Handcuffed corpse found off Vaavu Fohthela

A handcuffed corpse with injuries was found in the sea near the island of Fohthela in Vaavu Atoll yesterday, police have said.

Sub-Inspector Ahmed Shiyam told Minivan News today that the body appeared to have been in the water “for a long time” and was found handcuffed.

As the man was not circumcised and based on appearance, complexion and size, said Shiyam, police believed it was a foreigner.

“We believe he might have been killed because of the injuries, and the body is being kept at the mortuary [in the Galolhu cemetery] for investigation,” he said.

A crowd of people gathered outside the Galolhu cemetery around 11pm last night while the opposition Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) called for a post-mortem to be conducted.

“We allowed a member from each media to see the body” to clarify rumors, said Shiyam, but added that media members were asked to turn off their phones and cameras.

Newspaper Haveeru reported that severe injuries were visible on the left ankle and the left arm of the corpse.

After allowing journalists into the mortuary to observe the body, police reportedly used pepper spray to disperse the protesters.


10 thoughts on “Handcuffed corpse found off Vaavu Fohthela”

  1. Thanks Ahmed Naish for this article. I believe this is important for a website like Minivan News.

  2. Police say there are no 'missing persons' reported. So I think they have not a clue as to who it might be.

    Reporters have also stated that there is a tattoo on the back of the body. I think his identifcation proccess can be made easy by this. Also, that the tattoo is visble means that he must have been killed only recently.

    That the body was handcuffed, means it was no ordinary killing I think. The handcuff was hidden by a rope tied over it. The Police did not discover it immediately, but only much later. It could be that the man was handcuffed, killed and "burried in the sea." Sounds familiar? But, based on the information available, I think we cannot guess this time.

    If i remember correctly, Police also said that he might have been killed on a boat or an island.

    The Polcie have taken samples to do DNA testing. I hope we will be able to find out who the person is and who killed him.

    The whole thing sounds too much like one of those crime investigations programmes we see on National Geographic channel or the missing persons programme we see on Tru TV.

  3. thanks rolex
    got more information by reading your comment than this minivan news report.

  4. Ha ha. You guys made me smile.
    I really do hope our Police will do better in their investigations.

  5. @Rolex
    You should continue to follow up this case and keep us updated. Do you have a twitter account so that I can follow your news?

    This case is extremely unusual - you might become a famous author one day and perhaps can sell the story to Hollywood.
    No kidding - I am making you smile again : )

  6. @ George

    You made me chuckle.
    No I do not have a twitter account through which i publish news about corpses. 🙂


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