Adhaalath Party President vows to dissolve parliament, force MPs to resign

Additional reporting by Neil Meritt

The Adhaalath Party has threatened to dissolve parliament for “not functioning constitutionally”, by pressuring members to resign “just as former President Nasheed was” in February 2012.

President of the Adhaalath Party (AP), Sheikh Imran Abdullah, claimed parliamentarians were not conducting themselves according to the constitution or serving the Maldivian people.

Imran was speaking during a ‘National Movement’ event held at the Artificial Beach in Male’ on March 19, reported local media.

“If the parliament continues to fail to function according to the wishes of the people, Members of Parliament will be pressured to resign in in a similar manner as former President Mohamed Nasheed,” Imran declared.

“God willing, we will dissolve the parliament if it is not conducted according to the constitution. If they don’t want that, they should follow the constitution. We want the parliament to be an honourable place,” he added.

Imran claimed the recently ratified Parliamentary Privileges Act and Political Party Bill are not constitutionally valid laws.

“The Supreme Court has the authority to declare void laws that are enacted in violation of the constitution. So the recently-made Privileges Act and Political Party Act for which protests have been held after they were returned without ratification, are void.

“No action can be taken based on the void articles in these laws. We are not concerned about being accused of violating MPs’ privileges,” he said.

President Mohamed Waheed ratified the two controversial bills – the Parliament’s Privileges Bill and Political Parties Bill – despite previous claims that the two bills had several lapses and “unconstitutional” elements.

Following the President’s initial vetoing of the two bills, parliament overruled the presidential veto by a house majority and forced the bill into law, giving the president no option but to ratify the bills – one of which would see the dissolution of his own political party.

“Not a pressing issue”: Deputy Speaker Nazim

During parliament’s session Wednesday (March 19) MPs presented the issue to the Majlis floor considering Sheik Imran’s comments, a parliamentary official told Minivan News.

“Deputy Speaker of Parliament, MP Ahmed Nazim, who was chairing the sessions, said the matter was not a pressing issue despite concerns the comments were contrary to immunity provided for Majlis members.

“Pointing to parliament’s rules of procedure, Nazim requested any concerns on the matter be forwarded to the parliamentary committee overseeing MP privileges and immunity,” the official added.

The Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) and Dhivehi Rayyithunge Party (DRP) both reflected the parliamentary sentiments that Imran’s remarks were of no concern.

MDP Spokesperson Hamid Abdul Ghafoor dismissed Imran’s remarks while speaking to Minivan News today.

“Sheik Imran has no understanding of public opinion. Parliament is very popular and the public looks to their elected representatives to solve problems,” claimed Ghafoor.

“As usual, he has got it wrong as he found out people do not like the coup he helped pull off by radicalsing groups of police and the Maldives National Defense Force (MNDF).

“I think parliament is the only democratic institution left. The judiciary has been proven to be corrupt and my party has declared their intention to replace the supreme court bench,” Ghafoor added.

DRP Deputy Leader Ibrahim Shareef agreed, telling Minivan News that Imran’s comments were merely rhetoric.

“Imran is not serious, it’s all rhetoric with no meaning or substance. No such thing [as in the dissolution of parliament] is going to happen. All political leaders have rhetoric, it’s not something to worry about,” said Shareef.

“In fact our political climate is so polarised political leaders seek to please their constituencies. If things our political leaders said were true, we would have landed on the moon by now.

“This is not the way it should be. It does a lot of damage over the long term. It’s very sad, but has become a commonplace reality of life,” Shareef stated.

Unlike Ghafoor, Shareef maintained that the supreme court is a legitimate institution.

“The supreme court is one of the properly functioning institutions. It is not colored by the polarised political climate here,” claimed Shareef.

The “national movement” was born out of the unofficial December 23 coalition of eight political parties and an alliance of non-governmental organisations that rallied to “defend Islam” in late 2011 from the allegedly liberal policies and “secularisation agenda” of former President Nasheed.

The Adhaalath Party and Progressive Party of Maldives were not responding to calls at time of press.


16 thoughts on “Adhaalath Party President vows to dissolve parliament, force MPs to resign”

  1. ghafoor you're so wrong. i feel it is you who has got no idea of public opinion.

    now hear me.
    we do not approve giving MRF 85000 for your monthly salaries.
    we do not approve the medical insurance packages you're guranteed for yourselves which is applicable within ASEAN.
    we do not approve you lot taking any benefits in the name of pensions.
    we do not approve your committee allowance of MRF 20,000.

    you make your own rules for yourself. absurd! unacceptable!

    it is high time someone came out for reforming the parliament. it is sad that someone is imran. nevertheless he has my support on this.

  2. I am totally against these buffoons, but on this occasion, I stand by them whole-heartedly.

    The prostitutes and swindlers in our Parliament is robbing us, in daylight. In return, they are not even doing their job.

  3. Hamid Abdul Bach or.....please...don't f**k up this one! Every time we go out to defend you against the vastness is not for you lot to take advantage of us, This might even become a campaign issue..I don't want MDP loosing votes becoz of you and your parliament buddies incompetence.please....reform this s*** within our party to bring down baaghees!

  4. These Monkeys in the parliament is the biggest jokers of this century.

    I know there are few good MPs there and they are excluded here.

  5. Hamid Abdul Gahfoor and the lot in MDP parliament is a joker and cannot stay straight for one night. It was the reason why Gayoom got back to power. Now don't cry like a baby.

  6. In the picture above you see shameless monkeys of Maldives. Ruining the country, the constitution and good Islamic values. Mohamed S.A.W is a man who loves to do everything peacefully. But these monkeys are trying to brain wash people. For sure wrong doers will certainly be punished. NO ONE CANNOT FOOL ALLAH S.W. THE MOST MERCIFUL AND THE GREATEST. SO STOP THREATENING MP's AND THE PARLIAMENT. THAT'S NOT WHAT ISLAM IS ALL ABOUT. And being Adhaalath Party you should be spreading peace, love and harmony. ISLAMIC COLLARS will should show the beauty in Islam. NOT BY FORCE but with love.

  7. After one year we will have a new batch in the parliament. If adhaalath or any person is sincere to improve the country, then educate the people to choose the right parliamentarian.

  8. The sub-human "honorable" Neanderthals that we have elected as MPs to our Majlis have turned the distinguished Peoples Majlis into a prehistoric jungle.

    I am ashamed and disgusted at not only the animal behavior of some of the MPs but also their masters who remote control these apes.

    Nothing and no one can make me respect these cave dwellers. While our dear Skeikh whats his name Imran of Adhaalath maybe going a bit far with his threats, his frustrations mirror the feeling and opinions of the vast majority of the people about the animals who roam inside the Majlis today.

    In a country where there seem to be no "privilege" or any respect to the institution of the Presidency or any other institutions, who do the Ape MPs think they are to be the exclusive bearers of "Respect & Privileges"????

    Most people now regard the Peoples Majlis as the National Zoo of the Maldives!


    "national movement" is a small group of violent islamist extremists for hire. a small group really. the political parties here are the small "press release" parties. the NGOs they talk about have nothing to do with them. the so called "civil society alliance" was born through a petition signed against selling alcohol on inhabited island during nasheed's presidency. so some of the "NGOs" (mostly tiny fishermen's club, development club, sports and youth association etc but with religious leaderships. and by leadership i mean the three people actually know about the existence of these associations, and from whose bedrooms they operate)...any ways, these NGOs signed that petition and that was it. their name can be used by this unregistered "madhanee ithihaadh alliance" anytime. without even consulting these NGOs. some of them even complained about these goons using their name to do political stuff without even consulting them.

    first politicians funded them to assist a planned military/police coup (to give is a civil face to some extent). then they were hired by local businessmen to support kick out foreign investors so that they could hoard more of our national wealth and resources. now, once again corrupt judiciary and coup regime jointly are hiring these goons to threaten the parliament. because parliament is taking/planning to take legitimate action against both the judiciary and coup regime.

  10. “If the parliament continues to fail to function according to the wishes of the people, Members of Parliament will be pressured to resign in in a similar manner as former President Mohamed Nasheed,” Imran declared.
    Pls read the statement this has the smell of taliban style, do people of maldives wants taliban rule, people has to decide

  11. People of Maldives do not want half of the budget to go these monkeys in the parliament

  12. “If the parliament continues to fail to function according to the wishes of the people, Members of Parliament will be pressured to resign in in a similar manner as former President Mohamed Nasheed,” Imran declared.

    Ahem! Imran ought to be brought infront of a Court of law and asked to repeat that statement. As he claims to be a scholar of Islam, he ought to be telling the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, which means Nasheed was "pressured to resign".

    Nice work, Imran!

  13. if you say yes to this man, you will regret it.

    i agree with the parliament needing an overhaul. but there are other ways to do it, this is the man that suggested to draw lots for presidency. the guy is an idiot.

    what he is trying to do is use islam AGAIN to gain popularity and keep labeling anyone who disagree with him as infidels.

    if you let this man, he will bring the militant islam with him which demand soldiers, he wants jihadist who will bend to his will.

    the prophet would have banished him. he spreads so much hatred and tries to divide the unity of us muslims.

    say no to this man, he is not what he seems.

  14. These guys, and in general, all Maldivians, are very good at logically criticising and suggesting what should or not be done.

    But when it comes to their own inner sanctum, they draw up a veil.

    Q1. What if I am wrong? Did God fail to convince he exists, to 5billion people?

    The question seems unrelated at first to what is going on in the Parliament. But I believe that is the question each Maldivian first needs to ask himself or herself. Sort out the inner frustrations, and then look at world of humanity without the veil.

    Then start collectively rebuilding nation, sequentially, logically, scientifically. Remove religion out of the equation. Use your brains.


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