abilities and goes on to follow things that are convenient and desirable to them. Some may say that as out of ignorance. But I don’t think so. So called “ignorance” comes out of choice and when a choice is made,human mind would have calculated a complex equation to make that choice. The beauty of human mind and it’s scope is something the scientist are still learning.Lot we know,yet lot more to be discovered.

    I salute to all those who had made their view points here. This is the experiment and the outcome itself. Right in front of your eyes.Scientific evidence of GOD’s power and his in-depth knowledge that we can never comprehend fully. One of his best creation, us humans and their capabilities of intellect in live action.

    But we can’t challenge GOD. That is not in our capacity at all.GOD is the greatest.

    GOD is most just and most merciful and when he willed freewill to us he would never intervene in our decision makings. Out of his mercy for humanity he sent guidance and it’s just left for us to accept or not to.

    [Note:I have used few borrowed text for convenience from a good friend of mine as we both share same views, with his consent]

    Just few facts and evidences there.... still it had become too long. And I don't want to flood this page with my comments,still my experiment to prove scientifically our view points are on.

    For those who think deeply this will be a useful study.

    In Almighty GOD we trust

    May Almighty GOD bless Yameen and others and guide them to Truth and to the correct path. May GOD bless us all.

  18. There was a period of time that great philosophy and civillisation emerged from Bagdhad under the Islamic Caliphate. This was not to those who insisted on a literal, non-contextual reading and application of the Quran, this was due to Persian, Berber and other converts who served in the Courts and who directly challenged a literal reading and challenged what we now refer to as Salaf-al-Salihun (Way of the Revered).

    They interpreted Aristotle and Plato into Arabic, for example, and used reason to interpret religious rulings. There were many groups such as these, the Mu'tazilite's perhaps the most famous.

    The literalists, those who opposed all of this, challenged them. For example, Imam Ahmed Ibn Hanbal blamed them for the moral weakness of the Muslims.

    When the Mongols (Tartars or whatever terminology you choose) attacked Bagdhad, for example, Sheik-ul-Islam Ibn Tammiya blamed the philosophers and the Sufi's for the weakness of the Muslims in battle.

    It is extremely false and misleading, historically, to generate the idea that a return to a fundamentalist reading of hadith and Quran (Salafi) will revive some great civilisation, as the reverse is actually the case.

  19. Someone has forgotten that Maldives is purer than either Iran or Saudi Arabia.

    The Consitution of Maldives makes sure that every Maldivian be a Muslim. Alhamdu lillah!


    Yameen- Has a prejudice attitude: being Islam and Muslims as obstacles to development and progress. On the contrary, Islam promotes progress and knowledge. In fact the first Ayath(Verse,Sign,Proof,Teaching) that was revealed to Prophet Mohamed(S.A.W) was "Iqra", (meaning; Read, proclaim).Yameen also has a flawed belief that ISLAM is against generally accepted "democratic" values.That is incorrect.

    Nazim- Thinks Democracy is EVIL. While that is totally a flawed argument and that alienates ISLAM from modern day thinking.We have to make emphasis on implementing democracy within Islamic principles to promote unity in all communities.

    They both are at the extreme ends and Almighty GOD doesn't approve extremism in our way of life.

    Allah says in the Qur'an: "Thus we have appointed you a middle community that you may witness against mankind, and that the Messenger may be a witness against you." (Chapter 2: Verse 143).

    ISLAM & freedom,rights and limits, Peace, Justice, Honesty, Progress, knowledge are inseparable.

    My ADVICE is:refer to correct sources to understand the true teaching of ISLAM instead of spreading ISLAMOPHOBIA.

    Like I said before , I'm not perfect, and no human can be.

    See my comments above and also Shafeenaz's comments (Shafeenaz on Sat, 7th Aug 2010 11:27 AM , On this page), AND how we can come to a common term. That's how we can establish unity. NOT by dividing and ridiculing each other. Forget about the differences and focus on the common terms we agree and move on.
    {That does not mean to allow flawed and wrong ideas to mislead people. Disagreeing doesn't mean to abuse,that can be done politely as well)

    Allah Knows Best
    In Almighty GOD we Trust

  21. Bismuth

    You talk about establishing unity. "NOT by dividing and ridiculing each other", you said. But sir, when you say this:


    you are ridiculing everyone but the group of people you identify with.

    I hope your "little experiment" is to determine the level of your hypocrisy. Because it appears the outcome of your experiment is about to explode in your face here.

    Allah knows best and you can see it around the world.

  22. @AVatar on Sun, 8th Aug 2010 6:47 PM
    If you don't understand what I'm talking and the meaning of when I say "ISLAM is the solution for the Humanity" It doesn't mean I'm wrong and you are correct.

    If you are truthful stop making empty statements and try to do a little research on ISLAM, Humanity, Science and Quran, Human behavior and lets start to talk.

    Don't just stick to the view points of proponents of ISLAMOPHOBIA.

    For now I believe I have given enough evidence why Islam is the solution and that is mentioned in the previous comments as well. AND I don't intend to repeat those.

    Allah knows best

  23. To the person who had named himself "@Yaamyn" and to his comment on Sun, 8th Aug 2010 3:54 PM:

    Sorry, but you have given all twisted statements out of an historical view in to ISLAMIC history. That is misleading and incorrect as it was hand picked by you to prove something otherwise than the reality and truth.

    There are facts in your comment & I presume that you have taken those from below source:
    ~.Science in medieval Islam (

    However the reality and facts doesn't change & Truth is: Discipline, ethics, professionalism, moral values out of Teachings of ISLAM made the world’s once most notorious and ignorant people to bear the torch of hope, peace, knowledge & light for almost a millennium (Arabs and Muslims became the people who revolutionized the whole world.)

    It was the result of intellectual freedom, right to learn and obtain knowledge and the strong emphasis on that in Quran, equality in social and economic status , discipline and obedience to the parents, elders and leaders (as long as they do not order for wrong)..etc, but most of all "Ikhlas" (Purity of Faith in GOD)that was taught from Quran and Sunna (practices) of Prophet Mohamed (S.A.W) and today most of these are regarded as "DEMOCRATIC VALUES".

    These are historical facts that can be proven even from the link** given above and no truthful person had ever denied it.(**though this link had disputed some Islamic views I chose to refer it, as its not direct from an Islamic site: & in order not to let eyebrows raise over my intention)Any truthful person can read and judge for them self.

    There were some disputes amongst Muslim factions even from the beginning.(There were hypocrites even then amongst Muslim Communities)*don't expect otherwise. They were humans then and even now its same. Hypocrisy, Corruption and all evils amongst humanity was the reason why GOD sent guidance through Messengers & Prophets.

    And you wrote:"It is extremely false and misleading, historically, to generate the idea that a return to a fundamentalist reading of hadith and Quran (Salafi) will revive some great civilisation, as the reverse is actually the case."

    Without knowing what's in Quran and Hadhiths how can you mislead people and make a judgement as such you have written.

    Without knowing fundamentals of anything you can't understand it properly.

    Didn't you learn alphabets and then to write letters, and languages in a gradual process? Did you knew all that you know now, the day you were born or as a child or at your early "teens"? I don't think so. No, It's not a silly question and its 100% relevant to what you have written. "Fundamentals" - You have to first learn fundamentals and understand the literal meanings and then follow it to understand the broader meanings and perspectives.

    Fundamental teachings of ISLAM (From Quran and advices given and practices taught by Prophet Mohamed (S.A.W), transformed the Arabs and Muslims to who they were for a millennium.(enjoining what is good and forbidding all that is wrong) When they deviated from the way of life they were supposed to follow the result is here today. Yet Muslims are the best followers of their Dheen even today though some are there with just "labels" and creating nuisance for the whole Islamic Ummah.

    Allah Knows Best

    In Allah we trust

  24. You have said the truest words in this thread Bismuth, and that is Allah knows best. Not you.

  25. Bismuth

    I am not claiming to be right or wrong here but revealing the hypocrisy of your thinking. Your long-winded rants cleverly hide the fact of your hypocrisy very well. I know this is a trick that many like you exploit to appear rational and factual.

    Yes, you might not be "wrong" in saying that Islam is the solution to humanity's problems but my point is that Islam's teachings have had 14 long centuries to prove that it is. If for instance some peopled have been claiming that pigs can fly for 20 centuries, and we have yet to see that pigs can actually fly, I think we can safely conclude that that particular statement (or claim) is wrong based on historical evidence. Wouldn't you agree?

    You might hold on to your "beliefs" about the words in a book as much as you want and claim that they are the solution to the world's problems but at the end of the day it is just your opinion (nothing more, nothing less) and to make it "fact" you need to produce proof. You can allude to science, humanity and human behavior and stamp your feet and yell and rage but that won't make it truth, does it? You still need to produce solid proof of your claim. Where is it?

    And you, like so many like you, are quick to label any views against yours as "Islamophobia". Get over it, Bismuth. You have an opinion and I am demanding you provide proof. You cannot go on claiming something is the solution to humanity's problems and expect people to just take your word for it!

    You do understand that the majority of the world's population do not subscribe to your faith? It makes your claims ridiculous. Where is your proof, Bismuth?

  26. @Brown on Mon, 9th Aug 2010 8:23 AM
    Says:"You have said the truest words in this thread Bismuth, and that is Allah knows best. Not you."

    Thanks for the "compliment" 😉 and I want to believe you wholeheartedly gave "Shahadha" (Witness)to what I have emphasized "Allah Knows Best". In deed!

    As for that "Not You" part, I totally agree with that and already declared that myself at my previous comments. 😉 For your kind information,I have used to the best of by ability what I have learned from Quran, Hadiths, and accordingly to Quranic instructions after doing researches to gather as much as knowledge from Islamic and non-Islamic sources as well. (anything that is good (even if that is introduced by non-Muslims) is enjoined by us and anything wrong (even if that is introduced my "Muslims") is to be rejected , forbidden)

    ISLAM- is for the humanity as a whole, AND Islam is the solution for the problems of Humanity.

    With or without us Deen-ul-Fithr (Pure Way of life- [ISLAM]) chosen and accepted by Almighty Creator (Al-Khaliq) will spread all across the Globe. It's happening even right now and no one in this world can stop that.

    I'm just dong my Job.It's Allah who will witness and judge our actions and Allah is sufficient for us.

    Allah knows best

    May Allah Bless us All

  27. @AVatar on Mon, 9th Aug 2010 11:41 AM

    I believe you are totally mistaken. I'm not just writing whatever that comes to my mind and I have answered lot of your doubts at my comments already. (If you aren't reading those objectively and with reasoning, It's not my problem, but yours only)

    All you need is to open up your mind and heart to accept the Truth.

    Proof is you, your views and your attitude and your logical fallacy which is why I have said ISLAM is the guidance and it's up to us to follow it or to reject it out of freewill given by Almighty GOD.

    Again If you don't understand what I'm talking and If you are adamant with your twisted ideologies out of ISLAMOPHOBIA, That does not mean I'm wrong and you are correct.

    I have given enough proofs and evidences and yet you are yelling and trying to prove your point with "empty and unsubstantiated claims".

    You said "You do understand that the majority of the world’s population do not subscribe to your faith? It makes your claims ridiculous. Where is your proof, Bismuth?"

    Didn't it prove one single point "Freewill", ability to make choice for us Humans? Do you at least agree that humans are created with freewill? Lets go point by point. And where are all your statistical records for you to back that claim? (Not that I do not agree with you for extent in that but do you mean to say I have to give all statistics, records, and you can just put up statements and it is enough for to prove your talking points? Common, be sensible and honest)

    Anyways, That is not my point. My point is ISLAM- Is the solution for the problems of Humanity.

    Those who hate that and the fact ISLAM is spreading all across the Globe, can rage in anger and jump up and down and make all the noises and claim anything they want, but that will not alter anything.

    Allah Knows Best

    In Allah we Trust

  28. Beautifully written article, Yameen. But I do not agree with your views. Ha ha. Not that I agree with the views expressed in the article you referred to either.

    Your view that “democracy is the best system we have today” may be a correct observation. But, had you written this article few hundred years ago, when Islamic Caliphates ruled the world, I am sure your claim would have been a “fatuous claim” too.

    Democracy may be what is mostly successful today but, it is by no means a panacea. And this is true even today.

    There are certain countries and cultures in which democratic style of governance will work and certain others where it will not work. Maldives, i think, fit somewhere in the middle. So trying to implement a 100 percent democratic means of governance will be a foolish idea as much as trying to implement a 100 percent Saudi Arabia style of governance.

    Both varieties will be met with fierce resistance by certain people and a middle ground is what would settle the matter in the end. Gayyoom knew this and he kept the balance. We may not approve of how he did it, but that’s a different issue.

    But to apply for Maldives, your view is too narrow and perhaps too focussed on a set model that has succeeded for a certain group of people. May be you need to broaden your horizons to understand that democracy in its purest form you express may not be what we want.

  29. Bismuth,

    This is not to sound boastful, but I've studied Discrete Logic at University level, and also been in national University debates with strict guidelines of engagement where, had I said anything along the lines of your argument, I'd have been thrown out immediately.

    The Pythogoras Theorem has as much to do with the article as does Evolution, Dawkins, Atheism, Satanism, biologists -and whatever else it is that you brought up in that wall of text.

  30. Robin,

    It is not enough to assert that a model may not be suitable for this country - and then discard it.

    Do point out justifiably why you think it would not work, and if not, do propose an alternative model that you think will work with appropriate reasons for why you think so.

  31. Lovely article.

    Alarmists and doomsayers make thier misguided observations based on disproportionate emphasis on certain factors such as geopolitics and the roots of democracy.

    Democratic states may be actively encouraged by the U.S among others for purely ideological and political reasons but there is no reason to discredit the system due to our mistrust of its proponents.

    Geopolitics is also the reason why a worldwide movement which has co-opted a semi-intellectual neo-salafist movement as its driving force has gained momentum, and more importantly, considerable funding. While we defeat neo-salafists with our neat logic and '60s style idealism, we must also accept that there are reasons why a large chunk of the 3rd world population finds the revamped salafists attractive. Some of our arguments against them are outdated as they have learned to water down their ideology to suit the masses while also striving to achieve a balance in their systems in order to deliver on key aspects of governance. Whether people-power will thwart these attempts ultimately, remains to be seen.

    The roots of democracy lie in humanism and (in my opinion) a revived interest in polytheism and the idea of powers (notice the plural) in check. Inherently, democracy, when effective, promotes pluralism, which when coupled with a liberal system of education, often leads to a rejection of monotheist ideals such as an all-powerful, unchecked singular divinity.

    For the above reasons I believe that the frictions between the 3 great organized religions and democracy are natural and secular governance and an honest commitment to monotheistic ideals cannot coexist.

  32. "Do point out justifiably why you think it would not work, and if not, do propose an alternative model that you think will work with appropriate reasons for why you think so."

    I hope I am not asked to do your assignment for you. 🙂
    Your question is broad enough for a book. But, in short, I will talk of one example.

    Look what happened to the alcohol license. The government passed it despite the objections from many. But, the government had to finally withdraw it. Otherwise an anti-government movement would have arisen and gained a lot of power -- something no serious government can sit with.

    Had the government really wanted, all objections to the permit could have been stifled. But then, it would hardly be done in a democratic way. It would amount to a dictatorship.

    Democracy, as Hamza says cannot be separated from at least some amount of pluralism. And as a country with a monotheistic culture, pluralism is something we cannot afford to implement. Should we do it, we can no longer be what we are. In the end, we will be absorbed into the population and territory of someone else.

    Now, you will ask me to give reasons. So here is what I have to say: When such a small nation is divided into factions, there will be nothing that can glue the factions together. Such division can only make the country fall apart just like when there are too many cracks on porcelain, its pieces will fall apart.

  33. @yaamyn on Mon, 9th Aug 2010 11:53 PM
    Says:"This is not to sound boastful, but I’ve studied Discrete Logic at University level, and also been in national University debates with strict guidelines of engagement where, had I said anything along the lines of your argument, I’d have been thrown out immediately.

    The Pythogoras Theorem has as much to do with the article as does Evolution, Dawkins, Atheism, Satanism, biologists -and whatever else it is that you brought up in that wall of text."

    The point was: Who said its wrong? 😉 & we were discussing about a ‘flawed democracy view of yours “and a “flawed Islam view of democracy of Nazim” & therefore it does not resonate (in the meaning: to correspond closely or harmoniously) with the topic we were in. If I am wrong in saying that, then why don’t you give me the reason instead of making ambiguous statements?

    Who do you want to fool around or deceive? Yourself or the entire humanity?

    Let me quote:
    "Humanity is going to need a substantially new way of thinking if it is to survive!" (Albert Einstein)
    "In a time of universal deceit - telling the truth is a revolutionary act."(George Orwell)

    Deviation of original topic to hide your flawed arguments is proven here by yourself:
    [Btw I believe I must have just used your discrete logic (Logic gate) for that]

    I have given my reasons (in a previous comment) why I regard both of views expressed by you and Nazim were wrong. AND if you were actually focusing on the topic you would have come with replies towards that. But of course you couldn’t and you are posing the same question to Robin as if you have not understood why your views are regarded as incorrect by some people.
    AND this shows that you cannot be trusted for any single reasoning you give. YOU have programmed yourself with logical fallacies to mislead people. You will try to mislead people in anyway you think it’s convenient for you. BUT... it's not over yet! You are not the first and the last. We can expect and tolerate more and you are just one to deal with.

    HERE IS THE TRUTH: Truth is "ONE”. Did you figure that out? AND…The "GOLDEN RATIO". AND ….We exists here and we have "freewill". Now compare those with your logic and come and try to fool yourself again. You are most welcome!

    SO, you must have been thrown out of those debates several times, which you are boasting of so eagerly 😉 I feel sorry for you. But there’s no one who can help you other than yourself. You have chosen your path and your destiny. It's your own choice.

    Allah Knows Best

    In Almighty GOD we Trust

  34. @hamza on Tue, 10th Aug 2010 8:57 AM
    Lovely writing, and quite an impressive way to discreetly call for "disobedience to Almighty GOD".

    You said:"Alarmists and doomsayers make thier misguided observations based on disproportionate emphasis on certain factors such as geopolitics and the roots of democracy."

    Didn't you know democracy had it's root way back to 508 BC? And Islam is much a new and improved system in which governance of affairs of the people is more protected than what you see it in Muslims nations today.
    Democracy is (see link below): []

    Salafist by description derives from Salafi:(Arabic: سلفي‎) is a word denoting one who ascribes her/himself to the Salaf of Islam, based on its meaning in the Arabic language. Amongst contemporary historians, it denotes a follower of a Sunni Islamic movement that takes the pious predecessors, the Salaf of the patristic period of early Islam, as exemplary models.The word Salaf is an Arabic noun which may be translated as "predecessor" or "ancestor".In Islamic terminology, it is generally used to refer to the first three generations of Muslims: the Sahaba ("Companions"), the Tabi‘un ("Followers") and the Tabi‘ al-Tabi‘in ("Those after the Followers"). These three generations are looked upon as examples of how Islam should be practised. Salafis tend to use a stricter interpretation of scripture.[3] It has grown to prominence ever since the First Saudi State captured Mecca and Medina in 1803. [Source:]

    AND I'm a Muslim and am thankful to be a Muslim and I agree with the view of Salafi description in Wikipedia, but I do not consider myself anything else other than just a Muslim and Quran doesn't allow sects with in Muslims.

    In fact: There's no point in disregarding or to reject anything good from those three generations as that was the Golden Ages of Islam and you could see how well it elevated the shepherds and ignorants of Arabia into a nation that revolutionized the whole world. (See: Golden Ages of Islam)
    [I have discussed these and other points in details at my previous comments and replies]

    ALSO Note:**(anything that is good (even if that is introduced by non-Muslims) is enjoined by us and anything wrong (even if that is introduced by “Muslims”) is to be rejected , forbidden)- This is our basic principle that I have learned from Quran.

    ISLAM & freedom,rights and limits, Peace, Justice, Honesty, Progress, knowledge are inseparable.

    In order not to get this comment going too long , I will try to conclude by saying that all that you have written is (for me) very deceptive and misleading. From your comment, one thing is confirmed. That is that you have not understood even a single basic teaching of ISLAM.

    I suggest you to do a little bit of a study on ISLAM before you give such inappropriate conclusions.

    Let me give few links for reference:

    And to be perfectly informed we have to look into what those who reject our way of life has to say as well.The arguments against Islam and compare with those with our counter arguments. We are advised in Quran to argue with logic, facts and knowledge and with beautiful words and to spread the true message of Islam. It's one of our job as a Muslim,but we are not to force others to follow us. It's up to the people to decide for their own. [ this doesn't mean to allow defaming Islam/Muslims and in such cases we are also advised to strive and struggle against that, but in a just and appropriate manner]

    This might be a huge tasks but a necessity if one wants to understand the reality and truth behind ISLAMOPHOBIA.

    And this is also a proven way for me to understand ISLAM and it's beautiful teachings as I do not want to just sit and listen to sermons given by people which some time leads to conflict true teachings and leads to misconceptions (At the same time I respect the scholars only that I do go and check what they say with authentic sources)

    Allah Knows Best

    Ramazan Mubarik to all!

    May Allah unite us all in Truth and bless us with peace & prosperity.

  35. btw For those who might think I'm on a mission here! NO! I'm just an individual and I'm a Financial Analyst by profession not a Scholar of ISLAM. But lately I have developed a truth finding attitude on my own and had being on researching for almost two years.

    My faith was weak once but, Insha Allah now I know that faith is something that fluctuates with situations and with our way of behavior.

    Best thing is to ask GOD: "Oh!GOD please guide us to Truth and to the correct path" - A simple supplication but an effective one if asked from "bottom of your heart".

    In Almighty GOD we trust.

  36. @yaamyn on Mon, 9th Aug 2010 11:53 PM

    Dear Yaamyn,

    Still up an running on with your twisted ideology? Good for you, Brother!

    Shall we start discussing BIG BANG, Entropy, and Chaotic situations? 😉

    Anyways, Honestly....I wish that you will open up your mind and heart to think out of the closed box that you have trapped yourself.

    May Allah give you guidance

    May Allah bless us all


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