Criminal Court acquits six suspects in Shifan’s murder case, despite DNA evidence

The Criminal Court has ruled that all six suspects arrested in connection with the stabbing murder of Ali Shifan are innocent and ordered their release.

The judge ruled that there was not enough evidence to convict, reported local media, despite the DNA of the victim being found under the fingernail of one of the suspects.

The six suspects were identified by the police as Ali Nabeeh, 22, of M.Nalahiyaa Manzil, Mohamed Shaifan, 18, of Male’ Dhaftharu no 3912,  Razzan Abdu Rahman, 19, of Kaanimaage house in Thulhaadhoo island of Baa Atoll,  Abdul Thilmeez, 20, of M.Thilmeez,  Mohamed Asif, 19, of Maafahi house inKurendhoo island of Lhaviyani Atoll and Mohamed Mishaan Abdul Haadhy, 20, of M.Silver Nest.

The judge said that although the state had produced five witnesses to the court, their statements to police were contradictory.

The court also acknowledged that Ali Shifan’s DNA was found under Shaifan’s fingernail, and accepted that this was “strong forensic evidence”.

However, the judge cited a Supreme Court ruling stating that when dealing with murder cases, a suspect could only be convicted if there was enough evidence to believe he was guilty beyond any doubt, and said the state was not able to convince the court that they were guilty.

Shifan was attacked around 4:15pm on April 1, 2012, outside the Westpark restaurant on Boduthakurufaanu Magu, the outer ring road of Male’.

He was stabbed multiple times in the back and arms by a group of men on some motorbikes as he stepped out of a restaurant to meet a friend, police said.

Shifan had no previous records of any gang involvement, police said, adding that it was unclear as to why he was targeted by the gang.


16 thoughts on “Criminal Court acquits six suspects in Shifan’s murder case, despite DNA evidence”

  1. We know this has happened lots of times.

    What is wrong with our Justice system? Why are the criminals just waltzing through the system? What can be done to make the net tighter? What is so wrong with the basic foundation of our Judiciary.

    We have to CHANGE the justice system, starting from the foundation. It is NOT ONLY the judges. But the constitution, the judiciary basics, ethics, morality etc.

    The Islamic Shariah is not appropriate now. Impractical. No need to argue, but the clauses in it is not for the 21st century.

    Hence, we need to seek the rest of the world for answers. Where they have built better judiciary systems. No need to have the Umar-Zahir-Lily Magu experiment, based on I-know-it-all attitude.

    Only then we can swerve the path of the country from oblivion to a better destination.

  2. @Andrew Andreas

    This is what MDP is trying to do. Islamic Sharia is not appropriate for this age. What is required is a secular system- transparency, equality- and freedom from tyranny.

    Prez Nashd is strongly advocating a secular system (in which religion seperated from State). Religion should be a private affair. MDP aides of Anni also contend that this can be done. However we must remain aware that the popular base is not ready for this yet. MDP supporters are however more civilized than the rest of the country (we pride on this after all), and they will ultimately stand behind Prez Anni whatever he decides or chooses for our country. We know Anni wishes only the best for this country. They don't understand.

    Secularism is the answer. Anni knows this, we know this. It's not the end of the world, but Change is always difficult.

    MDP maintains that our vision to modernize this country, and take it forward will yet happen. We must allow president nasheed and his politicians the space and freedom they need to operate, to make this happen. Freedom is every sentient human beings right.
    The people understand that this country cannot remain stuck in between Islam and a hard place. Religion is the problem in this society, this is the problem with the Judiciary also.

    To reform the Judiciary MDP must be allowed to do what it needs to do. There will be resistance, history shows us this. We in MDP know what is needed to right this country.

    this is the big picture.


  3. With a******s like ablo gazee running the judiciary , it's a heaven for murderes , rapists n corrupt politicians . Thanks maumoon , thanks ablo gazee and big thanks to all those people who follow maumoon like a prophet !

  4. #some errors removed

    Minivannews is still here. That means we have not failed yet my friends. They have proved unable to stop this news content website. The clash between the old and new ways of thinking is evident here. MDP is still strong and increasing in number, day by day. Even if religious fanatics succeed we will be here. They cannot whitewash this whole country into a rule under an uneducated ‘Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs’ anymore, you know. If Islam fails to enter the 21st century, it might fail to convince the people of this country, that it is a system for every age.

    The judiciary is built on the foundations of the past. This is what needs to change. Islamic Sharia and it’s tenants are at odds with modern definitions of the rule of law. This is not really about Islam, this is about government. We must respect peoples private wishes also. However the system of government in this country must change. The Judiciary must be destroyed- it will be symbolic if not anything else.

    Anni was right to try and make school curriculums not so Islamic. It is science and rational discourse which have transformed the world today- transformed for the better. His Ministers are our hero’s for showing us the courage to create change- it was the direction and decisiveness Anni showed. He opened up Maldive to the world- even renewed ties with the State of Israel. We must learn to recede hatred as a people, if we are to evolve, if we are to change, if we are to develop.

    Let there be Islamic education also, let it be reserved, let it be debated. It must however stop being enforced on others. IT has to stop being rubber-stamped. We want development, progress for our children, for our grandparents. This is today an all-inclusive, dynamic and engaging world- we must learn from those who have arrived at said progress before us. Therein lies our formula for success also- this is what MDP is saying, this is what MDP leadership at least envisages for this country. We cannot remain locked in the past. Will this provide food, health and education for our people? Does it?

    A Secular solution is in the offing, we remain to see whether our people accept it. MDP vision does not refuse progress. There maybe no need to label it as anything, it is our direction, our common goal which must be clear, evident. We as MDP supporter, and it’s leadership are clear on where this country is heading, where it must now. And consider how so many of MDP supporters are veil-clad women, is it that they are unaware what progress is. It is precisely because they are aware- they understand how religion has been used as a tool to enslave our people. They want change, they want to relinquish old-age vestiges. We are at the cusp of bridging that divide, the divide which prevents our people from being stuck somewhere inbetween, as my friend here says, and the horizon that which beckons us. Development, freedom- and liberation. Then our women would also have understood what it means, then they will leave behind their veiled also. They sense it you see, they have not fathomed it though. Excellency President Nasheed is a very precise, decisive strategist. He does not talk about things he has no need to talk about yet, on these podiums.

    These things must happen in increments, slow progress- people have a tendency to embrace it naturally also. They can detect when liberation is afoot. When the time is right we will talk about a Secular Vision. MDP politicians should not be afraid of social drinking, or recreational Cannabis use- they do hope their people understand that old systems of shackles must be forgiven, and this country must move forward. Look how much they do for us, look at their struggle, their perilous journey to provide for us, make the many ‘foni’ dreams for this country come true. Who are we to interfere in their personal, private affairs? Our direction is clear, we in MDP know what is important and what is not important.

    I have no doubt with the support of MDP, President Nasheed- under his leadership, and MDP Parliament members we can transform this country. It will not take even five years. Freedom and security, safety, a very own Singapore would then have come. Until this is realized, we must tolerate these fanatics called Adhalat and Umar NAseer and Maumoonist Goons- their sermons are outdated today.

    We will protect religion also.

  5. There is a Supreme Court ruling which puts 'what the judge believes' to be better proof of guilt than DNA evidence???

    This judiciary needs cleaning up and brought to standard very fast or there's no point of dreaming of a free and fair election followed by democracy.

  6. @Peace Data

    You sound like you're trying to sabotage MDP (lol). Good on you though- I agree with you. I am a Muslim, and I am MDP too.

    I however think there is nothing wrong with Sharia, it just has to be modified maybe. The judiciary and the impunity with which it operates is being sanctioned by, or being sought license from Islam. If Islam allows this, then it is maybe unacceptable too.

    I would listen to what President Anni says. He knows what is best for this country. Islam is perfectly compatible with Democracy- but we have to ask which Islam is compatible. There appears to be many Islams. In Pakistan and Afghanistan it is perfectly normal to drink alcohol in moderate amounts, smoke hashish once in
    a while, and even trade with it.

    MDP Islamic Scholars are more educated, and better equipped to teach us Islam, than the radical Adhalat. President Anni is not trying to remove Islam, he is trying to tell us how it is, and how it should be. If MDP scholars thought ANni and his group represented a 'dangerous ideology' to Maldives, they would have objected. His Excellency Dr.Abdul Majeed is there for example, to advise MDP. If anything about MDP was 'laadheenee' then they would not be there. This is about modernization maybe. Islam must adapt, flow with the vibe.

    Islam can coexist with MDP I believe. It is MDP which saved Islam from Maumoon in fact. The problem is the majority of this country still does not agree with us, so sad.

  7. If shifan's DNA inside attacker's fingernails is not enough to convict him, how is possession of drugs enough evidence to prosecute somebody of drug use? These judges are idiots or they are paid off by gangs.

  8. thank you all these comments for showing us why they say that MDP (its leadership it appears) is Laadheenee. Yes you march as you should march, now the train has gone too far you see- we will meet you along the way. And we must stop you.

    it is clear ego prevents many, many from admitting their mistakes. Misinformation, lack of information, apathy, ignorance has been utilized to brainwash sections of the population- into what MDP leaders are all about. its power, wealth (control of power, wealth)- and 'changing' things.

    Every MDP member claims a different thing. They each believe their own little myths- each claim MDP is what they say it is. This is because it is hinged on the aspirations of people who are being taken for a ride. The problem is also MDP never challenges its leadership (its like a zombie phenomenon). They are revered by MDP members- they seem to be transferring the glorification of Maumoon to Anni. This is clouded judgement- we pay a price for this.

    i only want what is best for this country.

  9. I don't believe it. What's more compelling evidence than the DNA? What are judges looking - dead man coming back to point at the murderer? Or is he still waiting for somebody to find out a page in some holy book to decide what should be judgement?

  10. Interesting. Hello I am from the enemy camp, first time in this website.

    I was informed, and am here to show you how we will give you freedom, how we will allow the 'changes' MDP wants to make happen. I request you go to youtube and watch a particular video- just type "21+ Syrian assad Army Torture Syrian Man into saying Bashar is GOD". This video while graphic will teach you 'freedom'.

    There is something this faction on earth is unable to register. We will expend any energy necessary to ensure the calling of Allah reigns supreme on Earth, even the moon (and beyond). This is an entity, or "mind-schizm" which can never be extinguished. MDP wants power, it must get pass me, us and a whole lot of people with nasty notions of human dignity, and life.

    The neck of Nasheed we would severe, if not his affliction on some of our people was not so great, already. We ar careful, you see.

    Allah Akbar.


  11. Politisizing the fact these people were acquitted due to lack of evidence is not going to erase the fact that Late Ali Shifan's murder case was solved however much our Police claim, or are professional.

    Also it is not going to erase the fact that no one have received justice for this murder which cannot be proven not a murder! Fact!

    "The judge said that although the state had produced five witnesses to the court, their statements to police were contradictory."

    Cases similar to these are organized crime, either related to drugs, politics, or personal issues and it will be very hard to prove because of the availability of people who can prove black is white with their learned sweet talk!

    But this case taking nearly a year to conclude is highly questionable and alarming, especially at a troubled time like this!

    Justice delayed, is justice denied! Fact!

  12. It would be more appropriate to name the Criminal Court to "CRIMINALS' COURT".

    It is quite obvious that judges often act in a criminal manner, are working for criminals and ofcourse paid by criminals and gangsters.

    Our entire Criminal Justice System is broken. The hard work done by Police to catch criminals and conduct forensic investigations to gather evidence are all kicked out of the court room by well paid crooks disguised as Judges.

    Our politicians have failed us miserably for failing to deal with such basic issues as justice and prevention of crime.

  13. and a child is sentenced to flogging on the grounds that she had admitted to it. A childs word is taken as solid evidence and proof in some cases while a child's witness statement is not enough evidence for other cases. talk about DOUBLE STANDARDS!! the guys freaking DNA is on the accused's fingernails!! what the heck is wrong with this system?? What more forensic evidence do you want?? In some other case, the victim said a certain person killed him and there were eye witnesses, but still the judges are waiting for more proof??

  14. Btw I am not against Islamic Shariah. My problem is that the Maldives Judiciary picks and chose which parts of the Shariah to implement in the Maldives

  15. I like your term "Criminals Court" for these ignorant idiots who work for our justice system.


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