Criminal Court asks PG to revise charges against Maleesha Hajj Group owner

The Criminal Court has asked the Prosecutor General’s (PG) Office to revise charges pressed against Ismail Abdul Latheef, the owner of Maleesha Hajj Group, claiming the charges filed against him were incorrect.

The PG has alleged that Latheef had fraudulently obtained MVR 8 million (US$519,000 ) from many people after they made payments to the Maleesha Hajj Group to travel to Mecca to perform Hajj.

Criminal Court Chief Judge Abdulla Mohamed told the PG’s lawyers that the case related to the rights of many people and that the result of the lawsuit might be different if the trial was carried out in its current state, according to local media present at the court today.

The Court has given a three day period for the PG to revise the charges against Latheef.

Attending the Hajj is one of the five pillars of Islam. Clients of the company were not able to go to Mecca this year to perform the religious obligation.

Latheef was arrested in Colombo, Sri Lanka in November 2012, a month after police issued an Interpol red notice to locate and apprehend him. Authorities were reported to have arrested Latheef while he was in the Mount Lavinia Hotel in Colombo.

Hajj groups are authorised by the government to provide transport and accommodation for pilgrims in Mecca, as well as offering guidance in helping them complete the religious rituals.

Latheef’s father is the head of the Athama Hajj Group.


2 thoughts on “Criminal Court asks PG to revise charges against Maleesha Hajj Group owner”

  1. Our institute (i.e. the Maldivian Police) is rotten to the core. Nothing can be done here. Just imagine the horrible facts about the murder case of the MP who was slain.
    First, with in minutes after the incident, two MDP members were detained and held for several months and the headlines followed. Isn’t it amazing? A WORLD RECORD to pin-point and arrest the culprits of a murder case without making a postmortem,DNA sampling, fingerprints or the like AND ARRESTING PPL.
    Second, when an inmate jailed for petty things was murdered a postmortem was done (after taking the body to Sri Lanka); HOW COME SAME IS NOT HAPPENING FOR A MURDERED MP?
    Third, why the HURRIED BURIAL of the dead body?
    Fourth, why were the coup leaders (incl. the Commissioner Riyaz, the defence minister Nazim and others who were involved in the 07th Feb coup) having no sign of shock, worry or alertness; and simply kept chit-chatting and laughing as if having a good time at the funeral? Were they SO CONFIDENT THAT THE KILLERS WON’T SEEK THEIR HEADS? If so why?
    Fifth, how come FBI was involved in a local investigation carried out in the Maldives where the victim and nature of the incident had NO AMERICAN INTEREST? DOES FBI HAVE ANY JURISDICTION to do so in the Maldives? Under what capacity? FBI or US military can render training else where BUT CAN THEY GET PHYSICALLY INVOLVED in a local investigation in a foreign country AND yet REPORT SO in the MEDIA?
    Sixth, IS the FBI SO DUMB to take part in a high-profile murder case investigation where the dead body has been buried already been buried less than 24hrs since the incident occured? OR CAN THIS BE TERMED AS USA ‘GIVING’A HAND FOR THE COVER-UP OF A HIGH PROFILE MURDER CASE? Especially, when the regime in power has assumed power in a controversial manner (with pics & live video footages of mutiny/military coup d’etat and bloodshed) and an MP is murdered within 7 months?
    Seventh, OR CAN THIS FBI INVOLVEMENT BE A GIFT TO ‘FRAME’ THOSE AGAINST THE CURRENT REGIME; so that in return Waheed will sign the SOFA (Status of Forces Agreement) with the USA, by which the USA obtains legal framework for US personnel to support activities in a given country?
    Next is the issue that PPM candidate Omar Naseer’s relating the sighting of a suspect involved in the case to meet PPM ‘s presidential candidate Abdulla Yamin (Gayoom’s bro). Just a few hours ago the Home Minister, Jameel, who is also heading the Police force has been made the running mate of Yamin. How can the investigation be fair now?

  2. @Good Policeman on Fri, 10th May 2013 3:02 AM

    Cut the bullshit. You Elected the MPs. They cut the constitution. The gaping holes in constitution are the reasons why murderers go free.

    In the mix of corruption, I don't mind if this Athama infidel is tried for everything, even those he did not do, if nothing else to get justice for the victims.


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